January 23, 2017

A Wool Coat + Sorels Warm Enough for a Blizzard? Yes We Can


Last week we had winter coat + boot combos from coast to coast, now it’s New England’s turn!  Even though the weather is more November than late January here lately, I promise this wool Madewell City Grid coat and tall Sorel Joan of Arctic boots stands up well to blizzard conditions.

I mistakenly thought it would be cool to have my ‘spousetographer’ snap some blog pics in a snowstorm a few weeks ago – as it turns out, I stayed surprisingly warm and toasty no matter how frosty the atmosphere (literally and otherwise). For the sake of marital harmony, I got in touch with a self-professed local ‘momtographer’ this week when it was in the 40s and was still really comfortable. The boots were maybe overkill, but handled the chilly muck beautifully so they’ll be on repeat from October – April around here.

Soooo, only like 5 more months of winter!

Good news though – I found lots of similarly styled coats and Joan of Arctics that are on super sale right now so you still have time to enjoy them this winter.

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January 17, 2017

A Surprisingly Good Combo: Leopard Print & Wedge Boots

Hello from all the snow! Yes, we made national news and our governor declared a state of emergency last week here in Oregon. We do not know what to do with this much snow! In North Portland, we got 15″! It’s been nuts to say the least. And gorgeous. And so nuts. And lots of family time. 8 snow days since right before Christmas. Plus the Christmas/New Years holidays. Plus, MLK Jr. holiday. All the snow and all the family time. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. PLEASE let’s talk fashion instead. Mmmkay??

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November 23, 2016

J. Crew Black Friday Sale : 40% Off


Even the sale section is included in J.Crew’s 40% off Black Friday sale! (Sale section discount is 50% on some pieces). Yes, they’ve got the elevated basics (that I love to stock up on) covered but this year there are so. many. bold. surprises. I’m in love with their luxe bright wool coats, amazing shoes & statement jewelry.

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November 16, 2016

Wool Coats – Searching For The Perfect One



It’s been a while since I considered wool coats.  I’m typically a puffer kind of girl (because: WARM), and then I drank the leather-jacket koolaid (totally recommend, it’s delicious), and I’ve just been spending so much time sledding/playgrounding/Things Involving Cold, Muddy Areas that a beautiful wool coat wasn’t practical.

In fact, I had given my one beautiful wool coat to my mom after Raines was born.  And she’s been happily wearing it for over eight years.  And before that?  I happily wore it for….wait for it, doing the math…seven years!

Which means that my old wool coat has been going strong for fifteen years.   There aren’t many items that can boast a fifteen year love affair.

But that’s the thing about wool coats:  you simply have them for forever.  Which is partially why, I think, that I hadn’t yet invested in one.  Finding the perfect wool coat is so flipping tricky, and if you mess it up, there’s not a lot of impetus to change. These coats stand the test of time, which is how you find yourself staring in your closet going, ‘well….this old thing….still there.  Yup.  There…it…is.’

So.  Here are my thoughts on finding the perfect wool coat, along with my usual nonsense of trial and error and lessons learned.

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July 25, 2016

Athleisure & Work Wear Selfies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Hey ladies – I made a naptime escape for my local Nordstrom today to try on some athleisure picks and workwear options from the sale! What did I find? Lots of killer comfy leggings, cool jackets (including this amazing Zella moto puffer!), cashmere sweaters and leather jackets to swap out for blazers this fall.

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December 17, 2015

A Gift Guide with a Northwest Vibe


The Pacific Northwest is arguably the most beautiful part of the country…if you like evergreens and rain and mountains and I DO. We are definitely deficient in Vitamin D, but beyond that we aim for healthy lifestyles and friendly vibes out here. It’s all about getting into the outdoors and exploring and ignoring the rain. Oh, and coffee, of course. If you and/or the people on your list are into the Northwest vibe…

For Women

I could have listed a million things, but these are some of my favorites right now.

For Men

I really wish I could get my husband to wear that vest. So. Good.

For Kids

Ok, so I may have gone a bit overboard on the plaid here, but pretty much kids in plaid is one of my favorite things. And that denim vest. UGH! I want one so badly for myself.


For Home

Gonna try to convince Pinky that that tree mural is a good stocking stuffer.


Happy Cozy Holidays! And don’t worry fellow Upper Left Coasters, a raincoat roundup is on the to-do list!



P.S. Don’t forget to check out all of our Gift Guides. If you’ve waited ’til the last minute (speaking to myself) we’ve got you covered!

November 12, 2015

The Most Versatile Jacket Yet: Packable Down

Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the UP), I know down jackets.  You cannot live in a climate like ours and NOT own one.  However, the down jackets I know tend to be shapeless masses of feathers and puff designed to do one thing: keep you warm.  Fortunately for us Yoopers (and anyone else that needs a seriously warm jacket in the winter), down jackets have come a loooong way.  They now are actually flattering (whaaa?) and come with seriously cool (and functional!) details that make them much more stylish than the down comforter jackets of yesterday.  My favorite new twist on down is the packable down jacket.  These jackets are lightweight yet warm . . . they feel like a cardigan but keep you warm like a down jacket.  They’re highly compressible and thin enough to layer under another jacket (Shana wears hers under her ski jacket) or tie around your waist.  I can vouch for how packable they are . . . I packed mine in my suitcase and it barely took up any room once I squeezed the air out of it.patagonia-moto-jacket
Speaking of suitcases, I just got back from visiting Shana in Philly! (SUPER crazy fun)! Although the first few days were warm (high 70’s . . . yessssss) it did get cold enough for us to try out our down coats outside.  Since they’re performance coats (and maybe because I’m insanely a little bit competitive), I suggested we have a work out competition to test them out . . . and to be completely thorough for our research, we also went to get brunch and Bloody Marys afterwards to make sure that they held up . . . through any possible scenario.  Like sitting outside drinking.  I mean, it’s all in the name of research, right??

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January 27, 2015

The Power of a Long Coat (AKA My New Daily Uniform For Running Around Town)




French Connection, one of my very favorite brands (due to their slightly edgy and almost subversive take on trends…coupled with european tailoring) sent me this gorgeous wool coat.  I received it in September when we were still rocking 70+ temps, and stuck it in the back of my closet.

Happy, HAPPY rediscovery.  Even better?  It’s still in stock, but now on crazy sale – 50% off, then another 50% off with the code 50SALE.

I’m also wearing my favorite sweater, my favorite jeans, my favorite boots, my favorite hat and drinking a warm coffee on a beautifully cold and snowy day with one of my favorite guys.  I mean seriously.  How lucky can a girl get?

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March 18, 2014

Street Style: Betty At High On Market St.



Sunday, while at High On Market Street, I noticed Betty lounging against the counter, waiting for her food. I loved how she dressed up a basic parka-and-leggings with a cool patterned scarf and unexpected wine-colored booties.  



Betty's coat is from SheInside (and is now on sale for $45 – seriously), her leggings are Yummy Tummy, and her red booties are by Sketchers.  She couldn't remember where her scarf was from…but if you are dying for both the scarf and easy tote (and I am)…may I suggest a visit to Idiopix on Etsy for the tote?  The selection is totally overwhelming (and all totes are $15).  I have my eye on this Alice In Wonderland tote…or maybe this french chocolate label…or ooooooo…this jellyfish one.  Stunning! 

For the scarf, I'd try this wool-and-cashmere blend, now 50% off at Nordstrom.

Love this twist on an easy, everyday look.  Betty, thanks for being such a good sport.



February 18, 2014

Day-To-Night With High-Waisted Denim (Our Day Date And More Philly Love)

We had the most amazing Saturday.  It was our long-anticipated day date (aka my Christmas and Valentine's Day present).  And while I had visions of waltzing around the city in something wildly glamorous…Saturday was a mushpot of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  So instead, I wore this:



We started at the Art Museum, where we – get this – wandered leisurely.  I read some of plaques hanging on the wall.  I KNOW!!  



And afterwards, we strolled around downtown.  Held hands.  Got coffee at our fav, La Colombe.  

(I'm all about the cuffs these days.) 



Of course, I posed a little.  Wearing two jackets like all the other fashion bloggers.  




But aren't these sexy jeans?  Even with the combat-ish boots. (Grace, you asked about these boots and so I hopped right to it you #shoppingenabler  More later.)


I swapped the combat boots out for heels before our dinner reservations at Vetri.  In hindsight, that was a mistake.  Mike had booked us a six course dinner at 6PM, with tickets to see Ballet X at 8PM.  By 7:45, we were only on course four.   By 7:56PM, Mike signed the check, and by 7:59PM we were running – no, SPRINTING – like the crazy people we are.  (Thankfully I can still run in heels.)  And at 8:00PM sharp?  We were busting through the doors of the Wilma Theater.



It was a tough call (stay/go?) but wow.  We made the right decision.  Ballet X was mindblowing.  It was exciting and funny and sexy – Mike didn't even fall asleep!! (The man always falls asleep at ballets.)  We'll be going again….with, I think, the boys.  The Wilma theater is such an intimate setting that you can hear the sound of their shoes squeaking on the stage, hear the dancers breathing, and see the subtle expressions on their faces.  And I love how it was such a departure from traditional ballet, but with all of the rigor.  It was like Balanchine-meets-hiphop-meets-threestooges.  (OK, maybe not exactly that last part.  But close.)  And tix were only $35.  

After, we went back to Vetri (sheepishly) to collect our entrees and dessert.



Philly, thanks for a beautiful day and an amazing night.  You are one seriously cool city.  I can't wait (hint, hint Mike) to do this again.



blouse: Emerson Fry jet print (old) – similar at LOFT

sweater: Ann Taylor cropped sweater (old) – this back-zip sweatshirt at Madewell has a similar cropped fit (and is otherwise fabulous)

denim jacket:  Joe's Jeans (vintage  - ha! that just means I bought it in 2003 or something) – but Modcloth has a really cute one with stretch.

wool jacket: Iro (old) – or try layering a cool trench over a denim jacket

jeans: MiH High-Rise Straight Jeans - or Madewell's – the wash isn't as cute, but they are stretchy and insanely comfortable (more on this later)

combat boots: Steve Madden Bickett Boot (at local DSW for $35!!) – similar

heels: Nine West (old) – similar

scarf: Banana Republic (old) – similar


Whoa.  The number of layers I'm wearing is ridiculous.  But the thought of putting on my puffer coat – yet again – is starting to affect my mental stability.  I had to get creative.  In the name of health, you guys.  HEALTH.