November 1, 2016

Cropped Flares: Laura’s Take (& Re-take)

Cropped flares week, y’all! I can’t believe I’m saying that. Ok, we all know this is a tough trend to try, especially for us shorties. And, you can see here, I had trouble with it, too. Come along as I wade through the cropped flares debacle and come out somewhat unscathed on the other side of it…

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March 15, 2016

Spring Layers: Four Easy Outfits From Pinterest To Copy Right Now


Early spring is both exciting and disappointing, right? Flowers are blooming and the sun may be shining a bit, but many mornings are still quite chilly and you remember summer is still not all that close. #thanksPhil

The good thing is that it’s the perfect time to try out new layer combinations in your outfits…to combat those chilly mornings but to be prepared for the warmer afternoons. I’ve always been a fan of layering…you know it was polo shirts and socks in the ’80’s, plaid flannel in the 90’s, tanks over fitted tees in the 2000’s, and now button downs under sweatshirts, of course. Layering is the best trick to make outfits more interesting. I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite layered looks from Pinterest and am breaking them down so we can figure out how to emulate them together.


Outfit 1: Trench + sweatshirt + white jeans


photo credit: Sincerely Jules

The Break-down

White jeans and trench coats are a classic combination.  Love how she modernized this pairing with a sweatshirt and denim shirt.  For spring, keep colors soft, as she did here. The shirt looks cool tied, but if you actually needed the extra layer, it would look just as good worn under the sweatshirt, tails peeking out.

Keep the look cohesive with neutral sandals, bag and sunglasses.  Extra points for major earrings.



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March 21, 2015

Sooo…Let’s Chat About This White Sneaker Trend

If you happened to catch the latest podcast from The Happiest Home, you already know my thoughts on the white sneaker trend:  TRICKY.

White sneakers – as in truly white, bright sneakers are arguably one of the biggest trends this Spring. And we’re not talking just classic Converse, we’re talking all manner of white sneaks. Even sneakers that start look suspiciously like sneakers worn by the medicare set.  Seriously, with some of these I can’t tell the difference.  But since we’re all about casual style over here on TME, I felt it was my job, nay, my duty to investigate further.




Converse?  Too easy.  Converse are classics, and besides Cam already rocked some white converse.

Big, huge, functional white sneaks?  With thick bottoms and tons of stability?  That’s the “HA HA HA NO” category.  I’ll never be cool enough to pull these off.  (Some can, but NOT MOI.)

So.  Let’s focus on the white sneaks that are nudging me out of my comfort zone.  I love them on others (oh how I love them on others) but the proof is in the wearing and I have been STRUGGLING.  You have to achieve that perfect balance of chic and unstudied nonchalance to really rock the white sneak.  Also?  Coats help. (As do cheekbones and long flowing locks but whatever.)


 (photo credits, clockwise from top left: Who What Wear  – Boring Things  –  We Wore What – Fash-N-Chips)


So….my white sneaks and I have been playing around a little bit.  We’ve successfully nailed the Aging Cheerleader look, the Where’s My Patchwork Vest look, and the Don’t Worry, My Real Shoes Are in My Bag look.  But I wanted more, you know?  [snort]  And there’s no denying that when done right, white sneaks can bring a certain (blinding) freshness to an ensemble.

So here’s a formula that’s been done to death on Pinterest (black skinnies + coat + white sneaks), but it works with my lifestyle and….looks alright, I think.



Also?  I’m wearing my beloved Smartwool socks and it’s…fine.  It works.

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November 2, 2014

High-Waisted, Flare Trouser Love. (Totally Overshadowed by Raines In a Faux-Leather Jacket)



I’ve been curious about Anthropologie’s in-house denim brands for a while, so when I stumbled upon these high-rise trousers that ALSO happened to be available in petite sizes…well.  Enough of an excuse to give them a go, right?

At least that’s what I tell myself.

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August 25, 2014

Is This The Most Versatile Boot Color Ever? Yes. Yes It Is. (Sponsored Post)


 (all photography by Vafa-Coffman Photography – a seriously talented husband-and-wife team who splits time between Michigan and San Diego )


Sole Society asked me to take a peek at their latest footwear line.  If you haven’t heard of Sole Society, they’re an online retailer of on-trend shoes, bags, and accessories at affordable prices.  I was pumped to find a few different iterations of my latest boot obsession:  the short, flat, gray-ish/greenish/dishwater-blondish boot (aka taupe).

I love throwing on boots with my summer standards (Hello, cut-offs) as a way of easing visually into Fall.  For this purpose, short boots work best.  And besides, there’s just something so cool about short boots + bare legs, you know?  It has a relaxed, end-of-summer vibe that I dig.  (And the oh-so-soft-suede that won’t rub annoyingly on my legs is much appreciated, Sole Society.  Keep it up.)













jacketEverlane Swing Trench

shirt: Elizabeth and James (old)…Madewell has a short-sleeve button-down with a similar vibe

shorts: Abercrombie (ugh, sorry)…but I like the slightly longer length of Minkpink’s Tomboy shorts (on sale for $40)

boots: Sole Society Natasha boots in army



But the other seriously awesome thing about taupe boots?



They’re rockstars with white.

White jeans, cream cords, all of those pale pants that are so tricky to style come winter?  Yup. Taupe boots.











scarf: my sister’s…but Nordstrom’s tissue weight cashmere wrap is on sale, and I can’t stop thinking about the blue posiedon color.  I mean.

sweater: Marc Jacobs sweater

jeans: Levi 535 white jeans (order at least one size up)

bag: Makr Farm Rucksack

bracelets: Chan Luu (similar Chan Luu wrap bracelet), assorted others…try Sole Society’s Chevron bangle with their triple bar bracelet and WHOA…this rough cut, natural stone bangle.

bootsSole Society Natasha boots in army



Even better, taupe boots will pair just as nicely with black pants as they do with denim.  Taupe.  The neutral of all neutrals.

If you’re interested, Sole Society has a bunch of seriously cool, everyday boots in taupe.  Now….my definition of taupe is pretty loose.  Sometimes taupe is a bit green (like the pair I’m wearing), sometimes it’s gray.  And sometimes taupe skews a bit warm….almost to camel.  I don’t think it matters – the styling works regardless of the exact shade of taupe.  Just find one you love.   Here are my favorites:




And because I’m still messing around with which widgets work best, here’s a traditional Shop The Post (I threw in some bags, baubles and scarves just for funsies – Sole Society has some really great ones):



Welcome, Fall!



A huge thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post!!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices and taupe obsessions are my own.


August 20, 2014

My Fav Fall Jackets Right Now



The last time I was this cold in August was the one spent in England, where I returned with a new winter coat as a souvenir.

On the upside, a summer this cold means that I am now completely, thoroughly outfitted for Fall.  So….I thought I’d share my favorite jacket finds.  Typically I’ll find a single jacket that gets me excited (and let’s face it, most of the time it’s made out of sweatshirt material), but oddly enough, I have found FOUR fabulous Fall jackets (and YES, several of them include sweatshirt-like comfort).  You’ll be seeing more (much, much more) of these jackets – I have some fun collaborations coming up – but some of these jackets seem to have a staying-in-stock problem, so I thought I’d share the love before it’s gone.

Everlane’s Swing Trench, $138

This one has a major staying-in-stock problem, and that’s probably because it IS freaking fabulous.  I love the mod, swingy shape, and the fact that it’s water resistant (hello, raincoat).   I also appreciate that the sleeves (unlike cheap raincoats) are actually lined in something soft, so I can throw it on over a t-shirt and be comfortable (no plastic-sleeves for me, thankyouverymuch).

Everlane currently has M, L and XL in stock…but  it looks like the XS and S won’t be back in stock Sept 9th.  (wearing: size xs)



(also wearing: marc jacobs sweater in XS/S, rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, sole society natasha boots, makr rucksack)

Free People Oversized Knit Jacket, $168

This one is a weird sort of cocoon jacket….but I can’t quit it.  It’s actually a cross between a sweater and a sweatshirt and a jacket…??? Does that even make sense?  If it were a joke, it would start with, “a sweater, a sweatshirt and a jacket walked into a bar….” and end with the word “nubby”.   It also comes in a mustard yellow which fair-skinned people like me should stay far away from.

In all seriousness, you can throw it on like some big, oversized cardigan….but it has the chic styling of a jacket.  And I love the low-on-the-hips belt.  (wearing: size xs)






(also wearing: everlane ryan tank in XS,  rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, sole society natasha boots)


Chelsea28 Angular Hem Double Breasted Jacket, on sale for $65

A really cool navy blazer made out of sweatshirt-like material.  And on sale. Nuff said, I think. (wearing: size XS)




(also wearing: everlane ryan tank in XS,  rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, Chantelle Rive Gauche Demi T-shirt bra in blue)


Free People Denim and Knit Jacket, $148

There was a target knock-off for this one, but the Free People original is way softer.  I’ve been doing the double-denim thing with this hoodie all summer, and – if I’m being completely honest here – sweatpants.  I’ve been wearing this one mostly with sweatpants.  (wearing: size small)





Any other fab fall jacket finds?  Spill!



May 16, 2014

WEEKEND! A Few Fun Links and My Fav Spring Date-Night Outfit


Summer dress?  Check.

Gradual Self-tan lotion?  Check. (You should see the before on these legs.)

Freeze as soon as the sun goes down?  CheckCheckCheckCheckCheck

Sooooo….I added in a lightweight trench/anorak AND layered it over a cozy grandpa cardi.  The jacket alone isn't enough to keep me warm (especially in a little cotton summer dress), but the combo is perfect.



And leopard pumps since my pedicure is shameful.  (Am I the only one who can't seem to squeeze in a pedicure?  I sometimes wonder what I'm doing with my time.  It's not ironing, that's for sure.)



dress: Sunner dress bought on eBay…try  Lily Pulitzer's Seersucker Dress or J.Crew Factory's Polka-dot dress

grandpa cardi: Everlane

jacket: old…try ASOS' Drape-Front Parka

pumps: Aerosoles…try the Leopard Print Pumps by Report at 6pm

bag: Kate Spade Charles Street Audrey Bag

necklace: Lisa Leonard Gold Twig Necklace (from Grace MWAH!!)

bracelets:  old…try Gorjana's delicate cuff bracelet


Now that that's out of the way….fun links!!



I'm not typically a coloring book fan….but a wall-sized coloring page of Paris?  Um, yeah.  THAT I WILL DO.

Also, the Prismacolor Colored Pencils that we/Easter Bunny/whatever brought Raines have been a huge hit.  The quality of the pencils are amazeballs, and Raines is starting to experiment more with color in his art.  I will be posting obnoxious look-at-how-awesome-my-kid-is art pics soon on Instagram, I know you'll be holding your breath until then.  Anyway, these colored pencils are pricey, but Amazon currently has them at OVER 50% OFF GO DOG, GO. 


It's warm, so we've started making popsicles!  Our reigning fav is Weelicious' vegan chocolate pudding recipe frozen in these silicone popsicle molds.  Any others you care to share?



One of Girl's Gone Child's recent posts about Archer growing up made me ugly cry.  Damn her!  Love her!  Sigh.

Hip Mama magazine is back!!  And their first issue, released on Mother's Day, has already caused controversy.  Can you guess why?  I'll give you a hint:  It starts with "B" and rhymes with "estfeeding".  This scandalous cover (snort) is actually pretty hysterically funny.  (But then I have my own little Spiderman who is STILL obsessed with my one remaining nipple so my whole sense of humor might be skewed. #breastcancerhumor…haha…ha)



One of our readers, Jessica, just reminded me that J.Crew's glamour-girl bikini bottom is perfect through pregnancy and post-partum.  SHE IS RIGHT ON.  That's the exact style I also wore while all crazy-huge-pregnant with Pax, and then for years after.  It's has great coverage, yet manages to fit while your bum/stomach goes through major changes (without making a muffin-top situation worse).  As Jessica wrote,

"it's a great way to update my pre-baby (read: itsy-bitsy) suits to more baby/toddler friendly without buying entirely new sets. Also – a billion colors! Excellent coverage! Last year's colors on clearance! Ruching = stay-put while keeping a toddler from drowning! Seriously. What's not to love?!"

Yes exactly. 

SOOOOOO….I've been searching for the perfect light-wash summer jean FOR YEARS…and I think I may have found them: Current/Elliott's Cropped Stiletto in Cascade wash.  They are pajama-soft and don't have those annoying ankle zips that seem to plague so many cropped jeans.  

Or perhaps I should just go full-on pajama-jean with these chambray sweatpant/trousers?  They're seriously cute.  Oooo…Anthro has a similar pair called chambray joggers.  Be still my heart.  I sense this is a thing.  Pajamas jeans 4eva!

I've been obsessed with Gorjana jewelry lately.  They just came out with a new line, and I love these rose-gold stud earrings.  Normally "stud earrings" don't do anything for me, but these are oversized, rose-gold, and seriously cool.  A wear-them-all-summer kind of pair.  (Especially with chambray sweats which are starting to feel more like a need.  Don't you think?  A NEED?  Let's discuss.)

Happy Weekend!!



June 28, 2013

How We Wear It: Long, Slim Shorts

This is our monthly series called How We Wear It, where *we* show all of the different ways to rock a wardrobe basic.  And by "we" I mean…all y'all.   If there was One. Thing. our readers have communicated again and again, it's this:  You want to see a wide range of body types represented here on ANMJ.  

So.  I'll show you how I've been styling my old standbys, and so will Cam.  And then, dear readers, we want to hear from YOU.  You can play along via our Linky party at the bottom (you can sign up at the bottom of this article or on Cam's page), you can send us an email (send it to either Cam or me), upload a pic to ANMJ's Facebook page, or use Instagram with the hashtag: #howwewearit or #anmj.  As reader pics come in, I'll be keeping this page up-to-date.


With a Peplum Top


(wearing: shirt - c/o Lucky Brand, I'm wearing a size M….shorts - hacked off an old pair of theseshoessimilar) 


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January 22, 2013

Stylish Winter Coat Options For Pregnant Mamas (Hint: They’re Not Maternity)

Each and every year we get a bunch of reader questions that center around maternity winter coats.  Are they worth the money?  Are there any non-maternity options that work?  Anything affordable?  It's a toughie.  So I went right to the experts:  our readers.

Here's what our very experienced readers recommended over & over & over again (and in some cases, with pics to prove it!).  

1. Try A Cape, Poncho or a Swingy Coat

This was, hands-down, our reader's most-recommended option (and also what I did with both pregnancies).  At first blush, it doesn't sound all that great – how much swing is needed?  And a cape?  Really?  Is it warm enough?

But here's the thing:  Pregnant Mamas get hot.  As reader Erin pointed out:  I just wore a poncho, I was too hot to wear a real coat – the best part of being preggers!

agree.  Typically, I'll need a sweater in anything less than 82 degrees.  Yet while pregnant?  This is what I wore – even in WINTER:



I also had a 3/4 sleeve wool swing coat (that you can see here) for colder days, and I'd layer with a sweater underneath.  Long gloves were paired with the 3/4 sleeve coat.

But really, any coat with a bit of swing might get you through.  Go ahead and let your belly peek out!  For example, reader Paula was still using her pre-pregnancy coat in her last trimester:  My nonmaternity coat still buttons right above my baby belly – and I'm due in 3 weeks. With pregnancy I'm naturally so warm… and I always cover my neck to keep from getting cold.

Even a pea coat might be swingy enough.  Reader Sheena "just buttoned as many buttons as I could on my wool peacoat. Eventually I was down to just the top button, but so goes it!"

This option makes sense for Mamas who hate to burn their hard-earned dollars on something that won't go the distance.  Reader Samantha "refused to buy a maternity coat (seemed like a waste as this is our last baby), so I found a swing coat at Macy's. It's a perfect cut, and plenty of room around my growing belly. Plus, it will work for me even after the baby arrives (due in April)."

 So.  If you happen to be in the market for a winter coat, it might make sense to buy one that will work for pregnancy, post-partum, baby-wearing, and beyond!  Try a non-maternity swing coat like Samantha…or find a cape.  Nicole chose "a cape from Isabella Oliver with gloves, scarf and hat or a larger peacoat. I was always so hot- this worked!"  Good choice, Nicole.  Even maternity capes can have a life post-pregnancy.  (Isabella Oliver no longer makes a cape, but I'm loving Hatch's.)

As examples, I've found three capes/ponchos that would look gorgeous whether you are pregnant, baby-wearing, or headed to the office post-partum:

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December 20, 2012

TMRDNL: A High-End Designer For Moms? (And At Crazy-Affordable Prices)

Ok Mamas – it's my last shopping enabling post of the year.  But I must warn you:  This one will be especially hard to resist. 

Have you heard of TMRDNL?  It's the line designed by Tamar Daniel, an Israeli- British-American fashion designer who happens to live not far from me.  I had the opportunity to meet with her and see her line…and oh, my.  We're talking ah-mazing stuff.  Like…machine washable, scrunch down into a suitcase and still look amazing stuff. 



Tamar's design philosophy is one that us Mamas will relate to.  A mom herself, Tamar describes her collection as a "call to arms for dynamic real women, whose days are full of many facets, and whose outfits need to transition from boardroom to playgroup to date night and back again as seamlessly as they do. A versatile mix of easy, thoughtful pieces, the collection is truly a wardrobe for living."

Sing it, Sister.



But here's the bad news:  Tamar is moving on.  It turns out that designing an entire line is a ton of work (no kidding). And Tamar has something new and exciting in mind.  Personally, I'm heartbroken.  With gorgeousness like this…


…TMRDNL will be missed.   

But here's the silver lining, Mamas.  Tamar still has a few pieces in stock.  And they are taking up precious room in her storeroom.  You know where I'm going with this, right?  She'd like some help cleaning things away for the new year.  So pieces that typically retail for…oh…let's just say that they typically retail for prices that I cannot afford…are currently available in the $25 – $125 range.


Even better, Tamar is generously offering Ain't No Mom Jeans readers an additional 20% off with the code ANMJ.

Now…what to buy?

Well.  My most-worn piece to-date is the Intrigue Jacket, pictured above. It's machine-washable, nursing-friendly, and insanely comfortable.  The sleeves are made of a soft knit, so you have full range of motion for picking up the little ones – it feels like a comfy sweater.  Mine is a size larger than I typically go for, so it can be easily layered (even over another sweater, like above).  But when I wear it alone, the drapiness is such that it never looks too big!  This piece is seriously amazing.  It is currently retailing on Tamar's website for $99, and also comes in a longer (trench) version for $125.  The trench makes a gorgeous dress, especially for work.  (Easy to pump in, I'll bet.)  

Ready to see more? Ok…

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