February 18, 2016

LOFT Dressing Room Selfies – Work Wear Edition


A new contributor? Nope, it’s me, Amanda! (yay…?) Some of you have been asking for work wear ideas, so I braved the camera and tried on a bunch of new arrivals at Loft. Postpartum mamas headed back to work, this one’s for you, too! Most of the tops and jackets I’m wearing conceal mum tums with a flowy plus structured formula. Overall there were some really great pieces and a few misses – I’ll give you details on fit, cut, quality and my absolute favorite piece that makes you look taller and slimmer and instantly put together. Bonus – most of these are on sale for 40% off right now!

Note: It might not look like it, but I swear I was having fun! It was really ridiculously hard for me to figure out where to position the phone to capture the neckline area so I was concentrating on the shot, not mah face – if you can’t tell, I’m a virgin dressing room selfie snapper. Also, wee case of resting b face (b for business?)

Also – this post isn’t sponsored, it’s just me and my opinions of Loft’s work wear.

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December 9, 2013

Holiday Style: Five Ways To Rock Black Pants



Whether they're skinny or flare, denim or wool, I'm willing to bet that you have a pair of black pants in your closet.  And while [yawn], they may not be [snore] the most exciting [zzzzzzz] sartorial choice…just you wait.  


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November 24, 2013

Go Buy Now: Cream Cords & Trousers

Mamas, I've been working on some holiday style posts…and I'm still obsessed with all-white (or soft creams, beiges and taupes) for the holidays. I know.  I did this last year, too.

But all-white ensembles are turning out to be a thing this year.  Which means that many of my favorite cream-colored pants (especially cords) are selling out fast.  So here's a quick round-up, if you are so inclined.  I promise to follow this one up with more styling ideas later on.


Cream Cords 



1. Kut from the Kloth Mia Cord Pants, on sale for $45 at Nordstrom

I ordered these, only to receive an email that they are backordered.  Other sizes don't seem to have that problem…

2. JCrew Midrise Toothpick Cord, $98

Take 25% off these cords with code WINTER (online only).

3. H&M Corduroy Pants, on sale for $10

Yup. $10.  

4. Gap 1969 Legging Cords, $60

Get 40% off with code GAPEARLY (or 50% off for cardmembers with code BFCARD).  Reviewers say they are running small this year.

5.  AG Ankle Moto Cords, $188 at Anthropologie

One of the few designer denim brands to be doing cream cords this year.  This iteration has cool gold zipper detail.

6. Banana Republic Skinny Ankle Cord, $80

This version is almost too cropped.  Perfect for shorter Mamas, others may want to keep looking.

7.  Mother Looker Crop Cords, $196 at Anthropologie

Mother is the other denim brand in the cream cord game this season.  Don't know Mother?  Really high quality stuff, nice and soft. 

8. AG Stevie Cords, $168 at Anthro

I have the AG Stevie in dark denim (you can see them here)…these are a straight leg cord, not a skinny.  I really like these cuffed.


Cream Trousers



1. Jennifer Lopez Cuffed Wide Leg Trousers, on sale for $22 at Kohls

I really want #5, but the price is so steep, I'm trying these instead.  

2. Ann Taylor Bow Pants, $98

Cute!  Take 40% off of these pants with code TAKE40.

3. JCrew Collection Trouser, $228

Almost sold out.

4. Zara Skinny Trousers with Zips, $80

The cool zippers keep these cropped cream pants from being too preppy.

5. J Mendel Wide Leg Pants, $1580

Yeah.  I know.  But they were so freaking fabulous I had to include the whole thing as inspiration.  If you can swing it, I'm envious.  

6. LOFT Zoe Trouser Leg Pants, $80

I actually can't decide if I like these the best or LOFT's Marissa trousers.  Thoughts, anyone?


Ok, that's it!  More on the topic later….



ps.  Seriously – THANK YOU for the laughs on our Christmas cards.  I'm still not sure which one we'll be sending – it's hard to choose!  And I'm finally starting to recover after my last (LAST!  WOOT WOOT) chemo treatment.  I'll talk more about all of that later….I'm trying to squeeze in a bunch of posts before the holidays.  The last month was so tough, I fell way behind.  Bear with me.  :)




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August 22, 2013

Shopping: Shimmery Tees and Chic Track Pants

Due to a trick of lighting in my last post…it looks like I was wearing a shimmery tee with my old beat-up bootcuts.  The problem NOW is that I'm now dying for a shimmery tee…and based on the comments, I'm not the only one.

Also, many of you have recommended some really cool track pant/trouser hybrids after seeing how cute Rachel looked in hers…so CLEARLY a shopping post is in order.  (Let the record show that I am NOT the only shopping enabler here.)

Here we go!


1. Eileen Fisher V-Neck Tee in Moon, $138 at Nordstroms (also in a tank)

2.  Patterson J Kincaid Foiled Tee, on sale for $45 at 6pm

3. Nic + Zoe Shimmer Tee, $78 at Zappos

4. Vince Camuto V-Neck Foiled Tee, $59 at Nordstroms

5  Vince Camuto Metallic Slouchy Tee, on sale for $35 at Lord and Taylor


Which is your favorite?  I love the wash of #2 from Patterson J Kincaid – a perfect blend of old-gray-tee and shimmer…but I really prefer a v-neck.  I just wish Eileen Fisher's (#1) had a lower neckline (and price)…perhaps if you size up?  But for only $35, it's hard to beat #5.




1. WAYF Track Pants, $58 at Nordstroms

2. RVCA Jersey Knit Pant, on sale for $30 at Piperlime

3. Topshop Clutter Moth Print Pants, $70 at Nordstroms

4. Sweatpants with Zippers, $35 at H&M

5. Terry Drawstring Loungers, $40 at Gap


Is is just me, or is this pair ever-so-slightly reminiscent of the $300 Thakoon sweatery knit ones? Hmmmm….

Happy Friday!




August 11, 2013

I’m Really Into Comfort Lately…Like THESE PANTS

What a wild ride this past week has been.  But despite the crappy news, we are all doing OK.  Like…honestly OK.  And Mike and I both have been blown away by the love and support we've received from family, friends, and you.  It's funny, so many of your comments start with, "I know we don't know each other but I feel like we're friends" and YES.  I do too.  We feel your love and support and have read – out loud, to each other – every single word we've received from comments, Facebook, email, and Instagram.  And we are in awe.  

At one point Mike looked at me and said, "Babe, who are these amazingly wise, loving, compassionate zen-Buddhist-monk-type readers that you have??  Seriously, who??"  

I grinned at him.  "Moms" I said.  "They're Moms."  



We went out for some (much-needed) drinks in the city this weekend.  We started at a friend's house (I feel the need to explain Raines' bare feet) and then went out (in shoes) for pizza.  

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March 18, 2013

The New Spring Basics 101

A few weeks ago I was driving Raines to pre-school (he's 5).  He was sitting in his carseat, a grumpy look on his face.  "What's wrong, buddy?" I asked.  He sighed.  It was one of those dramatic, drawn-out sighs of the long-suffering.  "I jus' don't understand what is happening in this world, Mom" he said.  

Whoa.  I'm not…how to even…begin with that?   I waited, concerned, for him to continue.

"I mean…what the heck is going on with the Sun?  Where is it?  Will I always have to wear this jacket?"  [pause]   I'M NOT COMFORTABLE IN THIS JACKET MOM!!"

Exactly, kid. Sing it.


Ready to talk Spring, Mamas?  Us too.  Most of these picks (if not all) can be worn while chasing kiddos around a park, and some can be dressed up for date-night (or the office).  All can be paired with pieces you already own for a fresh, easy update.  These are the new Spring Basics…101.




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March 17, 2013

Reader Q | How to Style a Lace Top For Work


Reader Question:

First, let me say that I love your blog! I read it religiously. So much so that my husband no longer asks where I get new ideas from. Thank you for helping me feel kid-friendly, mom appropriate and sexy all at the same time.

Here's my question…I'm looking for some ideas for work appropriate layering of a lace shirt. I am an attorney and need office appropriate wear, but get bored with the same old dark suit getup.
If I can at least make the tops under the jacket interesting, I feel like I win. On non-court days, I have a little more freedom in what is appropriate. I'm 100% on board with the layering a turtleneck.  I tried a t-shirt today.

Image (3)
(wearing:  GORGEOUS lace tee is Lauren Conrad for Kohl's)  

Is there anything else? Would a button down work?



Suzanne – Thanks for writing in!  You obviously read the article (linked above) where I recommended a lace top.  If you recall, I claimed that it was oh-so-easy to style and soooo very versatile and…well.  I see that you are calling me out.  (Nicely, of course.)  Challenge accepted!!  It's time to put my styling where my big ol' mouth is, and attempt to style one up for the office.  Not just any office….but one of the most conservative of work environments. 

(I came up with six possibilities.)

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March 5, 2013

A Maternity Workwear Capsule Wardrobe For Spring (and an ASOS Giveaway)

Maternity workwear.  Isn't that phrase just so…depressing?  Ugh.  It conjures up images of schlumpy, black, ill-fitting suits and those awful maternity button-down shirts.  (shudder)

We can do better, Mamas.  

I threw together a small Spring capsule wardrobe for working mamas-to-be.  And it's almost completely post-partum friendly, and much of it is pumping-friendly.  But best of all?  Maternity workwear (blaaaah) has come such a long way that not only would I happily(!!) wear any of these pieces NOT pregnant, but most are pretty. darn. affordable. 



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September 19, 2012

Reader Q | How To Style A Gingham Shirt?

Reader Question:


First off, I have to tell you that if it wasn't for you, I'm not sure I would have left the house after baby #2. It wasn't so much the baby weight as it was the overall body changes and new shape. Plus it's so hard to feel sexy after giving birth! Empowered and in love, yes. But sexy? Not until I found your blog. I would read you hourly if you chose to post that often. And my husband has been loving my style lately–major plus!

My dilemma now is that I randomly bought this shirt from j. crew and now that I'm home, I can't for the life of me figure out what I was thinking!

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 4.24.25 PM

Is there any way to wear this without looking like a prudish Daisy Duke??? You are tops when it comes to wearable, stylish mom clothes and I'm hopeful you can help. Thank you so much–for everything!

With love and gratitude,



Stephanie – Thanks so much for your kind words!  And I'm loving your purchase.  Gingham shirts are a pretty safe bet.  They'll add a pop of color and pattern to just about any outfit.  The trick (for me, at least) is to prevent a preppy-overload, and, for you, to keep the look far, far away from those crazy Duke brothers.   Gotcha.  Here's what I found:

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July 23, 2012

Reader Q | What An Engineer Wears To Work in the Summer

Mamas, I recieved this email from reader Tracy:

Here's my challenge.  I'm an aerospace systems engineer (yes, you MAY call me Madame Rocket Scientist) in Pasadena, CA and I have no idea what to wear to work when the weather gets hot.  Oh, did I mention California?  Yes, it will be 80-105 degrees here from now until November.  That's half a year by my Excel spreadsheet calculations.  My workplace is actually pretty casual, but the managers certainly dress nicer, and I've always heard you should dress like who you aspire to be at work.  So, what to wear when skin is in season at the beach/park, but no so for those of us sweltering in their desk chair? Cut-offs, short skirts, flip flops, maxi dresses (any that scream "I'd rather be on a tropical island than here in this meeting with all of you!), bare arms, etc. are really not options.  And, I am of course up to my elbows in mommy-mode (and other disgustingness) immediately before and after work so everything has to be kiddo friendly. 


Tracy, I have a soft spot in my heart for geeks.  Geeks who mention aerospace, spreadsheets and fashion?  We should be BFFs.

As you know, engineering is a funny field from a dress-code perspective.  It's not as conservative, as, say, some crusty old law firm, but neither is it consider creative, like marketing or a hip ad agency.  And while my company flirted with a denim dress code in the heady dot-com days, the pendulum seems to be swinging back to fairly conservative roots. 

Personally, I tend to favor a professional look, with touches of casual ease thrown in (especially in the summer).  Here's a weeks worth of outfits:

MONDAY:  Cheap, Modest, Summer Dresses


(wearing:  Target dress, J. Crew belt, Marc Jacobs heels)

A few of my favorite places to find cotton summer dresses include Target, Shabby Apple, Modcloth, and  Forever 21.  Look for classic cuts with a bit of a sleeve in dark, conservative colors.  I keep them professional with belts and closed-toe heels, and add cardigans (or blazers) to battle the air conditioning.  The second I leave work I strip off the outer layer, and just run around in what is really just a cheap little cotton summer dress.  Sometimes I'll even change into flip-flops.  

NOTE:  When buying cheap, you sometimes sacrifice fit.  The Target dress above cost me $24, plus another $40 in alterations.  Considering how many times I've worn what became a $64 dress, the CPW (cost-per-wear) is still in the pennies.


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