April 17, 2016

Ann Taylor’s Massive Cyber Spring Sale: 50% off Everything (Plus Our Picks)

ann taylor sale

It’s always exciting to stumble upon an amazing online sale, and even better when you can share the excitement with others. Ann Taylor is currently in the middle of their massive Cyber Spring sale where every. single. item. is 50% off plus free shipping from now until Monday night but they are already going fast. Here are just a few of my favorites on offer:

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March 14, 2016

Spring Trend: Espadrilles (And My Favorite, Most Comfortable Pair)

espadrilles light blue

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed espadrilles slowly making a style comeback. And this year it seems that they are back in a big way. They are the perfect shoe for Spring and Summer: easy to dress up or down and comfortable. Plus, since most espadrilles are made with soft, flexible cotton canvas fabric, they are easy to throw in a suitcase or beach bag without taking up a ton of room.

I’ve always loved the idea of espadrilles- mainly because I can’t help but picture them being worn by a sophisticated and stylish European woman while on holiday to the French coast or the Mediterranean. Ugh,  even my daydreams make me jealous.

And since I don’t see a trip to Italy or Greece happening in my near future…gosh darn, I at least can have the shoes right??

Shana raised some really great concerns for me to consider while searching for espadrilles. First, how comfortable and wearable are they really? Some are made with hard leather inserts in the heel or stiff leather straps around the ankle, which of course causes rubbing and blisters. Second, many of the “authentic” European brands of Espadrilles don’t come in half sizes, only whole sizes, so what size would fit best?

Here’s what I found that worked best for me:

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July 13, 2015

Chambray Joggers All. Day. Long.



So.  I bought these chambray joggers last year, during one of LOFT’s many clearance sales (I think I paid a grand total of $15).  I’ve been wearing them like sweatpants (aka my favorite pants), but unlike sweatpants there’s no ambiguity – did she mean to wear those out?? – nor do you have to be all that cool or intentional with the rest of your outfit.  They’re just like real pants….wait!  They ARE real pants.  But comfy and easy and–

Easy like Sunday mo-orn-ning

Which is precisely when I wear them. (As Raines would say, “MOM.  DON’T SING.”)

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June 13, 2015

The Best Dresses To Wear With Sneakers OR Heels (And Currently 25% Off At Anthro)


backpack | leather jacket | sneakers

If there’s one styling trick that I’ve fallen hard for, it’s the sneakers-and-dress pairing.  I have a bunch of pics showing the different ways I’ve been wearing them all Spring, but…well….Anthro is offering 25% off all dresses this weekend and Revolve is having a huge sale so….let’s just DO THIS THING.  Personal style pics can wait (and some are already on my instagram, @shanachristine).

NOTE:  I picked dresses that would look equally great with both sneakers OR fancier shoes.  I like double-duty dresses.

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June 10, 2015

How To Pull Off Pencil Skirts and Flats (Even For Petites)




We had a blast at the World War Two Weekend in Reading, PA this past weekend.  (For more deets on the event, see my full coverage here.  It’s pretty amazing.)  But dressing for the weekend is always a challenge:  it’s hot, it’s sunny, I’m on my feet all day, and then at night…..there’s a swing band and dance party.  To make matters worse, most of the other attendees arrive in full 1940’s costume.  Every year they look GORGEOUS and glamorous, and that level of dedication truly makes the weekend feel like stepping back in time.

So. I wanted to wear something comfortable, but something that could hang with all of the pin-up girl glamour (although a few women came dressed as Rosie the Riveter which was awesome).  Inspired by Cam “grunging” her pencil skirt (bless her preppy little heart), I used Cam’s grunge to make mine…glam?

But here’s the thing:  Cams is tall. I am not.

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June 9, 2015

#MyEverdayEdit – Our RoundUp of The Best Everyday Style



WHOO HOO it’s Summerish!  (Or close enough – I’ll take it.)  For me that means boyfriend jeans and shoes without socks, and….dare I say it…a pop of color?  But don’t worry, you crazies, I’m still ME so obviously there’s a black turtleneck thrown in there somewhere.

Let’s do this.

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May 24, 2015



The above is not at all indicative of what the past month has been like. haaa. Now that Mad’s is out of school, I am definitely looking forward to slowing down a bit this Summer (hopefully)…oh, wait I’m a mom. Scratch that. Bring on the sangria and loaves of bread! Aaaanyways…

Woooo!!! Here we are with more #myeverydayedit goodness and, if I’m being honest, you all should be the ones doing this post, because…you rocked it. Your daily outfits are on fiiiiiire. Cheers to you.

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