January 20, 2017

Winter Sales: Laura’s Edit

There are some killer pieces on sale right now. Some are going fast. I found some really fabulous wardrobe-staple kind of finds, like washed black skinny jeans, tall boots, amazing sweaters. We still have quite a bit of winter left, so snap these babies up for a little closet-boost. I know I need one about now, since I’ve lived in slippers and leggings for weeks!

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November 16, 2016

Laura’s Go-To Holiday Outfit: Sparkly Sweater


The. Holidays. Are. Upon. Us. Everyone take a deep breath. Whew. But thank goodness they are. I think we all need a little extra cheer right now.

I adore the holidays and yes, am one of those who might start playing Christmas music a bit before Thanksgiving. Get mad if you must. Christmas music is the best. But, this year, we at TME got to get into the holiday spirit even earlier. When we chatted about doing holiday looks we were all excited. And then, some of us were a little stumped.

What actually encompasses a go-to holiday look for me? I rarely have anything very dressy to attend during the holidays (with the exception of last year’s fun cocktail party – I tried out looks for it here in one of my first posts!) So, like Cam, my go-to look had to feel festive and fun but be somewhat casual and comfy and work for a variety of occasions. I also wanted to invest in pieces I could wear again and again. (Don’t we always?)

Fortunately, I found a shimmery sweater and of course you know about these lovely suede boots and it just started to come together. So my go-to holiday outfit formula?

Jeans + Fancy Sweater + Gorgeous Boots

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February 23, 2016

Five Fun Ways To Style A Chambray Shirt Now

I woke up one day and decided I finally had enough of dealing with the ever growing piles of cheap junk clothing I’ve accumulated from years of chronic impulse buying.

So, I made it one of my goals this year to work on becoming a more conscientious buyer; to be more thoughtful and deliberate with my clothing purchases. This is no easy task for me, I’ve always been more of an act now, suffer the consequences later kind of a person, but acknowledging that I have a problem is the first step to overcoming right?

Quality over quantity is my new motto. I am going to work really hard at simplifying and buying only the essentials: quality clothing items that are versatile, durable and timeless.

Which brings me to my new chambray denim blouse, the 1969 Chambray Western Shirt by Gap, $59.92. I never realized the true potential of this unassuming top. There are soooo many different ways to style it. Seriously, just go onto Pinterest and search ‘How to style a chambray top’ and there are literally hundreds of outfit ideas. Here are my five favorites – outfit combos that hit the right note of ease and modernity:

1. Lace Skirt & Knee High Boots

denim outfit 1

Outfit details

top – you guessed it, 1969 Chambray Western shirt from Gap, $59.95

skirt – Bloomingdales Lace Pencil Skirt, $109.50.

hosiery –  Spanx Bodyshaping Tight-End Tights in charcoal, $20.00.

boots – DV by Dolce Vita Myste Riding Boots on Amazon & currently 69% off at $49.50.  A great way to make tall boots feel fresh.

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February 24, 2015

Workwear Edit: Culottes (And The Various Ways To Style Them)



You guys have been asking for more workwear ideas, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to test out a trend I’ve had my eye on for quite some time: Culottes.  This look won’t be for everyone, but it has the kind of unexpected fashion-girl vibe I love bringing into the office (in small, professional doses anyway).

But these darn things are tricky!!  Especially for petites.  Happily, I found a culotte romper (just go with me here) that’s available in both petite and regular sizes to test out this trend.  (And it’s now 40% off, so there’s that.)



And while I did figure out a way to warm it up (inside an office I’d lose the leather jacket but it was TWENTY DEGREES OUTSIDE PEOPLE), I also wanted to focus on styling culottes for Spring/Summer when I think they’ll really shine. So we headed into the studio, because, obviously. #freezing

First up:  Flats and culottes?  Is it possible?  Let’s see….

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April 23, 2014

Reader Style: Hayley’s Seriously Cool, Nursing-Friendly Sweater



Gang, I was thrilled to receive a email from Hayley, who blogs over at Easy Style For Moms.  She had recently bought this gorgeous yellow sweater from an Etsy seller based in China.  I've had my eye on a few Chinese-based Etsy sellers (their designs are so interesting and unique yet amazingly affordable), but I haven't tried anything firsthand. Happily, Hayley was willing to share her thoughts about the process and the product. 

 I’ve always been drawn to clothing with a contemporary Asian aesthetic. These pieces are often layered, draped, and playful when it comes to volume and proportion.  It’s a look that feels very modern so when I discovered this long, draped sweater on Etsy, I just had to have it.  I purchased the sweater from Aolo, an Etsy seller based in China.  I had to wait two weeks after placing the order but my patience was rewarded when the package arrived. I had been concerned about the fit because it was only offered in one size but I’m more than happy with the way it looks.  This sweater is now easily one of the favorites in my closet.


Sweater:   Aolo on Etsy 

Chambray tunic: Old Navy 

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans 

Boots: Lifestride X-Zip 

Silk hair scarf: Old – similar

Glasses: See Eyewear


Interesting, right?  Here are a few other pieces that caught my eye….


1. Black Oversized Top, $45 from Idea2wear

2. Loose Fitting Sweater, $50 from clothnew88

3. Two-Color Hoodie, $105 from Aolo

4. Cowl Neck Cardigan, $56


Thoughts?  Tempted to try?  And Hayley, thank you so much!  You can read more from Hayley at Easy Style For Moms.




ps.  Thank you SO much for your patience while Typepad worked to recover from the DDOS attacks.  Six days down!  Whoa.  

November 6, 2013

Reader Style: Jai’s Genius Way to Make a Guy’s Shirt Fit

Mamas!  One of my new sisters* sent me outfit pics as a little "thinking-of-you-today" kind of thing.  Jai grabbed one of her boyfriend's shirts and GENIUS RESULTED.

(She's my sister-in-law via my own sister's marriage – make sense?)



I love how this technique shows off a waist and a great rack (and Sister's got both).

Jai wore this outfit bartending….which isn't all that different from mom duty, you know?  Wiping up spills, dealing with unreasonable, hard-to-understand demands from people who can barely walk…I mean it's practically the same thing, right?  Except, uh…she gets paid in real money.  Versus kisses.  

BTW – I'm renaming this feature "Reader Style" instead of "Mom Street Style".  While the focus of this blog won't change, I don't want to make my, uh, three readers who aren't moms feel left out.  And cute, practical outfit inspiration can come from anyone – not just moms.  

IknowIknow.  Nobody cares.  Moving on.

Jai, you look awesome.  Thanks for the pics and inspiration, Babe.



October 14, 2013

Reader Question: Three Ways To Style a Plaid Skirt

Reader Question:

I was wondering if you could help me with styling this new skirt which I recently bought at Zara. The skirt is lovely and vintage-y but I found the styling surprisingly difficult.



I thought it would work with black but I am wearing it with black t-shirt and black ballet flats today and it just looks … blah. Help please?




K – thanks for emailing!  Printed skirts are hard.  As you mentioned, you can easily end up looking a tad boring, or I sometimes end up with some weird color-blocking thing going on and regretting that I ever bought bright blue tights. (Why? WHY?)

The key, I think, is to either mix patterns (you can do it subtly, if nervous), or make sure your accessories are interesting.  

For example, if the outfit K described above had been black stiletto ankle boots and a black faux-leather tee, there would've been nothing boring about that all-black look with the plaid skirt (although admittedly not work appropriate).  

Anyway, allow me to illustrate my point:




Look 1: Stylemint tee, Sam Edelman leopard flats

Look 2: Phillip Lim for Target dressJames Perse sweatshirt dress, faux-leather clutch , Enzo Angelini boots

Look 3: Zara striped shirt, Madewell chambrayNine West boots 


Hope this helps!





August 3, 2013

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Down to the Wire

Mamas.  I've been meaning to post my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks, but with summer and three babies at home.  All. The. Time.  It's been tough to get a thought out, let alone a word.  Typed, no less.  So, with three days to spare, and many of my favs mostly sold out (I mourn thee Hanky Pankys (WAIT!  Now restocked!!) and leather leggings and drool-worthy field jackets!), here goes:


You may know how I loathe the conventional diaper bag from (long) past posts, but Nordies offers a shockingly affordable, fab non-diaper bag from Deux Lux for $70 ($105 after sale).  I'm really loving the Gray Leopard with Gunmetal Hardware.

For the baby man in your life, check out these retro puma sneaks for $25 ($40 after sale).  They are light and flexible and soft, and franky, according to my hooligan boys, cah-razy-super-fast.  Perfecto for the challenges of starting preschool or kindergarten.

For little mamas, these girls floral print Joes Jeggings can't be beat for $42 ($64 after sale).

Are you drooling over all the leather but gasping at price tags given that, if you're anything like me, you're lucky to get out of the house once every other month?  Faux-it, Mothers, with this yummy leather t-shirt $45 ($68 after sale).  Pair it with skinny denim or a girly skirt and rockin' non-mom heels for full effect.

For daytime infusion of edgy leather style, throw on the Vince Camuto faux leather sleeve jacket over your everyday mom wardrobe of tees and jeans $106 ($160 after sale).

You know what they say about converts, right?  Such is my devotion as a late-comer to Downton Abbey.  Come fall, I'll be Mary, cavorting (in mourning!?  WTF.  Seriously.) all over Yorkshire in these prim, subtly detailed Sam Edelman lace up riding boots $150 ($225 after sale).

Gah!  I cannot believe summer (and the Nordies sale) is almost over.  Life is reeling ever faster along.  I suddenly want to home-school Hen instead of sending him off two-whole-blocks-away to kindergarten.  Eat it up mamas, and get while the gettin' is good.

– M.






April 3, 2013

Mom Street Style: Paola’s Neon-Chic at the Playground

Photo (84)

(wearing: shirt – from TJ Maxx or similar herevest – J.Crew….scarfTarget….jeans – Banana Republic…boots – Macys or similar heresunniesRay Ban


Mamas.  I ran into Paola at the playground a few days ago, and loved her take on a playground-momiform.  You know how enamored I am of neon + army green….but with chambray?  Genius! 

Best of all?  After I struck up a conversation, she revealed to me that she is a pretty die-hard bargin shopper.  "You don't need to spend a ton of money," Paola shrugged.  "Just choose the right pieces….carefully."  

Even her small details were thoughtfully picked:  pink lipstick, cool Ray-bans and starfish earrings (which are safe from grabby hands, but still blingy).

Photo (85)

But don't expect to find Little Batman's gorgeous Mama in sneakers.  "Augh!  So many big sneakers….everywhere.  Never!  I cannot."  She fixes me with a look.  "You do not have to wear sneakers just because you have kids."

Luckily, I happened to be in my desert boots that day…rather than my usual Converse. But I'll bet Paola was really talking about actual running shoes – the big, soul-less ones that appeared to be the footwear-of-choice at the park.  On that front, I'm with her whole-heartedly.  My real running shoes aren't even all that comfortable unless I'm actually, you know, running.  (And then I'm uncomfortable all over…but for a whole different reason.) 


Paola, thanks for being such a good sport, and providing us all with some neon inspiration!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I might need to make a Target run….





March 11, 2013

Fresh Ways To Wear Tall Boots


All last week, Superman, Raines and I were relaxing oceanside in Gulf Shores.  We had gone down to visit my parents, who, since turning sixty-something have become devoted snowbirds.  

My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty, and that’s the law. – Jerry Seinfeld

Also?  Weather channel. To say I returned home well informed about the snowstorms swirling about the country would be an understatement.

Anyway, fearing the worst, I had tall boots on the brain, expecting that we'd all be tromping around in snow up to our eyeballs.  Nope.  None, nada, nuttin'.  

But still.  I haven't worn tall boots all season, and I was (shockingly) in the mood.  So here are a few tall boot outfits for early Spring/Late Winter:

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