June 26, 2017

Beach Days And Our Two Fav Swimsuits

School is (finally) out in Philadelphia, and we’re about to head for the shore.  There’s nothing I like better than long, slow summer days at the beach.  Biking to the ice cream shop, playing catch, collecting rocks and shells, and falling asleep at night with the sound of the surf fresh in our ears.

My boys love it too.  They can literally amuse themselves on the beach all. day. long.  Granted, much of this time is spent in the water boogie-boarding and testing the limits of both mom and the lifeguards…but I love that they love it.  It reminds me of how I grew up, of home.

The beaches in Marquette, MI, my hometown, are something special.  The Lake Superior water is crystal clear (you can see the bottom to such depths that it’s creepy), the sand is soft, clean, and most of the time you can find a stretch of beach that’s deserted.  Growing up, my summer days were also filled with biking to the ice cream shop, collecting rocks, and swimming for hours on end.  (Granted, you can’t surf Lake Superior from the shore….but you can surf.)

Later in the summer, we’ll go home to Michigan.  We’ll go home to do some stand-up paddle-boarding on the lake, have some long, outdoor dinners that take full advantage of the 11PM sunset, and, naturally, a few beach days.  With beer.

Keep reading for a few pics from our Memorial Day summer kick-off in Marquette, as well as the two one-piece swimsuits my sister and I will be rocking all summer.  (Mine’s cheeky – and wasn’t nearly as scary to wear as I thought it might be.)

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June 19, 2017

Marty Found This Nursing-Friendly, Diving-Board Friendly Suit At Target

My friend Marty recently reached out.  She and I were in a breastfeeding support group together after Raines was born.  It was a fun group; after each session, a bunch of us would usually go out for beer.  Our kiddos – well-nursed for prob the only time that week – would usually sleep for a good two hours. Sometimes?  Three.  That, my friends, is the true power of breastfeeding support groups, IMO.  Beer chats and sleeping babies.

Anyway, Marty recently shot over an email – with pics!  Not only does she now have four babies (her youngest is 8 months old), but she found a pretty great suit.  She wrote:

I myself have been hunting for a nursing friendly swimsuit that stays in place and makes me feel comfortable both standing on the side of the pool, which is where I spend most of my time, and doing tricks off the diving board (the best way to torment my kids when it’s adult swim!).  I’m also super lazy and hate returning things by mail, which I know is a terrible excuse considering how convenient they make it these days. So I took advantage of our neighborhood teenage babysitter the other afternoon and trotted over to Target to see what I could find. I lucked into a clearance rack suit, which is still available on the Target website, so I thought I would pass it along.

My body shape is small chested, even when nursing, and pear-shaped. And stubborn about getting back to pre-baby shape!  Although I am not particularly wild about the pattern of the suit, I can live with it, and I really like how it keeps my chest covered and I don’t have to mess with pieces sliding out of place when kids grab on to me or I do those famous dives. 😉 The torso also has some shirring, which helps the pooch situation. All in all, it felt like a lucky find and a great solution for this summer’s swimsuit needs.

And here I am, under the oh-so-flattering dressing room lights. I took these pics to send to my husband to make sure the suit wasn’t terrible, but figured I can share them with you (and possibly the TME readers – yikes!). Had I anticipated sharing this, I would’ve at least brushed my hair. 😉

Hair brushing is over-rated.  The suit is a fantastic find.

Keep reading to see more pics of Marty’s suit, as well as links to buy (it comes in four different patterns, too)….

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June 9, 2017

Bikini Guide: The Best High-Neck Bikinis

photo credit: Kingdom and State Serape Tankini Top

So….Laura turned us on to the high-neck bikini top this past March, during her trip to Florida. She made a pretty strong point that I’ll summarize like this:

 high-neck tops = beach-momming without fear

I was also impressed with the number of readers weighing in on how they rely on this silhouette to support larger busts, to keep grabby little hands at bay, and – gasp – actually swim in their bikini.

Don’t you love when a trend ends up being uber-practical as well?

This summer, there are a ton of high-neck tops from which to choose.  The shape is just so on-point, and one can find basics in every color, prints ranging from romantic florals to punchy tropical prints to classic stripes, and (my personal fav), high-neck tops with strategic cut-outs to give the illusion of more skin.

Keep reading to see our favorite high-neck bikinis….

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June 5, 2017

Katie’s Post-Partum Swimsuit is STUNNING

We received an email from reader Katie.  She wrote, “Totally shocked I’m doing this, but here goes nothing….” and then proceeded to blow my mind with the most genius (and sexy!!) post-partum swimsuit ever.

Katie is wearing Gottex’s Monte Carlo High-Neck One-piece and…WOW.  Apparently she’s getting loads of compliments at the pool from both moms and non-moms alike, and frankly, if a mom walked into the pool wearing this and toting a fourth month old….I’d give her a standing ovation then buy her a drink.

Here’s what Katie had to say about this suit:


4 months post-partum (slightly floppy belly and all) and nursing. I’m currently about a size 8 on bottom (usually a 6) and gigantic/32I on top.  I have 3 boys – ages almost 4, barely 2, and 4 months. I needed something that I felt (can I say hot?) hot in, but could still literally wrangle little kids in.  I have a 12 in this suit mostly for room in the top, but even without a real bra structure I feel sufficiently supported. 

The reviews say that the material was scratchy and while I can’t say they’re absolutely wrong (the mesh part is a bit scratchy) it isn’t actually bothersome to me a bit.  Best feature you’d never know! There is a set of hook and eyes under the bust so even if a crazy toddler totally unzips the front you won’t be completely spilling out the front.

I took these pics between gymnastics for my oldest and music practice for me – fashion forever!  (Realized far too late that there’s a nursing pad on the floor in the background.)
All kinds of love for your blog and you! 


Right backatcha, Katie.  (And I cracked up at her “fashion forever!” statement.  Trust me – trying to get good pics while wrangling children is a struggle we TOTALLY get.  Fashion Forever!!)

Click through to see more pics of Katie’s suit….

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June 2, 2017

Swim Cover-Ups That Look Like Dresses (Under $100)

I used to go to the beach with the intention of doing a little LLB:  Lounging, leisure, and beer.  Now when I go to the beach, I’m rarely able to sit down (forget lounging) for longer than a few minutes before Greenlea is up (forget leisure) running here and there . . . and LOVING the water no matter how cold it gets (and people, Lake Superior is cold).  There’s a lot of chasing, bending down, picking up, squatting and other super-flattering things to do in a bikini.  HI.  HERE’S MY BUTT.

Cover-ups are no longer just what I wear over my suit to and from the beach, but a way of life. #mumusforever! (Not to be confused with Show Me Your Mumu, which has some seriously amazing dresses . . . but I digress).

I found a new favorite coverup from Billabong for our trip to Lake Havasu this spring.  I wore it over my suit while walking along the boardwalk and playing with Greenlea at the beach.  It covered enough so I didn’t feel weird when walking into restaurants, but wasn’t so heavy that it made me hot.

Keep reading to see more of my favorite, as well as a round up of cover-ups that also double as dresses.

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April 3, 2017

Supportive Swimwear for Larger Busts: Our 2017 Picks


Hey all! We’ve been getting tons of questions from you ladies about swim styles that offer a bit more support up top, especially for larger busts. It can be really disappointing when you love a certain style, only to try it on and feel like the designers forgot about that silly thing called gravity? Or if you’ve nursed a few babes and now find you need more than stretchy fabric to keep things where they should be, we’ve got you covered.

When you’re looking for supportive swim tops, it helps to skim the description for these key words: underwire, hidden or otherwise; side boning (your hubby will probably find that amusing if his sense of humor hasn’t evolved much since junior high, like mine’s); and 3-row 2-column (or some combination) hook & eye closure like regular bras & sports bras have for extra security.

I found so many good choices this year, even more so than in years past. I noticed a happy and inclusive trend this year that stylish and on-trend swim brands are making the same style in regular, larger cup sizes and plus sizes. Yay for finally recognizing bodies come in more sizes than small, medium and large! I grouped swim styles by tankini/bikini and one-pieces, so everyone can find their comfortable level of coverage.

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July 13, 2016

These Moms Found Their Favorite Swimsuit




See that smug little grin?  It’s the grin of a Mama who has found the perfect swimsuit.  And Abigail really did – wait until you see it.  Even better?  Reader Elizabeth also wrote in with three seriously good options.  Let’s do this!

Abigail’s Find

I received this sweet note from Abigail – I found her perspective and words so uplifting, I hope you do too:

Hi Shana (and ladies!),
I can’t believe I am even doing this, but Scotti’s last swimsuit post inspired me. I love one of the comments saying that if your beautiful friends were quick to find fault with their pictures, (and here we all are commending them for their bravery and beauty) then maybe, just maybe we (I) look better than we give ourselves credit for. It is hard to look at myself objectively when all I am confronted with are photoshopped pictures showing perfectly tan, dimple free, toned bodies.
I commend you for taking REAL photographs, for letting us see REAL bodies-bodies you have worked hard for, bodies that have worked hard for you, bodies that have given birth, bodies that go to work everyday- and for letting us see that REALNESS.
Nicole-one of your commenters- recommended this swimsuit and on a whim I ordered it, skeptically (as I have a hate/tolerate relationship with swimsuits). Lo and behold when it arrives it’s…perfect. I feel fantastic in it and I don’t think that has ever happened before. I feel sexy for my husband, appropriate to chase around my Littles at the community pool, and comfortable in my own skin in this suit. Not an easy combination to find!!
So thank you Mom Edit team, for this community of support you have created and that you continue to nourish.
(So without further ado..and wishing I had a bit of liquid courage and a tan- ha!- here is me in the suit)

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July 6, 2016

Reader Edit: Supportive Swim Bra + Rashguard Combo




After Scotti and her friends posted about their favorite swimsuits, I received this email from Heidi:

I thought I’d share some photos of me in the swimsuit that works for me as another example of a different body type in a swimsuit. Feel free to use it or not. I do not claim to be anything close to a fashionista. I’m a 35 year old mother of three, ages 6, 4, and 2. I have an apple shaped figure, so basically I look always look postpartum as my extra weight lands around my middle. Further complicating matters, I am very busty (bigger than a DDD), have a long torso and I am not comfortable in bikini. Long torso one pieces/tankinis don’t fit my boobs and bra sized one pieces/tankinis don’t fit my torso. I think I’ve finally found a swimsuit combination that works for me this year though. It’s a bra sized bikini with a tunic style rash guard over it. The bikini top I am wearing as a swim bra. My boobs require support and the bra sized bikini top is great for that. The tunic style rash guard provides the coverage and the length that I want plus the ruching and pattern helps camouflage my middle. Underneath are tankini bottoms that I’ve had for years. I wish I had figured this out while I was still nursing as it would’ve been easier to nurse in this than a one piece as I could have simply switched to a lightweight nursing bra under the rash guard instead of the bikini top.


Heidi, first of all, I LOVE that you can see your 6 year old taking these photos!  Best. Photobomer. Ever.  What a good sport.

But secondly, fashionista or no, you’ve come up with a seriously good solution for a very tricky problem.  The swim bra lifts and separates (while offering more support) and the rashguard covers up any problem areas and protects from the sun.  Even better, you can completely change this look by swapping out rashguards.

Heidi, you mentioned that you like your rashguards to be tunic length.  Lands’ End (like the one you are wearing) does this pretty well, but if you are ever in the market for another, you should also check out the ones from Cabana Life.  The prints look a tad more modern, and the cut of the rashguard is a little sexier – the front is cut a bit lower, which would also be flattering for a large bust.

Additionally, I’ve rounded up a few other tunic-style rashguard options to better highlight the wide range of looks that this genius combo supports.

Well done, Heidi!!  A huge thank you to you (and your 6 year old, haha) for taking the time to send in pics!!!  Mamas around the world applaud you.  🙂

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June 10, 2016

Our Swimsuit Edit (Involving Seriously Supportive Tops…)

Mom Edit Pool Diptych
Hello mamas! Summer break is almost upon us. Yay and yikes, right? I’d venture to say most of us love summer, but also…I know my mama friends with school aged kiddos have mixed feelings about summer ‘vacation.’ My friend Posy and her pals always do a back-to-school cocktails/soak at our favorite relaxing spot each fall to celebrate school starting. This year we decided to do a pre-summer break version of that, complete with pretty towels, cool suits and Bloody Mary’s…heck yeah. Check out one of my favorite spots in Portland (a fun stop if you’re visiting!) and let’s talk supportive swimwear, shall we?

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