November 23, 2016

J. Crew Black Friday Sale : 40% Off


Even the sale section is included in J.Crew’s 40% off Black Friday sale! (Sale section discount is 50% on some pieces). Yes, they’ve got the elevated basics (that I love to stock up on) covered but this year there are so. many. bold. surprises. I’m in love with their luxe bright wool coats, amazing shoes & statement jewelry.

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December 8, 2014

Spotlight on Goodnight Macaroon (Not-To-Be-Missed For Easy, Affordable Holiday Style)


When Goodnight Macaroon first reached out, I guess I was expecting an online children’s bookstore.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized that Goodnight Macaroon is actually a very clever name for an online boutique specializing in of-the-minute clothing (at reasonable prices).

This jacket, for example, is just the thing to dress up a turtleneck/graphic tee situation.  (See?  I promised I’d work that turtleneck in somewhere.)  And if you’ve been reading The Mom Edit closely over the last week, you may have already stumbled upon a few other Goodnight Macaroon pieces.  (This Ramones tee is theirs as well.  Raines picked it out for me – it’s his fav band.)

[Side note:  I’ve been getting several questions about photography – equipment, settings, etc.  I’ll start including shot details with the last pic (the one that also has outfit deets).  I’d also love to hear from you seasoned photographers with tips/tricks/improvements…..Thanks!!]

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October 25, 2014

Do You Have A Sexy Sweater? Here’s Why It’s My Holiday Must-Have.




Yeah.  So I’m still in these jeans.  And I’ve been meaning to talk about this jacket FOREVER.  And yes – the sexy sweater + bustier combo, too.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Suffice to say that I gots some things to say regarding holiday style.

Holiday?  I KNOW.  Feel free to throw things, I do realize we haven’t hit Halloween yet.  IN MY DEFENSE…..I missed out on ALL holiday fun last year, *cough*chemo*cough* so I’m beyond excited for holiday festivities this year.  Like really, seriously, over-the-moon, excited in almost a manic, crazy-person kind of way.  I will be bringing Jolly this year, with a capital “J”.  BRINGING. THE. JOLLY.

And thank you guys – so much – for your kind words, welcoming my sister.  I’m so thrilled to have Scotti here, and because of her, was able to take some (much needed) time off in New York last week.  (And Instagrammers, your NYC suggestions were SPOT ON.  Seriously, wow.)


Now back to sexy sweaters.  Unlike my “sexy turtlenecks” which I keep (unsuccessfully) trying to make a thing [insert eyeroll from my husband], the sexy sweater is, actually, sexy.




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October 20, 2014

The Case For Faux Leather Leggings As A Post-Partum Staple, and This Game-Changing Nursing Tank

Hey Gang! My sister Scotti is going to start contributing to The Mom Edit, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She just had her first kiddo this past July (baby Greenlea if you follow me on Instagram), and I think you’re going to love her perspective.



When I was pregnant with my daughter, leggings became my best friend.  Not only were they comfortable, but they expanded along with my butt, thighs and belly as the weeks went by.  Regular leggings get old, though, so on a whim, I bought a pair of maternity leather leggings from H&M that I LOVED.  They instantly made me feel more put-together and fashion-forward than the old leggings I was wearing on a (almost) daily basis.  After having Greenlea, I found myself reaching for leggings again in my postpartum days and knew that I needed to purchase a pair of non-maternity leather leggings stat.

Faux leather leggings are as comfortable and as versatile as regular leggings, but add an extra bit of attitude and style to the same outfits.  I love dressing mine up for date night by adding a blazer, fancy shoes and some stylish accessories or dressing them down for lounging or running errands by pairing them with comfy booties, fabulously soft t-shirts and cozy sweaters.  They’ve been a saving grace with my postpartum body, hiding my pooch and replacing my pre-pregnancy jeans (um, made the mistake of trying them on too soon!) until I can fit in them again!

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June 18, 2014

Wearing Pastels and Brights (And My New Fav – under $100 – Jeans)



I read somewhere (Refinery29?  WhoWhatWear?) that the key to wearing pastels is to mix them with brights. They swore that it would keep you from veering into Easter Egg territory.  I don't actually think the brights are necessary (I'm totally OK being an easter egg) but it's a fun twist, no?  Something a bit unexpected?





I'm finding that short hair really changes my styling game.  So many of my man-plaid shirts now make me look…mannish (go figure) where before they were just a cool counterpoint to long, feminine hair.  But this girly-plaid shirt – Easter egg colors, fitted through the shoulders, unbuttoned just enough – well.  I can do girly plaids.




Where am I going, all dressed up and fancy?  



Back Porch.  Once upon a time that used to mean some cool hipster bar, but now I mean it literally, the back porch.  The actual one at my house.  All dressed up and back porch I go.  

With this tiny hipster in residence.




sunnies: Ray-Ban Folding Wayfairers

necklace: Bauble Bar (sold out)….but thoughts on this one?  Looks like it would hold up to toddler-tugging.  I also love this delicate choker.    

shirt:  Jach's Girlfriend Western Shirt (old)…also love this similar Rails plaid shirt

denim: Blank Denim Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans

bag:  Kate Spade (now sold out)….also love the Kate Spade Henry Satchel

shoes: old Aerosole pumps…and this Dolce Vita sandal has nothing to do with anything, but it's fabulous and on crazy-sale for $34.

On Pax:  Tribe is Alive Be Brave Tank, American Apparel Afrika leggings


Let's chat about these jeans for a sec.  They're by Blank NYC, a brand that I've been watching, but hadn't tried.  I'm such a denim snob that most brands with the under $100 price point I invariably find lacking.  But THESE?  They're soft, interesting (aka perfectly distressed and faded) and my new favs.  I was so impressed, in fact, that I also bought a pair of Blank NYC denim shorts.  Same deal:  soft, interesting (a modern high-waist and cut-up on the sides) and very sexy.  I'm seriously eyeing up these color-blocked skinnies for fall, and Blank just came out with their version of patched denim (and you know how I feel about patched denim….SWOON).

Has anyone else tried Blank Denim?  Thoughts?



May 6, 2014

Local Love: The Arden Children’s Theater (And How I’m Dressing Down a Fancy Dress)



Have you heard of the Arden Theater?  It's one of our favorite Philly finds.  



The Arden is located in Old City, and is a real theater company in its own right, doing all sorts of serious kinds of theater.  But that's not typically why we go.



We go for the kids' stuff. 



The Arden does mind-blowingly amazing children's theater.  We've seen them perform Peter Pan (complete with clever stage tricks to make it look like arrows were whizzing by), a dark and brooding version of Cinderella (which was a though-provoking twist on the usual) and now?  

The Cat in The Hat.

This show is only 50 minutes long (no intermission) and perfect for little ones.  However, it's clever enough and funny enough that even Raines (my six year old) called it "awesome".  But Pax?  The three year old?  Over. The. Moon.



He has a love/hate affair with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  So stressful, this story!!  (Thing 1 and Thing 2 were my personal favorites – they were both so creepy!!  And thankfully, the show was filled with enough subtle humor that Mike and I liked it too.) 



But Pax loved, loved, LOVED the Cat.



And he really did hold the fish up with two books and a ship and cake and a ohIdon'tknow while he hopped on a ball.  It was great fun.

The Children's theater is small enough that you don't really need to worry about seats.  And bring cash – they sell popcorn and snacks in the lobby.



And because it's in Old City, there are a ton of places to hit for a quick drink and munchies.  I would NOT, however, recommend bringing the kids to Fork.  It's a favorite of Mike and myself, but kid-friendly?  Yeah….not so much.  

We only ended up eating there because of a sunny day and a misunderstanding and whatever.  To Fork's credit, they were very, very gracious.  The real issue was trying to order something for the boys.

"Do you two want the fluke appetizer?  It's like ceviche, which is raw fish marinated in some kind of acid to cook– no?  Um, ok.  Stinging Nettle?  …Smoked Yellow Beets?  …Rhubarb Consomme?"

They both looked like I had completely lost my mind.

"Well" I said.  "You're not getting the lobster."

In the end, Mike and I had the fluke and the boys had this:



It was a "sassafras chocolate mousse,vanilla cream and root beer tea".  Idonteven.  But everyone was happy (and the fluke was amazing – perfect with a glass of wine on a warm, sunny day). 



wearing (boys):

Pax – Fabkids jacket and pants, similar Gap button-down, Nordstrom Kid's Bow Tie, Vans shoes

Raines – Fabkids jacket, Appaman skinny pants, similar Gap button-down shirt, Vans flame shoes

You know how after your wedding is over you don't want to take off The Dress?  Yes?  Yestothedress?  So after all of my fun at the Reward Style conference last week, I want to wear this dress, like, everyday.  So I pulled out a styling trick that I actually used in the 90's, complete with a choker.  

If I'm going 90's, I'm going 90's all the way.  Go big or go home, baby.



tee:  Monrow Pocket Tee (almost sold out at Piperlime – try the v-neck or Revolve Clothing - they currently have all sizes.)

dress: Milly Contrast Trim Print Dress

shoes: Pixie Market (gone) – try the gorgeous heels I really wanted at emerson fry…or this more affordable pair)

necklace: Bauble Bar – similar short, chunky silver necklace

sunnies: Stylemint (old) – but I like these Jackie O inspired Ray-bans

bag: my mom's….try this silver clutch

bracelet: Faux leather cuff bracelet on Etsy



The Cat in the Hat runs until June 22nd.  For more information (including a video clip) or to buy tickets, click here



March 25, 2014

Reader Style: Sweatpants on Date Night! (#nailedit)



Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we chatted about Refinery 29's claim that one could successfully wear sweatpants on date night?  Well. Meet P.  She's an attorney turned stay-at-home-mom to a two and a half year old son, and she just rocked sweatpants on a recent date night.  P wrote:

"I wanted to share a photo of my date night outfit with my new (beloved) Splendid sweatpants. I have been wearing them in both the black & the grey a TON, with t shirts and flats and even sockless sneakers (especially to/from the gym), but I think they also work with heels for a night out. Bonus: I felt like I was wearing pajamas! (I basically was.)"




Soft blazer: Agnes b., almost 10 y.o. and still my favorite clothing item ever. (S's Note:  found a fab option in comfy ponte

Pants: Splendid

Shoes: Jimmy Choo, also almost 10 y.o. (S's Note:  Oooo….or maybe these?  They're no Choo, but under $100)

Tee:  Madewell

Necklace: Stella & Dot Tessa Necklace 

Watch: Casio


I mean seriously wow.  P, I love everything you've got goin' on here (and talk about the power of a well-placed necklace.  Sheesh.  You managed to make both sweatpants and a tee date-night worthy.)  LOVE it.  On a side note, I'm kinda obsessed with your Casio watch to wear with, uh, everything this summer. 

Thank you SO much for the pics and inspiration!



March 13, 2014



I'm getting the Spring shopping bug.  It's like the sun shows its face for one tiiiny second, and I immediately want to bust out a floral t-shirt (specifically this one – Lands' End – who knew?).  To appease the shopping beast, I'll be coming out with some fun Spring shopping posts next week.

In reality, I seem to be wearing mostly black.  Still?  I know.  I feel edgier with all-black and short hair I guess.  And I've been wearing the heck out of this little ponte blazer again.  I like the insta-polish with the super-stretchy fabric.  Mine was purchased in – ready for this? – 2003 I kid you not. Clearly, they have staying power.  I really like this one.  So sleek, with a cool brass button.  Totally perfect for grounding Spring prints.  (Or, uh, sweatshirts and too-big jeans.) 

Mike and I snuck out for a mid-week date night.  The nanny stayed a couple extra hours and we hit happy hour.  Cheapest. Date. Ever.  Drink specials and $5 apps and the whole thing was under $50 with tip.  

And before I forget?  These shoes are comfortable!!  Like, soft and supple and comfortable.  Shocking, I know.  They look like the kind of flat shoes that anger me with their stiff sole.  Nope.  



But let's do the normal Friday linky thing.  Here's what I've got:


Am dying to recreate this outfit.  I'd do it with Bradamant's black bodysuit, and either this fabulous denim pencil skirt….or this one at half the cost.  (Or maybe even Old Navy?) 

I just found out that my favorite high-waisted MiH denim comes in a gorgeous light wash.  They call to me, Mamas.  THEY CALL TO ME.  But at – gack – $325?  Is this how it starts?  Remember when we were all choking on the $100 price tag of a pair of Sevens?  Is $300 the new "standard" price for high-end denim?  It seems to be the price tag of all the pairs I fall in love with (stupid R13 and their perfectly faded not-too-black-wash jeans which have not gone on sale in 8 months).  Know what $300 jeans are?  Besides drool-worthy  ANNOYING.

Have you heard about the 4 year old fashion designer?  She's freaking awesome. (And so is her mum.) 

I'm working on the next family photo article, and was blown away by the book, The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life.  More about this book later, but it was too good to sit on (and under $10, so WOW).  Whether you shoot with an iPhone or a fancy DSLR, this book will inspire.  It's totally changed my own photography game.

I'm in the most recent episode of Meagan Francis' Kitchen Hour podcast.  This time we chatted about Spring break and dressing for Spring (while there is still snow on the ground).  These are so fun – I LOVE that girl.  (And I think she's looking for reader questions, so feel free to let us know if there's anything you'd like to hear us blather on about…) 

Happy, happy weekend, Mamas.  



March 10, 2014

How To Make Your Legs Look Longer While Wearing Flats – Part 2



In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the key wardrobe pieces for leg lengthening, and did a little fashion math involving sneakers.  Today I want to focus on the leg-lengthening miracle flat: the nude ballet.

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February 5, 2014

Local Love In My New Favorite Outfit, Reading A Book About Hugs (psst: high-waisted skinnies….)



Mike and I had a day-date last weekend, in honor of my birthday.  We started with a long brunch at Kennet's, where I had, quite possibly, the best mimosas and pancakes ever (we're talking fluffy cornmeal pancakes with local, house-cured bacon cooked right in, sitting in a puddle of real maple syrup with a fried egg on top).  I mean seriously.  The restaurant was also dead right around 11AM (in a romantic way, not a creepy way) on a Saturday, which means that next time we'll bring the kids.  But they have a wood-fired pizza oven, and try to source ingredients locally, so if you haven't been….GO.  You won't be disappointed.

It was a magical day.  Day dates are our favorites because…well, because we're not tired.  Instead, we spend the day wandering around, holding hands, perusing boutiques, sitting in coffee shops and having loooong brunches where we walk out tipsy.  And than we wander around looking for Philly's best coffee. 

It's basically our life, before kids.  

We also found THE most amazing bookstore:  Joseph Fox.  My favorite bookstores have a cozy feel (check), knowledgeable staff (check) and – here's the most important part – a really well-edited selection.  I want someone to show me the books I didn't even know to search for on Amazon.  You know?

Their kid's selection was small but inspiring.  We're talking arty books for kids that I've never seen anywhere else, new twists on old classics, and ingenius picture books that get kids thinking about life's biggest questions.  



And I felt oh-so-glamourous in my high-waisted skinnies.  My belt is too loose, and these jeans do look better with pumps, but I loved it all anyway.  I'm most comfortable in an outfit that's a little 'off'.  Perfect outfits always make me feel like I'm wearing someone else's clothes.

BTW – Mike spotted my necklace at a local boutique, Sugarcube.  It's macarame, so it's durable and comfortable and I've been wearing it with everything



necklace:  local, Sugarcube boutique…but love this one or this one on Etsy

tshirt:  sold out J.Crew tee…similar from JCrew or oooo…Pardon My French for only $25.

denim: MiH Nouvelle High Rise Straight Leg Jean…have also heard good things about Madewell's

bag: Moop Paperback

belt: sold out JCrew, but I flipping LOVE this one

wig:  my usual, Henry Margu


I'm still messing around with how to style these jeans (you'll be seeing soooo much more of them), but there was so much interest, I thought I'd post a preview.  And I'm sharing a few of the gorgeous books found at Joseph Fox here