May 11, 2016

Long Pants in the Summer?? YES, THESE.

I get that not everyone is into shorts.  Before Shana gave me the (life-changing) tip of sizing denim shorts up (way up so they’re a bit baggy), I could never seem to find the right fit.  They were too high or too tight or too long or too wide or too “mom-ish.” . . .  Shorts are hard.  And that’s if you can wear them!  E recently wrote in with this question:

I’m in the third trimester of my second pregnancy, and I have developed crazy varicose veins. My doc sent me to a specialist, long story short, I’m now wearing full length maternity compression stockings. They’re horrible. Super opaque, weird beige color, full toe. How do I work with these? I’m thinking of wearing them under leggings, and then maybe going with high tops? Thankfully I only have to make it to mid-June, then presumably giving birth will remedy the situation and I can wear skirts and shorts again! Thanks for any insight!

E, you are not alone.  We get questions all.the.time about warm-weather options for hiding varicose veins (even without the complications you’re dealing with).   My favorite option?

Surf pants.

They are super comfortable (like pajama-comfortable), lightweight, cool, flattering – but youthful, too, invoking a surfer-girl vibe. They can be worn out to the beach or dressed up for a night on the town.

(Personally, I also like to wear them on the couch while watching tv, but that’s just me.)

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July 13, 2015

Chambray Joggers All. Day. Long.



So.  I bought these chambray joggers last year, during one of LOFT’s many clearance sales (I think I paid a grand total of $15).  I’ve been wearing them like sweatpants (aka my favorite pants), but unlike sweatpants there’s no ambiguity – did she mean to wear those out?? – nor do you have to be all that cool or intentional with the rest of your outfit.  They’re just like real pants….wait!  They ARE real pants.  But comfy and easy and–

Easy like Sunday mo-orn-ning

Which is precisely when I wear them. (As Raines would say, “MOM.  DON’T SING.”)

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August 19, 2014

More Loungewear As Daywear: Beach Pants



Let’s call these what they are:  glorified pajama pants.



But the folks over at Hurley call these “Beach Pants” which makes them sound more like real pants.  And for those of you who have asked about options for covering pregnancy-induced (or not) varicose veins…..YES, THESE.




(note:  links below have been updated for Summer 2015)


pants: Hurley Bondi Beach Pants (sold out)….this year’s version is Hurley’s Venice Beach Pant

top: J.Crew Carrie Cami in stripe (sold out – try Express’ barcelona cami in stripe)

shoes: Soludos Sand Shoe Lace-up (sold out – the 2015 version is similar, just with a cool espadrille bottom and interesting color-blocking)

bracelets: Chan Luu wrap bracelet, Bauble Bar bracelet


Earlier this summer I actually threw these pants on with a pair of heels to entertain at home.  I think it worked OK.




pants: Hurley Bondi Beach Pants (sold out)….this year’s version is Hurley’s Venice Beach Pant

top: Everlane’s Ryan Tank

shoesDolce Vita Hexen

necklaceBauble Bar Long Arrow pendant (sold out – this one is almost identical)


Hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of summer!!



ps.  The sales are cah-razy right now.  Just updated the sale shop with some seriously great finds from Piperlime.

March 6, 2014

My Spring Break Packing Edit (a uniform of sorts)

Before kids, my husband and I would try to escape the winter cold by doing our own little mini Spring breaks.  South Beach was our favorite.  I'd pack my XS bikini top (snort), the tiniest bottoms I could find, a little scrap of a dress and off we'd go.  We'd stay out all night, sleep in until noon, and then roll out to the beach around 1PM.

Well.  THINGS HAVE CHANGED, PEOPLE.  And these changes have resulted in a decidedly different Spring Break uniform:



BAM.  Because vacation or no, my kiddos get up around 6:30AM.  And can you guess how long I can stand to be in a CONDO with two boys under the age of 7 before I lose my mind?  

9AM.  If we're lucky.

(And if we're in a run-of-the-mill hotel room, I change my answer to 6:37AM.)

Which means I'm on the beach bright and early, and, typically, freezing

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August 20, 2013

Mom Street Style: Rachel Nails Sweatpants-As-Pants


Rachel sent in this adorable pic of herself last week.  She wrote:

Inspired by your recent post I decided to try out my sweats again.  I got them at JC Penny for $20.  They are definitely sweat pants, so I've always had a hard time figuring out what shirt to wear with them: too dressy looked weird, a cotton T looked like I just rolled out of bed.  My solution?  A 1/2 linen 1/2 cotton T from H&M ($10).  The front panel is linen and it's a light cotton in the back.  

This is perfect for hanging out at the library (which is usually freezing with AC) and then watching the kids play outside after (muggy!)  And yes, I realize the white shirt is risky but the dark grey pants hide any snot/food/child that might get on me.  

Rachel, I love the bright ballet flats (I've been wearing mine everywhere), and HEY!  Reader Megan – didn't you say that I needed a few long necklaces?  Well.  Great minds think alike.  It looks perfect, Rachel.

Let's recreate her look, shall we?


I wasn't able to find Rachel's sweatpants at JC Penny…but perhaps this cropped version ($16) would work?  ASOS has a pair with a haram-pant vibe for $40, and good 'ol H&M has these. True to form, I've fallen in love with some ridiculously priced Alexander Wang sweatpants or – EGADS – these $300 Thakoon sweatery knit ones.  At the moment, there is only ONE pair left and therefore I am justified in my longing.  Perhaps I could be persuaded to content myself with these, a comparable bargin at only $180.  Snort.   


In terms of the top, any dressier version of a tee is perfect.  H&M has this one, but my favorite might be Everlane's new and improved Ryan tee.  $25.  Really. 


In terms of the bright flats, I'm a Tieks girl (the only ones that are comfy enough for me) but this $58 coral flat has some really glowing reviews.  

For necklaces, I really like pendants (my current fav is a plain dogtag that says Fearless), and simple minimalist shapes…or basically anything from the Etsy shop Bohemian Fringe (everything is roughly $20).


Love this, Rachel!  Thanks for writing in!



August 11, 2013

I’m Really Into Comfort Lately…Like THESE PANTS

What a wild ride this past week has been.  But despite the crappy news, we are all doing OK.  Like…honestly OK.  And Mike and I both have been blown away by the love and support we've received from family, friends, and you.  It's funny, so many of your comments start with, "I know we don't know each other but I feel like we're friends" and YES.  I do too.  We feel your love and support and have read – out loud, to each other – every single word we've received from comments, Facebook, email, and Instagram.  And we are in awe.  

At one point Mike looked at me and said, "Babe, who are these amazingly wise, loving, compassionate zen-Buddhist-monk-type readers that you have??  Seriously, who??"  

I grinned at him.  "Moms" I said.  "They're Moms."  



We went out for some (much-needed) drinks in the city this weekend.  We started at a friend's house (I feel the need to explain Raines' bare feet) and then went out (in shoes) for pizza.  

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August 4, 2013

Momified! I Cropped My Bootcuts Like Revolve Clothing’s Editor Picks


Yup.  I'm wearing bootcut denim.  I know!!  But a few weeks ago, I received an email from Revolve Clothing, entitled "The Editor's Picks".

Peer into the stylish minds of REVOLVE's editors as they divulge their favorite fall trends.

Well, hell yeah. Bring it.  Know what caught my eye?


I mean OK:  my first reaction may have been a small sob acknowledging that my abs will never look that way again.  (Or, uh, previously…but whatever.)

But then – THEN – as Mo Williams says in Knuffle Bunny
…."Trixie realized something."


Cropped, yes…one might even call them bootcut in disguise, but that is definitely some bootcut denim.  And since no child of the 90's fears a scissored hem….I decided to make my own.  

Hello, crappy bootcuts in my Goodwill pile.  Come and play with me. 

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July 23, 2013

Mom Street Style: Carrie’s Vintage Midi Skirt and Chambray



Mamas, I have some pics I forgot to share before my surgery.  This is one of them.  

I ran into Carrie at a Grand Rapids Jazz-at-the-zoo thing when we visiting family in June.  How cute is she?  I'm always impressed when a mom can rock a skirt (with littles in tow) like it's no big thing.



Her littles (like mine) were log leaping.  So fun.


Carrie's skirt is vintage, bag is from Goodwill and her shirt is Forever 21.  I love the summer (sleeveless) take on chambray, and the tied-waist is perfection with the full skirt.


Carrie – it was so nice meeting you!  Thank you for being such a great sport!



July 11, 2013

A Summer Mom Uniform and Five Fav Things: Girl Meets Baby

Readers, I'm beyond thrilled to introduce my friend, OE.  I met OE right after the birth of her eldest, and have had the pleasure of watching her blog grow into something truly fabulous.  I know you'll love Girl Meets Baby as much as I do. 


Hey Fashionistas! My name’s O.E. and I blog over at Girl Meets Baby. I am totally honored and excited to be guest posting here at ANMJ. But obviously, the circumstances are awful. Breast Cancer can suck it.


Shana. You guys. This girl. She literally picked me out at the mall for a ‘mom’s street style’ post ages ago when my first babe was just 5 months. When I met her, I had no idea what a blog was. And really had no idea how to embrace being a mom and being a woman at the same time. This girl introduced me to a whole new world of blogs, fashion, mommy meet-ups, and a cool factor that rocked my world. Wait, you can be a mom and a total rock star? And then, of course, she moved away. So now I just stalk her over the internet. I was (and still am) totally obsessed with her. 

Ok, what more is there to say? Let’s talk Fashion! 

1.  My Most-Worn Item of Clothing

So my personal style is a lot more skater/punk mixed with some high fashion goodies.  I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe Mountain Indie Chick? A Counter-Culture Chaser? Let’s just go with teenager going on 30. But in all seriousness, I love introducing some edge into my fashion. No amount of workouts or diets will ever make my body resemble Shana’s tiny frame, so a girl’s got to make up for some things (*cough* thighs, *cough cough* postpartum pooch) by knowing her limitations and accessorizing like hell. My most worn item is actually two items that I consider one. Black skinny jeans with high tops. Black pants hide a multitude of sins and when paired with summer tops they work for the heat. And, if your legs are like mine and aren’t your favorite feature, you can rock skinnies by wearing really large shoes. It helps the proportions. And avoids giving you the piano leg look. My tried and true high tops are Supras. I have this pair. And I just ordered these! The trick is to have the tongue of the shoe flare out. Tie the laces behind the the tongue to add even more volume. I wear this outfit with summer tops, a jean vest, and a whole boat load of accessories almost every single day. So find your inner Bieber and try it out! 

2. A Fall Piece I'm Currently Coveting

I cannot wait until Fall. I seriously look 10 pounds thinner in winter clothes. No joke. I am loving all of the upcoming trends for Fall. I especially pay close attention to London’s Fashion Week. And since my general vibe always leans more towards the Euro street trends, I tend to watch the street style happening off the runways. And y’all, there’s so much cool stuff to get inspired by. The crazy thing is that it almost feels like anything goes right now. One of my favorite trends I’ve been seeing is the awesome mix of fabrics. It started with this years “Punk” theme at the Met Ball and continued its party straight onto the runways during Fall Fashion Week. Short jackets were especially huge on the streets in combinations of every material imaginable. I love bombers and it’s looking like the varsity jackets are here to stay. But I loved seeing biker jackets with everything from denim sleeves to built in hoods. So I am totally crushing over this jacket. A biker jacket on its own just feels so serious, add in the hood and you’ve got cozy casual mixed with badass statement piece!

3. Something That Makes Summer-With-Kids Easier

Ok, let’s talk kids. I live in the heart of the city and drag my three kids (all under the age of four) all over this town. We hit up Museums, parks, zoos, coffee shops, and the list goes on. My one life saver is my backpack! I gave up on the over the shoulder diaper bags once my third child was born. I started to feel bad with how many times my bag would swing and whack one of my littles in the face. By strapping a bag on my back I can avoid that. Also, my arms are totally free. I know, I know, they retrofit diaper bags with backpack straps. But trust me, it’s WAY better to retrofit a backpack into a diaper bag. This Herschel bag is my favorite and makes life so much easier. I love Herschel. And, on long days out, I even outfitted my boys with their own. Brooks has this one. And Lucas has this one. If you’re tired of seeing Herschel everywhere, you can go check out some similarly rad bags like Ada Blackjack and Colorado’s own Topo Designs.   

4. My Fav Summer Recipe

Let’s talk Food. Ok, when Shana first asked me for a summer recipe I kind of cringed. Cooking is not my thing. I was wondering if I could just link to a to-go menu from our favorite restaurant. Does that count? But, after giving it more thought, I remembered this gem. These meatball sandwiches are so good and my kids LOVE to get messy helping make the balls. They’re quick, easy, and oh so yummy. Giada does it again.

5. The One Make-Up Product I Can't Live Without 

And saving the best (read: most important) for last: Makeup. I start every prayer thanking God for makeup and caffeine. Those two things are what keep me feeling and looking alive when my kids have been up all night (someone please tell me that they will eventually all sleep through the night — sob). So I was stoked when Mac Cosmetics made an eye cream that contains caffeine. My two loves! It’s the Mac Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye Cream and it’s the ONE makeup product I can’t live without (besides the obvious mascara and under eye concealer). It reduces puffiness from sleepless nights and preps the skin around the eye to really hold onto the concealer.  My dark circles stay covered hours longer when I prep with this cream. Which, as a mom, is all we can hope for, right?

Well guys! It’s been fun. It’s been real. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to introduce some rock and roll into your wardrobes, drink some caffeine, and for goodness sake, cover those damn circles under your eyes! It’s the edge you’ll need to take on your long day and look damn good doing it.  

Ciao! Girl


[Note from S:  I found OE's original street style post…from 2009!  So cute.]
June 28, 2013

How We Wear It: Long, Slim Shorts

This is our monthly series called How We Wear It, where *we* show all of the different ways to rock a wardrobe basic.  And by "we" I mean…all y'all.   If there was One. Thing. our readers have communicated again and again, it's this:  You want to see a wide range of body types represented here on ANMJ.  

So.  I'll show you how I've been styling my old standbys, and so will Cam.  And then, dear readers, we want to hear from YOU.  You can play along via our Linky party at the bottom (you can sign up at the bottom of this article or on Cam's page), you can send us an email (send it to either Cam or me), upload a pic to ANMJ's Facebook page, or use Instagram with the hashtag: #howwewearit or #anmj.  As reader pics come in, I'll be keeping this page up-to-date.


With a Peplum Top


(wearing: shirt - c/o Lucky Brand, I'm wearing a size M….shorts - hacked off an old pair of theseshoessimilar) 


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