April 6, 2017

Favorite Way to Style Hi Tops: Think Jackets


Ok friends. You know I love hi tops about as much as I love overalls. I also know they’re not for everyone, but I think that reason is just because they are a little tricky to style, right? Maybe I love a good fashion challenge so I gravitate towards things I have to really work at to figure out. I don’t know!

What I do know is that I like that hi tops are a bit more unique and a bit tougher than regular sneakers. But I do, however, love them for their comfort. I can keep them on all day long (walking around AND running after Sienna). A few readers have asked about styling hi tops lately. Here’s what I’ve found…

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November 22, 2016

Amazon Black Friday Sales – Laura’s Picks (Shoes…..)


Left, center, right

Black Friday Week has started for Amazon!  They have a ton of stuff on sale in their Amazon Fashion department (we like their Editor’s Picks….).  I’ve been browsing myself and was really impressed with the shoes (and boots)!  Think cute and cozy and perfect for right now.  Keep reading to see my favorites….

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September 6, 2016

Amanda’s Fall Wardrobe Edit (It’s All About the SHOES)


Hi ladies! So I got a little excited about back to school shopping this year…for myself. Shopping for my kindergarten girl can be tricky since we have very different um, aesthetics? Her love of rainbow and animal print rivals mine for black and stripes. Living with her creative fashion choices must be rubbing off on me though, especially in the shoe department. While I’m not going to be pairing tutus and rain boots anytime soon these leopard high tops and silver booties are going to be on replay all fall. Want to see how I’m mixing interesting shoes with classic cooler weather pieces?

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August 29, 2016

Dresses And High-Top Sneakers


dress (similar) | hi tops | sunglasses | backpack

Hey hey. Can you believe summer is winding down? No, me neither. Most of the country has even started school already. Gasp. Up here in the PNW, we get until Labor Day (this year, a bit before and apparently everyone went insane about that).

Regardless of school starting, it’ still HOT in many places. I don’t typically wear dresses, but this recent stint of living without AC has made me realize that dresses are the coolest outfit to beat the heat. No thank you to shorts sticking to your nether regions (insert covered-eyes monkey emoji here) or heaven forbid pants above 90 degrees. Nah gurl. Put on a dress and feel pretty even though you’re sweating buckets.

My edit?  Balance out girlie pieces (like a dress) with something tougher.  I rely on my trusty black hi tops to add an unexpected element to the ensemble. What I adore about this combo is that it’s great for all-day this time of year…cool enough to get you through the heat of the day yet not overly casual for picnics, BBQ’s or dinner on a patio.

Keep reading to see a few no-fail dress styles that have worked really well with hi tops…..

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May 3, 2016

How To Wear White Right Now

white denim santin cami soft neutral outfit

Whites are trending big this season and neutrals have come so far from plain old tan. Soft, pastel hues like blush, dusty blue and mint have made their debut and become the new essentials to a well-rounded wardrobe. Neutrals have definitely garnered a bad rap over the years – deemed dull and boring, or overlooked in favor of more colorful trends. But when combined, neutrals can create an effortlessly chic and timeless look that’s surprisingly simple to pull off.

So if you’re looking for a refreshing spring style alternative…. 


….you consider yourself a rebel, someone who prefers to live life on the edge, push limits, break rules and wear white any.day.of.the.year you please…

giphy (3)


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April 4, 2016

My Favorite Hi Top Sneakers Styled 4 Simple Ways


Hi tops, y’all. Pink hi tops. Hellz to the yes I did. Whispering pink, that is. I can seriously only do a whisper of pink at any given time. You may have already seen them over on Instagram (follow me @elletrain over there).

Comfy and badass at the same time, these Vans SK8-Hi Slim Zips are my new favorite shoes for spring and summer. I’ve always adored hi tops, but have had trouble finding a pair that aren’t too clunky or unflattering on my short legs. Flats + short legs are a tough combo in general, but then add some height to the top and a light color and woah, tricky.

These?  They work. I think it’s the slim fit around the ankle and the fact that they aren’t too high. I’m in love.

The Four Simple Outfits

I wanted to highlight several styling options, but also wanted to keep the outfits really easy to re-create.  I used the same basic, everyday tee, then focused on how well the the hi tops work with my four favorite pairs of pants. Boom. A recipe for a rad outfit on days when you don’t want to think. Bonus: they’re all super comfy, too!

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March 25, 2016

Five Ways To Wear White Sneakers This Spring

samba sneakers white denim outfit

The white sneaker trend has been around for several years, and while most shoe trends would have fizzled out by now, stark white sneaks aren’t going anywhere soon.

I’ll admit it took me awhile to warm up to the trend, mainly because I am one of the messiest people on the planet. I seriously cannot keep anything clean- I usually need to change completely before I walk out the door, and I can’t help but feel that purchasing a pair of perfectly white and shiny sneakers is like purposefully tempting fate. 

But, the more I saw them styled, the more I wanted them. Plus, there are sooo many cool white sneakers out right now that anyone can find their perfect pair.

I ended up with the Adidas Classic Samba, which I’ve wanted so badly since I was 10 years old and owned the Payless version that has like 6 stripes instead of three. These worked best for me because 1. They aren’t completely all white and 2. They have an off white suede toe cap that keeps them from scuffing as much.   Lastly they are super comfortable, as they are actually made for indoor soccer players. 

Here are five ways I styled mine.

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January 7, 2016

How I Wear Sneakers in the Winter (Hint: SOCKS)




Once December hits, I typically swap sneakers for boots.  But the lack of snow has me seriously reconsidering.  I mean…nothing is more comfy than sneaks and socks, right?  But which socks?  (Of course, if I’m wearing hightops then I gleefully grab the wooliest ones I can find.)

So: If I want to wear my black lowtop sneakers out in the cold….black socks, right?  Kind of like that old school man-rule about matching your socks to either your pant leg or your shoes?  Something like that?  And since I couldn’t *quite* remember which it was (Mike ignores that rule anyway), I did black on black on black because that, my friends, is always a winning combination.

Says me, anyway.

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November 12, 2015

The Most Versatile Jacket Yet: Packable Down

Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the UP), I know down jackets.  You cannot live in a climate like ours and NOT own one.  However, the down jackets I know tend to be shapeless masses of feathers and puff designed to do one thing: keep you warm.  Fortunately for us Yoopers (and anyone else that needs a seriously warm jacket in the winter), down jackets have come a loooong way.  They now are actually flattering (whaaa?) and come with seriously cool (and functional!) details that make them much more stylish than the down comforter jackets of yesterday.  My favorite new twist on down is the packable down jacket.  These jackets are lightweight yet warm . . . they feel like a cardigan but keep you warm like a down jacket.  They’re highly compressible and thin enough to layer under another jacket (Shana wears hers under her ski jacket) or tie around your waist.  I can vouch for how packable they are . . . I packed mine in my suitcase and it barely took up any room once I squeezed the air out of it.patagonia-moto-jacket
Speaking of suitcases, I just got back from visiting Shana in Philly! (SUPER crazy fun)! Although the first few days were warm (high 70’s . . . yessssss) it did get cold enough for us to try out our down coats outside.  Since they’re performance coats (and maybe because I’m insanely a little bit competitive), I suggested we have a work out competition to test them out . . . and to be completely thorough for our research, we also went to get brunch and Bloody Marys afterwards to make sure that they held up . . . through any possible scenario.  Like sitting outside drinking.  I mean, it’s all in the name of research, right??

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August 5, 2015

Dressing the First Trimester: Black Dress + Black Converse


There really is nada that can seriously satisfy my pregnant soul right now…other than Chipotle, naps and a simple, sort of tent-ish dress. It hides things…and for that I will *clapclapclap*.

The first trimester and even the beginning of the second is always an iffy, what-the-heck-do-I-wear time for me. I’ve had to ditch 99% of my shorts, because…ummm…the hips widening (they know what to do now and seem to just go ahead and jut right out) and my soft, cushy, I-look-out-of-shape-not-pregnant belly make it hard to fit into any of my non-maternity pants. sigh.

I may have shed a small tear when I tried on my favorite wide leg jeans the other day and they couldn’t be buttoned. I don’t know why I did that to myself. It was really sabotaging my pregnant emotions for no good reason. Oh, Cams. Silly. Silly. Silly. 

So. With that, I have had to find ways to be creative with what I have – wearing all of my slouchier tops, boyfriend jean shorts (there is no cool sagging going on anymore with those – ha) and a shirt dress. They have all worked out great, until recently when I got completely sick and tired of wearing them on serious repeat. Thank God I came across this pin , because I was about to throw in the towel and just wear workout clothes/pajamas until a proper bump presented itself.

Yessssss. This kind of outfit is chic without trying – with the black, sneakers, shades and the shape of the dress which allows for a bit of pooch and doesn’t make it look pooch-y, if you know what I mean. Basically, what early pregnancy dreams are made of. I just ordered up a size when I found this sweet shift dress and done.


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