December 15, 2016

PJ & Loungewear Week: Graphic Sweatshirts + Sweater Leggings


I’ve got cozy on the brain because this weekend we’re going to visit the in-laws in Minneapolis for an early Christmas. The kids think we’re going to the North Pole, but joke’s on us because it’s actually warmer in the arctic circle than the midwest right now! When we get back and thaw out, I’ll be wearing this fun sweatshirt and festive sweater leggings on repeat. Especially on Christmas morning and, if we’re being honest, the rest of the day since I’m not leaving the house! We make the rounds on Christmas Eve, then get to stay warm and cozy all day on the 25th – the benefit of having the only grandkids is that my parents come here for present opening and lots of food that seems to merge into one day long meal. This is a great outfit combo for staying in, but if you’ll be staying over with family or friends during the holidays, it’s guest-appropriate, too!

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December 13, 2016

PJ & Loungewear Week: Long Cardis and Leggings


I. Love. The. Holidays. And you know the most perfect thing that happened on this day? It snowed!!!!! We get so many loads of rainfall each year, but snow is not a regular occurrence here in most of the Pacific Northwest, so we get pretty excited about the first snowfall. I will skip over the part where the next day it pelted us with freezing rain and focus on the magical wintery wonderland we had Thursday.

Sienna was insanely hilarious y’all, this being the first snow that she can remember. She was running around yelling “snow!” for 30 minutes straight when she went outside. She could not believe it! My heart definitely grew three sizes while watching the sheer joy on her little face.

Needless to say, I did not move out of these comfy clothes all day. My new favorite thing is a long cardigan. Pair with soft knit leggings, sherpa lined slippers and (possibly spiked) egg nog and you have a recipe for a perfect snow day right there.

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February 11, 2014

Style Basics: Three Ways To Wear V-Neck Tees In Winter


 If I had to survive with only one shirt, I'd probably pick one of my thin, drapy v-necks.  The low neckline flatters the bust, the drape hides a pooch and they look cool dressed up or down.  Besides, I became addicted to the v-neck while nursing FOR ALMOST FIVE YEARS GOOD LORD and I just can't quit 'em. 

But.  In winter, they are freezing.  Here's how I'm warming them up.

With Arm Warmers and a Faux-Fur Cowl

With heels and a sparkly belt if you are feeling especially glamorous, but this outfit works equally well with everyday boots.  A faux-fur cowl is my go-to around the house (being bald is very, VERY cold) and the arm-warmers actually make a difference!  (They're no turtleneck sweater, but they do alright.)



cowl: old Urban Outfitter…love this one, and it's washable

tee: old Soft Joie (easily my most favorite tee ever) – here's a current one

arm warmers: old, Etsy – but LOVE these or maybe these 

jeans: old AG – call me crazy but are these JCPenny jeans similar?

heels: old Aerosoles – but this pointy-toe pump from Nine West is even cuter.

lipstick:  Tarte Matte Liptint in Lively


Under a Flannel, With a Pile of Delicate Necklaces

There's something about the combo of a low neckline, soft flannel, and a tangle of delicate necklaces.  A pretty bra, always.



And my Uggs?  There's probably a better choice, but I'm always in Uggs these days.  Especially with a flannel-shirt-as-cardigan.



necklaces: an old one of mom's, Stella & Dot Piper necklace, Gold Twig necklace – a present from Grace!!

tee: Gap (size M)

flannel: old J.Crew…but I love this one on sale at Bloomies

jeans:  Ugh, I'm getting sick of trying (in vain) to find another pair of patched denim.  Instead, may I present my fav Rag and Bone at 30% off?

boots: Classic Mini Uggs


Color-Blocking With A Long-Sleeve Tee

This is an old trick, circa 1997.  Even the shoes!  And the over-sized denim!!  



The only difference between this and my college uniform is the hat and bright lipstick.  And now we call wearing two t-shirts "color-blocking" like it's some fancy thing.  #itsathing




hat: ASOS – one with ears are all sold out, but this huge pom one is adorable

tee: Everlane, woman's vee, size M

long-sleeve tee:  old….this one is also great for layering (am currently looking for a long-sleeve, striped v-neck tee – anyone know?)

jeans: J Brand Aiden boyfriend jeans (size 28 on sale here….other sizes full price here)

sneaks: Converse



Any other ideas?




February 4, 2012

Reader Q: What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party – Super Bowl XLVI Style

Few things confound me more than dressing for sporting events/parties.  I like designer denim, tall boots, drapey tops, interesting sweaters. . . but these items somehow just don't seem to fit with queso dip and beer (much as I do love those Super Bowl standbys), so I welcomed ANMJ reader Tamar's question as a challenge and spent pretty much all week culling Super Bowl party-worthy ensembles.  See What you think!  Tamar writes: 

I recently got my body back down to its original size and I am looking forward strutting my stuff at our friends Superbowl party. Problem being I have no idea what to wear. I was thinking a cute outfit in team colors? Colored blue denim with a cute top? 
– Tamar

I love the idea of going in team colors, Tamar, particularly if you or hubs are big sports fans, and this year we're in luck, because the New York Giants and the New England Patriots have nearly identical color schemes of blue, red, white and gray.  (Or if you're a Patriots fan, Nautical Blue, New Century Silver–of course.  Totally different.  I'm sure that's complete sacrilege.  Sorry.) 

But pulling off team colors without going the distance of face painting can be tough.  I've put five looks together, including two traditional team-wear outfits and three other more-every-day looks, from edgy to preppy, that incorporate pieces you probably already have.
Super Bowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots) 2012 Outfits

Have fun and congrats on getting your pre-baby bod back!
– M.
March 31, 2011

Mom Street Style: Gwen’s Babywearing, Spring Transition Outfit (And Upcoming Giveaway Info…)

IMG_2137 Readers, I ran into Gwen at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It was one of those "warm? cold? now warm again?  Nope – there's the wind!!" kind of days.

Gwen looked adorable and perfectly dressed for the weather in her soft gray and stripes.

Here's what I'm loving:

1.  When in doubt, go striped.  I'm always amazed at how much stripes can lighten up a whole outfit — even under an Ergo!

2.  Lighten up!  Swap out your dark-wash denim for a lighter wash, or gray.  The whole outfit will feel more Spring-like.

3. Monochrome bottom – keeping your footwear and legs in the same color family (or same tone) visually lengthens legs. 

Gwen's top is the maritime J.Crew hoodie I've been coveting for a while, her skinny cargos are from Brass Plum (Nordstroms) and her boots are the infamous Ugg Cardys.

Now, about that giveaway…

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February 3, 2011

What Moms Wear: Uggs (And How I Learned To Love Them)


Contributing author Madeleine Burka Hill is a writer, shoe-lover, and girly-girl raising two boys with her fabulous naval aviator husband. In her spare time, she indulges her online shopping habit and practices yoga. In Dec. 2010, her husband's Navy career took this self-proclaimed east coast girl and her family to live in central California.


I swore I’d never wear them.

Here's why: in the early 2000s, it seemed like all of young Hollywood was being photographed in Uggs with shorts and bare legs. I still see this a lot today – It might work for celebrities, but in my opinion, it’s not an attractive look for anyone, especially not for a mom.

But there I was. It was February 2010 – there were uncharacteristically frigidly cold temps in Virginia Beach, Va. My beloved clogs just weren’t going to cut it. So off to the department store I went – and out I walked with a pair of the formerly sworn off Uggs (black, of course – I can't help it). And I fell in love. They were so warm, so cozy and comfortable. They are definitely not for trudging through huge snow drifts, but they do serve a purpose. 

An Uggs look that works for most is to slide them over leggings or very skinny jeans – this avoids bunched up pants. The slimness of the pants balances out the bulkiness of the boots.The trick is to avoid looking sloppy. On top, a chic, simple sweater or a long and drapy style works best. My friend Sharon (pictured) is a perfect example of how to wear Uggs and look polished – slim pants and a cozy sweater – kind of like an urban snow bunny. 

If you're squeamish about wearing a waist-length sweater with slim pants (which Sharon pulls off beautifully), go with the long drapy look. I like one that I can wrap around myself.

 Ladies with muscular calves should stick with a shorter Uggs style, of which there are many. Like the look but don't want to invest in a pair of Uggs? Try the Bearpaw brand – it's the same look but at a cheaper price.

Here are a few cozy and chic winter looks for Uggs & leggings/jeggings…

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April 1, 2010

How To Wear Mixed Prints for Spring / Summer 2010

P3272377  We're seeing mixed prints everywhere this Spring:  Fashion mags, blogs, runways – you name it, it's there.   But it's a tricky, tricky trend.  While a haphazard approach to just throwing on mixed prints can work, this type of look is usually pulled together by a killer pair of heels and a statement bag.  So the overall look screams "I'm purposely not matching in an ironic way!!" instead of "I got dressed in the dark!"

Moms, however, rarely are rocking killer heels or a statement bag, so the quirky mixed trend look can quickly veer off into crazy-lady land. 

Additionally, while I find spreads in fashion magazines very inspiring, I often feel that that the clothes are either impractical for my daily life, or (especially in this case) the look can only be achieved with the exact carefully selected silk floral skirt and shirt shown in the spread.  In short:  beautiful, but not accessible.

So here's my attempt to take this trend in a very mom-friendly direction.  It's an easy and fun way to perk up your everyday basics.

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March 11, 2010

Winter / Spring Mom Uniform Idea: Boyfriend Jeans + Sweatshirt + Girly Accessories

IMG_3817  Yesterday we showed a mom-uniform outfit idea based on a blousey dress (courtesy of reader Amy), and today we have another mom-uniform outfit idea coming in from our reader Esther!  (Esther, BTW, is the insanely talented children's clothing designer Chinny Chin Chin that we profiled last year.)

Esther, typically addicted to a large black parka at this time of year, was inspired to swap it out after reading one of our End of Winter Outfit Ideas.  I'm so glad she did.

I'm head over heels in love with Esther's outfit.  By now most of you know my long-standing love affair with destroyed boyfriend jeans (really, there is nothing more comfortable)…and Esther manages to up the comfort level even further by pairing hers with a comfy sweater and Ugg-like boots.  A gorgeous scarf, a cool spring jacket and movie-star shades completes this drop-dead cool look.

NOTE for other Ugg boot wearers:  Notice that Esther has rolled her jeans to hit at the top of the Ugg boots, instead of attempting to stuff all of that fabric into the boots.  Perfect.

Esther is pregnant, and I love that this look can work for both pregnant and not-pregnant moms.  Esther's "pregnancy denim" is actually Converse jeans from Target.  (Esther – would you leave a comment telling us about the rest of your fabulous outift?)

So…inspired by Esther, I came up with another version of her mom-uniform idea.  But since I'm optimistically thinking Spring, I put together a slighty warmer-weather version:

Items in this set:
Women's sweaters – merino – Merino boyfriend sweatshirt – J.Crew, $70
Gap Petite Military anorak, $70
Gap Petite Destructed easy straight jeans (light wash), $70
Women's shoes – ballets – Patterned classic ballet flats – J.Crew, $120 – New Arrivals – Accessories, $13

I'm loving the drape and ease of J. Crew's Merino Wool Sweatshirt, but any thin, drapey sweatshirt would work.  (FYI:  These kinds of sweatshirts are also amazing with tiny little skirts or shorts for date night – just add high heels).  I just bought an army green jacket like the one above (which is actually on sale for $44, BTW) and I find that I'm wearing it everywhere.  There's a lot of casual boyishness going on in these outfits, which makes them the perfect foil for girly accessories.  Add a pretty scarf, like Esther, and once the weather is warmer, swap out your Uggs for pretty printed flats.  I'm also into ribbon-tied bib necklaces for moms.  Not only do they look very, very cool with a simple sweatshirt, but the kiddos can pull on these things all day with minimal risk.  With Spring and it's widely ranging temperatures, having a pretty little something layered under the scarf ensures you're always lookin' good.