April 26, 2016

Army Jackets, Boyfriend Jeans And Morgan’s Pier



My first army jacket was bought ten years ago in a Parisian flea market.  (Stay with me here – I realize that’s one heck of a pretentious opener .)  I felt so very worldly, as I strolled through le marche, jacket casually tossed over my arm.  Ou est la cafe, Monsieur?  Ah, bien.  Merci.

The reality, however, is that the jacket smelled faintly musty, and while it was soft and ever-so-perfectly-oversized, the sleeves were much too short for my long, goony arms (inherited from my German father, not my French mother) and so the jacket lived mostly in my closet.  I’d trot it out from time to time, sleeves rolled up.

Army jackets (or army-inspired jackets) are one of those pieces that always seem to be cool.  Perhaps not Prince-in-sequin-hot-pants-and-chaps cool (did you see that SNL tribute?  I mean WOW), but cool in an effortlessly casual way.  And for some reason, I’ve been pairing mine with boyfriend jeans for at least EIGHT YEARS.  Forget florals, this combo is my Spring.

Speaking of Spring, Morgan’s Pier is open!!  It’s where we’ve spent many happy Sunday afternoons.  If you follow me on instagram (@shanachristine) you’ll know we kicked off the Spring/Summer season with a bang.  Unlike Friday or Saturday nights, late Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to let the kiddos take over the dance floor.  Some friends came out to join us, and it turned into an epic party.

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April 25, 2016

Nickel & Suede: Life-Changing Earrings


I have always been an earring girl.  Back as far as I can remember, even before I was allowed to get my ears pierced, I would dress up with huge clip-on earrings.  I would ask my dad monthly weekly daily if I could get my ears pierced and I was PUMPED when the time came.  I’ve always loved a good statement earring and the way they can dress up any outfit or even disguise a bad hair day.  The problem is that most of them are so ridiculously heavy I can only wear them for a short time . . . OR they’re so delicate they don’t stand a chance with Greenlea’s wandering hands.  Enter Nickel & Suede’s life-changing leather earrings.  Thanks to comments from you guys, I heard about their lightweight statement earrings and thought I’d reach out to see if they’d be interested in being featured on our blog.  Not only were they interested but they also graciously offered you, dear readers, 15% off your order with the code MOMEDIT15.  Now is the time to stock up! 

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April 25, 2016

What To Pack: Ireland in Early Summer

2016-04-13 12.04.52-2
Ireland…oh, dear Melissa who wrote in asking what to pack for your trip there – I am so jealous. I adore that country so. Pinky and I honeymooned in Ireland and Scotland and fell completely in love with both countries. I’m longing to return. I truly believe Ireland has the nicest people in the world. We met an adorable couple in a pub there who extended an invitation to stay with them upon our next visit! (totally taking them up on that). And the green…the rolling green…it’s beyond picturesque. I could go on for days about the coziness there, too. Anyway, packing…

Here’s what Melissa wrote:

Hi!  It looks like we’re taking a family trip to Ireland in June 😁 12 days, one medium size packing cube for me (plus the clothes on my back) and two young kids. What would you be packing??

Spring and early summer weather in Ireland is not unlike early summer Portland weather, so I can definitely say the main thing to keep in mind is layers. (I also checked with a dear friend from Scotland and she confirmed this! Thanks Sally dear!) It will most likely be cool or even chilly in the mornings and evenings, but could warm up to the 50’s and 60’s during the day. Layering tees, button-downs, sweaters, hoodies and of course a rain jacket will be essential for your traveling comfort. Here are some packing suggestions that I hope help inspire you!

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April 23, 2016




Let’s see….what will we be up to this weekend?  Hmmmm….I wonder how’ll we manage to occupy our time this weekend….if only….if only….if only WINTER WAS COMING.

Bring it, Game of Thrones!!!!  On Sunday night we’re going to try and get the boys to bed quickly (I mean heck – we’ll iPod if we must) because a girl’s gotta know:  Jon Snow?  Dead?  The books make him sound very dead.  Here’s my theory:  he’s the son of Eddard Stark’s dead sister AND Rhaegar Targaryen (which would explain why Ned would never reveal Jon’s real parents).   If so, Jon’s story would be so much more exciting and important if he were still alive.  So I’m betting on life.  But truthfully, I’m not sure how they’ll pull it off from a plot perspective.  I’m a little nervous that we’re venturing into unwritten territory – I tend to be a purist about movie adaptations of books.  I do realize that I’m geeking out hard, but HEY!  Us nerds have been waiting YEARS for this!

Weekend Links and Reads

Speaking of nerds, I think this tshirt was made for me.

Cropped jeans and ankle boots – a few of you asked to see how they look together, so I just posted a pic to Instagram (@shanachristine).

Rainbow crochet and tassels.  Yes?  Check out this bag.  I haven’t the foggiest notion why it works.  But I’m obsessed (and it’s only $42).

Raining and strollering just got easier.  The Mumbrella will solve all of my walking-to-school-in-the-rain-while-pushing-stroller problems.

A woman with Down Syndrome just became the face of a new beauty campaign.  She totally rocks it.

Plastic toys are about to get a whole lot cooler.  Fischer Price just named Jonathan Adler it’s new Creative Director.  Fortune Mag thinks we should thank the Milennials.  Please.  Like they’re the first generation of parents trying to tempt junior away from their cellphone with a handmade cubist rattle.  #beenthere

Are YOU a Milennial?  The Atlantic breaks down the generation confusion.  Because #facts.

Snapchat, anyone?  I started a snapchat account (@themomedit) and suspect I may be the only Generation Xer (or Yer? still confused) to have one.  I’ve been posting on a schedule that I’ll generously describe as “semi-regularly”.  So for the twelve of you that care, what do you want to see?  Outfits?  Is makeup required?  (Please say no.)  Weigh in or I’ll just start sharing my many cooking failures and more videos of Pax dancing.

GP released a new cookbook called “It’s All Easy“.  If you order from her website, you can request a personalized message.  I’m so tempted to order one with the inscription, “Dear Shana, I’m a big, HUGE fan of The Mom Edit!  Lunch soon?  xx GP”  Wouldn’t that be hysterical?  Just casually leave it open when people are over….

I’m so thrilled for our Cam – she’s one of the finalists in Redbook Mag’s Real Women, Real Style awards!  Cam discovered the contest late one sleepless night, and she was all – in the midst of a nursing/spit-up/sweatpant extravaganza – I’M A REAL WOMAN WITH STYLE, DAMMIT!  I MEAN SOMETIMES!   Hells yeah, Cam – we’ve alllll been there, our style/sanity especially questionable at 3AM.  That’s about as real as it gets.  If you have a second, go on over and vote.


What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’re hitting the PIFA festival, Morgan’s Pier is open, and we’re currently listening to Purple Rain on repeat.  What an insanely talented man.  RIP, Prince.




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April 21, 2016

Weekend Uniform (aka Outdoor Sweatpants)


“Mom?” Pax asked.  “Will I be forty-one tomowoh?”

Um.  Let’s hope not.

Pax is very big on being big right now.  He’s approaching it with equal parts excitement (‘Will I be bigger than YOU, Mom??’), trepidation (“Mom, I never want to live without you!”) and resentment (“WHY WAS RAINES WIF YOU FIRST?????  DATS NOT FAIR!!”) which is all very understandable, really.  Not a bad summary of life in general.  Needless to say, trying to explain to a five-year-old why we *chose* to have his brother first (his words), is challenging at the best of times but completely unreasonable before coffee.



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April 20, 2016

Marimekko at Target Favs (Think: SWIM)

2016-04-17 15.59.50


You guys. We got a new backyard recently, meaning, our backyard needed a major facelift and it’s now refinished and ready for play! We had a gorgeous sunny Sunday, so Sienna and I got out and had a blast. There were good intentions of playing in the water table (hence the swimwear), but in true toddler fashion it was soon dumped over and we were on to handstands and cartwheels in the new grass. And running in circles. After a long winter with a dumpy, muddy, dandelion-filled back yard, we could not be happier with our upgrade. Truly. They literally graded the yard (apparently we have enormous moles in Portland, plus rain, so they leveled it out and made it safe to walk on).


I’ll stop talking about landscaping….but I’ll just say we are happy.

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April 19, 2016

10 Must-Have Pieces To Modernize Your Wardrobe This Spring


Every few years, trends….shift.  Barely at first (I swear, on a year-to-year basis virtually nothing changes), but over time these little movements amount to the difference between perms and beachy waves:  both are curls, sure, but you’d never confuse one with the other.  (Unless you have a *magic* perm, and in that case, let us all know.)

So trends.  They are a-changin’.

But the good news is that we’re still in the midst of hundreds of barely imperceptible shifts.  Waistlines are creeping up, but not to a point where they’re dominating the market (let’s wait and see, shall we?).  Flip-flops aren’t really a thing anymore, but Tevas may (or may not) be, and shoes in general are just getting cooler across the board.  A really great tee will always have a place in my closet, but swapping out the typical tee for a pretty blouse feels really modern and fresh right now.

To make sense of where things are heading sartorially (as opposed to politically because WTF), I put together a weekend capsule wardrobe for Spring.  The intention here is to highlight 10 key pieces that will completely modernize your closet.  Best of all?  Most of these pieces can easily transition from the office to play dates to date night.

Keep reading for my 10 Spring must-haves…..

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April 18, 2016

Strobing: The Easy Makeup Trick You Should Be Doing

You know those girls you see on Instagram whose faces are glowing?  Their cheekbones look super high and their skin looks youthful, dewey . . . kind of like they’re lit-from-within?  Yeah, me too.  I want that.  I’m a huge fan of highlighting and contouring (using light and dark shades to sculpt the features of your face), but it’s definitely more of a special occasion look.  So, how do you get that glow and defined features without all the extra time and effort?


Strobing focuses solely on highlighting the areas of your face that the light would naturally hit.  The top of your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, brow bones and inner corner of your eyes can all be highlighted (depending on how much time you want to take).  You’re left with that glow and enhanced features in a fraction of the time (and skill) it takes to do a full highlight/contour to your face.  AND . . . you can do it over makeup or over bare skin.  It works either way.

There are a ton of highlighters out there, and it can get overwhelming to try to choose between them all.  From liquids to powders to creams, I’ve rounded up my favorites to help you decide which one is right for you.  (How-to videos below!) Best-Highlighters

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April 17, 2016

Ann Taylor’s Massive Cyber Spring Sale: 50% off Everything (Plus Our Picks)

ann taylor sale

It’s always exciting to stumble upon an amazing online sale, and even better when you can share the excitement with others. Ann Taylor is currently in the middle of their massive Cyber Spring sale where every. single. item. is 50% off plus free shipping from now until Monday night but they are already going fast. Here are just a few of my favorites on offer:

April 16, 2016

That Time I Wore Comfort Shoes To a Fashion Blogging Conference




Last weekend, Mike and I (as well as Scotti and her husband Zack) attended Reward Style’s annual conference in Dallas, TX.  Well, Scotti and I did, anyway, the boys just came to party.  This is my third year attending, and I’ve learned two important things along the way:

1.  Texans love their air conditioning, so it’s best to dress as if the conference will be held in a meat locker

2.  Don’t. Wear. HEELS.

I have vague memories of Cam, Scotti and I virtually crawling back to our hotel room after the finale party last year.  I mean, OK – perhaps a *tiny* bit of that had to do with our good friend Tequila, but most of it (I SWEAR) had to do with the fact that our poor feet?  Were screaming.  Practice matters, in the case of footwear.  I haven’t worn high heels all day in…..eight years?  Nine?  A LONG TIME.

Besides, I have a long history of meticulous outfit planning for fashion-related events and then caving under all of the pressure.  “Fashion” is literally the worst dress code EVER.   This is how I often end up at NYFW events in sneakers or puffer coats.  But….I’m getting better!  My foolproof *fashion* uniform these days starts with a leather jacket and cool shoes.  Everything else just falls into place after that.

And this year, my “cool” shoes also ended up being shoes from a brand known for comfort.  A brand my Dad likes to wear.  A brand whose Spring lineup looks way more chic than comfortable.  (But trust me – it’s both.)  Keep reading to see what we wore to the 2016 RStheCon……

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