January 19, 2016

What to Pack + Wear for that Post-Baby Hospital Stay


This post could just as easily been titled “Postpartum Loungewear”…and I know you all HATE when we post about anything in that genre, so…I’m sorry. ha. ha. riiiight.

I got legitimately excited as I was packing my bag this time around, because I feel as if I now know exactly what I want to be wearing in the hospital after the whole giving birth part: COMFORTABLE STUFF. That’s what.

I also packed a solid (and even cool) “going home outfit”, because baby isn’t the only one that needs to look their best on that ceremonial walk through the halls of the hospital, out to the car and into the house. Mama needs some sort of spotlight here, too. [snort] What this mama will really need is a long, undisturbed nap, but…let’s go with what is more likely to happen –  going home in an outfit that isn’t pajamas, but still uber comfortable (and hey, if you feel like you look cool two days postpartum…SCORE. My job here is done).

Let’s get on with it then…because really, I feel like my water could break at any moment. Seriously. Even “waddling” is being generous – it’s more of a toddle, I would say. Yeh, a toddle.

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May 2, 2012

Sooooo….High Tops? For Moms?

Mamas, have you noticed the whole high-top sneaker trend?  It seems to be growing.  I had peripherally noticed it a while back, but didn't really…well..care.  Until I was totally charmed by Refinery 29's feature of Elettra Wiedemann:

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 7.31.43 PM

Those are some serious shoes (Monika Chiang sneakers, to be precise).  But paired with black skinnies and a silky blouse…they're cute.  Like…really, really cute, without veering into puppies and kittens cute.  Sleek-cute.

For the first time, uh, EVER, I found myself coveting a pair of serious high-tops. But, you know, not seriously.  Cause…I mean…well…look at 'em!  Seriously?

I just couldn't commit the cash to such a big, dark, sneaker.  At the time, I could think of exactly ONE way those babies would look amazing…and Elettra's wearing it.   

But high-tops continued to pop up on my radar….and Mamas, I actually own a pair (sort of).  Converse high-tops – they count, right?  I typically wear them under something (last seen under my printed Paige skinny jeans)…but buoyed by Elettra's outfit, I resolved to not just wear them, but to show-off the actual High-Top.

But first, my high-top sneaker inspiration board:

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January 25, 2012

Mom Street Style – Vera’s Fav Nursing Cover


When I finally worked up the nerve to nurse my first babe in public (instead of running to the car or planning every outing around feedings), I was daunted to say the least.  And when I faced breastfeeding my second with an on-the-go 19-month-old, the prospect of boob exposure during the regular course of lunging after my toddler terrified me, as does trying to run after a two- and four-year-old going in opposite directions whilst nursing my third bub, so I can absolutely relate to Vera, this week’s fab street style mama.  Vera just had her fourth and was thrilled with the range of motion, not to mention the style, of the DRIA nursing cover S. reviewed last year.

Vera writes:

I just want to say thank you!! I bought the Dria cover after reading your review of it and I LOVE it.  Actually, I am trying really hard not to wear it every single day.  I just had my fourth baby, and despite nursing all my kids until about 18 months, I never used nursing covers – I just thought they were awkward and actually drew MORE attention to the fact that you were breastfeeding.  I had good luck just wearing a cami and a shirt and pulling my shirt up and was pretty discrete about it.  BUT, the Dria is soooo soft and comfy and hides my huge post-c-section pooch, and actually I'm finding that I like being able to nurse in public with it.  Having a very active 21 month old boy, there have been a couple of times that I've been at Starbucks or some place nursing the baby and he decides to do something crazy and I need to react quickly – not something I can do while having my boob hanging out!

Thanks! I'm attaching a pic of the one I got – I love it, even though my hubby is giving me weird looks every morning when I pull it out after trying on fifty other things first LOL!

– Vera C.

For those of you mamas not familiar with the DRIA nursing cover, check it out.  It is the most versatile and fashion-forward piece of nursing gear I have ever encountered, and I don’t think I’ll be shelving it even after I’m done nursing bub #3.  In any of the patterns, it’s a gorgeous, lightweight poncho that’ll kick up the volume on even the most boring outfit.  It covers everything, including you, your babe, the car seat or your stroller, it wads up into a tiny ball, washes well and dries fast and without wrinkles.

Vera, you look amazing in your slouchy boots and nursing poncho! Thanks for sending in your Street Style submission—keep ‘em comin’, Mamas!

– M.

October 12, 2011

Four Perfect, Pooch-Hiding, Nursing-Friendly Outfits For Fall (Including Date Night!)

Poochy mamas, rejoice!  This season has a ton of adorable, pooch-hiding tops in store…and the best news?  Not an empire-waist in sight!  

Outfit 1 – Playing at the Park

I tried on the BB Dakota top.  It's like a strange, but sophisticated hoodie that is crazy-comfortable and totally pooch-hiding.  So comfy, in fact, it could easily double as loungewear with these.  Nursing girls, this top easily pulls down for nursing access.


Post-Partum, Nursing Park Outfit




$10 - topshop.com


Minnetonka boots
$90 - piperlime.gap.com


Old Navy floppy felt hat
$20 - oldnavy.gap.com



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July 20, 2011

Go Buy Now: 25% Off Cake Lingerie Nursing Bras

Cake Lingerie 25 Percent Off As you mamas know, we at Ain't No Mom Jeans are passionate about pretty maternity and nursing lingerie. After nine long months and a surprisingly, um. . .  different. . . postpartum body, the last thing you need to be wearing is a scraggly, nubby, turtleneck-high nursing bra, adding insult to injury.  For feminine, sexy alternatives, check out Cake Lingerie's gorgeous fashion nursing bras, now 25 percent off through the end of July.  

I snapped up Cake's Velvet Delight Plunge bra ($45) and matching panty, but now I'm wishing I'd also picked up the Turkish Delight Balcony ($45) and the French Vanilla ($45) with matching boy short (the short has removable garter suspenders!) and the Meringue ($49, perfect for tees). 

Don't forget to use Cake's fit calculator (click "verify your size").  With the same measurements, I was a different size in the Velvet Delight than the Meringue, for example.  Shipping is a flat $15, free on orders over $150.

– M.

June 20, 2011

Reader Question: How To Do Strapless Dresses and Tops While Nursing

Reader Question:

I'm about to have my second son and am very excited for summer outings with the boys. I love strapless dresses and tops with cute empire waists (to hide the baby pudge and stay cool), but I have no idea how to do the whole "nursing bra with a strapless top/dress" thing. Do they make strapless nursing bras? Do I just use a regular strapless bra and flip it down? We also have a few weddings to attend, so a strapless bra is going to be a pretty major staple in my summer wardrobe.

Love your ideas and insight. And I, too, am a Denver girl, so I feel your pain, longing for spring and summer! I'm over the winter maternity blahs!





Hi Jen!  Thanks for writing in!  Yes – they do make strapless nursing bras.  They look like this:

La leche league strapless tube nursing bra

The above bra is La Leche League's Strapless Nursing Bra.  Attractive?  No.  Supportive?  Nope.  Can you nurse in it?  Not…really.  I actually reviewed this little number a couple of years ago, in the Best Nursing Bras For Summer article.

The good news, however, is that regular 'ol strapless bras are really easy to nurse in.  Like really, really, easy.  Jen, your words, "flip it down" are key.  Find a strapless bra with seriously molded cups.  Bullet-proof looking bras. The cups in these bras "flip" down when you want to nurse, and the padded, molded material hides the weird nipple shape that you get immediately after nursing. 

(NOTE FOR MOMS-TO-BE:  Don't be scared, the weird nipple shape goes away after a few….minutes?  Hours?  In any case, it goes away.)

I'm currently loving my Victoria's Secret Plunge Multi-Way Bra in nude for $50. 

Screenshot 2014-06-27 07.32.48

The cups flip down easily for nursing.  Or try one of the strapless bras mentioned in our article Best Strapless Bras For Post-Nursing.  While this article focuses on strapless bras that help boost saggy boobs, both bras featured are all-around best sellers and may do the trick for heavy, milk-filled boobs. 

After R was born, I rarely wore strapless bras.  In roughly nine months, I had gone from a 32A to a D cup size.  My boobs felt heavy, huge, and frankly, I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I couldn't stand the feeling of going bra-less, even to bed.  So a strapless bra always felt, well…horrible.  Not nearly supportive enough. 

Now, however, I've been living with my new busty "girls" for 4 years (Yup – either nursing or pregnant for  the last 4 years).  And strapless bras no longer feel uncomfortable.  Partly because I'm no longer underestimating my new size (if you had asked me my cup size after R was born, I probably would've said, "a B?  Maaaaybe almost a C?") and partly because I'm just used to how they feel.  But if you are just not ready to rock a strapless bra while nursing, I get it.  One of my old articles about nursing in maxi dresses recommended layering hubby-beater tanks under strapless dresses.  This approach still works.


(wearing:  on me -  Patterson J.Kincaid Patterned Maxi Dress, J.Crew Nylon Tote, Salt Optics sunnies, on R - Crewcuts slub pocket tee, Chinny Chin Chin porch shorts, Ecco sandal)

But if you are dying to rock a strapless look this summer (and YES.  Yes, I am.) then give the those scary-looking, molded-cup strapless bras a try. A few thoughts:

1.  Get measured – cup-size denial isn't a good idea when dealing with strapless bras.

2.  Try on varying band sizes.  Despite the back-fat, I actually like my band size very tight when dealing with a strapless bra.  It makes me feel more supported (and all of my strapless tops are flowy and back-fat-hiding anyway).

3.  Try on several bras/sizes.  Bring strapless tops/dresses into the dressing room with you.  Practice flipping the cup down and squirm around – see if the cup stays flipped down or if it flips back up annoyingly. 

Thanks for writing in, Jen!! 



February 13, 2011

10 Gorgeous Nursing Bras (And The Best Places To Find Them)

Happy Valentine's Day, Mamas!  Valentine's Day is a perfect time to chat about something near and dear to my heart:  nice lingerie (hello, La Perla!).  I looooove nice lingerie.  In fact, before R was born, I had amassed quite the collection of tiny, 32-AA bras.   


Since R was born, my now-saggy C-cups and I feel the urge to throw a pity party around Valentine's Day for the boxes of pretty pretties we no longer wear…but this year, we decided to round up a few (ok, TEN) of our very favorite nursing bras.  These are so gorgeous you'll want to wear them long after you stop nursing.   (Unless, of course, you wear them to death like we do, and then they end up stained and shapeless.  But you get the idea.)

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February 9, 2011

Stomach Pooch, Meet Shaper Cami (Your New BFF)

Picnik collage For some reason, I didn't use shaper camis after Raines was born.  Which is how I ended up with pictures like this one.

This time around, however, I was better informed and ready for the pooch.  Unlike last time, I was under no illusions that the pooch would be gone in a matter of weeks

Game on, people.

Enter the shaper camis. 

To say these things changed my post-partum sartorial experience is an understatement.  But instead of blathering on…I'll just show you.  A picture is worth a thousand words, after all:

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September 20, 2010

Styling the Bump: Third Trimester Tips (And Loads of Style Inspiration!)

IMG_0659 This post is the last in a series of posts on styling the bump through all stages of pregnancy.   Also check out Styling the Bump: First Trimester Tips (How to Style, What to Buy) or Styling the Bump: Second Trimester Tips.

By the time I got to my third trimester, the realization was just sinking in:  I was pregnant.  And the baby?  He's growing.  There were no more strange looks, no mistaking my belly for extra muffins or a tumor…whether I was ready or not, the baby was coming in three (or, in my case with babe #1, two) short months.  Yikes.

And this time around?  I think I had belly amnesia.  Cause I'm surprisingly HUGE.  But looking back (pic of me on NYE with babe #1)…I think that this is simply how I look during the third trimester: a little girl with a huge, huge belly.

(Which is what I would've said yesterday, given the chance, to the man who yelled out of the car, "Lady, that baby is gonna FALL right out!")

So what do you do when styling a bump of epic proportions?

Not.  Much. 

My philosophy in these situations is simple:  if you're going to do it (and there's no going back now) then rock it.  Own it.  Flaunt it.

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February 13, 2010

Our Sexy Tips on Rookie Moms

Rookie Moms asked us to guest post on easy ways to make moms feel sexy…just in time for Valentine's Day! 

 When the topic of sex (or sexy) comes up, I always find it helpful to chat with my husband.  Not only does he always have an opinion on this topic, but it is usually something very simple and to the point.  When asked what “items” a mom could wear to look sexier, his response (after the eye-roll) can best be summarized by the punch-line of the old joke: “Show up naked.  Bring beer.”

But….the problem, as I see it, is that sexiness is just as much about a feeling as it is about a certain look.  Yes, we can show up naked (with beer), and we love that you guys just look past poochy stomaches and saggy boobs and merely focus on the fun that’s about to start….but for us (or me, at least) it’s not so easy.  I need to feel it.

Click here to read the rest of the article and to see our easy tips on adding a little something-something to your wardrobe. 

Also check out the "sexy police" link at the bottom of the article.  Double bonus points to any of you that can actually rock this look.  LOL