October 15, 2014

Styling A Matching Lace Skirt and Top, And A Few Thoughts On Petites – Sponsored Post


I’m typically a dress kind of girl.  A matching top and skirt “set” isn’t usually my thing, it’s just so….ladylike, dahling.  Add pearls and pumps and I look like I should be holding bunco parties and fundraising for my husband’s political campaign.

But it turns out that a matching top-and-skirt-set – in lace no less – is EXACTLY my style when paired with ankle booties and a chunky necklace.  (If I could decide which leather jacket I like best,  I’d be wearing one of those, too.  But I’m right in the middle of an epic dither on the leather jacket topic, soooo….)

Even better, there are roughly 1.4 * 10^3 ways to wear this outfit (BAM – now THAT’S what I call outfit math) but in the interest of time, I’ll show you my top FIVE.

October 14, 2014

My Favs From Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale! (25% off almost everything)

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.46.00 PM


Shopbop is having a sale!!  Take 25% off of almost everything with code FAMILY25.  Sadly, Stuart Weitzman, Alexander Wang, and Rag and Bone are all excluded from the sale.  Darn!  But don’t despair – the Shopping Enabler has found all manner of cozy sweaters, fashion-y winter boots, wear-everywhere tees, cool leather jackets, sexy winter dresses and DENIM.  Oh, the DENIM YOU GUYS.

If you are reading in a reader or email, you might need to click over to the real site to see the boutique widget.  But I promise that it’s worth it.  SOOOO worth it.

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October 14, 2014

Pinterest To Shoppable Reality: A Calm, Modern Toddler Room in Black and White

Amanda’s back! This time, she’s recreating a seriously cool toddler room….


This week I’m excited to show you how to recreate this sweet clutter-free kids room. I love the Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines, and what I really think makes it so soothing to look at is the tightly-edited color scheme. (My preschooler’s room is currently a riot of pattern and bright color, which suits her personality, but wow – this is so much more restful and calm!) It’s great for kids to have a lot of color in their surroundings – such as playrooms and happy pops of color around the house – but a pared down, peaceful bedroom is a smart idea for encouraging quiet time. Another plus for this room’s design? It will grow with kids for a long time since it’s not overly themed or babyish.

Here’s the Pinterest inspiration:




(source: this pin)

And here’s our (shoppable) version:

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October 11, 2014

Trouble Deciding Which Bauble to Buy At Stella and Dot? WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

First order of business!!  Remember my sister, Scotti?  She’s going to start blogging here at The Mom Edit.  Scotti is a makeup artist, a whiz at styling hair, and has some seriously amazing style.  Even better?  Her style is totally different from my own.  Always so helpful to see a different perspective, right?  Scotti has a few articles up her sleeve – you’ll see more from her next week.

Secondly, there’s been some confusion about our Stella & Dot trunk show.  You do NOT have to wait until Oct 31st to shop.  Oct 31st is simply the last day the trunk show will be open.  You can shop our trunk show anytime in October starting, uh, NOW (no seriously, go ahead and shop.  I’ll wait.).

Why are we having this trunk show again? So glad you asked.  Proceeds (and hostess credits) from the trunk show will be given to someone currently fighting breast cancer.  They’ll get a Stella & Dot shopping spree, as well as some gift cards (grocery, target, whatever) to help ease the burden of recovery.  (And this particular burden?  Is HUGE.)  You can read more about the trunk show here.  So far, we have 197 nominations for women currently fighting breast cancer.  197!!

Please help us make someone’s day.   If ever there was a time for shopping enabling, this is it.  So without further ado, here are our favs:




Shana’s Favs:

1.  Casablanca Pendant Necklace (it can be worn as a choker, mid-lenth, or as a long necklace)

2. Rebel Pendant Necklace, rose gold (also comes in silver and gold)

3. Pauline Ring

4. Petra Braided Bracelet (love the tough-girl vibe)

5. Pave Spear Pendant Necklace, rose gold


Scotti’s Favs

1. Chantilly Lace Cuff (Scotti’s exact words were, ‘THIS BRACELET!  I DIE!  I DIE!”  lol)

2.  Bardot Bracelet in silver (also comes in gold)

3.  Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings

4.  Double Clutch in Citrine Perf

5. Serenity Stone Drops in green  (remember Seinfeld?  “SERENITY NOW!!”)


You can shop our trunk show by clicking this link.


Happy weekend!



ps.  Piperlime is having a massive 20% off sale with code FALL20, including this cute ‘Goodnight Paris’ hoodie (with varsity stripes!).  I’d pair it with the most perfect black jeans ever (a little bit faded, a little bit ripped, a little bit patched….SWOON) and either metallic vans(!!) or superga sneaks (both are on sale).







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October 9, 2014

On Pencil Skirts, Moto Jackets and My Propensity To Rumple – Sponsored Post



Loft reached out to see if I would like to style up my favorite pieces from their current collection.  There are tough questions in life; this wasn’t one of them.

October 7, 2014

Kid’s Brand Spotlight: Tucker and Tate (Sponsored Post)




Have you heard of Tucker and Tate?  It’s a children’s line of clothing found at Nordstrom that’s similar to Splendid, with a little Tea Collection thrown in…but with more edge.  It’s kinda our fav.

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October 6, 2014

Fall Must-Have Combo: Sporty + Plaid (And I found Boots Similar To My Marc Jacobs, FYI)



Remember The Mom Edit’s Fall Edit?  Four of the must-have pieces for Fall were an athletic-inspired top (I’m partial to varsity stripes), a plaid scarf, interesting denim, and short boots.

I like ‘em worn allllll together. 

October 5, 2014

Know Anyone Currently Fighting Breast Cancer? We Want To Spoil Them Rotten (And Please: You Can Help)


So it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aka “Pinktober,” the often sarcastic moniker used by breast cancer survivors.  It’s odd, but as a survivor, all of the October hoopla surrounding breast cancer awareness is often….overwhelming.

It’s not that I don’t like pink, pink is fine.  It’s just that among the often insincere pushing of “awareness” products (one catalog came to our house filled with pages of pink ribbons and pencils and mugs but literally zero donations associated with purchase) – why pink, specifically?

I associate pink with all things girly and feminine.  Pink is flirty, pink is giggly, pink is young girls in princess dresses and birthday cakes and celebrations!  Yay!!!  And this is the crux of my problem:  Pink embodies the exact things that breast cancer strips away.  Breast cancer took my breasts, my hair, my ability to conceive.  While I was going through chemo, my sex drive tanked, I often felt like a 90 year old woman, and I missed countless celebrations (like my son’s 3rd birthday).  You want to talk about feminine whiles?  Yeah, right.  Flirting and giggling were like long lost fuzzy memories.  They were something a girl who looked vaguely like me may have done a long, long time ago.

Breast cancer isn’t pink.  It’s fucking black.


And I’m one of the lucky ones.  I mean…time will tell, but I might even be one of the luckiest girls ever diagnosed with breast cancer.  As far as my doctors are concerned, my cancer is gone.  GONE.  Because it was caught so early, because of the double mastectomy and all of the chemo and the Tamoxifan for the next 10 years….I will, most likely, remain cancer free.  For life!  My luck, my unfuckingbelieveable luck steals my breath.  It drops me to  my knees.  It is, quite possibly, the most humbling experience of my life.

Because the truth about breast cancer, and this is the really black part, is that women – young women – are still dying from this disease.  I know, because I’ve met them.  I’ve chatted with women who were diagnosed while pregnant and had to start chemo before they delivered their baby in the hope – the prayer! – that they may live long enough to mother.  The women who, like I, were shocked to find out they had breast cancer because they were still nursing, dammit!  Aren’t you protected by nursing?  Aren’t you safe?  And for too many of these women, their cancers were either very aggressive or caught too late, and they’re looking at a lifetime of fighting this awful disease.

Mamas, we are not protected by pregnancy or nursing or even by our youth.  Young women – women without the BRCA genes – are getting diagnosed with breast cancer and we don’t know why.    Some think it’s toxins in our environment.  Breastcancer.org (one of the most reputable sources for all things breast cancer) recently published an update on the link between BPA and breast cancer.  It’s downright scary, and, I suspect, only scratches the surface of what we’re dealing with.

The single most important thing we can do to protect ourselves is to prioritize our own health.  Schedule our yearly exams (and go!!), call about any suspicious lumps, try to exercise, eat healthy, and avoid toxins.  For some of us (1 in 8 actually), these steps can make the difference between early detection – and a shot at a life without cancer  – vs. a Stage 4 diagnosis and a lifetime of trying to stay a step ahead of this awful disease.



I’m thrilled to partner with Stella and Dot to raise money for the amazing Noreen Fraser Foundation.  Noreen Fraser, the founder and CEO, has been living with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer since 2003.  She is alive today because of breakthrough treatments that have become available in the last 10 years.  I cannot say this enough:  The fight against breast cancer is very real, and for too many of us, urgent.  Donations to the Noreen Fraser Foundation are used to advance treatments in precision medicine – the kind of treatments that can help those already fighting for their lives – live.

Stella and Dot is donating 100% of proceeds from their Hope line to the Noreen Fraser Foundation.  100%!!  Now that is what commitment looks like.  Bravo, Stella and Dot.



But that’s not all.  My good friends over at Stella and Dot – the consultants on the ground – wanted to do more.  They wanted to help spread love and support to those of us currently #fightinglikeagirl.  We talked about what support looks like when you’re actually going through breast cancer, what kinds of things help bring a little light into those dark days.

As you can imagine, I have some strong opinions.

So here’s what we’re going to do:  The Mom Edit and Stella and Dot have teamed up to host an online truck show to bring a little joy to anyone currently fighting breast cancer.   Anything you buy (through that specific link) will help us accumulate hostess credits for Stella & Dot jewelry, as well as proceeds.  We will be gifting a few breast cancer fighters with one heck of a care package:  a Stella & Dot shopping spree, as well as cash giftcards to help ease their burden of recovery from surgeries, radiation, and chemo. (I found acupuncture, massage, and Whole Foods gift cards to be my saving grace last year, but we’ll let the winners pick their own.)

Here’s how you can help:

1.  Shop our trunk show.  All purchases you make through our trunk show link will help us accumulate jewelry credits (and cash) so we can spoil someone currently fighting breast cancer.  (The purchase of any piece from the Breast Cancer Research line has the added benefit of donating 100% of proceeds to the Noreen Fraser Foundation.)

2.  Help us find fighters to spoil rotten.  Do you know someone (or are someone) who has been recently diagnosed, or is currently fighting breast cancer?  Nominate them (or yourself!!) for our care package.   To keep things easy, nominate via the Rafflecopter widget below.  If your fighter is selected, we’ll get in touch with you for their details.  And to really help spread the word (the more people who participate in the trunk show, the more we can do), please feel free to share on FB,  tag on instagram, or repin on Pinterest (I think Rafflecopter gives you additional entries for this as well…??).  In any case, please enter each person you are nominating separately into Rafflecopter.  Otherwise these things start to hurt my head.)

3.  Lastly, take care of your self.  Make those pesky OB/GYN appointments and get those lumps checked out.  Your #fightlikeagirl starts now.  Fight for your time, fight for your health.




Now ready or not, here comes Pinktober.

Love and light, Babes.


a Rafflecopter giveaway






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