May 10, 2017

10 Modern Preppy Essentials for Summer

While I’ve never attended prep school, as a New Englander I’m no stranger to the occasional popped collar or monogrammed accessory. Preppy style just goes so naturally with this coastal area, like dropping “r”from the end of words and complaining about the weather. Windswept beaches and Hunter boots? Madras plaid and Cape Cod? Nude flats and…everything? All the yes.

But it’s too easy to go overboard and start looking like a Stepford wife in head-to-toe classics. So I started with ten essential preppy pieces and found updated versions with a twist or maybe a teeny bit of edge. Traditional can be a good thing, but shaking things up is refreshing – let’s give it the old college try, shall we?

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May 3, 2016

How To Wear White Right Now

white denim santin cami soft neutral outfit

Whites are trending big this season and neutrals have come so far from plain old tan. Soft, pastel hues like blush, dusty blue and mint have made their debut and become the new essentials to a well-rounded wardrobe. Neutrals have definitely garnered a bad rap over the years – deemed dull and boring, or overlooked in favor of more colorful trends. But when combined, neutrals can create an effortlessly chic and timeless look that’s surprisingly simple to pull off.

So if you’re looking for a refreshing spring style alternative…. 


….you consider yourself a rebel, someone who prefers to live life on the edge, push limits, break rules and wear white you please…

giphy (3)


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January 26, 2015

The Easiest Way To Wear White Pants In Winter






Gang, I’m beat.  Mike’s been working a ton, school’s cancelled tomorrow, my poor nanny has been sick, and I’ve re-written this article five different times.  It turns out that I have nothing witty to say about white pants (new professional low point:  my attempt at a ‘white pant haiku’).  I give up.  Instead, here are a couple quotes heard ’round the Draugelis nuthouse:

Pax:  “MOM!!  A wego fell down a wack!!  Put it otay –  you can get it wuf your sharp CWAWS.”

translation: it’s time for a manicure.

(Just kidding – I don’t get those.)


Raines:  “Pax, that’s supposed to be a secret!  A secret means you can only tell ONE person and that’s MOM.”

That’s right, buddy.  THAT’S RIGHT.

Ok, now that the pressure of wit is off the table, let’s talk white pants.  My fav white-pant uniform is insanely easy:  Mix white pants with black, gray, and – here’s the key – GOLD.  Weird but true.

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June 25, 2014

Red, White and Blue, Baby. RED, WHITE AND BLUE.


For the 4th of July last year I wore a pretty white dress.  It was a small act of rebellion, wearing a white dress on a day that would involve dirty curbs and candy-stained fingers.  We even went to the beach.


 (wearing: old Milly dress, Madewell sunglasses….but I love this stunning swing dress at Anthropologie and these red sunglasses.)


It was fun, though, being all dressed up.  There were sparklers and too much booze and too much candy and fireworks.  Or rain?  Maybe there was rain; I honestly don't remember. 

I do remember feeling rather pretty and sort of glamorous, which is always a nice (rare) feeling.  The power of a white dress!


Do you stick to red-white-and-blue on the 4th?  I don't typically endorse holiday attire in a literal sense…but the 4th highlights my three favorite colors:  white, white and white.

Just kidding.  I like navy, too.





I like taking the 4th of July in a festive, dressier direction.  It's…fun.  





Of course, once we were finished with our highly professional "photoshoot" at the playground….I was all, "Boys!  Time to go home!" and Pax was all, "not on your life, Mom".



How are three-year-olds this strong?  They're THREE.



And then we all went walking home where Raines pushed Pax off the curb and Pax retaliated with a punch and YES:  GLAMOUR ABOUNDS.



top: Bradamant Bodysuit – the Insider (it's a thong style and really comfortable!)

shorts: old Gap….try Gap 1969 Maddie Denim Shorts (currently on sale)

pumps: old Aerosoles…but am dying over these sex-pot red sandals by Schutz,  or these bright-red Gramercy pumps by Nine West look similar to mine, but good 'ol TOMS wedges (in red!) are the most comfortable option.

necklaces: Stella and Dot Piper Necklace (layers nicely – the length is adustable so it can be shorter than most), Gorjana Taner Collar Necklace

bag: old J.Crew….similar gold glitter clutch

lips: Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in Fiery

On Raines: old Daily Tea shirt, we cut off a pair of Gap's straight khakis (slim fit is perfect for R), and he picked out these Vans in…wait for it…TIGER CAMO (currently on sale).

On Pax: American Apparal leggings, "wed" Vans


Guess what's happening shortly after the 4th?  I'll give you a hint:  It starts with an "N" and rhymes with "mew website".  Yesssss….it's coming……




March 31, 2014

April Workwear Edit: Khaki Pants (And an Exclusive Bradamant Discount of 40% Off)

A reader emailed sometime last year, wondering if I ever wore plain black pants or khakis.  My initial thought was, “why on earth would I do that?” and then I set the email aside and the whole thing got lost in the shuffle so to speak.  But as I was cleaning out my closet recently, lo and behold was a pair of plain ‘ol khaki pants.  They aren’t skinny, they aren’t patterned, they don’t have moto details….they’re just…..khaki pants.  “Chinos” if we want to sound like old people.


As I recall, I bought the pants when I went back to work after Raines was born.  I bought them because I couldn’t come up with an easier, cheaper option for someone still in-between sizes in a work environment whose “business casual” decree outlawed denim.

But you know what?  I liked them OK then, and I like them OK now.  The key (for me, at least) is to pair them with something professional, polished….and a little bit quirky.  A bow blouse and interesting (yet closed-toe) shoes nails it.



Here are a few ideas for playing around with this combo:

Work the Monochrome

Khaki pants and bow blouses are perfect alone, but I really like adding in a sweater in the same tone as the pants.  Not only does it make you look taller and slimmer, but it pulls together the look and really makes the bow pop.  So French-girl chic.

ps.  I’m wearing Everlane’s seed stitch sweater, which is a perfect hybrid of sweater/sweatshirt.  Thin, drapey, and affordable.  I’ve been wearing this unassuming little piece to death.


bow blouse: c/o Bradamant Bodysuit The Mogul, $120

sweater: c/o Everlane Seed Stitch Raglan in birch, $60

belt: Coach (old)…almost exact replica at Gap, $35

khakis: Gap (old)….Iove their new tux stripe khakis, $55….or the skinny cropped ones.

pumps: Aerosoles (old)…love this Cole Haan version now 60% off at Nordstrom

lipstickTarte Power Pigment in fearless, $24


Add a Jacket

At my Engineering firm, denim jackets were accepted (meaning I wore them and no one said anything?), but if your office is more conservative, swap the denim jacket for a blazer.  Buttoning a few buttons draws attention to the fabulous bow.




bow blouse: c/o Bradamant Bodysuit The Mogul, $120

jacket: Joe’s Jeans (old)….currently loving Gap’s

belt: Coach (old)…almost exact replica at Gap, $35

khakis: Gap (old)….Iove their new tux stripe khakis, $55….or the skinny cropped ones.

heels: Shoemint (now sold out)….or try the similar Laney pump by Joe’s ($135)

lipstick: Tarte Power Pigment in fearless, $24


Swap Out The Bow For a Man’s Tie

This is such a masculine look….but the silky blouse and pointy-toe heels make it sexy, rather than mannish. (“Sexy” in a totally office-appropriate way, of course.)




bow blouse: c/o Bradamant Bodysuit The Mogul, $120

tie: borrowed from Mike (it’s this one from J.Crew)

belt: JCrew (old)…but I’m dying over this reversible cork belt

khakis: Gap (old)….Iove their new tux stripe khakis, $55….or the skinny cropped ones.

heels: Pixie Market Erin Wrap Heels, $134

lipstick:  Poppy King for J.Crew


When In Doubt, Add A Striped Tee

The most casual of the outfits, but still meets dress code!  If men can wear those horrible company logo polo shirts (gack), then I can wear my stripes.  With a darker lips and a cool shoe, the vibe here is decidedly gamine.




bow blouse: c/o Bradamant Bodysuit The Mogul, $120

tee: St. James….similar at Boden

belt: Coach (old)…almost exact replica at Gap, $35

khakis: Gap (old)….Iove their new tux stripe khakis, $55….or the skinny cropped ones.

heelsShoemint (now sold out)….or try the similar Laney pump by Joe’s ($135)

lipstick: Poppy King for J.Crew


Ok, now for the best part:  My bow blouse is actually a Bradamant bodysuit called The Mogul.  And the amazing crew over at Bradamant is currently offering ANMJ readers an exclusive:  a whopping 40% off of their entire purchase with code ANMJ!  But it lasts only as long as April Fool’s….the code expires on the 2nd.

My favorites (in addition to the bow blouse) are The Adventurer ($100) with it’s sleek leather detail, the silky one-shouldered Provocateur ($100), and The Hostess ($60) which you can see me wearing here.

And then there’s the Visionary.



Rather sexy, no?

Happy Shopping!





December 10, 2013

Holiday Style: Winter White Out



White, cream, the much maligned beige – these colors, when worn head-to-toe, give off a snow-princess fabulousness when mixed with something shiny.  You just…glow.

Or maybe that’s the Scotch.

In any case, I’ve been riding this monochrome train for years now, and I have no intention of getting off.  All aboard….


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November 24, 2013

Go Buy Now: Cream Cords & Trousers

Mamas, I've been working on some holiday style posts…and I'm still obsessed with all-white (or soft creams, beiges and taupes) for the holidays. I know.  I did this last year, too.

But all-white ensembles are turning out to be a thing this year.  Which means that many of my favorite cream-colored pants (especially cords) are selling out fast.  So here's a quick round-up, if you are so inclined.  I promise to follow this one up with more styling ideas later on.


Cream Cords 



1. Kut from the Kloth Mia Cord Pants, on sale for $45 at Nordstrom

I ordered these, only to receive an email that they are backordered.  Other sizes don't seem to have that problem…

2. JCrew Midrise Toothpick Cord, $98

Take 25% off these cords with code WINTER (online only).

3. H&M Corduroy Pants, on sale for $10

Yup. $10.  

4. Gap 1969 Legging Cords, $60

Get 40% off with code GAPEARLY (or 50% off for cardmembers with code BFCARD).  Reviewers say they are running small this year.

5.  AG Ankle Moto Cords, $188 at Anthropologie

One of the few designer denim brands to be doing cream cords this year.  This iteration has cool gold zipper detail.

6. Banana Republic Skinny Ankle Cord, $80

This version is almost too cropped.  Perfect for shorter Mamas, others may want to keep looking.

7.  Mother Looker Crop Cords, $196 at Anthropologie

Mother is the other denim brand in the cream cord game this season.  Don't know Mother?  Really high quality stuff, nice and soft. 

8. AG Stevie Cords, $168 at Anthro

I have the AG Stevie in dark denim (you can see them here)…these are a straight leg cord, not a skinny.  I really like these cuffed.


Cream Trousers



1. Jennifer Lopez Cuffed Wide Leg Trousers, on sale for $22 at Kohls

I really want #5, but the price is so steep, I'm trying these instead.  

2. Ann Taylor Bow Pants, $98

Cute!  Take 40% off of these pants with code TAKE40.

3. JCrew Collection Trouser, $228

Almost sold out.

4. Zara Skinny Trousers with Zips, $80

The cool zippers keep these cropped cream pants from being too preppy.

5. J Mendel Wide Leg Pants, $1580

Yeah.  I know.  But they were so freaking fabulous I had to include the whole thing as inspiration.  If you can swing it, I'm envious.  

6. LOFT Zoe Trouser Leg Pants, $80

I actually can't decide if I like these the best or LOFT's Marissa trousers.  Thoughts, anyone?


Ok, that's it!  More on the topic later….



ps.  Seriously – THANK YOU for the laughs on our Christmas cards.  I'm still not sure which one we'll be sending – it's hard to choose!  And I'm finally starting to recover after my last (LAST!  WOOT WOOT) chemo treatment.  I'll talk more about all of that later….I'm trying to squeeze in a bunch of posts before the holidays.  The last month was so tough, I fell way behind.  Bear with me.  :)




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May 28, 2013

My New Favorite Way To Make White Jeans Cooler (Hint: Graphic Tee)


White denim is a thing out here in Phila's mainline.  A BIG thing.  Mike and I went out in Wayne last summer, to a new(ish) Mexican place and I KID YOU NOT every single woman was wearing white jeans, a white skirt, white shorts or a white dress.  

(I was wearing my super-short cut-offs and heels.  Oops.)

But isn't that crazy??  100% of the women!  All in white with some kind of preppy Lilly/Tory/etc top or shoe or bag or something!  It blew my mind.  But to be fair, it hasn't happened since (at least not everyone in the bar), but man.  That one night shows some serious cultural commitment to preppy white denim.

And I do like preppy…but in smaller doses, perhaps, than the typical mainline Mama.  So for the past few summers, I've been trying to figure out how to rock my white denim without falling into the whole Mainline Mom Uniform.  Not that it's a bad thing…it's just not really my thing.  

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January 30, 2013

Trend Update: The New Puffer Vest


Mamas, I talked about my love of puffer vests for pooch-hiding reasons last winter, here.  And while puffer vests are often made fun of…

One popular example is the performance vest which solves the age old problem of cold chest hot arms. 

                                                                                            —- from Stuff White People Like

…I've noticed that puffer vests are still going strong (probably because we all hate that cold chest, hot arm syndrome amiright?).  In fact, puffy vests are getting chic little upgrades.  A patch of tweed, perhaps, some leather trim.  Or even…chambray?

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January 17, 2013

Weekend Inspiration. Yay.


Reader Emily clued us in on a little fun fact about Topshop:  they obviously love our name. 

Topshop, I love that you love it, but I can't get behind your message.  Or rather, more specifically, the length of that zipper.  Just…no.  Nope.  Have fun with that.  

Sorry to kick your weekend off with a crotch-shot, Mamas.  (It's hard not to stare, isn't it?  So inexplicably loooong….) but here are a few fun things I've been wanting to share:

Jennifer Garner is really stepping up her momiform game.  Oxfords and well-fitting skinnies?  Yay, Jen!

Rugged boots + winter white denim?  I'm dying to recreate this look.

We're not the only ones with leggings on the brain.  Refinery 29 shows 5 cool ways to upgrade your leggings and Sarah Jessica Parker solves the pants/no pants problem by rocking thin black cords that look a whole lot like leggings.  But are pants.

Shopbop has the best advice for making your workout gear look chic.  I do this more days than I care to admit.  :)

The Rookie Moms love cute winter coats, and want you to love them too.  Here's why.   

I'm going to give the Coconut Hot Chocolate on a Cup of Jo a try.  (Mine will also have rum.)

Also, you may have missed a few of our articles over on

Here's how to Dress Around a C-Section Scar

A week's worth of outfits that all do double duty (work date then playdate, gym than errands, etc.)

Styling Tips for New Moms 

Lastly, our Holiday Style Guide has outfits for any age and stage…and might work well for a festive Valentine's Day.

What are your plans for the weekend?  We're going to take the boys to see the Arden Theater's production of Cinderella.  I hear it's a great twist on the classic – no poufy dresses or simple happily ever afters.  We can't wait.  

Have a wonderful weekend, Mamas!