April 28, 2016

Spring Color Combo: Black, White and….Olive


And sometimes…you get to eat ice cream on the job!

This hot hot day in Portland we decided to go to what would become my new favorite ice cream shop. At the suggestion of my friend and insanely talented photographer, Posy Quarterman, we headed over to Fifty Licks for a fun afternoon of delicious treats.

The Outfit Formula

Ok, so in the interest of fashion and not wanting to make you jealous by describing all of the ridiculously delicious ice cream flavors, on to talking about a new favorite outfit combo of mine: black & white and olive.



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April 17, 2016

Ann Taylor’s Massive Cyber Spring Sale: 50% off Everything (Plus Our Picks)

ann taylor sale

It’s always exciting to stumble upon an amazing online sale, and even better when you can share the excitement with others. Ann Taylor is currently in the middle of their massive Cyber Spring sale where every. single. item. is 50% off plus free shipping from now until Monday night but they are already going fast. Here are just a few of my favorites on offer:

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March 29, 2016

A Review of Ugg Australia’s Gorgeous SANDALS (Hint: Suuuper Comfy)



Nordstrom asked for my thoughts on Ugg Australia’s newest line of footwear.  Specifically, sandals.  A huge sucker for cute-n-comfy footwear, I rolled up my sleeves, gave the UPS guy one heck of a workout, and got down to bizness.

All in the name of research, of course.  We’re alllll about Research.



Keep reading to find out which pair was the MOST comfortable, which pair I absolutely wouldn’t recommend, and which pair(s?) made their way into my closet. (If you follow me on Instagram – @shanachristine – I’ll bet you can guess).

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September 7, 2014

That Time I Wore My Mom’s Dress To New York Fashion Week (#NYFW)




It’s so nerve-wracking getting dressed for Fashion Week events.  I always make a bigger deal out of it than is necessary, and in the end always wear something comfortable.  Especially when Mike comes along – we try to make a day-date out of the whole thing.   So this time, with temps in the 90’s and threats of rain…I wore my mom’s dress (and wedges that I later regretted).

Anyway, we had a blast.  We also spent way too much time in the subway (at this point, I’m convinced that the “C Train” is purely mythological and am pretty sure that the world’s energy crisis could be solved by studying the New York subway stations’ ability to retain heat)  but New York never disappoints.






Fashion Week nerds are easy to spot.  Just look for outfits with a healthy dose of crazy.  I’m not gonna lie:  I love a healthy dose of crazy and am currently hunting down that….fluffy?  fringy? shirt below.  Giant white trousers that don’t cost $1000 have been on my list for years now…BUT STILL NO LUCK.





Mike indulges me with this whole fashion blogger thing, but we both genuinely  love RewardStyle parties.  I have very few pics because we were too busy gabbing.  And eating fashion food.  (Think: small)







Of course I had to take Mike over to Lincoln Center to see Carnival I mean Fashion Week.  It’s a trip.







My friend Brent recently pointed out that NYFW crowds are growing – more photographers, more bloggers, more style stars, more onlookers.  As a result, photogs are relying on their big-gun zoom lenses to get the shot.  Otherwise, too many people are in the way.  I think Brent’s right.  The vibe outside of the Lincoln Center felt a little more…forced than it did a couple of years ago.  Mike called it “peacocking”.   He’s dead on.


To be fair, it was also a million degrees outside with loads of humidity.  Which may have contributed to the “forced” feeling.  In my case, as you may know, this sort of weather is perfect for short, curly hair.  [fist pump]



Snort.  Which reminds me….I need to pick up another baseball hat.  Or twelve.


Anyway, after all of this, we grabbed seriously good Thai at Room Service (Mary, you babe, thanks for the recommendation!!), walked around Chelsea in the cool night air, and smooched a little bit.  Feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happy, we went down to the subway.




I mean seriously WTF New York.  I thought I was going to pass out.  It was like Death Valley with 300% humidity.




So of course Mike took pictures of my boobs.



Aren’t they pretty?  You’d never know I’m still missing a nipple.  Gotta get that thing tattooed on soon.  (Hi New Readers!  Don’t be scared – it’s just breast cancer humor…ha,ha…ha.  And you guys – at this exact time last year I was about to start chemo.  Sofreakingcrazy.)


But you know my favorite thing about Fashion Week?  My most favorite thing?  Is how – each time – I leave feeling totally inspired by all of those bat-sh*t-crazy outfits.  I KNOW.  But the thing is….those Peacocks (as Mike would call them) – they’re expressing themselves in a harmless (and fun) way, exuding confidence, taking a break from the norm.   And because the Peacocks exist, the rest of us, at least during Fashion Week, Get. Dressed.  In a major way.  So instead of grabbing any ol’ pretty dress, I worked a little harder….and ended up in my mom’s stunning vintage dress.  Something I don’t wear nearly often enough.  And I felt gorgeous, darling.  Glamorous, even.

One of these years I may go for it.  Find something unique and crazy-fabulous and dress totally up like the Peacocks. Maybe.  Or maybe I’ll just start wearing more dramatic pieces on the regular.  There is something to be said for a stunning maxi dress.


Thanks, Mom.  Love you to pieces.



dress:  my Mom’s (see below for a few others I love)

shoes: Nine West wedges – similar Plomo wedges currently 60% off

accessories:  Kate Spade Henry duffle – sold out, but the Kate Spade Charles Street Kenton is similar, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Target hat but am really crushing on this seriously chic hat by Kate Spade or this pom-pom baseball hat by Echo, Bauble Bar Arrow necklace, and my mom’s bracelet (that she bartered for in an Ethiopian bazaar while in the Peace Corp when Haile Selassie was overthrown and a military coup happened.  True story – my mom’s a badass.)





In honor of Fashion Week, here are a few dramatic maxi dresses that you could work into your real life.










July 28, 2014

Reader Style: Erika’s Everyday, Pooch-Hiding, White Summer Dress



Gang, I was delighted to get the following note from Erika:

Hi Shana,
First off, I wanted to say that I’ve been a long time reader, and I love your new site!  You’ve been the inspiration of many purchases over the last few years.  I’ve loved your open honest writing style, and all the outfit inspiration.  Especially for pooch hiding and nursing. 
I live in  Portland, OR, and am a mom of four amazing kids ages 10 to 2 years old, so you can imagine the many years of nursing and the necessity of hiding the pooch!  [Hats off to you, Erika!]
Your recent post about white dresses came at just the right time.  I had been wanting to get a summery white dress, and loved all your dress ideas.  I thought I’d share a couple pics my son took of me in the one I found.
Thanks for all the positive encouragement and inspiration.  What you do matters!
Erika, thank you SO much for your sweet note.  And Chick?  You look fantastic.  I love the drop-waist on the dress. So perfect for those, uh, poochier days. #everydayispoochday
And nice work finding comfy sandals that make you so tall.  I love what you’ve got goin’ on here with the white dress….and I think they’d also be cute with short denim cut-offs and a plaid button-down half-tucked.  Oh!  Or under flares in the fall with a lightweight sweater!  Yes!  See?  Now you’ve got me dreaming about Big Girl Shoes.
Erika is wearing:
dress:  C&C California Cotton Voile Dress, $45  (currently 50% off at 6pm)
shoes: Born Emmy Sandal, $103 (on sale at Zappos)
Jewelry:  Noonday collection (a company dedicated to providing economic opportunity to the vulnerable – thanks for this, Erika!)
Enjoy!  And Erika, thanks again for the white dress inspiration!!
ps.  It’s the last week of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  A bunch of my fav pieces have sold out, so I updated The Mom Edit’s Nordstrom Anni Sale Shop to only show items that are (as of now) available.  (I got sick of clicking on something only to find it had sold out.)  I also went through the remaining sale inventory and found a few more pieces that I had missed in the earlier fray.  And don’t worry – if you haven’t had a chance to shop the sale, there’s plenty of great stuff left.  You can see my remaining picks here.
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May 21, 2013

My Summer Mom-Uniform Edit

Awkward Mom shorts.  That's my summer momiform edit.

No, not really. 


  (wearing: teebelt c/o Lucky Brandshorts - old, but here's the same style in brownsandals -awesomely comfortable…bracelets – old Chan Luu but here's my new fav and Lindsay Bloom gold banglesbackpack)


I've been playing around with different lengths of shorts…but the jury is still out, Mamas.  I'm not sure I love this mid-length.  I'll probably go back to rolling them up.

Anyway, my summer momiform (heck, my year-round momiform) consists of some kind of tee (give or take sleeves, depending on the season) plus denim.  Like I mentioned last year in our Summer Style Rules article, I primarily rely on a cool shoe + bag combo to keep things interesting in the summer months. (If you missed it, my 2013 sandal picks are here…and bags picks are coming soon!)

But I have two accessory additions to the summer momiform this year:  patterned belts and statement sunglasses. 

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April 16, 2013

Wearing All Black in the Spring



Beth emailed a while back, wondering about all-black outfits.  She wrote:

I love to wear black. I know that may not be the "in" thing to do- but it works for me. Black, a rich midnight blue, dove or heather gray- those are colors I work well with. The problem is that those then look so drab for spring. Any thoughts?

Yup.  See, I'm with you, Beth.  While color is huge right now, I tend to be a more minimalist, neutral kind of gal at heart. From growing up in the 90's, perhaps?  Which also explains my oversized white t-shirt obsession.  But black is pretty fabulous – there's no reason you can't rock all black all year.

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April 16, 2013

Reader Q | How To Style A Basic Nursing Dress For A Wedding (And Stay Warm)

 Reader Question:

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog – you have helped me a TON! Now, I have a big favor to ask. I'm headed to a wedding in Duluth, in April….which means there could be a blizzard or it could be balmy. I'm going to be chasing a three year old and carrying around (and nursing) a ginormous 9 month old. Thanks to your suggestions on other nursing/maternity items, I picked up this Isabella Oliver nursing dress in French Navy.  It does a good job (with Spanx) of holding in my about 4 months pregnant looking pooch….I feel comfortable in it, but I need shoe and accessory suggestions.


Did I mention I am standing in this wedding, and there are NO suggestions in terms of color, etc.? The bride likes my dress…..where do I go from here!? All I have figured out is dangly earrings are out, cause I have a grabber, and maybe wedges would be better for toddler wrangling…Thank you thank you!


I've even attached a photo of myself in said dress, so you can see what we are working with 😉






Holly, you look seriously fabulous.  4 Months Post-partum?  WOW.  

So you need a few options to work with crazy Duluth weather, while toddler wrangling and standing up for the bride?  Gotcha.

The most important one, I think, is the standing up for the bride part.  While there may be no suggestions from the bride in terms of color, I think we should be careful.  While your dress may look great with, say, a hot red pump for date night, I think that's the wrong choice for wedding photos – you don't want your bright pumps competing with the bride in pics.  Know what I mean?

Holly, I came up with a couple of possible looks for you.  They include some subtle accessories, and a way to stay warm(ish) if you find yourself in the middle of a blizzard (which seems likely….Marquette, MI just had a snowday last week).  Warning:  I said warm-ish, not warm.  But you'll look amazing, and won't totally freeze.  Which is the best you can hope for as a bridesmaid, I think. 🙂

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July 29, 2012

Mom Street Style | My Mama


Mamas, meet my mama.  She taught me how to love.  She taught me how to laugh.  She taught me how to pass on a two-lane highway, how to do my own laundry and how to walk away from boys who weren't very nice.  And she taught me how to dress.

So when she popped over last week on one of these 95+ degree days we've been having, looking cool and crisp in this effortlessly posh and oh-so-current shirt dress, I knew it was high time to feature Babs here on ANMJ Mom Street Style.  She's wearing an unknown maker gingham shirt dress, Chanel sunnies, sliver wedge Clark's sandals and an LV Palermo GM bag I've been coveting like crazy.

Shirt dresses are having yet another major moment.  They're practically papered over every collection this year, and this versatile, preppy staple is a great counterpoint to less structured summer dresses, confusing capris and shorts. 

Whether you're at work, running around town with the babes or meeting up with the fam for brunch, it's almost impossible to go wrong with a shirt dress.  And with the addition of a belted cardi or slim cut jacket and boots, it will take you through three seasons.  For a less conventional take, pair a shirt dress with a slouchy bag, shortie boots and a low slung belt.


– M.