November 23, 2015

The Best Suits For Little Boys (They’re WASHABLE)



Over here, we suit up.  We suit up for holiday parties and Christmas Eve service, we suit up for weddings and kid’s plays, we suit up for Ballet X, and occasionally we suit up for a fancy-ish dinner out.  I want my boys to understand that sometimes an occasion calls for a suit.  (For Pax, this “occasion” is also known as “everyday” during his must-dress-like-Dad phases that pop up every few months.  It makes preschool dropoff highly entertaining.)



At this age, any suit I buy for my little guys have to meet the following criteria:

1. Affordable

2. Machine Washable

3.  Slim-fitting (none of that boxy suitcoat nonsense)

Well.  I found it.  The most perfect boys’ suits.

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November 23, 2015

How to Wear High-Rise Flares: 3 Ways to Try


When we visited Philly, Zack and I were in shopping heaven.  There were stores GALORE . . . H&M, Zara, Forever 21, my usual spots to check out.  Shana brought me into Madewell, a store I had never actually been in, to try on jeans.  I knew their jeans looked great on Shana, but I had low expectations for myself, because . . . BOOTY.  Typically, if something looks awesome on Shana, it won’t necessarily look great on me.  (*Although now we’re finding more and more options that actually work for both of us.)

I was super pleasantly surprised by these jeans, because they are awesome.  High-rise to suck in and shape the pooch, flared to make your legs look looong and black to be as slimming as jeans can be.  Here are three ways I’m wearing them:

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November 21, 2015

Winterizing a Maternity Dress: 2 Formulas with Isabella Oliver


Oh. Heyyyy. Still pregnant. 30 weeks pregnant, actually. Meaning I’ll be achey, tired, bloaty-ish and uncomfortable in the majority of my clothes just in time for the holidays! GREAT. Awesome. Can’t wait.

On that cheery note ha-ha, I started to experiment with different ways to stretch my maternity wardrobe and make it all work for me until the very wonderful end – especially during the holiday season when everyone is looking all fab-u-licious and I’m pining for my sweatpants. So, I think I’ve found one winning way to make my options work (and stay out of the sweats, mostly): winterizing a maternity dress. AKA making a maternity dress that isn’t necessarily a Fall/Winter style wearable during colder weather. It doesn’t stop at just wearable though, ladies. We’re talking warm enough but also ROCKIN’. I settle for nada less.

I put two looks to the test and found it’s all about LAYERING (and a bangin’ lip color doesn’t hurt).

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November 19, 2015

What To Wear For Family Photos (8 Tips To Look Cohesive, Not Matchy-Matchy)



Say CHEESE!  We’re frequently asked, over here at The Mom Edit, how to dress for a family photo.  It’s such a tough question to answer because each family is so unique; each photo session completely different. But after thinking about it for quite some time (years) and helping friends, family, and specific readers offline…there are a few strategies that seem to work for almost any kind of shoot.


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November 18, 2015

Raines and Pax’s Bedroom Tour



Sooo…we moved.  Back in July, we packed up our things from our tiny little rental on Philadelphia’s mainline – the same place where Pax turned one, where I spent long months recovering from surgeries and chemo, where we had our boys’ heights (and all of the neighborhood kids’) penciled onto a wall – we packed up our things and moved to Philadelphia.  Not very far away, actually, but to our boys, it was a huge difference.

If you’ve ever done a move with kids, perhaps you can sympathize:  the packing, the unpacking, the boxes, the bouncing off the walls, the total disruption of what little routine we manage to have – life was (is?) one big mess.  For months on end.  So my first area of focus was the boys’ bedroom.  They have two – one small, one large – but decided to sleep together in the small bedroom, keeping the larger one as a playroom.  The playroom will never be ready for Pinterest prime-time (think: old mattresses on the floor), but I was really happy with how the small bedroom turned out: peaceful and happy and cozy.

I had put a few pics out on Instagram a couple of months ago (@shanachristine), and some fellow ‘grammers asked to see the final product.  So I thought I’d share here, for those of you interested.



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November 17, 2015

Three Easy (and Comfy) Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas



It’s November.  Which means that I’m starting to scheme Thanksgiving outfits which will inevitably involve sweater dresses and/or turtlenecks. OR – gasp – turtleneck sweater dresses!  #fistbump #toetouch #airguitar

I’m crazy like that.  In all mah turtlenecks.

But Scotti was visiting and she, of the less turtleneck inclined, was all Please.  For the love of all things stiletto, please.  Please branch out.  And Nordstrom had asked me to take a look at the latest from Free People (since our love of all things Free People is so well-documented at this point) which dovetails nicely with our collective love of All Things Flowy on Thanksgiving (or any day that ends in “-ay”) so…yes.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my sartorial November horizons.

(For the record, it’s a good thing I did not initially see this Free People turtleneck sweater dress.  It would’ve halted all branching in its tracks.)

So.  Here are a few comfy, yet totally on-point Thanksgiving outfit ideas that keep the turtleneck thing to a minimum:

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November 16, 2015

Quick & Easy Brows: Why You Should Show Your Brows Some Love this Holiday Season

BROWS.  They’ve made a HUGE comeback recently.  Gone are the days of Drew Barrymore’s teeny tiny drawn on arches and now, the bigger, the better.  Bushy, even!  Brows are (unfortunately) often overlooked and, from what I can tell, it’s usually because people don’t know how to fill them in or don’t want to take the time to using multiple products to achieve that bushy brow look.

Adding definition to your brows helps to make your eyes pop, wakes your face up and even makes you look younger.  The good news is that there’s an easy, quick way to fill in your brows and it makes a HUGE difference.  I realized the pictures had in my previous brow tutorial might not be cutting it when it comes to showing you how to fill them in so I decided to make a short video to help.  I used this technique on every bride (and bridesmaid!) I’ve done this past summer.  I used the same product for all of them: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.  It’s the quickest, easiest product and comes in whatever color you need.

But first, a little demonstration on the power of a well-defined brow:



On Rachael I used Brow Wiz in Caramel and stuck to her basic natural shape.  Darkening her brows just a tad made a huge difference in bringing out her eyes and making them pop.  She was definitely feeling the results! :)

One Brow Filled In: brow-shape

Both Brows Filled In:Fall-Beauty-Trends

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November 14, 2015

Wearing a Suede Shift Dress During Pregnancy (Yeh, it happened)


Remember that post I did on suede? I made this sort-of-promise to try out the trend and now I’ve found myself in a non-maternity suede shift dress…while pregnant.

Here’s what went down…heh. I tried on the dress about a month ago (which might as well be a year ago in terms of bump growth) and it fit perfectly in a size up – the length was spot on. Fast forward to a month later and I tried on the dress again (with some long-awaited over-the-knee boots that have been on backorder…for forever and a day)…hmmm. Something looks different here. Oooooh right – the baby bump has grown in the past month: they tend to do that. Now the dress is just a tad bit on the short side and by tad bit I mean maybe too short. I wasn’t giving up on it that easily though!

Obviously, I couldn’t do bare legs. I tried that. NO. Hoochy. Bad. Could I de-hoochify the look by adding tights and over-the-knee boots? I was game. I wanted it to work. Actually, I was insistant on it (pregnancy ego was being slayed at this point) so I decided I’d play around with it. I then got pics to prove I had at least tried…and am now sharing the result of my suede dress toils on here. Hey, maybe I like embarrassing myself a little in an almost-too-short dress to be be wearing while pregnant. heh.

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November 13, 2015

Hey there, Friday.



Hey there!  I haven’t done one of these Friday posts in a while.  I’ve had family visiting for two solid weeks – first my parents, then Scotti, Zack and baby Greenlea.  It was crazy and awesome and fun and A LOT.  Exactly how family visits are supposed to be, I suppose.

It was especially tender to watch Scotti and Zack as parents.  Every night (Every. Night. those poor things) we’d hear Greenlea wail for a bit at 3AM, the rustle of tired parents trying to shush a baby in bed.  Even in the darkness of our bedroom, I’d see my husband’s grin.  We’ve been there, baby.  Oh, we’ve been there.  But listening to little Greenlea, the hushed (slightly desperate) voices of Scotti and Zack, and the sudden huge silence that follows a baby who gets their way and is finally allowed to nurse (for the 239482 time that night)… it’s bittersweet, these moments.  It’s when we realize that we’ll never again shush our babies in the dark of the night, or squish their impossibly chubby thighs.  It’s a strange combination of sadness, relief, and pride.  High-five, Mike.  We did it.  We made it out of that all-encompassing baby phase.

Time to get a dog.  #hahano

But life is so fun with my little guys right now – and I swear, kids just get funnier as they get older.  I fell asleep reading to Pax last night, and he woke me up by slapping my cheeks.  “MOM!! MOM!!”  I opened my eyes to see his serious little face, his nose inches from mine, his round eyes gleaming in the dark.  “Mom.  Do you know where whirls wive?” he asks, urgently.  I am groggy.  “Uh….where squirrels live?” I reply.  “I’m not sure…where do they live, Pax?”

“DEY.  WIVE.  EVERYWHERE.  All around DA WURLD!!!”

He is dead serious; I crack up.

Now for fun links!

Reader Recommendations & Shopping

You guys have been so insanely helpful in the comments/emails/facebook, I thought I’d recap a few tidbits:

Reader Amanda discovered a different Over-the-knee Weitzman boot on sale at Saks.  These have a 2″ wedge, and lots of sizes/colors available (especially black).

Hoping for a budget-friendly option?  Reader Jen loves her OTK boots from H&M and Danielle swears by her $50 pair from DSW (although she says they prob won’t hold up in crappy weather).

Reader Lindsay swears by these Paige flare jeans.  A slightly higher rise, and she reports that they feel like leggings. Yessss.

A ton of you swear by Gap’s Girlfriend jeans.  I’m intrigued!  Especially the lunar selvedge wash or the indigo deconstructed.

Madewell is having a huge sale – an additional 20% off already reduced items.  I just bought this plaid skirtthis long-sleeve, v-neck striped tee and a couple of these basic tees.   All of my favorites are featured here.

Drive Thru Target Is Here

Have you heard about the Curbside app?  It’s an app that lets you order from Target, then swing by the store without having to get our of your car.  The app is free, but currently only available in the Bay Area, LA, NY, Chicago and Philly.  So freaking genius, especially for new moms.

What We’re Doing After School

Now that it gets dark so early, we’re busting out these insanely gorgeous shadow puppets by Moulin Roty.  I’m thinking of picking up the Paris Rooftops set as well.  AH-mazing.

The Style Hour Podcast is Back!

Meagan and I are (finally) back at it!  In this podcast, we’re talking about leggings, leggings-as-pants, and how to wear them now (or for holiday parties).  We also recruited Scotti to give us the scoop on BB creams vs CC creams vs Blur creams vs foundation.  (As always, if there’s anything you’d like us to address, let me know!)

Philly Fun This Weekend

We’re going to have a relaxing weekend in….but would love to check out this Parkour gym for kids.  Has anyone been?  My boys watched parkour videos and have spent the last two days literally climbing the walls.

Happy weekend!!


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November 12, 2015

The Best of Madewell’s Sale (20% off Already Reduced Items)


Madewell is having a sale on a sale – take an extra 20% off already reduced items with code EXTRA20 (and free shipping on everything).  The reason I’m so excited, however, is because the items that are on sale happen to be perfect for the upcoming holidays.  We’ve been busy working up some holiday style guides, and they’re chock full of high-rise black flare jeans, mixed plaids, and a tshirt or two.  Here are my favs from the sale:





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