November 15, 2016

Shana’s Go-To Holiday Outfit


Happy holidays!  We’re a little early here, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner…we’re going with close enough.    So let’s kick things off with a week of Go-To Holiday Style.

It’s easy to get caught up in style possibilities around the holidays – the pretty dresses, the gorgeous shoes, the shimmery little tanks – holiday dressing is often part fantasy.  All that shine and sparkle.  But when it comes down to it….most of us won’t be donning sweeping gowns or sequin-encrusted mini dresses for our holiday soirees.  So we wanted to start with what we’re really going to be wearing for the holidays.   Each day this week, one of the TME editors will cover their tried-and-true, Honestly Yes I Will Be Wearing This, Go-To holiday outfit.

Here’s mine.


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December 14, 2014

Sequin Skirt Styling: The Flirt, The Fail, The Fix (and the fix again – never say I don’t try)




The Flirt

Hey baby.

Now this outfit, I like.  The texture of the cozy sweater contrasted with the shiny sequins, the sharp booties, the flecks of white in the tights – it all works.





Even the mismatched sequin skirt/bag thing is alright.

 the kids are alright….






shirt: old Equipment Margeaux shirt….the Outnet has Equipment’s Brett shirt for 65% off, Neimans has the red-striped version of mine for under $50, Shopbop has Equipment’s Margeaux in white

sweater: old….try the Nordstrom Collection Cashmere poncho (33% off), Chelsea 28 boucle poncho, Forever 21’s Turtleneck Poncho Sweater , or ASOS’s cream poncho (best for tall girls)

skirt: Forever 21 (sold out)…but they have a ton.  I like this patterned sequin skirt.

tights: Madewell Donegal 1937 tights

boots: old….but Banana Republic’s Tila Bootie is verrry close

bag: old….but BCBG has a glittery gold cross-body on sale for $56



The Fail

The problem, however, is when I take the sweater off.   Outfit…not good.  OUTFIT BAD.

(So bad, apparently, that I start to talk caveman.)

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November 28, 2014

A Seriously Huge Round Up Of All My Favorite Holiday Dresses

Did you guys DIE over my sister’s “nursing-friendly”, sequin mini dress?  So freaking hot, right?  But she comes by the glam honestly  – even at three she would do just. about. anything. for a copy of Bride magazine.  My 8 year old tomboy self thought she was SO WEIRD.   I mean OK – nowadays I love a sequin as much as my sister does, but I’m more likely to stick them on my feet.  Overall, I prefer a, um….how should I say this?….cozier take on glamour.  And by cozy I mean wool.  No need to mince words:  I won’t suffer cold for beauty.



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February 10, 2014

Rent These Wildly Glamorous Dresses For Under $50

Based on emails over the last week, we're all trying to figure out what to wear for Valentine's Day.  You guys want something different.  You want something pretty.  Do I have any ideas?

I do!  I was initially wandering around the internet and obsessing over feather mini skirts and/or ballerina tulle and was bookmarking like crazy and was just about the start pinning….but then I REALIZED SOMETHING (two things, actually):  

1. Nobody wants to spend $400 on a feather skirt for Valentine's Day.

2. Tulle is tricky.

It's the end of a looong holiday season, Mamas.  I don't want anything expensive or complicated, and I'll bet you don't either.  Feathers – OUT.  Tulle – OUT.  A seriously perfect dress as low as $30?  IN.

Have you heard of Rent the Runway?  They rent all sorts of fabulous dresses that would normally retail from $300 – $20,000.  Rental prices vary (some dresses cost a few hundred even to rent) but I wanted to take a hard look at a budget-friendly list:  rentals under $50.  Know what I found?  Serious gorgeousness as low as $30 (for a four day rental).  

Spoiler Alert:  The $20,000 Giles Pegasus Gown isn't on this list.



1. Moschino Cheap and Chic Ruffle Dance Dress, rents for $40 

So flirty and vintage.  Add red lips and heels.

2. Robert Rodriguez Black Label All Tied Up Dress, rents for $50

This jersey dress has some extra fabric for pooch-hiding, too.

3. Halston Heritage Night Spice Dress, rents for $45

This dress is tight, but made from stretchy jersey.  Love the shocking hot pink.

4. Versace Collection, Work Around the Clock Dress, rents for $30

This dress can also be worn off-the-shoulder.



1. Parker Lock and Roll Shift, rents for $50

This silk dress is one of my favs.  I'd warm it up with opaque tights and over-the-knee boots.

2. Helmut Lang Shake It Up Shift, rents for $45

The pictures don't do this dress justice.  This might be my top pick.

3. MSGM Raffia Diamond Shift, rents for $48

The black keeps this shift from being too sweet.  I love it as-is, but you could layer this one over a turtleneck for extra warmth (and a mod vibe).

4. Thakoon Kissed by Marilyn Dress, rents for $30

Love the color and the bunching. Would slip a black moto jacket over it.




5. Missoni Keep Calm and Party On Dress, rents for $35

The side slit kills me.

6. Sachin + Babi Sneak Attack Scuba Dress, rents for $45

Appreciate the contrast panels to help define a waist.

7. Herve Leger Duplicity Contrast Dress, rents for $30

These Herve Leger bandage dresses are classics in my book.  

8. Mark and James by Bagley Mischka Dance Til Daylight Dress, rents for $35

Pretty sparkles of all colors – what's not to like?



1. Nanette Lapore Balinese Dance Dress, rents for $35

Just so freaking cool.

2. Thakoon Chevron Chase Dress, rents for $30

Another one where the picture doesn't do it justice.  Another fav.

3. Moschino Time For Tea Dress, rents for $30

I must be in a romantic mood, because this one keeps calling my name.  I'd wear under a black leather moto jacket.

4. RVN Garden of Eden Dress, rents for $30

Love the bandana-ish print.  This is a seriously striking dress.


Rent the Runway has a TON of other options….enjoy!!  






December 17, 2013

Currently Coveting…(AKA My Christmas Wish List)

As I finish my Christmas shopping, there are a few things I keep obessing over.  Anyone else's partners need some last-minute help?  

I mean inspiration, of course.  



clockwise from top left:

J.Crew Camo Tee, $49

Confession:  I already bought this tee and love it and wore it 5 times.  It's 30% off with code GIFTNOW.


Rachel Zoe Sequin Scarf, $147

After I froze in my fashion-victim Nutcracker attire (you can see it on Instagram), I'm rethinking my NYE strategy.  This would really, really help.


Tiffany Else Peretti Color By The Yard Pendant Necklace, $250

Really, this needs no words. 


Uggs Classic Minis, $135

Yes, I do mean for myself.  IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW  But I'll be in MI for over 2 weeks, and last winter the only shoes I wore – the ONLY – were my ginormous Sorels.  I just want something easy.  These short little Uggs have been worming their way into my fashion conciousness for some time now…and then Andrea Linett said she wears them and BAM.  UGGS JUSTIFIED.  I've always thought about the chestnut, but Andrea makes a good case for the black.


Vince Christina Pump, $395

Because nothing screams GIFT like stupidly expensive, beautiful shoes you would never buy for yourself.  God, these are hot.


J.Crew Fair Isle Leggings, $98

I own these, too.  And wear with a turtleneck, natch.  They are so soft and cozy warm and I love them beyond belief.  (30% off with GIFTNOW.)


Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Dolman Sleeve Box Top, on sale for $111

From the front, it's perfect simplicity.  From the back…WOW.  So subtly sexy.





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September 19, 2012

Reader Q | How To Style A Gingham Shirt?

Reader Question:


First off, I have to tell you that if it wasn't for you, I'm not sure I would have left the house after baby #2. It wasn't so much the baby weight as it was the overall body changes and new shape. Plus it's so hard to feel sexy after giving birth! Empowered and in love, yes. But sexy? Not until I found your blog. I would read you hourly if you chose to post that often. And my husband has been loving my style lately–major plus!

My dilemma now is that I randomly bought this shirt from j. crew and now that I'm home, I can't for the life of me figure out what I was thinking!

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 4.24.25 PM

Is there any way to wear this without looking like a prudish Daisy Duke??? You are tops when it comes to wearable, stylish mom clothes and I'm hopeful you can help. Thank you so much–for everything!

With love and gratitude,



Stephanie – Thanks so much for your kind words!  And I'm loving your purchase.  Gingham shirts are a pretty safe bet.  They'll add a pop of color and pattern to just about any outfit.  The trick (for me, at least) is to prevent a preppy-overload, and, for you, to keep the look far, far away from those crazy Duke brothers.   Gotcha.  Here's what I found:

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August 12, 2012

Reader Q | Can A Pregnant Mama Wear a Casual Maxi Dress To A Wedding?

Reader Question:

Hi, My husband and I are invited to attend a black tie optional wedding in late August in Boston. I will be 35 weeks pregnant with our second and totally unsure of what to wear that will be appropriate and feel comfortable (who knows if the church is air conditioned, but it will be a full Greek-orthodox ceremony, so it'll be long). Some friends have suggested just wearing my black maxi dress from the Gap, but that seems woefully informal. Others keep suggesting things that are strapless. And though my milk hasn't come in, I am a girl who clearly needs straps on a top these days. Big straps. Any advice on shoes that will work for my feet which will likely be a bit swollen by that point would also be welcome!




Can a pregnant mama get away with wearing a very casual maxi dress to a wedding?  Especially a black-tie wedding?  I've seen this question pop up in forums around the web, and the answers are discouragingly inconsistent.  Some say "Go for it!  You a growing a human!!"  Others are horrified by the thought.

My initial reaction?  Your words of "woefully informal" sum it up nicely.  But…MAN.  35 weeks pregnant?  How ANNOYING to have to buy ANYTHING at that point.  Especially a black-tie dress that will (most likely) never be worn again.  

Happily, one of my oldest and dearest friends was struggling with this exact question.  (Oddly enough, her name is also Sarah.)  She is also pregnant, and needed help finding something to wear to my sister's wedding….also "black-tie invited".  And this is her third and last pregnancy, so trust me when I say that buying a new dress was her last choice.

So.  Just like in 7th grade, we played dress up.  Here's what we tried, what didn't work….and what Sarah ended up wearing to my sister's wedding….

Attempt 1:  Belted and Pearled

Sarah looks very nice here, but there is something about this outfit that still reads too casual for a wedding.  Despite the fact that the belt is patent leather, I think it's causing problems.  And we tried to offset the casual dress by piling on the jewelry.  However, the necklaces are too much, and the bracelet seems like an afterthought.

We both voted no.  Next…

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December 6, 2011

Festive Holiday Styling for Lazy Mamas: Four Day-to-Night Outfit Ideas

Cookie swaps, champagne brunches, dinner parties, gift exchanges, kid's pageants and a myriad of other festive occasions.  Sound familiar?  The kind of occasions where you want to look festive and fun…but a cocktail dress would be overkill.  And your definition of "festive" doesn't include this:

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 11.24.05 PM


Although, to be honest, I would totally rock this one with teeny, tiny tuxedo shorts and lace tights:

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 11.25.15 PM


In an ironic way?  Funny, right?  HA HA…ha?


My point: There are a few styling tricks that I turn to all Holiday season long when I want to look "festive".  Really, I should've named this post, "Captain Obvious' Tips For Festivus Style"…cause there is nothing earth-shattering here.  But if you are busy (yes), tired (oh, yes) and prone to faking illness *cough* instead of venturing outside when the temperature dips (hi have we met?), then here are a few ideas for getting your holiday groove on.

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November 21, 2011

Nursing-Friendly Holiday Dresses

We've had several requests for nursing-friendly holiday dresses.  Which, as many of you know, is easier said then done.  Most festive holiday fabrics (silk, lace, anything shiny) have very little give and therefore are tough to nurse in – even if the neckline is low.  The best nursing-friendly dresses have a stretchy neckline – something with jersey, perhaps, so they easily pull down to nurse.  However, these dresses can often look too casual.  Finding something dressy (or that can be dressed up) and nursing-friendly is key.


(City of Lights dress, $178 and Miramar Dress, $368 both from Anthropologie)

Another pitfall?  The wrap dress.  These often appear nursing friendly, but in reality, many require partial unwrapping for full nursing access to 'the girls'.  Um.  Awkward.

Lastly….bras.  As in, we need them.  Milk is heavy.

So.  If you are in the market for a nursing-friendly holiday dress, keep the following in mind:

1.  Find dresses in stretchy fabrics.

2.  If you want a wrap dress, be sure that it's drapey enough to allow nursing access without having to re-tie.

3.  Be sure you can wear a bra (BTW – a strapless bra is very easy to nurse in…but be sure you have one that fits properly).

Here are some of my favorites for a bit of inspiration…..


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