September 16, 2015

Major Skirts, Spoofing Sock Boots and WIW To NYFW




NYFW snuck up on me this year.  It’s probably because we moved, then my kids started (new) schools, and amidst all of the boxes and unpacking and kitchen renovations (yes, we’re totally NUTS)…..September rolled around.

Oh yeah.  That.

I was about to bow out of all fashion week festivities (my sanity is seriously holding on by a mere thread these days), but we did decide to head up to NY for the annual Reward Style party.  Per usual, we (haha, I) was running late, and in the interest of making our train, I had to forgo things like a blow dryer.  “SHANA!!!” Mike bellowed.  “Can’t you just put it in that ponytail thing again???”

No.  No.  No I will not wear a bad ponytail to NYFW.  It’s not like I can swing those sophisticated ponies, mine always looks like an afterthought, and don’t even get me started on my nail situation (there’s a reason I’m wearing boots) but I was completely saved by Oribe’s Surfcomber Mousse.  It’s stupid expensive, but I am a complete and total convert.  It makes air-drying possible.(!!)


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September 15, 2015

Tunic Top: The Perfect Layering Piece


I found the best-fitting tunic ever.  It fits in the shoulders but isn’t too tight around my butt and hips, drapes nicely (which is a nicer way of saying it doesn’t cling to a pooch) AND I can throw it in the washer and dryer.  I mean, technically it says dry clean, but don’t worry, I’ve washed (and dried) it.  Best part? It’s under $50.  I’ve been wearing this shirt alllll the time and love it so much I bought it in a second color.   Here’s how I’m wearing it now and how I’ll be wearing it into the cooler weather.

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September 12, 2015

Fall Boot Trend: The Sock Boot


top | shorts | boots | bag

I haven’t been this excited about a new boot trend in years.  We’ve all just been going round-and-round with short boots for almost a decade now, and while our favorite moto/lace-up/chelsea boots aren’t going anywhere, there is A New Kid in town.

Everyone, meet The Sock Boot.


I’m so excited about this style of boot because:

1.  It’s flattering – yes, it cuts the line of your legs (if your legs are bare), but these boots also seem to balance hips better than the super short ankle boots.  Also, the lines are really sleek, rather than chunky like other ankle boots, elongating the leg.

2. And SOFT – the best sock boots have butter soft leather (or even fabric) at the top, making them seriously comfortable to wear (with or without socks).

3.  It solves the Cropped Pant In Winter Problem – slide these babies under a pair of cropped (or cuffed) straight-leg jeans and you’re all set.  (Even some of my skinnies work.)

4.  Hello, Warm Ankles – I wear mine over SmartWool Socks.  And because of the higher shaft….The world will never know.

5. Oh-So-Practical – chunky walkable heels are the name of the game.  (I personally wish more companies would stick with lower heels, but maybe that’s just me.)


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September 10, 2015

Adorable, Affordable Fall Wardrobes for Toddlers

So . . . I got myself in trouble again with this one.  Just like last spring, I thought I’d briefly (HA – “briefly”) check out the Old Navy Toddler Sale for fall clothes and ended up putting together an awesome capsule wardrobe for Baby G.  (I included boys this time!)  Just like last spring, I stuck to my time-saving plan of choosing a general color scheme and picking pieces that would be easy to mix and match.  I’ve been happy with Old Navy baby clothes in the past because they’re so affordable and they hold up.  I have to wash Greenlea’s clothes after every wear, and they still look great. (Side note: Fels-Naptha is amazing for getting stains out of clothes!)

The best part?  Lots of these pieces are 40% off PLUS another 30% with the code “GREAT.”

Toddler Girl Fall 2015

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September 9, 2015

Three Free People Tops To Wear Now (And Later!)



Nordstrom asked me to take a look at Free People’s Fall collection and AHHHHH!  I want all the things!

What else is new, right?

So I tried to narrow it down to just the most practical (yet still drool-worthy) pieces.  The kind of pieces you really can wear every. single. day.  I came up with three perfect tops.  They’re all machine washable, insanely comfortable, and they’re all a little bit….wait for it….you know what’s coming….INTERESTING.


If I look back over the last few years of baby-growing, baby-wearing, and baby-chasing….many of my most-worn items are interesting tops by Free People.  And you know what?  I’m still wearing ’em.

Here are my current favs.

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September 8, 2015

Art-As-Style-Inspiration, And The Happiest-Ever Footwear From Jessbobess



I’d love for you to meet my dear friend, Jess (aka @jessbobess).  If you’ve ever swooned over our fashion illustrations on TME (like this illustrated capsule wardrobe, or THIS), then you’re familiar with Jess’ art.  She works out of a soft leather notebook (pictured), which is filled with illustrations, watercolors, pen and ink, quotes, lists (OMG the LISTS), spilled wine/coffee/whatever and is just one big mishmash of inspiration and spirit.

I can pour over the thing for hours.  Such an amazing peek into a beautiful soul.  (And go check out her blog – This Wild Precious Life.  It’s a little bit of everything – art, style, humor, real life…I love it.)

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September 7, 2015

Capsule Maternity Wardrobe Challenge: 7 pieces, 30 days, and One Growing Bump. It’s ON.


The whole “capsule wardrobe” concept has had my attention for a few years, since it started becoming the thing to do, but I’ve never considered putting one together for myself (not enough time/inclination/boredom). Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve started to really want and crave a simple wardrobe. The very idea that your closet doesn’t need to be filled with an extensive mishmash of clothing…and that you actually get more out of a very limited and well-thought-out collection of clothing…it all sounds pretty awesome.  In theory, right?

But I’m starting to appreciate this concept even more now that I’m pregnant, because 1) I don’t want to spend copious amounts on a wardrobe that I solely wear for 9-10 months and 2) I get overwhelmed by too many choices. I’d rather have fewer pieces that I really feel awesome in. You know?

So. I decided to give it a go. Why the heck not? I’ll never know if it could have been the best thing to ever happen to my pregnancy style if I never give it a chance.

The Challenge

To curate a small maternity capsule wardrobe from Amazon Fashion (we picked seven pieces),  and wear those pieces in varying combinations for an entire month.  The entire collection must ring in under $500, and a few pieces can be pulled in from my existing wardrobe, but the main pieces of the outfit must be from the capsule wardrobe.

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September 4, 2015

Happy Labor Day Weekend



So this is it, then.  The dog days are coming to an end.  We’re trying to eeek out every last bit of summer, so we’ll be heading back to the shore for a day or two.  My boys became obsessed with boogie boarding, body surfing and all things BIG WAVES this summer, and they’ve just been incessantly pestering us to take them back.  Gone are quiet beach days with a chubby baby seated in the shallows, making the water go ‘splat’ with his hands.

Which also means…gone are the days when Mum takes the boys to the beach by herself.  Now, between the serious waves and their completely unfounded swim confidence….I need Mike to be there, too.  Last week, right under my nose, Raines got completely washing machined in the waves and just – POOF – disappeared for a good 10-15 seconds.  He came up, staggering, with his hair plastered to his face, a sand burn on his shoulder and a sort of Beevis and Butthead snigger that totally reminds me of Mike.  GAWD.

I did boogie board, a bit.  But dang, this East Coast water is cold.  I find myself slowing turning into a Mum Who Doesn’t Swim.  Which totally bugs me, because I’ve always – always – been the one to go in, get wet, play.  Even before kids!  So I confronted Mike about this issue.  “The water is too cold” I reasoned.  “If only we could go somewhere where the water was warmer, then I could set a good example for my boys, really show them that Girls Are Tough And Play Too.  I think I’d be a better Mum if – just thinking out loud here –  we took frequent trips to Hawaii.”

Mike said no.  So I bought this wetsuit and told him I just saved $5900.  AT LEAST.

I do feel like a poser with a wetsuit (it’s preschooler-level boogie boarding, not epic surf in CA) but I don’t care.  The wetsuit is actually pretty cute, and should be warm.  I’ll report back.  (NOTE:  I went with a size 6.  The 4 fit, but it was so hard to get on/off and so tight when on and I just think I’ve reached that point in life where nothing should be that tight, you know?)  I also liked this one – it’s a cross between a one-piece suit and a wetsuit.


We bought a GoPro HERO4.  Mike and I are totally and completely obsessed.  It’s hardly the stodgy video cameras of old, with fuzzy footage and forced interviews, “what’s in the present?? SHOW THE CAMERA WHAT’S IN THE PRESENT!”  We don’t quite have it figured out yet (ie. we’re nowhere near OE and Dave), but are having a ton of fun.  Here’s a little sample from our time in Michigan this summer and YES:  it can be used underwater.  AMAZING.  (If you get one, be sure to also get this goPro stick – it makes shooting much easier.



Always hoodies.  The hoodie I’m wearing in the vid is by Sundays NYC, an up-and-coming loungewear company with some really unique twists on the usual.  I found my hoodie downtown Grand Haven at Panache, but will let you know when this line is more widely available.

Speaking of loungewear, Athleta is coming out with a DEREK LAM collaboration.  You can see a sneak peek of the collection here.  The whole thing launches next Wednesday, and the local Athleta in Philly is having a launch party.  I’m going to try and head over.  This collab looks amazing.

Need a good book?  HuffPo just came out with a list of 33 Must-Reads This Fall.

Kate Spade is having a sale.  Take an extra 25% off already marked down items with code DELIGHT.  Ends Monday.  I’m obsessed with this cool little bucket bag (in black), these perfect sunglasses, and this quirky bow cross-body minibag I’d wear as a wallet (while carrying another bag).

Attention LemLem or Ace & Jig fans:  ShopBURU has a ton of Lemlem and Ace&Jig in their sale section….which you can take an additional 25% off with code C-YASUMMER.

C-ya summer?  SOB!

Hope you are enjoying every last little minute.






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September 3, 2015

Wear A Non-Maternity Midi Skirt while Pregnant. Why not? Let’s get crazy up in here.


The non-maternity clothing in my closet is becoming less and less of an option for me as of late. With my maternity wardrobe being a bit limited at the moment (waiting to break out the Fall/Winter stuff), I have TRAGIC nothing-to-wear moments. On that note, while I was in a frustrated mess trying to find something to wear the other day, I saw it – my crazy floral midi skirt (that I used to wear with a crop top – ha)…just hanging there…

Welp. I decided to throw it on and see if I could get it to work at all. Why the heck not? Desperate times call for desperate attempts at making non-maternity clothing work on an almost 20 week pregnant body, my friends.

It worked! Oooooh. Thank you, midi skirt. You saved me. I have something else to wear now other than my one pair of maternity shorts. Sweet.



My particular skirt is stretchy, so the style of it worked with the bump. I’d say that’s an important factor, unless it’s a full enough skirt and can be pulled up above the bump. The length of the midi skirt is also something I’d keep in mind. While it is a midi skirt, since it’ll be worn further up than it’s supposed to be it’ll hit higher up. Duh, Cams. Okayyyy. Sorry. I’m tall, so I just had to put that out there. I recently tried on a shorter full skirt that I own and…well, ummm. No.





top: Leith slouchy tee, no longer available. Their Deep V Tee looks to be almost the same (and 2 for $48)

skirt: Leith Midi Skirt, no longer available. If you like a more pencil-type style, their high waist Print Midi Skirt is a looker – long enough, stretchy and S rocked it in a post this past Summer. I also tried it on and can vouch for its stretchiness and overall cool factor. If you’re more about the full skirt, Mod Cloth’s Brunch Hostess Skirt is fab-u-lous. I mean, the black and white plaid. YEP.

sandals: Vince Camuto Hopper Sandals – if you’re done with sandals this year, buy these for next Summer. I got my money’s worth out of them – worked with almost everything and super comfortable.

bag: Sole Society, no longer available. The Thalia saddlebag is a great bag. Their new Charlie also looks awesome – love a cross body with room for stuff. I’ve been making a habit of bringing a cross body with me, even when I also am bringing along the diaper bag. It keeps all of my things together and makes it easier to grab my wallet, keys, phone, etc.

arm candy: Ann Taylor bracelets. The Skinny Bar Cuff is still available in turquoise (and 50% off). ASOS has a slew of skinny cuffs, like this Open Triangle Cuff and this sweet Quartz Open Wire Cuff.

To Recreate



Start with a simple tee. I have a slouchy white tee that I pulled up above the bump and knotted in front.

teeLeith Deep V Tee


Pull your midi skirt just above the bump. Depending on what style you prefer, you can either go with a more form fitting option (that’s stretchy) or a full skirt that will allow for you to pull the waist line above the bump. Be aware of the length, because longer may be better…since you’ll be hiking it up further than it’s usually worn.

midi skirtsFree People Rainforest Swit Stripe Skirt | J.Crew Pleated Midi Skirt

& oh my goodness…this Elephant Print Midi Skirt (!)


Slip on a cool, casual shoe. I wore sandals (because I live in SC and it doesn’t get truly chilly until ummm…Thanksgiving? Maybe? Exaggerating a bit, but not really), but we are nearing Fall here nonetheless and a buckled bootie or sweet clog would rock with a midi skirt. I like the look of a closed toe clog too.

shoesMadden Girl Hunttz Ankle Booties | Topshop Lauren Clog Sandal | these Topshop Lori Slingbacks are also ever lovin’ cool

I’m hoping this delivered some of you expecting mamas from one of those WTF-do-I-wear-now moments.




images: Brandon Brown Photography 

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