October 27, 2016

Rainy Weather Gear Update


You’ve asked for it…here it is! Another rain gear round-up from your resident fan of gloomy, gray, rainy weather. There are some super cute options this year, especially in the rainboot-that-doesn’t-look-like-a-rainboot category. But let’s start with the jackets, shall we?

Above: boots | jeans


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July 25, 2016

Athleisure & Work Wear Selfies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Hey ladies – I made a naptime escape for my local Nordstrom today to try on some athleisure picks and workwear options from the sale! What did I find? Lots of killer comfy leggings, cool jackets (including this amazing Zella moto puffer!), cashmere sweaters and leather jackets to swap out for blazers this fall.

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January 18, 2016

The Best Raincoats (And Functioning Alternatives For When You’re Sick of Raincoats)

The highly anticipated raincoat round-up is here! I think I could put together 5 posts about rain gear (boots up next time!), but no one outside the PNW wants to go into that detail, so here are my top favorites. I polled some fellow Northwesterners for their favorite durable rain jackets, too. Some styles are definitely not raincoats, but they will offer a little protection from the water while mixing-it-up a bit style-wise. Most of these are styles I actually wear on a regular basis, too, so they are at least Portland-tested! So, without further ado…

raincoatsThis collection includes options for the raincoat you wear in the rainiest weather…the most durable, functional choice for keeping you from getting soggy. The top choice of people around these parts was the Marmot PreCip jacket, but I found a few other options for you at different price points, too.

1.‘Tomales Bay’ Waterproof Hooded Jacket – This is very similar to Shana’s favorite raincoat. The one I have (very similar) is close to this, too. I love having a longer coat like this for playing (sitting on wet benches) at the park. These look best fitted, in my opinion, so I have a different coat for wintertime to wear with bulky sweaters.

2. Erie Waxed Cotton – I am dying for this raincoat. I mean. Perfection. I really want a waxed cotton jacket, just for a different look to nylon. It’s cool and different, but still so durable. It also comes in black with that lovely red polka dot lining. I may just move into Bridge and Burn when I finally make it to their brick and mortar shop here.

3. Athleta Outbound Jacket – This jacket is also in a waxed fabric. I was really impressed with Athleta’s jackets when I went in the other day. This one also comes in a bright mustard yellow.

4. Diamond Candy Hooded Softshell Waterproof Jacket – This gets many great reviews and is a very reasonable price. It comes in 4 bright colors and looks great from the photo. I’m not familiar with this brand, but I really wanted to include it due to reviews.

5. Marmot PreCip – This is the favorite of many of my friends here. They have all tried a variety of brands and they swear by Marmot. I have yet to try it on, but it comes in a ton of colors and is just a quality go-to raincoat.

6. Barbour Shore Hooded Waxed Cotton Marine Jacket – Guess I’m on a roll with the waxed cotton jackets. If you can swing this one, I will totally have raincoat envy. Gorgeous. The style of this is close to the old Gap lined raincoat I wear everyday in the winter. This would be a fab upgrade.

Next up?  The stylish trench raincoat….

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January 7, 2016

How I Wear Sneakers in the Winter (Hint: SOCKS)




Once December hits, I typically swap sneakers for boots.  But the lack of snow has me seriously reconsidering.  I mean…nothing is more comfy than sneaks and socks, right?  But which socks?  (Of course, if I’m wearing hightops then I gleefully grab the wooliest ones I can find.)

So: If I want to wear my black lowtop sneakers out in the cold….black socks, right?  Kind of like that old school man-rule about matching your socks to either your pant leg or your shoes?  Something like that?  And since I couldn’t *quite* remember which it was (Mike ignores that rule anyway), I did black on black on black because that, my friends, is always a winning combination.

Says me, anyway.

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April 7, 2015

I’m Thinking About Mary Oliver Quotes and Rain…It Must Be April.

I’m so excited to share the latest bit of gorgeousness from Jessbobess. When I told her that my head has been all over rainwear lately – but serious, work-hard-play-hard, practical AND gorgeous rainwear, she went off to work her magic…and came back with this insanely chic illustration.




YES.  Sophisticated and cool – exactly what I want to wear.  Here’s how I’d recreate:

dark_rain 2-01


JACKETThe North Face Laney Trench Raincoat –  While I love my K-Way windbreaker, the fact that it doesn’t cover my bum has left me cursing on many a rainy day.  I love the longer length of this North Face jacket, and the fact that it’s so comfortable to wear.  (Some raincoats are awfully stiff or not breathable….but not this one!)  Lastly, the tailoring is impeccable.  It fits in the shoulders, nips in at the waist, but I can still easily lift my arms.  And it looks so impossibly French-girl chic.  (There’s a reason so many of you swear by The North Face – I get it, I really do.)  My two favorite colors are the navy (pictured) or the khaki.  (It also comes in black, but the black doesn’t have the contrasting snaps that really add cool detail to the navy and khaki.)

SWEATSHIRTSub_Urban Riot Take a Hike Sweatshirt – now 40% off!

JEANSPaige Denim in Edgemont Coated Ultra Skinny Jeans – The softest coated jeans around.  Also, the coating seems to make them more water resistant than typical denim, so this is the pair I grab on rainy days.

BOOTSIlse Jacobsen Hornbaek Rub Rainboots – I’ve been looking to upgrade my ancient Hunters….and I’d prefer a short silhouette.  I think these are the ones.  The only problem?  WHICH COLOR????  (Sooooo many choices – prepare to drool….)

SCARFSole Society Mixed Stripe Scarf – Jess’s raindrops reminded me that a little bit of color is always so welcome on a rainy day.  This scarf would do the trick nicely.

UMBRELLAMarc Jacobs Floating Spot Umbrella – I love any sort of quirky, cheery umbrella

EYESMAC Mineralize Eyeshawdow Duo – Since sunglasses won’t hide my eyes, adding a bit of shimmer is always fun.  This blendable duo is gorgeous and looks pretty fool-proof (Scotti, want to weigh-in here?).


SO HERE’S THE BIG DILEMMA:  What’s the best approach for a rainy-day adventurer?  French-girl chic in something that can just as easily slip into a coffee shop or be trotted out on a stormy date night, or do I give into my little-girl impulses and just go with something fun?  (I suspect Jess is going through the same dilemma – look closely at her raindrops….)

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March 21, 2015

Sooo…Let’s Chat About This White Sneaker Trend

If you happened to catch the latest podcast from The Happiest Home, you already know my thoughts on the white sneaker trend:  TRICKY.

White sneakers – as in truly white, bright sneakers are arguably one of the biggest trends this Spring. And we’re not talking just classic Converse, we’re talking all manner of white sneaks. Even sneakers that start look suspiciously like sneakers worn by the medicare set.  Seriously, with some of these I can’t tell the difference.  But since we’re all about casual style over here on TME, I felt it was my job, nay, my duty to investigate further.




Converse?  Too easy.  Converse are classics, and besides Cam already rocked some white converse.

Big, huge, functional white sneaks?  With thick bottoms and tons of stability?  That’s the “HA HA HA NO” category.  I’ll never be cool enough to pull these off.  (Some can, but NOT MOI.)

So.  Let’s focus on the white sneaks that are nudging me out of my comfort zone.  I love them on others (oh how I love them on others) but the proof is in the wearing and I have been STRUGGLING.  You have to achieve that perfect balance of chic and unstudied nonchalance to really rock the white sneak.  Also?  Coats help. (As do cheekbones and long flowing locks but whatever.)


 (photo credits, clockwise from top left: Who What Wear  – Boring Things  –  We Wore What – Fash-N-Chips)


So….my white sneaks and I have been playing around a little bit.  We’ve successfully nailed the Aging Cheerleader look, the Where’s My Patchwork Vest look, and the Don’t Worry, My Real Shoes Are in My Bag look.  But I wanted more, you know?  [snort]  And there’s no denying that when done right, white sneaks can bring a certain (blinding) freshness to an ensemble.

So here’s a formula that’s been done to death on Pinterest (black skinnies + coat + white sneaks), but it works with my lifestyle and….looks alright, I think.



Also?  I’m wearing my beloved Smartwool socks and it’s…fine.  It works.

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April 7, 2014

The Styling Tip That Makes A Basic Windbreaker Look Chic



Come Spring, I'm all about windbreakers.  I hate being cold, and these Spring winds are no joke.  But I wanted to play around with making windbreakers a bit more chic, you know?  So when I came across this old article on Who What Wear, I knew I had to play around with the windbreaker-as-layered jacket.  And besides, what better place to test out windbreaker styling than at a beach in March?  So I threw a few extra pieces into my suitcase before we headed off to Gulf Shores last month.  


1.  Layer Under a Moto Jacket

Since my moto jacket is really a glorified sweatshirt, this option was really comfortable and warm.  


We were on our way to Bahama Bob's.  Love the easy atmosphere and the seafood.  (This is my kiddos' favorite place.)    



moto: old Roots…try this gorgeous one from LOFT's Lou and Gray line, $89 (or this floral one on sale at Gap for $70)

windbreaker: K-Way…but I'm loving C&C's version, $89

sweater: old ALC…this striped one also has a swingy shape, $60 (but currently 40% off at LOFT)

jeans:  old Rag and Bone… try a seriously cool patched pair by Mavi, $118

flats: Tieks in ballerina pink, $175

bag: Moop Paperback

belt: Target

on Pax: one Jackson hoodie on Thred Up, FabKids pants, Vans

on Raines:  Pip and Squeek boutique dino hoodie, Tea soft cargos, Vans


2.  Layer Under A Denim Jacket 

Even with a dress, this styling trick worked surprisingly well.  (And as you can see, Raines is also into layering.  Because apparently, beach = shorts, regardless of temperature.) 




denim jacket: old Joe's Jeans…love Gap's (currently on sale for $48)

windbreakerK-Way…or try this neon one, $130

dress: old Milly…Tibi has a fabulous option ($325), BB Dakota ($80), Gap ($55) or even Old Navy!! ($36)

boots:  old Guess….try this cool cut-out pair – especially with dresses (on sale for $97)

bag: Madewell Transport Tote, $168 

on Raines: Soldier of Love Tee from Tiny RevolutionaryTea soft cargos, shortsVans



And since it's finally looking warm enough to trick one into thinking they don't need a winter jacket in Philly…I busted the layered windbreaker trick out again this past weekend.  I liked peeling layers on/off depending on our activity.  (Freeze tag?  Off.  Mini Golf?  Off.  In the shady carousel at Franklin Square?  ON ON ON ON)



denim jacket: old Joe's Jeans…love Gap's (currently on sale for $48)

windbreakerK-Way…but I'm loving C&C's version

sweaters:  Equipment (currently 40% off) layered over this one from H&M

leggings:  Plush faux leather, lined in fleece….similar here (on sale for $65)

boots: Steve Madden…similar

bag: Lily Jade Madeline Diaper Bag / Backpack (currently $75 off)



So….that's how I've been wearing my windbreaker to DEATH.  If only I could figure out how to make my tall Hunter rainboots feel fresh.  April has just started and I'm sick of them already.  Any ideas?  

(and ps:  Anyone else doing the two-jacket thing?  I want to see some pics!)



March 6, 2014

Swap Out Your North Face Fleece Jacket For One of These….



sunnies: Ray-Ban

windbreaker: K-Way

sweater: old….similar ASOS striped swingy sweater

tank:  Free People Fly Away Tank

sweats: H&M

On Raines:  Pip&Squeek Boutique dino hoodie, Daily Tea cargos

on Pax:  Daily Tea city tee – similar, FabKids sweats


Heather from Rookie Moms asked me to help her out of a North Face Jacket rut.  Personally, I've been loving my K-Way windbreaker over just about anything….but I do have a few other ideas.  Head over to Rookie Moms to check out the full post



June 23, 2013

Beach Vacation: What To Wear (And Pack)


We spent a sun-and-fun soaked weekend in Cape May a few weeks ago, and it was one of those rare occasions that I managed to pack perfectly.  I brought just a few things, but felt chic and comfortable in every situation we encountered.  Here's what I brought…and how I plan to extend it for our beach week(s) in Michigan.  


Weekend Packing List


(featured items:  drapey tank | stay-put swim | chic pajamas | cool sweatshirt | graphic tee | easy overalls | flat sandals | cool bag | glam coverup)

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March 14, 2013

Friday Fun

Photo (80)

Guess who is missing the beach right about now?  I mean…it's not like I don't like biting, 30 degree winds, it's just tha–  Right.  The drastic change from a freeing beach week to waaay too much "indoor family time" is driving the boys and I nuts.  NUTS!  And we're only half unpacked, so the house looks as if a bomb has dropped.  Luckily, our new nanny started this week.  I say "luckily" because I like to break 'em in early.  I just wish I had a picture of her face when she first stepped in the door.  There's a good chance she thought we were hoarders.  It's a fine line, though.  You want just enough crazy to keep expectations low, but not enough crazy to scare them off for good.  The just-got-home-from-a-trip level of disaster seems to toe that line pretty well.  We'll see.

Here are a few Fun Friday links that I've been storing up to share…

The Sartorialist wanted to know if anyone was thinking about turtlenecks.  Ahhhh Scott.  You sly dog you.  I'm always thinking about turtlenecks.  [bats eyelashes]

Hot mama Lena from Quality Rivets recently styled her plaid pajama bottoms and looked AWESOME.  For realz.  

Refinery 29 styled a windbreaker three surprisingly glamorous ways.  And OK:  I think they cheated by using an insanely gorgeous Stella McCartney for Adidas windbreaker (*cough $500 *cough)…but still.  I'm 95% sure you could use a regular windbreaker and it would still work, more or less.  I like this one.

We've been talking about ankle boots, and whether or not curvy, short Mamas can pull them off.  Have you seen this picture of Drew Barrymore in her ankle boots and skinnies?  The girl is all curves and gorgeousness, and she pulls them off OK.  However, the black bootie does shorten her leg a bit.  I'll bet that a slightly lighter ankle boot would look great (or a slightly darker jean).  Perhaps that's the key?

Reader Julie picked up this adorable wrap cardigan / cape at Nordstroms and swears by it for both pregnancy and nursing.  It's now on sale for $39!  Thanks, Julie!

According to The Budget Babe (who is now pregnant!  Congrats!!)…H&M is now accepting used clothing for recycling!  You can find out what happens to your donated clothing here

Lastly, how cute is Pax's little Superman tee?  It comes with an attached cape.  The cape just velcros on/off at the shoulders.  He has been wearing it EVERY DAY.  I now wish that I had stocked up (it's just a Target tee, folks).  Superman appears to be sold out online, but Target has a whole line of cape tees.  Bam Pow is my favorite.

Happy Friday!!!