February 27, 2017

Style Challenge: Athleisure to (Casual) Glam


Since this week the blog is like one big ‘introduction to the opposites’ sketch, this athleisure queen was tasked with finding my inner glam. Immediately I started trolling Scotti’s posts for inspiration since she’s the resident glamazon around here. (And it’s not just in blog posts. Fun story: the first time I met Scotti in person was at the hotel we were staying at for Shana’s surprise birthday last year. It seriously felt like a celebrity sighting, she is that put together even on weekend morning – gorgeous makeup, hair did, heels. Me, on the other hand? Pretty sure my outfit involved stretchy pants and sneakers, and maybe tinted lip balm if I was feeling extra fancy.) I alternated between panic and avoidance for a week or so, until Shana asked how it was going on our weekly call. I said, quite seriously, “How about glam sweatshirts?” Shana replied, even more seriously, “I think it’s time to make an appointment with a Nordstrom stylist”. Gulp.  Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of what happened when I did.

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November 16, 2016

Laura’s Go-To Holiday Outfit: Sparkly Sweater


The. Holidays. Are. Upon. Us. Everyone take a deep breath. Whew. But thank goodness they are. I think we all need a little extra cheer right now.

I adore the holidays and yes, am one of those who might start playing Christmas music a bit before Thanksgiving. Get mad if you must. Christmas music is the best. But, this year, we at TME got to get into the holiday spirit even earlier. When we chatted about doing holiday looks we were all excited. And then, some of us were a little stumped.

What actually encompasses a go-to holiday look for me? I rarely have anything very dressy to attend during the holidays (with the exception of last year’s fun cocktail party – I tried out looks for it here in one of my first posts!) So, like Cam, my go-to look had to feel festive and fun but be somewhat casual and comfy and work for a variety of occasions. I also wanted to invest in pieces I could wear again and again. (Don’t we always?)

Fortunately, I found a shimmery sweater and of course you know about these lovely suede boots and it just started to come together. So my go-to holiday outfit formula?

Jeans + Fancy Sweater + Gorgeous Boots

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November 15, 2016

Shana’s Go-To Holiday Outfit


Happy holidays!  We’re a little early here, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner…we’re going with close enough.    So let’s kick things off with a week of Go-To Holiday Style.

It’s easy to get caught up in style possibilities around the holidays – the pretty dresses, the gorgeous shoes, the shimmery little tanks – holiday dressing is often part fantasy.  All that shine and sparkle.  But when it comes down to it….most of us won’t be donning sweeping gowns or sequin-encrusted mini dresses for our holiday soirees.  So we wanted to start with what we’re really going to be wearing for the holidays.   Each day this week, one of the TME editors will cover their tried-and-true, Honestly Yes I Will Be Wearing This, Go-To holiday outfit.

Here’s mine.


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August 3, 2016

You’ll Never Look at Khaki Pants Or Black Trousers The Same Way



Khaki pants and black trousers.  God, I know.  If there’s one way to kick off an article with a big WOMP WOMP…it’s to start talking about khaki pants and black trousers.


But seriously – I get emails from readers (to the tune of several times a year) asking specifically about plain black pants or khakis.  Most of the inquiries can be summarized thusly:

Hi S.  Do you actually own any plain [black pants/khakis] or do you just wear ripped jeans every day?

Uh, yeah.  Pretty much.  But there are times (school functions, the occasional blog meeting that isn’t virtual, Mike’s work functions etc etc) when I’d like to look a little more…..polished, without resorting to a dress.  So it’s time to fill that big, glaring hole in my closet with….

…khaki pants and black trousers.

Serendipitously, I found two pairs (both part of the #nsale, and NOT yet sold out), that would be perfect in an office environment (read: no saggy bums), yet cool enough to be dressed up or dressed down, making them work for work, play, AND date night.  Keep reading to see these two wonder pants, along with an explanation of what makes these two pairs so…wonderful.

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June 21, 2016

Two Piece Coordinates (Not Crop Tops!)

Summertime usually brings with it a few outdoor events: poolside cocktail parties, beachside weddings, outdoor graduations, etc. It can be tough to find the right attire that will a) be flattering and b) provide you with options to wear again. I do hate having to buy a dress or outfit that I only wear once!

Enter the two-piece coordinating outfit (the British sites call them coords – love that.).   With two pieces to work with, you can wear them to your event together (for the dressiest look), then pair them with other pieces for future options. I love the versatility! Three or more outfits in ‘one!’

Reader Randi wrote in asking about two-piece dresses and that’s what spurred this hunt for these hard-to-find yet 0h-so-versatile pieces.

I am desperate! I have a 40th birthday and a casual wedding coming up. I am looking for a fun two piece dress that is not a crop top and hides some of my extra winter pounds.  I am desperate to feel fabulous!! Any ideas?!?!

The Search

Here are the key words here that complicate matters: not a crop top. Oh boy. Crop tops are everywhere right now, and the vast majority of co-ords feature some sort of crop-top paired with a skirt.  And while there are some mamas who can successfully show off their toned abs (high-five, you!), many of us are a little…softer in that area.

The tricky part of this search was…how to search. Do you search for ‘two-piece dresses’? Yes, there are a few that come up. But you also get a lot of Mother-of-the-Bride outfits. Searching ‘coordinates’, brings up a few more options. Some of the pieces were discovered by simply hunting for a top and skirt in the same fabric/print…not as easily entered into Google. In any case, after much searching, a collection has been made! Thank you to Shana and Jess for help and some great additions!

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February 29, 2016

Spring Trend To Try Now: Cut-Out Tops

Cut-out clothing is having a major moment.  We’re drooling over this trend because it’s an easy way to make your everyday look next level.   While the cut-out tops can range from downright demure to daring (depending on the strategic placement of the peek of skin), I rounded up a few that would actually be wearable for everyday.  Keep reading for my favorite cut-out tops, and few different styling ideas for everyday.



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January 26, 2016

Gap’s Black Flare Jeans for a Casual Date Night Outfit

2016-01-23 12.18.04

Date night! They seem to be few and far between these days. But Sienna’s preschool had an amazing thing last week…PJ movie night at the school so the parents could have a night off! Brilliant. I vote more of these, for reals.

I’d been wanting to try these Gap Black Flares for a while. I was in the store the other day and Sienna was in a fairly good mood (also strapped into the stroller), so I thought I’d try them out. They are good. They are high rise, skinny through the leg and nicely flared. They didn’t have a petite length at the store, so I got regular, but they are really long. I have hem tape on them here, but I’ll have to hem them soon. And I promise it was sunny when we left the house…

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December 30, 2015

Laura’s #myeverydayedit Pics – Holiday Travel Outfits

Hello from water-logged Arkansas! Thanks to bad weather and general holiday air travel craziness our stay has been extended. In the mean time (and for the sake of fashion) I wanted to share photos of the outfits from my holiday packing post with you all + what I learned along the way:


– planned outfits are a must

– mother nature can (and did!) throw a wrench in your well-planned wardrobe

– always pack a couple of extra items for different weather


I also realized that I planned a different pair of shoes for each outfit. Oops. I do tend to travel with multiple, but five pairs is definitely overkill for a one week trip. I paired (pun intended) it down to four thinking I’d wear the leopard print shoes for the date night outfit. Major strides people, I know.

Outfit #1

This outfit worked well for the first morning, at least. The sweater was on the heavy side but it did hold out for some last minute shopping. I have a feeling this will be a winter staple for me – when we get home it’ll be perfect.

sweater | jeans (similar) and these | shoes (similar and amazing! and these) | earrings

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December 29, 2015

An NYE Maternity Outfit (Basic Black Tee + Jeans)


I have these cotton tunic tops that I ordered in a few different colors and I love them. I wear them A LOT. It’s great having something at this point in my pregnancy that’s comfortable and easy to throw on with jeans. Especially if it’s black and slimming (as slimming as a piece of clothing can be at 9 months pregnant). Problem: it ends up being all that I throw on with jeans. Okaaaay, but boring…especially when I also wear black shoes. heh. All I need then is a baggy black sweatshirt and I’m back in high school theatre. Woo!

Needless to say, that just doesn’t work for New Year’s Eve. Not when I want to look a little extra festive and fun – even if we simply go out for dinner with the kiddos, stay in and stuff our faces on the couch…and then party my pregnant bum right to bed by 9 (we know how to party around here).

I had to find a way to keep my favorite basics on my bod, but bring a little somethingsomething to the mix. Just like for my last holiday style post, I went on a search to find one statement piece that would really bring it. Well, watch out. I found three – a necklace, some fur and a clutch.

Wow, Cams. Wow.

I know. I stepped it up big time.

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December 19, 2015

Holiday Style – Casual to Dressy

Hello again from the Pacific Northwest! So, you have probably heard about the general raininess out here. I honestly typically don’t mind it, but right now…it’s REALLY rainy. Our basement flooded while we were gone last week. I was shopping in SoHo as a very special treat trip to NYC one day and the next day I was vacuuming water and mud from our basement. Le sigh. #realitycheck

Anyway, because of our *lovely* weather here it’s tough to want to dress up very often…to slop through the puddles in nice heels or a long skirt or dress. Most days you’ll find me in jeans, boots and a sweater. No…make that everyday in the fall/winter/spring. But…we were invited to an actual, grown-up holiday party this year! Exciting. I quickly realized though that thanks to the #Konmarimethod I had gotten rid of pretty much every dress up item in my closet. Doh. Decluttering fail.

So, I ventured out in search of a few special items that might add some holiday sparkle to the few remaining pieces I had left in the closet. Here are a few combinations I came up with.

Casual Holiday Parties

scarf | Sweater (similar) | pants | shoes (similar) and LOVE these

First of all, I LOVE these Gap Velvet Side Zip Leggings. They are so good, y’all. They are comfy but dressy enough to wear with a ton of things. And this scarf. Also from Gap and SO soft. I really love this combination and…look! Heels! I’m pushing myself here.

toppants | shoes

But…not for long. Here I am back in flats, but THE coolest flat shoes ever. After Shana posted them a couple of months ago I realized I had been waiting my whole life for them. They are amazing and will dress/class up jeans and a sweater any time. The calf hair isn’t the most appropriate for Portland weather (no hiking in these bad boys,) but I’ve learned to walk REALLY carefully through puddles in my time here for the sake of good shoes. Hahaha! No, but for a casual office party where you’ll be standing a lot or for a quick dinner out they are perfect.


Speaking of shoes, I had to include a close-up of these boots I just found from Nine West. They are beautiful, low heeled and flattering. The wider opening at the top makes them so good to balance out the leg. They are just right for dressy black boots which I’ve had a hard time finding lately. Seriously, I have tried on so many pairs. They look great with the final outfit, too.

Dressier Parties


Next up, a sparkly top! Who doesn’t love a sparkly top? Even this jeans and boots girl does this time of year. I cannot find this specific one anywhere on the Forever 21 website. Sad. But there are so many options out there. Love love this one!


top | pants | shoes (similar) | coat (similar and I LOVE)

Sparkly top, meet velvet pants and faux fur = yes. I do love this outfit. I think if we were going out for New Year’s Eve I would totally rock this, puddles and all.

But, I think the winner for the Christmas party is this…


Sparkly gold dress! Lace tights! Heels! All the things I usually never put on my body! Haha. It worked out though. Stretching myself paid off, I think. What are you wearing to holiday parties?


dress (ack! Sold out) This one is lovely | tights (similar and they’re perfect) | shoes (similar)

Shop the looks and other favorites for holiday style


Happy Party Time!