March 29, 2016

A Review of Ugg Australia’s Gorgeous SANDALS (Hint: Suuuper Comfy)



Nordstrom asked for my thoughts on Ugg Australia’s newest line of footwear.  Specifically, sandals.  A huge sucker for cute-n-comfy footwear, I rolled up my sleeves, gave the UPS guy one heck of a workout, and got down to bizness.

All in the name of research, of course.  We’re alllll about Research.



Keep reading to find out which pair was the MOST comfortable, which pair I absolutely wouldn’t recommend, and which pair(s?) made their way into my closet. (If you follow me on Instagram – @shanachristine – I’ll bet you can guess).

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March 24, 2016

Gap Dressing Room Selfies!



So Laura and Jess walk into the Gap……

Jess’s Take

A couple of things I learned from my first dressing room selfie experience yesterday at the Gap:

1. Dressing room selfies are no joke.

2. Retail associates, especially those assigned to the dressing room area, are hardworking, patient, Saint like individuals.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually set foot inside a Gap store as I’ve started doing more and more of my shopping (and returning) online. And this isn’t meant to be a diss, but if I am at the mall, or happen to be passing a Gap, I usually end up bypassing it all together. Because after shopping at the Gap for 20+ years I feel like I already know what’s on the racks without looking inside.

But my day-trip to Gap helped to reminded me that what Gap does, it does it well, and affordably. I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to focus on buying only wardrobe essentials: items that are timeless, high quality and verstaile. And on a budget like mine, Gap and it’s sister companies Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athletica, are great places to look.

So, here are four complete looks I put together yesterday.

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March 22, 2012

Hats Are Tasty: Dansko Giveaway Take 2


UPDATE 3/30/12: Jennifer Hughes, you're our Dansko giveaway winner. Email us at so we can get these to you.  Congratulations!

I’ve got to tell you, Mamas.  Hats are not only pretty and comfortable—they are tasty too!  We here at Ain’t No Mom Jeans have been snacking on hats (or crow) a lot lately because there’s been some talk surrounding a certain comfort footwear brand—namely Dansko—on this blog: they’re soooo comfortable, but a thing of shame, to be hidden under scrubs, Chefwear and boot cut or flare denim.  Dansko has responded to our biased banter with not one, but now TWO generous giveaways for our readers.  I submit for your approval (and mine) the Dansko spring footwear line.  It is fab under flares and it is worthy of skinnies and skirts.

When Dansko approached ANMJ for another give away, I was wary.  I perused their spring line and was delighted by what I found: stellar details with seventies-inspired braided and tooled leather, brass nail heads, rich colors and fresh designs.  I was torn between the Mirabel line Tori, Tru or Tasha, and the Rio line Randi, Rowena or Ryder, and I was shocked to find six pairs of crazy comfortable but heightening (I am not a woman of stature, after all) sandals that I would not only accept as a consideration but would definitely buy in a store at full retail.  It was a difficult choice, but I finally decided on the Rowena and I’m so glad I did.

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February 4, 2012

Reader Q: What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party – Super Bowl XLVI Style

Few things confound me more than dressing for sporting events/parties.  I like designer denim, tall boots, drapey tops, interesting sweaters. . . but these items somehow just don't seem to fit with queso dip and beer (much as I do love those Super Bowl standbys), so I welcomed ANMJ reader Tamar's question as a challenge and spent pretty much all week culling Super Bowl party-worthy ensembles.  See What you think!  Tamar writes: 

I recently got my body back down to its original size and I am looking forward strutting my stuff at our friends Superbowl party. Problem being I have no idea what to wear. I was thinking a cute outfit in team colors? Colored blue denim with a cute top? 
– Tamar

I love the idea of going in team colors, Tamar, particularly if you or hubs are big sports fans, and this year we're in luck, because the New York Giants and the New England Patriots have nearly identical color schemes of blue, red, white and gray.  (Or if you're a Patriots fan, Nautical Blue, New Century Silver–of course.  Totally different.  I'm sure that's complete sacrilege.  Sorry.) 

But pulling off team colors without going the distance of face painting can be tough.  I've put five looks together, including two traditional team-wear outfits and three other more-every-day looks, from edgy to preppy, that incorporate pieces you probably already have.
Super Bowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots) 2012 Outfits

Have fun and congrats on getting your pre-baby bod back!
– M.
December 12, 2011

Believe It Baby: A Dansko Giveaway (Take Your Pick!)

*******UPDATE – GIVEAWAY WINNER*********

Congrats to Heather Williams, the winner of our Dansko giveaway!  

Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 7.31.46 PM

One thing has become very clear:  Mamas looove their Danksos!  Thanks for all who participated!  It was so fun reading all of your comments!


Oh Mamas.  I am eating some serious crow.  

Wait!  Stay with me here….stay…with…me.

Ok.  You know how much we've debated the merits of Danskos here at Ain't No Mom Jeans.  Personally, I have not been a fan.  M does own a pair of Danskos, bought long, long ago, but hides them under bootcut or flare denim, citing the fact that they are "sooooooo comfortable".  Which, we decided, is at the heart of the problem.  Footwear that comfortable typically sways the wearer into wanting them to be cute.

Whatevs.  To me, Danskos = not cute.  Even if The Sartorialist disagrees.

So when Dansko contacted us about a giveaway, I was lukewarm.  But…well…we're doing this whole Season of Giving thing, and I know many of our lovely readers loooove their Danskos….so then I thought, why not?  Giving is about the other person, right?

Right.  And then Dansko cleverly let me choose a pair.  And I found that they have some pretty fabulous boots.  Wha????

I took a closer look.  And found these little babies:

Screen Shot 2011-12-11 at 10.23.28 PM

The Rhianna boot.  Which has a 70's fabulous clog look to them – including a studded bottom, which I go weak-kneed for.  Oooooo….

Suddenly, I was feeling a whole lot better about this giveaway.  And once I received these babies?  OH MAMA.  I now know why so many moms are such huge Dansko supporters.  They are indeed "sooooooo comfortable".  I think an orgasmic "Oooohhhhhhhh" actually escaped from my lips when I first put them on.

And look how cute!!!  


(wearing: On me – Dansko Rhianna boots c/o Dansko, JBrand lovestory flares, Banana Republic pea coat, J.Crew plaid shirt, Belle babycarrier in leopard c/o Belle…on Pax – One Step Ahead Cozy Cub Quilted Bunting)

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October 18, 2011

Scary Style – Mom & Baby Halloween Costumes You’ll Wear Again



Wahahahahah. . . in the spirit of the season, we thought we’d jump on board with the Rookie Moms Halloween Carnival.  The Moms challenged other bloggers to come up with costume ideas that would re-use items they already own or make use of items that could easily be re-purposed.  It just so happens that last year, I dressed the entire fam in a coordinating ensemble of mainly re-used clothing items to fit a last-minute western theme.  It all started with young Huck wanting to wear his cowboy dress-up costume, and while the prospect of three cowboys and a saloon (read brothel) mom was more to Hub’s taste, I thought we should push the theme a little further, because a.) Trampy Halloween costumes are sad enough, but on a mom. . . even worse, and b.) As a second child myself, I wanted to carve a unique, non-sidekick Halloween persona for Little Lou (and he wound up stealing the show!). 

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April 19, 2011

Not Your Father’s L.L. Bean – Signature Summer Line Has Us Drooling!

I did a double take followed by a triple check when, late last week, I found myself perusing–and drooling over–an L.L. Bean catalog I'd just received in the mail.  I'm on the L.L. Bean mailing list because I've purchased everything from ExOfficio sun and insect shield shirts for my sportsman dad, and a British Slip Lead to keep our unruly dog in check, to monogrammed Adventure Duffels for both boys (they'll have them forever), and I'm pretty sure I'll score the Sea-Washed Canvas Duffel for hubs for Father's Day.  Frankly, L.L. Bean sells great stuff: for guys and dogs and kids and moms who like pleated trousers and polo shirts.  But I have never, not even once, considered purchasing something for myself (okay, maybe duck boots). Until now. 

As it turns out, the outdoor gear and polo shirt purveyor's new collection, L.L. Bean Signature (led by Alex Carleton, a veteran of Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and Rogues Gallery, his own line) has quite a few stunning spring and summer looks.  Here are our picks:

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January 18, 2011

How To Wear Plaid Part 4 – With High-Waisted Denim

-1 For moms without a post-partum pooch (like M above, lucky girl)…plaid shirts get a sophisticated twist when tucked.

M tucked her cheap-n-easy Target plaid shirt into a pair of higher-waisted flare jeans, added a cool belt, necklace and heels.

I'm loving the choice of a girly necklace/belt with the plaid.  And who doesn't love red shoes?

Now, I know we tend to focus on mom-friendlier footwear than M's sexy red heels…but I've gotta be honest.  I've been struggling a bit with the flares + flats combo. I'm planning to play around with it (and let you know the results, even if it's a disaster)…but if any of you are successfully rockin' the flare/flat combo, please let us know.  Warning:  We will harass you for a pic.

Anyway.  I do love M in this outfit.  So classy, yet comfy.  Nice.

If, however, you are looking for more of a rocker or hipster vibe…I'm also loving this plaid shirt / high-waisted denim pairing from Madewell. 

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October 4, 2010

New Style “Rules” For Moms, Part 2


Photo This article is the second in a multi-part series based on "rules" I've applied again and again when doing style consultations / closet clean-outs with moms….  

Gang, I loved reading all of the comments on our first Style "Rules" for Moms article last week.  If you missed it, be sure to check out both the article and the hysterical, insightful comments. 

Doesn't M look great in this pic?  She's a perfect poster child for the topics I'd like to discuss today.  While last week we chatted about fairly easy updates – the importance of longer camis and more interesting sweaters…this week we're really going to get to the heart of the matter:  waists, hips, and the importance of cute shoes. Oh-oh.  

So without futher ado…here are my additional Mom style "rules" up for discussion: 

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September 27, 2010

The Best Way To Wear Danskos This Fall…

44681-p-DETAILEDYup, you read that right:  Danskos.  As in the much-hated (at least previously, by me), much debated (here and again here – and don't miss the reader comments), mom-shoe.

And what brought about my change of heart?  Two things:  first of all, Danskos came out with a version that looks like an actual clog, styled enough to make – dare I say it? – my heart beat fast (I'm such a sucker for a camel shoe)…and the recent trends that give a nod to '70's fashion at its best.

Mom, if you're reading, dibs on your old leather fringe vest.  As soon as I have this baby, I'm wearing that vest out & about!  With, possibly, some new, crazy-comfy Danskos.  Yikes. 

So my perfect Fall Dansko outfit?  Voila….

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