March 29, 2016

A Review of Ugg Australia’s Gorgeous SANDALS (Hint: Suuuper Comfy)



Nordstrom asked for my thoughts on Ugg Australia’s newest line of footwear.  Specifically, sandals.  A huge sucker for cute-n-comfy footwear, I rolled up my sleeves, gave the UPS guy one heck of a workout, and got down to bizness.

All in the name of research, of course.  We’re alllll about Research.



Keep reading to find out which pair was the MOST comfortable, which pair I absolutely wouldn’t recommend, and which pair(s?) made their way into my closet. (If you follow me on Instagram – @shanachristine – I’ll bet you can guess).

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February 21, 2016

Laura’s #myeverydayedit (I promise it’s not ALL overalls!)


blazer (similar) | top (similar) | jeans | mules | earrings (similar)

Hey hey… #myeverdayedit post is here in hopes to pull you out of a gray, mid-winter slump. That is what I’m trying to do over here anyway (see the workout outfit below…sheesh…I’m a goofball, for sure).

I love love looking at everyone’s #myeverydayedit pics on Instagram. It’s so fun to see what you’re wearing, especially in the gray days of winter. As for me, I’m still mostly wearing overalls. Big surprise, I know. Those of you who follow me at @elletrain are all too familiar with my overalls, but I did manage to include some other looks in the last week or so.

The 90’s Called

Blazers and boyfriend jeans and mules have been calling me lately …these mules I’m wearing: LOVE. And something besides the Kork Ease wedges that are on constant repeat! (More on those mules later with some outfit combination ideas.) This was for a casual date night with friends to celebrate my birthday. (38 and feeling great! And tired. But mostly great!)

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May 5, 2015

Wearing All-Black This Spring? Stripes To The Rescue!




I have figured out a foolproof combo for Springifying (#notaword) your black:  STRIPES.  And by “foolproof” I mean that I’ve worn this combo several different ways over the last few weeks and while it’s leaning dangerously close to what one might call a rut….we’re going with “well-researched uniform” aka…foolproof.

It’s so foolproof, in fact, I have three different outfits to show you (including some super-casual options) as well as a few pics I pulled from the #myeveryday edit community.  Clearly this idea is hardly original, but whatever – it works.

Stripes And Black (like my mood) While House Hunting


As you can see, I was SUPER EXCITED about what we found.  #no

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March 21, 2015

Sooo…Let’s Chat About This White Sneaker Trend

If you happened to catch the latest podcast from The Happiest Home, you already know my thoughts on the white sneaker trend:  TRICKY.

White sneakers – as in truly white, bright sneakers are arguably one of the biggest trends this Spring. And we’re not talking just classic Converse, we’re talking all manner of white sneaks. Even sneakers that start look suspiciously like sneakers worn by the medicare set.  Seriously, with some of these I can’t tell the difference.  But since we’re all about casual style over here on TME, I felt it was my job, nay, my duty to investigate further.




Converse?  Too easy.  Converse are classics, and besides Cam already rocked some white converse.

Big, huge, functional white sneaks?  With thick bottoms and tons of stability?  That’s the “HA HA HA NO” category.  I’ll never be cool enough to pull these off.  (Some can, but NOT MOI.)

So.  Let’s focus on the white sneaks that are nudging me out of my comfort zone.  I love them on others (oh how I love them on others) but the proof is in the wearing and I have been STRUGGLING.  You have to achieve that perfect balance of chic and unstudied nonchalance to really rock the white sneak.  Also?  Coats help. (As do cheekbones and long flowing locks but whatever.)


 (photo credits, clockwise from top left: Who What Wear  – Boring Things  –  We Wore What – Fash-N-Chips)


So….my white sneaks and I have been playing around a little bit.  We’ve successfully nailed the Aging Cheerleader look, the Where’s My Patchwork Vest look, and the Don’t Worry, My Real Shoes Are in My Bag look.  But I wanted more, you know?  [snort]  And there’s no denying that when done right, white sneaks can bring a certain (blinding) freshness to an ensemble.

So here’s a formula that’s been done to death on Pinterest (black skinnies + coat + white sneaks), but it works with my lifestyle and….looks alright, I think.



Also?  I’m wearing my beloved Smartwool socks and it’s…fine.  It works.

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March 19, 2015

A Blazer with Sneakers: does it work for day-to-day?

A blazer…with sneakers. It’s definitely a different kind of combo, but I’ve been wanting to try it out for myself since it started popping up all over the internetz (a whiiiile back. I am a bit late with the trends sometimes. Sorry. I’m a mom). There’s something about the two together that’s so polished and feminine, yet so…tomboy-ish and cool. All at the same time. Um, hello. Basically, my favorite kind of outfit.

 The Look:


Also, if Sincerely Jules wore it, chances are I’ll be up for wearing it…or at least giving it a go (she’s my girl crush…second to T. Swift, of course). I mean, the girl knows how to put things together that you would never think to put together. I LOVE IT.

I wasn’t about to go running out to find a linen blazer and cheetah print Nikes like Jule’s. Nope. I used what I have, which is a blazer (that’s a bit on the dressy side) and my pair of New Balance sneaks that I ran in all last Summer. When it comes to trends that come and go, I believe in working with what you’ve got.

My only concern with this whole outfit was that the blazer might be too much, because…a) I’m a mom – I don’t want to feel constricted as I am wrangling my babes b) blazers usually dress-up an outfit…and that’s not what I’m going for. I want easy, breezy. c) will I actually look cool or like someone that kind of gave up halfway through getting dressed?

These are real, important things to be concerned about, gals.


Does it Work?

There’s only one way to find out and that’s to test it out, so I did. I wore the combo out one morning while Mads was at school. Baby boy and I ran some errands around town…



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January 27, 2015

The Power of a Long Coat (AKA My New Daily Uniform For Running Around Town)




French Connection, one of my very favorite brands (due to their slightly edgy and almost subversive take on trends…coupled with european tailoring) sent me this gorgeous wool coat.  I received it in September when we were still rocking 70+ temps, and stuck it in the back of my closet.

Happy, HAPPY rediscovery.  Even better?  It’s still in stock, but now on crazy sale – 50% off, then another 50% off with the code 50SALE.

I’m also wearing my favorite sweater, my favorite jeans, my favorite boots, my favorite hat and drinking a warm coffee on a beautifully cold and snowy day with one of my favorite guys.  I mean seriously.  How lucky can a girl get?

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January 13, 2015

Fix This Outfit: Skinny Jeans, Cardigans and Tiny Ankle Boots



This outfit has all of the markings of a decent, everyday outfit:  skinny jeans, ankle boots, graphic tee, and a cardi.  But something is…off.  The proportions aren’t quite right, and if my hips were any wider I’d end up in that big-hips-tiny-feet situation and really:  no one wants that.

So let’s fix it.

What I Don’t Like

1.  The cardigan hits at the widest part of my hips.

Shorter cardigans are hard to pull off in general (they really have to hit in exactly the right spot), and this case, your eye is drawn down to the widest part of my hips.  Not the most flattering option.

2. The cardigan is vaguely matronly through the bust.

The high neckline of crewneck tee + the high neckline of the cardi can easily become matronly.  The graphic tee helps keep it edgy….but it’s teetering….

3. Proportions Are Off

The really short boots + the short cardi….it’s not balanced.  In general, I find that a short-short proportion is often hard to pull off.  Long-short typically looks more balanced.


The Fix

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November 20, 2014

Mama’s Playground Style Refresh (Starring Free People)



Facebookers have spoken:  Mama needs some playclothes.  And while there’s only so much that can realistically be done with playground style (due to uh, extreme conditions – and I’m not talking about the weather), I thought it would be fun to try and nudge our playground uniform in a fresher direction.  (Nudge, rather than trying to start a new thing, like #velvetattheplayground or something.  Actually, brocade would be better – it’s so stiff, I’m pretty sure all of the dirt would wipe right off.)

ANYWHO.  Assuming that your playground uniform is basically some form of jeans, sweater, flat shoes, done…..we’re nudging.  Ready?

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November 11, 2014

What I Wore In NYC (Hello, Converse Hightops)



We spent a week in NYC last month – the whole fam.  Mike had a conference to attend, so myself and the boys tagged along.

It was no hardship.




We rented an apartment near a park, and spent our days exploring, just the three of us.  I had a ton of tips from my Instagram buddies about where to bring the boys (thank you thank you thank you!!) and the whole week was a good reboot for all of us.  (I’ll share the where-to-go tips in another article – they’re too good to miss.)

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October 6, 2014

Fall Must-Have Combo: Sporty + Plaid (And I found Boots Similar To My Marc Jacobs, FYI)



Remember The Mom Edit’s Fall Edit?  Four of the must-have pieces for Fall were an athletic-inspired top (I’m partial to varsity stripes), a plaid scarf, interesting denim, and short boots.

I like ’em worn allllll together. 

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