April 3, 2017

Orange Crush: 2017 Spring Color Trend

Citrus fruits, traffic cones, pumpkin patches, Donald Trump’s skin tone –  just a few of the things that come to mind when I think about orange. “Fashion’s IT Color” or “Season’s Hottest Trend,” on the other hand are phrases I’m pretty sure no one has used since the ’70s in reference to orange, well until now.

Yup, orange is back and baby.. it’s come a long way since Woodstock.

Varying hues of orange dominated the runway during NYFW this year. From electric neon oranges to soft creamsicle pastels, from fiery sunset pallet of red oranges to warm cinnamon earth tone neutrals, and every shade of orange in between. Orange has never looked so appealing and wearable.

Still not sold?

I feel ya. I was the biggest orange non-believer of them all until a chance encounter with a rust cami in an Anthro fitting room turned my least favorite color into a complete wardrobe staple.

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January 20, 2017

Winter Sales: Laura’s Edit

There are some killer pieces on sale right now. Some are going fast. I found some really fabulous wardrobe-staple kind of finds, like washed black skinny jeans, tall boots, amazing sweaters. We still have quite a bit of winter left, so snap these babies up for a little closet-boost. I know I need one about now, since I’ve lived in slippers and leggings for weeks!

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February 22, 2016

The One Top You Need This Spring (And Summer)



If you follow me on Insta (@shanachristine), you’ll know of my latest obsession:  The Peasant Top.  If there’s one thing to add to your wardrobe this Spring, it’s this.  (Bold words, I know).  But here’s the thing:  they look equally amazing with flares as they do with skinny jeans, and they’ll add instant polish to cut-off shorts come summer.

Besides, they’re just so cool.  Peasant tops evoke a sort of just-rolled-in-from-someplace-fabulous vibe, an effortless beachy glam, like loose wavy hair and oversized sunglasses.  However, if sunny skies and warm temps aren’t currently the view from your window….hello, turtleneck.  #youknewthatwascoming

But finding the perfect peasant top is….tricky.  Too many veer into the Terribly Loud Pattern category, or the Very Busy, Busy Print or the ever popular All Volume and No Drape, which, pattern or no, has the added bonus of making most of us look both short and wide.

Personally, I prefer a peasant top with an element of sophistication.  While this often means a black-and-white color palette, I can get on board with color, as long as it’s done in a spirit of restraint.  Keep reading to see which peasant tops I’m drooling over – and I promise all of them can be paired with flares, skinnies, cut-offs, half-tucked AND worn with turtlenecks, like…now.



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November 10, 2015

Over-the-Knee Boots and Comfy Shift Dresses: Two Ways



I’ve had a rather glorious (albeit crazy) couple of weeks.  My parents were visiting, and then my sister and her family came to stay.  It was all a bit nuts as you can imagine, but fun.  We spent most of our time just walking around Philly.  The days were very warm, the nights cold, and Philly was doing that crisp fall-leaves-in-the-air thing it does so well.

And I basically wore the same version of this outfit the entire time:  Dress + OTK Boots + Something warm.

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November 20, 2014

Mama’s Playground Style Refresh (Starring Free People)



Facebookers have spoken:  Mama needs some playclothes.  And while there’s only so much that can realistically be done with playground style (due to uh, extreme conditions – and I’m not talking about the weather), I thought it would be fun to try and nudge our playground uniform in a fresher direction.  (Nudge, rather than trying to start a new thing, like #velvetattheplayground or something.  Actually, brocade would be better – it’s so stiff, I’m pretty sure all of the dirt would wipe right off.)

ANYWHO.  Assuming that your playground uniform is basically some form of jeans, sweater, flat shoes, done…..we’re nudging.  Ready?

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April 23, 2014

Reader Style: Hayley’s Seriously Cool, Nursing-Friendly Sweater



Gang, I was thrilled to receive a email from Hayley, who blogs over at Easy Style For Moms.  She had recently bought this gorgeous yellow sweater from an Etsy seller based in China.  I've had my eye on a few Chinese-based Etsy sellers (their designs are so interesting and unique yet amazingly affordable), but I haven't tried anything firsthand. Happily, Hayley was willing to share her thoughts about the process and the product. 

 I’ve always been drawn to clothing with a contemporary Asian aesthetic. These pieces are often layered, draped, and playful when it comes to volume and proportion.  It’s a look that feels very modern so when I discovered this long, draped sweater on Etsy, I just had to have it.  I purchased the sweater from Aolo, an Etsy seller based in China.  I had to wait two weeks after placing the order but my patience was rewarded when the package arrived. I had been concerned about the fit because it was only offered in one size but I’m more than happy with the way it looks.  This sweater is now easily one of the favorites in my closet.


Sweater:   Aolo on Etsy 

Chambray tunic: Old Navy 

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans 

Boots: Lifestride X-Zip 

Silk hair scarf: Old – similar

Glasses: See Eyewear


Interesting, right?  Here are a few other pieces that caught my eye….


1. Black Oversized Top, $45 from Idea2wear

2. Loose Fitting Sweater, $50 from clothnew88

3. Two-Color Hoodie, $105 from Aolo

4. Cowl Neck Cardigan, $56


Thoughts?  Tempted to try?  And Hayley, thank you so much!  You can read more from Hayley at Easy Style For Moms.




ps.  Thank you SO much for your patience while Typepad worked to recover from the DDOS attacks.  Six days down!  Whoa.  

February 3, 2014

7 Easy Ways To Add Glam To Dreary Winter Looks



So I've been feeling pretty good these days.  There's a spring in my step, and my heart feels…light. It's like I'm emerging from a cocoon.  Butterfly!  I am the butterfly!  #stopit

And I'm dressing differently, too.  Not a huge shift, but I have this new found sense of…fearlessness when picking out my clothes.  Or maybe carelessness is the better word.  I find myself throwing something on because it's fun.  Like I'm honoring the fact that somewhere…there's a party.  (Even if it's just the Pigeon and his hot-dog parties.)  Or I'm reaching for my favorite things, uh, period.  Like, wearing the same thing three days in a row because it makes me feel good.  High heels on a Saturday morning just because, or pretty underwear on a random Wednesday (insert 'hump day' joke). 

Know what's happening here?  I may be bald-ish, I've got some serious scars, but I'm craving – a little – glamour

I mean…let's not get too excited.  I'm a mom of two young boys – there are limits to this glam. (Glimits?)  And someone who talks about glamour while wearing a puffer jacket and fuzzy mittens really shouldn't be trusted.



Just sayin'. 

But I felt like the January issue of Vogue was speaking directly to me:  "Here's to the year of you.  Fashion 2014 is about the charisma of the individual, the charm of the rare and unique…." and even Ms Wintour, in her letter from the editor, talked about a "sense of promise" that was evident in all of the 2014 collections.  Vogue heralded a "return to maximum embellishment" and dubbed 2014 the year of dressing dangerously.  

"There was a strong current of let's-play-dress-up – even whimsy – on the spring runways, and this openhearted spirit only adds to the pleasures of the new season.  Trends may come and trends may go, but fun, we hope, will never go out of style."

Sing it, Vogue.

So.  Here are a few easy-peasy ways to add a small sartorial punch to your everyday, a little dose of pedestrian glamour that even this sleep-deprived mama can do on a daily basis.  As Vogue says (and really, one should always do what Vogue says)….let's play.


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November 25, 2013

Styling Big, Cozy Sweaters: Two Ideas To Try

Can one ever have enough styling inspiration for big, cozy sweaters?

No.  One cannot.


Cozy Turtleneck + Moto Denim + Stiletto Boots

Why not pair the coziest sweater ever with tough moto skinnies and unbelievably sexy boots?  WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN WEARING THIS ALREADY?  It takes my breath, really it does.  Clearly it’s time to unearth my ancient pointy-toe stilettos from our scary basement.  I’m confidant that I still have, well, one of them.  Wish me luck finding the other.  Sigh.  #deathbyspiders

cozy sweaters and moto jeans


Inspiration:  Emerson Fry, my complete and total obsession.  The sweater (backordered), Mick pant, and Midi boot.

Date Night:

Garnet Hill Horizontal-Cable Knit Sweater, $228

Hudson Jeans Coated Moto Skinny, $245 (use AMTOPM for 40% off)

Nine West Paintedhrt, $145

Play Date:

J.Crew Cambridge Cable Turtleneck, $98

Free People Millenium Moto Jeans, $128

Nine West Thomasa, $149


It’s hard to reproduce that amazing sweater exactly, but if you are willing to forgo the cable knits for great swing, try Boden’s Off-Duty Sweater (on sale for $96).


Marled Turtleneck + Big Belt + Skinnies

A half-tuck is one thing…but Elin adds in a hip-slung wide belt.  Sofreakingcool.

elin style

Inspiration:  Elin King

Date Night:

Aqua Cashmere Sweater, on sale for $157

Rag and Bone The Legging Jeans, $165

BCBG Wide Stud Bar Waist Belt, $48

Nine West Guetette, $89

Play Date:

GAH!  The Zara sweater is gone!  This is why I hate linking to Zara – stuff sells out overnight.  OK.  Try this one or this one instead.

Blank Denim Skinny Jeans, $78

Calvin Klein Wide Buckle Belt, $20

Kamik Temptress Boots, $110


Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?  No one is planning to shop on the actual holiday, are you?  I REFUSE.



October 20, 2013

The Best Online, Personal Shopping Subscription: i-Ella’s The List

A month or so ago, I was contacted by the folks over at I-Ella, asking if I'd like to try out The List, a monthly gift bag subscription filled with a selection of hand-picked designer goodies and free stuff.

It sounded good, but I'm leery of letting someone else do the picking.  Because, well…picking stuff…that's my thing, right?  And I'm always annoyed when some website thinks they know what's best for me based on an online quiz and static formula (and I'm talking about you, BeautyMint).

But The List was different.  First of all, The List is associated with i-Ella, an eBay-like shopping site for serious fashionistas…with a twist.  If you sign on to become a member (and membership is free), you can either buy, sell, or borrow clothes from other members.  i-Ella takes a 15% commission on each sale…but 10% of the commission is donated to a charity chosen by the buyer.

Wow, right?  

Current offerings on i-Ella range from a $6 J.Crew top to a $6000 Hermes bag.  But I'm most excited about the vast selection of mid-range designers (Joie, Marc Jacobs, DVF, Tracy Reese, Chloe, etc.) – these pieces tend to go for under $150.

Secondly, The List gift bag items are brand new, current season pieces that are hand-picked based on your style profile, picture, etc.  

Once a month, our network of stylists, fashion insiders, fiercely cool friends and of course, the I-ELLA girls will hand pick the perfect accessory, shoes, handbag and/or apparel to enhance your wardrobe. Whether you're uptown or downtown, California cool or Brooklyn chic, you will receive an amazing gift bag tailored to suit your unique style.

So I said yes to The List.  Banking on the fact that the whole company sounded amazing, how bad could their picks be?  So I filled out my profile, uploaded a pic….and a few weeks later, recieved my first gift box.

And, uh, holy sh*t.  

The List handpicked, for moi, the most amazing slouchy-fabulous leather shorts….



…a perfect, full-sized lipgloss, vintage recipe cards, and a delicately spiky Gorjana ring, made especially for this gift box.

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September 24, 2013

Haircut TWO & The Most Perfect Day Dress

If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), you know that my hair started falling out last night.  I have a feeling that these next few days?  weeks? will be the strangest of my life.  It's kinda like post-partum shedding, but more.  And if I reach up and give a little tug, I can pull out a tiny clump.  

Which sucks.

But I figured it was time for another haircut, so I went to see Shannon at Salon Ziza.  And she did this:


Darn that girl.  I was supposed to hate going shorter, thus making the whole bald thing not-so-bad, but I clearly underestimated how good she is. 

Like my previous haircut, she wants me to let it get dirty, wash it occasionally, and then throw in some product, scrunch and air-dry.  Add a few bends (if I want) with a curling iron.  I think she added eight.  Um…even I can do eight bends with a curling iron. 

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