August 19, 2015

A Great Maternity Dress is Worth Investing In


While I was trying to hide my bump, a.k.a. bloated belly, in the first trimester (and I honestly, wanted any excuse to wear baggy and comfortable clothes while I felt like utter sh*t), in the second trimester it’s all about starting to accentuate and show off the growing bump…and this is my favorite period of pregnancy, ya’ll. I have more energy, less nausea, I feel better about my body and the bump isn’t so big that it makes it harder to pull off certain outfits.

I think that investing in a bangin’ maternity dress that fits well, has the ability to be versatile, withstands pregnancy after pregnancy and flatters your changing body and bump is a MUST for any mama-to-be. I found my ultimate maternity dress when I was pregnant with our last babe — Isabella Oliver’s Ruched Tank Dress (which appears to be sold-out, but never fear…their Ellis Tank Dress is pretty much the same). Let me tell you, ladies. This dress is the BOMB dot com. It is made so well – thicker fabric (no see through problems), flattering and a great length.

You can really tell when you’re wearing something that is well-made and really fits you perfectly…especially when you’re pregnant. You know? You just can.

I wear this dress on a weekly basis right now.



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August 18, 2015

Soooo…I Didn’t Love the New Chuck Taylor




I’m a huge Converse lover – my very first pair took me all over the cobblestones of Paris, my current pair has been through countless playgrounds (keeping up with my little crazies), and it’s the shoe I turn to for the little crazies themselves (it’s genius for dress-up occasions).  Versatility, thy name is Chuck.

As you can imagine, I was pumped about the release of the Converse II – the first redesign of the iconic shoe in almost 100 years.  The redesign promised – among other things – a more comfortable footbed.  Comfortable shoes are my weakness, so the second they dropped, I was ON IT.

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August 17, 2015

Pregnancy Style: When You’re Sick of The Same T-Shirt-And-Shorts Combo



You knew the kimono was going to make a come back on here soon enough. It was bound to happen.

KIMONOS FO LIFE over here.

Especially when it comes to wearing one with a basic tee or tank and denim. Yeh, a white tank and  cut-offs is cool on it’s own. Definitely. I’ve thrown on the combo many times…and still love it. But it doesn’t take much to “boost” the look a bit.

I put on a kimono and a cool pair of sandals. Ze end. I was going to do a long necklace, but it felt a but cumbersome…so I ditched it and went simple.

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August 17, 2015

Trip Packing Favs: This North Face Jacket And a…Sweatsuit. (I KNOW)



We’ve spent the last several weeks in Michigan doing all sorts of kayaking/tubing/hiking/swimming/boarding.  It’s so deliriously fun that my boys are now old enough for Mad Summer Adventuring.  (And it’s only the beginning, I think.)

So….a note to my future self:  Next time, leave the fancy pants at home.  Only pack swim stuff, shorts (specifically these and these – I honestly haven’t worn anything else), a few tees, one great day dress, my Nike sweatsuit (yeah, man) and this North Face jacket.


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August 14, 2015

Date Night Dress Up: Hot Dress, Hot Food

Hey Guys!

So, I’m trying something new today. I did a video post a little while back for how to hack yourself some smokin’ hot cutoffs. And it turns out our queen bee Shana was like, “DUDE, more video! MORE!”. But this time I wanted to try and sub out photos for video on a standard outfit post. It’s just such a fun way to not only see the clothes but to get to know the person behind the content a little more. Or to see how the clothes move. There are a ton of times where I am dying over an outfit (like the epic dress in this video) and for some reason it just doesn’t photograph all that well. And, video clearly has taken over the blogging scene. So we’d better keep up!

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August 12, 2015

No Window? No Problem! How to Decorate Behind Your Kitchen Sink



Hey mamas, this week we have a reader question from our very own Cams! Here’s what she said:

Any ideas on how to decorate above the sink…when there is no window? I have been trying to make this spot cuter.

I had so much fun brainstorming this one! It was a bit of a stumper because decor behind the kitchen sink definitely has some unique requirements – has to be waterproof or easily wiped clean, it shouldn’t be large enough that it gets in the way of the faucet or washing large things like pots and pans, but too many small pieces might look cluttered – it’s easy to see why that wall often gets left naked! But I think I came up with some swanky ideas that are low maintenance and kitchen-friendly and will definitely make you smile while you’re doing dishes. Wanna see Cam’s kitchen wall makeovers?

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August 11, 2015

The Best Way To Wear An All White Outfit Casually (hint: SNEAKERS)

“GWEN?”  I called out to our nanny, and my best source for all things pop culture,  “Who is THIS??”



“Oh, that’s Gigi,” says Gwen.  “Gigi Hadid.  She’s super cute.  She’s a….”

[insert some nodding and hmmming by S while I promptly forgot everything Gwen said]

Let me just boil this down to what’s really important:  Gigi Hadid can rock the shit outta some monochromatic whites.  Of note:

Distressed white denim – not overly precious or preppy

Textured sweater – monochromatic dressing is always best when a mix of textures are involved

Army Green Sneaks – Army Green + White is one of my fav color combos EVER.  Fresh and modern.

SOCKS.  She is wearing little white socks with her sneaks, which puts her in the running for the highly coveted Most Comfortable Nonchalant It-Girl Walk In An All-White Outfit award.   High five, Gigi.


Let’s re-create this genius outfit formula.  (The below title has to be said OUT LOUD.  LIKE YOU MEAN IT.)

TME Gigi White Outfit Collage-01


1. BP 60mm Retro Sunglasses – If you want to try the cat eye trend but aren’t sure where begin, try these. For just $12 these are wildly similar to Gigi’s and guaranteed to spare you any buyer’s remorse.

2.  Lilly Pulitzer ‘Camden’ 60mm Cat Eye Sunglasses – These frames are more of a subtle cat eye that don’t scream: “I’M TRENDY!!” If you’re not ready to commit to the larger lenses, these work for everyday.

3. Oliver Peoples Abrie 58mm Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses – SWOON. These are the perfect upgrade from regular black sunnies. Pricey, but polarized.  

4. Henri Bendel Natasha Cat Eye Sunglasses – Channel Gigi’s look with a bit of a twist. These pink gradient lenses feel flirty and unexpected.  



5. Floral Embroidered Sweater – Fancy sweatshirts are everything. Dress it up, dress it down, repeat.

6. Asymmetrical Pullover Sweater – This sweater is light enough for summer but could be layered-up for fall, too. The asymmetrical hem is just begging to be half-tucked into jeans.

7. Crossover Sweater – The crossover hem makes this one way cooler than your go-to ivory sweater. If you’re not about that little bit of skin peeking out, throw on some killer high-waisted jeans or layer a colored tank underneath.

8. Maternity Sweater – Nothing better than a little bit of print on those pregnant bellies. If you’re an expectant mama willing to shake up the solid white-on-white, this one’s for you.  



9. Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans – If you like to invest in your denim, Paige is one of my favorite brands. The rips are juuust right and the material has a nice stretch to it, so they’re super comfy. Worth the splurge if you’re in the market for some white skinnies.

10. ‘Le Color Rip’ Skinny Jeans – These mid-rise skinnies are another great option. The rips are a little more severe or… grungier if you will, but still a staple piece. The higher waistline gives you a little more freedom to wear a shorter top and keep your coverage.

11. Express Mid Rise Jean Legging – Ahh, jeggings. The almost-pants that let you look great without counting down the minutes until you put your sweats back on. For $88, these are good ones to try (or scoop them up during one of Express’s many sales).

12. Twiggy Maternity Skinny Jeans – The perfect white skinnies for our pregnant mamas! That belly panel was my saving grace with baby #2.  Want rips?  (I would.)  Just DIY.



13. Kenneth Cole New York King Slip On Shoes – Can’t go wrong with a chic pair of slip-on sneaks. The dark green color will transition perfectly into fall.

14. Tretorn Net Sneaker – The open mesh style of this pair is a bit unexpected, but we like it that way.  I can’t stop thinking about these shoes.

15. Adidas Originals Campus 2 –  Military-green Adidas? Yes please. These are the shoes Gigi is wearing.

16. Kate Spade New York Lacer Up Sneakers – A little athletic and a lot pretty. Added bonus: these are on super sale right now.  



And Gwen, thanks for your help with this one!




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August 10, 2015

Two Pretty White Shirts To Wear With Boyfriend Shorts – Which One?



I’ve been LOVING the direction of Urban Outfitters lately…so many pretty things, and the quality seems to be better than I remembered.  But the best part?  Free shipping AND free return shipping all month long!  Just like Nordies, UO includes a sticker return label in the package, so returns are a cinch.

I found two drool-worthy white tops – both are sexy in their own way, and both do amazing things to destroyed denim – even the longer boyfriend shorts.  Heels or flats?  Either.  Which top do you prefer?

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August 10, 2015

#myeverydayedit – Mama Got Her Mojo Back


Hair braided, make-up on and an overall look of “hellz yeh”. We have left the first trimester. ALLELUIA.

It’s so cool when you don’t wake up feeling like poop every morning, knowing that you will feel like poop for a while that day…and then tomorrow…and then the next day. It is glorious, actually.

I do still feel ehhh some days (I mean, I am pregnant),  but it’s better than the feelings of DEATH I had before. I’ll take it!

Anyways, on that death note…let’s get on with this #myeverydayedit thang.

(It’s funny, because you can see the slow progression of me going from blah to better with each outfit. ha ha.)

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August 5, 2015

Dressing the First Trimester: Black Dress + Black Converse


There really is nada that can seriously satisfy my pregnant soul right now…other than Chipotle, naps and a simple, sort of tent-ish dress. It hides things…and for that I will *clapclapclap*.

The first trimester and even the beginning of the second is always an iffy, what-the-heck-do-I-wear time for me. I’ve had to ditch 99% of my shorts, because…ummm…the hips widening (they know what to do now and seem to just go ahead and jut right out) and my soft, cushy, I-look-out-of-shape-not-pregnant belly make it hard to fit into any of my non-maternity pants. sigh.

I may have shed a small tear when I tried on my favorite wide leg jeans the other day and they couldn’t be buttoned. I don’t know why I did that to myself. It was really sabotaging my pregnant emotions for no good reason. Oh, Cams. Silly. Silly. Silly. 

So. With that, I have had to find ways to be creative with what I have – wearing all of my slouchier tops, boyfriend jean shorts (there is no cool sagging going on anymore with those – ha) and a shirt dress. They have all worked out great, until recently when I got completely sick and tired of wearing them on serious repeat. Thank God I came across this pin , because I was about to throw in the towel and just wear workout clothes/pajamas until a proper bump presented itself.

Yessssss. This kind of outfit is chic without trying – with the black, sneakers, shades and the shape of the dress which allows for a bit of pooch and doesn’t make it look pooch-y, if you know what I mean. Basically, what early pregnancy dreams are made of. I just ordered up a size when I found this sweet shift dress and done.


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