March 21, 2017

Spring Dresses: Asos

Spring is here! Officially! Spring brings with it many occasions (and hopefully warm enough weather) for pretty dresses. If you have a vacation, wedding or Easter celebration coming up, look no further. Asos is having 20% off their already super reasonable dress prices and there are some really lovely, fun options. They have free standard shipping and 2-day shipping for a whole year is only $19.00. I’ve gotten some great dresses lately from Asos, as have most of us on the TME team. Here are my favorites…

A note on Asos dress sizing: I find that they run a little bit small, especially in the rib cage (I have a large rib cage) and the hips. If you run a bit wider or curvier in these areas, too, I’d suggest going up one size. 

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January 11, 2017

AllSaints All Day Long: How I Style Mine

I just had a feeling you guys would like AllSaints just as much as I do. They do timeless wardrobe essentials with a modern twist. Plus, the quality and tailoring of their clothing is so SO good. I fell in love with the brand when they opened their first store in Chicago. At the time, I was still in college and had a difficult time parting with $10, so, the thought of purchasing something from them, even from the sales rack was laughable. Instead I walked around the store touching everything and whispering “someday my pretty, someday.”

Bummed you missed the sale? Never fret! Their sale is STILL going on. Select items are up to 50% off plus an additional 20% off of sale items at checkout using the code January.

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September 6, 2016

Amanda’s Fall Wardrobe Edit (It’s All About the SHOES)


Hi ladies! So I got a little excited about back to school shopping this year…for myself. Shopping for my kindergarten girl can be tricky since we have very different um, aesthetics? Her love of rainbow and animal print rivals mine for black and stripes. Living with her creative fashion choices must be rubbing off on me though, especially in the shoe department. While I’m not going to be pairing tutus and rain boots anytime soon these leopard high tops and silver booties are going to be on replay all fall. Want to see how I’m mixing interesting shoes with classic cooler weather pieces?

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August 29, 2016

Dresses And High-Top Sneakers


dress (similar) | hi tops | sunglasses | backpack

Hey hey. Can you believe summer is winding down? No, me neither. Most of the country has even started school already. Gasp. Up here in the PNW, we get until Labor Day (this year, a bit before and apparently everyone went insane about that).

Regardless of school starting, it’ still HOT in many places. I don’t typically wear dresses, but this recent stint of living without AC has made me realize that dresses are the coolest outfit to beat the heat. No thank you to shorts sticking to your nether regions (insert covered-eyes monkey emoji here) or heaven forbid pants above 90 degrees. Nah gurl. Put on a dress and feel pretty even though you’re sweating buckets.

My edit?  Balance out girlie pieces (like a dress) with something tougher.  I rely on my trusty black hi tops to add an unexpected element to the ensemble. What I adore about this combo is that it’s great for all-day this time of year…cool enough to get you through the heat of the day yet not overly casual for picnics, BBQ’s or dinner on a patio.

Keep reading to see a few no-fail dress styles that have worked really well with hi tops…..

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August 8, 2016

An Ode To The Little White Dress


Know what goes perfectly with an end-of-summer tan?  A little white dress.*

*Also, melanoma.  But I use this and this year round, so cut me some slack. (Yes, A, I’m talking to you.)

In any case, there’s just something….foolproof about a little white dress.  I’ve worn an old Milly number (bought almost a decade ago) on date nights and to fancy parties….but I’ve also worn it to watch 4th of July parades (think: curb sitting) and to the beach.

Frankly, I prefer my little white dresses a bit dressed down:  with flat sandals, sneakers and everyday bags.  Even Birkenstocks work! The casual vibes perfectly offset the naturally precious nature of the little white dress.  The resulting look?  Understated glam, a sort of…nonchalant cool.  A this-old-thing? kind of vibe.  And best of all?  It’s easy.

The key, I think, is to not be overly precious with the white dress.  It’s not the dress you select for Art Project Day at Home With The Kids (I mean, c’mon), but for museum trips and running errands and coffee dates with your girlfriends (not to mention the whole realm of real dates)….the little white dress is a solid choice.  (Side note:  I’m kind of a whiz at getting stains out of my little white dress.  The key?  Spot cleaning.  It’s amazingly effective, and works for all but the biggest stains.)

I was in the market for a new little white dress, so I thought I’d share the ones I tried, as well as a few additional ones that caught my eye.  No matter your style (romantic, classic, punk librarian, danish robot), there’s a little white dress for you.   I was trying to find one for our trip to Europe, and YES.  Success.  It’s one of the ones pictured below….although perhaps not the one you think.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to pack nude underwear, but….somehow I’ll survive.  Shopping for underwear in France is no hardship, haha!

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July 25, 2016

Athleisure & Work Wear Selfies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Hey ladies – I made a naptime escape for my local Nordstrom today to try on some athleisure picks and workwear options from the sale! What did I find? Lots of killer comfy leggings, cool jackets (including this amazing Zella moto puffer!), cashmere sweaters and leather jackets to swap out for blazers this fall.

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July 7, 2016

Sleeves, Please: The Best Short-Sleeve Tops and Dresses

Short sleeved summer dresses and tops: you asked, we answered. Cam and I each put together a kick-ass short sleeved top summer outfit and rounded up a big ole list of our favorite short sleeved summer dresses and tops out there this summer….cam's summer top pick

top: OBEY Button-down Shirt – nursing-friendly(!), easy, simple, awesome short-sleeve top for Summer. I love it. Now, it wasn’t almost sold-out 5 sec. ago, but now that I’ve put it in a post, of course,…there’s only a couple of sizes left. le sigh. I  did find this BP. Short-sleeve Shirt and this Halogen Cuffed Cap Sleeve Button-down.

shades: BP. Round Sunglasses – I like to buy cheap, cool sunglasses…because I’m cheap. ha ha. I really just don’t need high end ones right now, with little kids…and losing them constantly and then dropping them every day. A solid few pairs of cheap sunglasses do it for me. Plus- then I can have a few different styles to play with. Nordstrom has BP., which is a very trendy line…and affordable.

shoes: Converse Jack Purcell Lo Top Sneakers – ugh…not again. Really? Sold-out. Can’t find anywhere now. Nooooo. I think they were actually men’s shoes, but whatever. I would have totally still worn them. Why does this keep happening to me? Okay, WELL THEN. Really, I’d wear any pair of canvas shoes with a top like this, because canvas shoes are one of my go-tos in the Summertime and they would help to dress down the collared shirt a bit. So…I just found Converse’s Dainty Ox Sneakers. Cute!…and they come in a bunch of fun Summer colors.

shorts: STS Blue Boyfriend Shorts – these shorts look so good. #word Longer, comfy…and cool. The sizing is a little different, so pay attention to that.

bag: Rebecca Minkoff ‘Medium Julian’ Backpack – because it’s beautiful and if you’ve been wanting to spend a little mas on THE bag…buy this bag. This is the kind of thing that just won’t ever go out of style…in MY opinion. 😉

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February 23, 2016

Five Fun Ways To Style A Chambray Shirt Now

I woke up one day and decided I finally had enough of dealing with the ever growing piles of cheap junk clothing I’ve accumulated from years of chronic impulse buying.

So, I made it one of my goals this year to work on becoming a more conscientious buyer; to be more thoughtful and deliberate with my clothing purchases. This is no easy task for me, I’ve always been more of an act now, suffer the consequences later kind of a person, but acknowledging that I have a problem is the first step to overcoming right?

Quality over quantity is my new motto. I am going to work really hard at simplifying and buying only the essentials: quality clothing items that are versatile, durable and timeless.

Which brings me to my new chambray denim blouse, the 1969 Chambray Western Shirt by Gap, $59.92. I never realized the true potential of this unassuming top. There are soooo many different ways to style it. Seriously, just go onto Pinterest and search ‘How to style a chambray top’ and there are literally hundreds of outfit ideas. Here are my five favorites – outfit combos that hit the right note of ease and modernity:

1. Lace Skirt & Knee High Boots

denim outfit 1

Outfit details

top – you guessed it, 1969 Chambray Western shirt from Gap, $59.95

skirt – Bloomingdales Lace Pencil Skirt, $109.50.

hosiery –  Spanx Bodyshaping Tight-End Tights in charcoal, $20.00.

boots – DV by Dolce Vita Myste Riding Boots on Amazon & currently 69% off at $49.50.  A great way to make tall boots feel fresh.

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August 5, 2015

Dressing the First Trimester: Black Dress + Black Converse


There really is nada that can seriously satisfy my pregnant soul right now…other than Chipotle, naps and a simple, sort of tent-ish dress. It hides things…and for that I will *clapclapclap*.

The first trimester and even the beginning of the second is always an iffy, what-the-heck-do-I-wear time for me. I’ve had to ditch 99% of my shorts, because…ummm…the hips widening (they know what to do now and seem to just go ahead and jut right out) and my soft, cushy, I-look-out-of-shape-not-pregnant belly make it hard to fit into any of my non-maternity pants. sigh.

I may have shed a small tear when I tried on my favorite wide leg jeans the other day and they couldn’t be buttoned. I don’t know why I did that to myself. It was really sabotaging my pregnant emotions for no good reason. Oh, Cams. Silly. Silly. Silly. 

So. With that, I have had to find ways to be creative with what I have – wearing all of my slouchier tops, boyfriend jean shorts (there is no cool sagging going on anymore with those – ha) and a shirt dress. They have all worked out great, until recently when I got completely sick and tired of wearing them on serious repeat. Thank God I came across this pin , because I was about to throw in the towel and just wear workout clothes/pajamas until a proper bump presented itself.

Yessssss. This kind of outfit is chic without trying – with the black, sneakers, shades and the shape of the dress which allows for a bit of pooch and doesn’t make it look pooch-y, if you know what I mean. Basically, what early pregnancy dreams are made of. I just ordered up a size when I found this sweet shift dress and done.


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