January 23, 2017

A Wool Coat + Sorels Warm Enough for a Blizzard? Yes We Can


Last week we had winter coat + boot combos from coast to coast, now it’s New England’s turn!  Even though the weather is more November than late January here lately, I promise this wool Madewell City Grid coat and tall Sorel Joan of Arctic boots stands up well to blizzard conditions.

I mistakenly thought it would be cool to have my ‘spousetographer’ snap some blog pics in a snowstorm a few weeks ago – as it turns out, I stayed surprisingly warm and toasty no matter how frosty the atmosphere (literally and otherwise). For the sake of marital harmony, I got in touch with a self-professed local ‘momtographer’ this week when it was in the 40s and was still really comfortable. The boots were maybe overkill, but handled the chilly muck beautifully so they’ll be on repeat from October – April around here.

Soooo, only like 5 more months of winter!

Good news though – I found lots of similarly styled coats and Joan of Arctics that are on super sale right now so you still have time to enjoy them this winter.

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March 6, 2016

An End of Winter #MyEverydayEdit

The end of February and beginning of March is my least favorite time of the year. As my fellow Midwestern residents can attest, these weeks are particularly bleak and uninspiring. It’s still very much winter, the snow shows little sign of letting up, and there are no more fun holidays to look forward to.  The last thing I want to do is spend any more money on winter gear when Spring is so close, nor do I look forward to putting on the winter boots and coat I so excitedly purchased and wore only a few months ago.

So, I look to your #myeverydayedit Instagram posts to be inspired by fresh takes on styling. Here are the outfits I managed to pull together these last few weeks and also a collection of a just a few of your outfits that I found especially inspiring!

P.s. If you are new around here, #myeverydayedit is an Instagram tag we use at The Mom Edit to share our every day style. I promise, we are all nice gals and you should definitely consider joining in on the fun. (no pressure or anything)  You can find us at: @ShanaChristine@Scottiliz, @Camilledipoala, @Elletrain and @jessbobess.

So without further ado….


My Every Day Edit Outfit #1

A photo posted by jessbobess (@jessbobess) on


Outfit Details:

fedora – RVCA ‘Sunner’ Wool Hat available at Nordstroms, $45.00

top – I bought this top about three years ago at Forever21 and had trouble finding a lace cutout top in this mustard color. The closest I came to finding something similar was this Little Creek Top from ShopRuche for $48.99

jeans – Hudson Brooklyn Skinny Moto jeans,in blue denim, available at Shoptiques for $148.50. Or on Amazon in their grey color called “Lalaland” , $218.50 – $255.00

booties – Dolce Vita Jaeger Boots available on Amazon for $133.50 – $160.00

bag – Kerry ‘Fringe’ Crossbody Bag at Nordstroms, $59.95

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December 14, 2015

Four Ways To Wear Hiking Boots



One boot that has been steadily gaining momentum over the last few years as a major trend is…the hiking boot.  At first it was just a faux hiking boot.  A hiking-inspired boot, rather, often with a wedge heel – something a fashion-girl would wear to be more #authentic (haha), not something constructed for actual hiking.  But then…a funny thing happened – some of the really high end brands (think Prada, Dsquared2) started churning out boots that looked an awful lot like this one:  an old school leather hiking boot with contrast laces.

Um.  Heck YES.

So, when Shoes.com asked me to style up something from their (insanely large) inventory…I knew exactly what to do.  It’s, like, the universe, you guys, wanted me to style up hiking boots.  #liveauthentic #exploremore #adventure

Sidenote:  Did you hear that Socality Barbie shut down her Instagram account?  Such a bummer – talk about helping to keep things REAL.

All joking aside, hiking boots on the daily ROCK.  Especially in the winter.  They’re warm, waterproof, comfy….and frankly, with the modern tweaks to the styling that many companies are making….they’re surprisingly chic.



Here are a few ways I’m wearing hiking boots right now:

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December 8, 2015

Much Ado About #myeverydayedit

My reaction to Shana asking if if I would be interested in joining the #myeverydayedit fun on Instagram looked something like this:

So to say I am excited is an understatement.

And just in case you don’t know what’s got me acting as giddy as a school girl at her first slumber party,  #myeverydayedit is a hashtag on instagram that Shana (@shanachristine) and others from The Mom Edit team (@camilledipaola, @scottiliz) use to post photos of their everyday outfits through out the week.

I’ve been following the #myeverydayedit posts since the get-go, admiring from a distance and trying to work up the nerve to join in. I think it’s such a cool concept and so much fun to see everyone’s unique individual style expressed through their day to day outfits.

To give you guys a better understanding of what you could expect from my posts, I thought it would be helpful if I tried to describe my own style… but I’d never really sat down and thought about my “style” in any definitive terms before and as it turns out, isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

So armed with my most serious researching techniques (aka a bottle of wine and pinterest)  I stumbled upon this quote:


style quote

I think style is an expression of our individuality. Choosing what we wear is just another way we can express who we are and what we are feeling. It’s amazing how many unique variations of “lazy bum” I can come up with 😉  And this quote is really what #myeverydayedit is all about. There is no right way or wrong way to dress- what makes style fun is each person’s unique take on the clothes they choose to wear.

So….(shameless plug)…if you haven’t already- you should join us on Instagram for some fun. We don’t bite!

My personal style is probably best described as  “boho”, eclectic, and a bit adventurous. Comfort is high on my priority list.

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March 5, 2015

Leggings With a Dress (because…winter)

Oh, leggings. What are you really? Are you an acceptable article of clothing or aren’t you? It seems to be the eternal question. I’ll admit that I haaaaaave tried to wear leggings as pants on a few occasions. (Maybe even here, back when TME was ANMJ. Oooooh all #tbt up in here.)

Was it a good decision? meh. I’ll let you decide on that one. While S totally pulled them off, I really think she was being way too nice by sharing my little ensemble all while thinking, “wtf, Cams? W.T.F.”. No, but really. There can be bad decisions made with leggings…and then there are ways to wear them without losing your dignity.

Por ejemplo, they can be worn with a dress.


With the leggings on under this sweet little Free People number, I was warm and toasty. Not to mention, my buns were not perfectly traced out for all of you to see. Pity, I know.

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November 20, 2014

Mama’s Playground Style Refresh (Starring Free People)



Facebookers have spoken:  Mama needs some playclothes.  And while there’s only so much that can realistically be done with playground style (due to uh, extreme conditions – and I’m not talking about the weather), I thought it would be fun to try and nudge our playground uniform in a fresher direction.  (Nudge, rather than trying to start a new thing, like #velvetattheplayground or something.  Actually, brocade would be better – it’s so stiff, I’m pretty sure all of the dirt would wipe right off.)

ANYWHO.  Assuming that your playground uniform is basically some form of jeans, sweater, flat shoes, done…..we’re nudging.  Ready?

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September 23, 2014

So My Love Affair With Marc Jacobs Goes WAY Beyond This Sweater (Sponsored Post)



What do you do when Nordstrom asks you to take a peek at the Marc by Marc Jacobs line?   Well.  If you’re a 90’s girl like me, your heart-rate speeds up, you stutter out something incoherent (thankfully, Nordstrom is fluent in SWOON) and in your excitement you promptly forget your pants.

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April 7, 2014

The Styling Tip That Makes A Basic Windbreaker Look Chic



Come Spring, I'm all about windbreakers.  I hate being cold, and these Spring winds are no joke.  But I wanted to play around with making windbreakers a bit more chic, you know?  So when I came across this old article on Who What Wear, I knew I had to play around with the windbreaker-as-layered jacket.  And besides, what better place to test out windbreaker styling than at a beach in March?  So I threw a few extra pieces into my suitcase before we headed off to Gulf Shores last month.  


1.  Layer Under a Moto Jacket

Since my moto jacket is really a glorified sweatshirt, this option was really comfortable and warm.  


We were on our way to Bahama Bob's.  Love the easy atmosphere and the seafood.  (This is my kiddos' favorite place.)    



moto: old Roots…try this gorgeous one from LOFT's Lou and Gray line, $89 (or this floral one on sale at Gap for $70)

windbreaker: K-Way…but I'm loving C&C's version, $89

sweater: old ALC…this striped one also has a swingy shape, $60 (but currently 40% off at LOFT)

jeans:  old Rag and Bone… try a seriously cool patched pair by Mavi, $118

flats: Tieks in ballerina pink, $175

bag: Moop Paperback

belt: Target

on Pax: one Jackson hoodie on Thred Up, FabKids pants, Vans

on Raines:  Pip and Squeek boutique dino hoodie, Tea soft cargos, Vans


2.  Layer Under A Denim Jacket 

Even with a dress, this styling trick worked surprisingly well.  (And as you can see, Raines is also into layering.  Because apparently, beach = shorts, regardless of temperature.) 




denim jacket: old Joe's Jeans…love Gap's (currently on sale for $48)

windbreakerK-Way…or try this neon one, $130

dress: old Milly…Tibi has a fabulous option ($325), BB Dakota ($80), Gap ($55) or even Old Navy!! ($36)

boots:  old Guess….try this cool cut-out pair – especially with dresses (on sale for $97)

bag: Madewell Transport Tote, $168 

on Raines: Soldier of Love Tee from Tiny RevolutionaryTea soft cargos, shortsVans



And since it's finally looking warm enough to trick one into thinking they don't need a winter jacket in Philly…I busted the layered windbreaker trick out again this past weekend.  I liked peeling layers on/off depending on our activity.  (Freeze tag?  Off.  Mini Golf?  Off.  In the shady carousel at Franklin Square?  ON ON ON ON)



denim jacket: old Joe's Jeans…love Gap's (currently on sale for $48)

windbreakerK-Way…but I'm loving C&C's version

sweaters:  Equipment (currently 40% off) layered over this one from H&M

leggings:  Plush faux leather, lined in fleece….similar here (on sale for $65)

boots: Steve Madden…similar

bag: Lily Jade Madeline Diaper Bag / Backpack (currently $75 off)



So….that's how I've been wearing my windbreaker to DEATH.  If only I could figure out how to make my tall Hunter rainboots feel fresh.  April has just started and I'm sick of them already.  Any ideas?  

(and ps:  Anyone else doing the two-jacket thing?  I want to see some pics!)



April 2, 2014

Local Love: Day-To-Night Boyfriend Jeans and Our Fav Spot in Chinatown



Our move from Denver to Philadelphia was pretty heart-breaking.  I mean YES, it was our (Mike's) decision, nobody was forcing us (Mike)* to move, but still. We left so many good friends behind.  But I'll never forget our first foray into Philly.  We took the train and somehow ended up in Chinatown.  It was agonizingly hot, so humid you could see the air, the streets were teeming with strange smells, people were everywhere, and the looks on my little guys' faces were priceless. 

*kidding, kidding.  Nobody forces this chick to do anything.

We may as well have moved to the moon.  

But it was at that moment, that exact moment in all of the heat and smells and chaos that I knew we'd be OK.  Life is such a grand adventure, you know?  Sometimes I need a little discomfort to help me remember that. 

So Philly's Chinatown has a special place in my heart.  The boys' too.  Not only does it contain their favorite restaruant in the city, but more often than not, when we wander on down these streets, we're greeted with sights like this:



I have no idea why or what was going on.  We were simply headed to lunch when BAM.  Dragons.  Which, you know, is pretty cool for a random afternoon in March.

Once the parade finished crossing, we headed over to Raines and Pax's favorite restaurant.



I am not kidding.  This, out of all of the (many, many) restaurants we've taken them to (we play it pretty fast-and-loose with "child-friendly dining")…this one is their fav. And, thanks to the hand drawn noodles and seriously flavorful, fresh-tasting broth, Mike and I love it, too.  





Raines, on cold days will often ask, "Mom, when can we go back to that best-ever place?  With the long, long, looooooooooooong noodles?"




And I, such a small-town, Midwestern girl at heart, get such a kick out of seeing my boys learn how to use chopsticks.  (I know you New Yorkers are probably all, 'whatevs.  My kids mastered chopsticks at 2.')




If you are in the area, Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House is totally worth a trip.  The promise of shrimp dumplings (always fried, thankyouverymuch) and sliced beef noodle soup garnished with fresh spinach and cilantro lures us out of the burbs even on a cold, rainy day. (We usually get chopped chicken noodle bowls for the kids – basically a big pile of noodles in a broth, with the chicken on the side.)


And BTW I wore two sweaters.  TWO.  Because it's been that kind of Spring so far. And OMG I'M STILL IN MITTENS!  MITTENS, I TELL YOU! [shakes fist at sky]

I also realized (too late) that this outfit is slightly reminiscent of a little Chinese grandfather.  Especially in the very first pic.  Seriously – go look at it, I'll wait.  I'm basically the same shape as the men around me.    I think it's the boyfriend jeans and hat?  And prob my lack of hair?  Sigh.  I give up.  Winter, you hear me?  I give!



oversized sweater: I couldn't find anything similar (#nobodycares), but I think modern candidates for sweater layering would be this cropped, striped sweater (20% off with code FANDF), this crochet one, or even J.Crew's reversible merino short-sleeve sweater (order a size bigger for solid pooch-hiding). 

hat: ASOS…similar

scarf: old…try Kenneth Cole's, 60% off ($50 once you add it to your cart)

jeans: JBrand Aiden Boyfriend jeans

boots: Steve Madden…similar (I wear these so much I'm thinking about getting the stone as well)

bag: ancient Marc Jacob's…similar


To go out that night, I ditched one of the sweaters and did an accessory swap.  Casual, but much better than my so-round-I'm-cute (#yes?) daytime look. 



sweater: ancient one from J.Crew factory – I bought it to nurse in, eons ago.  Sob!  I wish it were this one, though.

belt: Target!

jeansJBrand Aiden Boyfriend jeans

heels: Pixie Market (thanks to this article)

bag: ancient Marc Jacob's…similar


I feel the need to re-do the whole big sweater + boyfriend jeans thing.  We will see.





March 30, 2014

Three Perfect Spring Transition Outfits For Nursing & Post-Partum Mamas

Well shoot.  I'm not currently nursing (and "post-partum" is stretching it)…but I'd wear any of these in a heartbeat.  



Look 1:

Flower Hair Clip, ASOS, $15 (I'm picturing this tucked nonchalantly into a messy bun)

Free People Story Teller Tee, $68 (it's waffle knit – so cozy!) 

Nixon Time-Teller Watch, $74 (I'm addicted to these bright, oversized watches)

Striped Backpack, BCBG at Nordstrom, $88

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans, $188 at Anthro

TOMS in Orange Palm Trees, $54 (the only thing better than palm trees would be…nothing.  Nothing is better than palm trees.)


Look 2: 

Lanston Asymmetic Top, $95 at Shopbop (pooch-hiding, nursing-friendly drapiness at its best right here)

Autumn Cashmere Cardigan (almost sold out…try Target or Everlane)

Chewbeads Red Bracelet, $17 (A teething-friendly bracelet that I would actually wear…)

Marc Jacobs Medium Tate Tote, $198 (I swore by these when my little guys were young…and I'm still using them.  These nylon, washable bags rock my diaper-baggin' world.)

Gap Boyfriend Jeans (Soooo…I tried them recently and wasn't impressed.  Have been hearing much better things about Old Navy's version.  Go figure. 

Tieks Unmellow Yellow, $195 (aka my favorite flats ever)


Look 3:

Blackbird Colorblock Tee, $68 at Anthro

Slouchy Beanie, $12 at ASOS

Lily Jade Diaper Bag, $260 for another few days (then will shoot up to $335)

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans, $188 at Anthro 

Steve Madden Trooper Lace-Up Boot, $100 at Urban (I wear mine almost every day.  Grace, I have you to thank.  I know I owe you an article about these…how 'bout I just wear them in virtually every pic instead?)


Happy Monday!  (already?!?!)