December 7, 2014

Holiday Style: The Best Way To Wear Jeans To ALL the Parties



Despite the decidedly glam bent holiday trends are taking, I’m still a big (HUGE) fan of denim.  And with all of the glitzy accoutrements available for the chic party-goer, denim is the perfect foil for those of us who like their style with a heavy dose of insouciance.  (C’est moi.)

So I’ve been messing around, trying to figure out a fresh (and perhaps even exciting? Can we hope?) way to wear denim this holiday season.

Well.  I think I found it.


Untitled 10


(photo credits:  sole society, anthropologie)


I mean seriously:  what could be easier?  If you break it down, the formula is simply Cozy Sweater + Comfy Jeans + Statement Shoes + Chandelier Earrings

It’s the perfect combination of cozy and glam. (And I’m especially loving the chandelier earrings – they feel so unexpected and fresh, right?)

So given that inspiration, here’s the two different ways I’m interpreting this trend (hint:  I’m warming it up – I have an idea for snow-covered streets, as well as some recommendations for big earrings that will still be safe from grabby little hands).


Glitter Pumps + Destroyed Denim + Lots of Cuff

This is my fav.   The simple sweater is a perfect backdrop for stunning earrings, and the button-down shirt adds a polished element to the outfit and offsets the crazy distressing.  (I love big cuffs peeking out from under a sweater – it almost feels like bracelets.)














sweater: Nordstrom Collection Cashmere size XS/S (only the blue is left, but I have a TON of sweater picks below….)

shirt: Equipment (sold out), here’s this season’s Equipment pinstriped shirt

jeans: Blank Denim Barefoot and Busted Jeans

shoes: Kate Spade Karolina pumps (more shoe picks below)

earrings: old (more earring picks below)

bag: vintage (my mom’s, but we have a ton of fun holiday clutches here)


But S, you say,  I’m always cold!!  There’s no way I’ll be sporting glitter pumps again until June!

I hear ya.  And so I offer up option two….


Glitter Boots + Boyfriend Jeans














sweater: Nordstrom Collection Cashmere size XS/S (only the blue is left, but I have a TON of sweater picks below….)

jeans: old AG, but these patched Pilcro jeans have a similar vibe (and are on super sale)

boots: BCBG Generation Charm booties in bronze glitter (worn over my trusty smartwool socks)

bag: vintage (see our Ultimate Holiday Style Guide for more bag picks)

earrings: old, but these are similar (and see more below)


Shop Cozy Sweaters

I rounded up my fav cozy sweaters below, but I found that The Outnet, Banana Republic and All Saints have – hands down – the best selection right now.   (Also, a few of you have been asking for non-wool cozy sweaters, so a few below are labeled NOT WOOL.)

Longtime readers will know my love of  “interesting sweaters”, and while this outfit formula is perfect for a boring sweater….I tried to roundup cozy sweaters that have a nice balance of classic and interesting.


Shop Fab Earrings

I’m loving big, glitzy baubles, but ear cuffs, ear jackets and even – YES – clip on earrings will allow Mamas to rock this trend without worrying about grabby little hands.



Shop Statement Shoes





December 6, 2014

A Gift Guide For The Mama Who Loves A Date Night In And Giggles At Mark Twain Quotes



1.  A Cozy, Yet Interesting Cardigan

All Saints Reya Cardigan, $215 (Now on sale for $150)

Cardigans rarely catch my eye, but this one – with it’s asymmtrical button and cool drape – is gorgeous.  Perfect for sliding over bare shoulders on a date-night-in.


2.  Sexy PJs

True & Co Tank and Short Set, $48 (on sale)

Sexy PJs are a must for a date-night-in and these are Mike’s favs.  (Mine, too.)


3.  Ballet-Inspired Warmups

Free People Chambers Wrap Legwarmers, $32

You could lounge around in sweatpants….or you could wear tiny little shorts with over-the-knee legwarmers.  Guess which one feels sexier?  (This was my fav trick post-partum.  I’d just add a big swingy sweater to hide the pooch.)


4.  A Lux Cleansing Balm To Ease Your Nighttime Routine

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm, $65

I hate washing my face at night.  HATEIT.  I’m always exhausted, and the whole splashing-water-on-face thing just feels like too much.  I’ve been using facial cleansing wipes but they don’t remove all of my makeup, so I then have to follow them up with a toner (a couple of times) and even sometimes eye makeup remover and UGH.  But I’ve been thrilled with this cleansing balm.  It feels like a pot of solidified oil cleanser – scoop some out, warm it up on your fingertips, then rub on your face.  The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which you wet with warm water, then use to wipe off your face.  Makeup is dissolved – completely (I’ve tested it by running a cotton ball of toner over my face – NOTHING is on it) – and my skin feels soft and balanced.  This balm feels more like a pampering face mask then a cleanser.


5.  Cute and Cozy Slippers

Ugg Cozy Knit Slipper, $129

Because I keep wearing my mini Uggs in the house (gross – they go everywhere outside, too), and because Mike remarked that my Ugg Fluffy Flip Flops make my feet look like Hobbit feet.


6.  Bedtime Socks

Old Navy Cozy Socks, $5

If you have iceberg-feet, these are the ONLY socks that will thaw those frigid piggies in bed.  THE ONLY ONES.  Magic socks.  You can find these fluffy little socks pretty much anywhere, but I like Old Navy’s price and available patterns.


7.  A Huge Soft Scarf To Cuddle In

 J.Crew Brushed Scarf in Colorblock, $72 (currently 30% off)

This huge, luxuriously soft scarf is the same one as in this scarf tying tutorial.  It is fabulous, and so perfectly completes the whole ‘I effortlessly lounge looking tousled and sexy ‘ vibe we’re going for.


8.  A Bracelet To Remind You You’re Loved

Zady All The Stars Bracelet, $82

This simple little bracelet reads, “I love you more than all the stars” which makes my heart stutter a little because that’s the game I always play with my boys.  “Mom, I wuv you more den all dese GRAPES!!”  Says Pax.


9. Silk Pillowcases in the Manner of Royalty

My mother claims that silk pillowcases will help prevent wrinkles from forming AND I THINK THAT SHE’S RIGHT.  Nothing like says ‘stuff it Scientific Process’ like a random tidbit that relies solely on one person’s desperate attempts to not age (consider yourself warned) but here we go:  I switched to silk, and now whenever my silk pillowcase is in the wash (this could be days/weeks I’ll never tell), I SWEAR I have more wrinkles when I wake up.  I do.  I know I do!  I feel it, you guys.  I feel it in my soul. #science

SpaSilk 100% Silk Pillowcases, $20 each


10.  Flirty Pillows

My husband irrationally hates all throw pillows which is exactly why these would be a GIFT.  Besides, FLIRTY PILLOWS.  (ps.  Feel free to wake me with “Hey Gorgeous” anytime.  Any. Time.)

Hi Handsome and Hey Gorgeous throw pillows, $39 each


11.  An Upgrade Of Her Favorite E-Reader

Kindle Voyage, $199 (without 3G) – $269 (with 3G and wireless)

THIS!!!  You guys, I am a HUGE Kindle Paperwhite fan.  Forget the Fire, forget the Ipad, all I want is a device that lets me read millions of books wherever I want.  I want e-ink so I can read outside (even at the beach), and I want it back-lit so I can read in bed with the lights off.  The Paperwhite does all of those things (I have one, it’s amazing) but the Voyage – the next-gen Paperwhite – has even higher resolution, automatic light sensing based on your environment, and easier pageturns.  NY Times said, “You don’t just forget that you’re reading an e-book; you forget that you’re using any kind of electronic device at all.”  YESYESYES.


12.  Exfoiliation So Good, Even the Kids Will Notice

Roden+Fields Redefine Macro Exfoliator, $279

My friend Molly (longtime readers will remember her as, ‘M’) sent me this kit a year ago.  I had been complaining that my skin was so dull and gray from all of the chemo and I felt like I had aged 10 years in a matter of months.  Next thing I knew, Molly (who is selling Rodan+Fields) sent me an insanely huge carepackage of fab Roden+Fields products.  I’ve been using them for a year now (am planning to do a full review next month) but THIS ONE, the Macro Exfoliator? Oh my.  The first time I used it (at night), I came downstairs in the morning – no makeup, bald, and in my pjs – Raines took one look at me and said, “MOM!! WOW!  What did you do?  You look beautiful!!” and ran over to touch my face.  I mean seriously.  Even Mike was all, “Whoa, Babe. C’mere.”  Good stuff, Mamas.  GOOD STUFF.


13.  Funky Bookends For Nostalgia

Grazing Giraffe Bookends, $65

Love this witty design.


Happy Holidays!



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December 5, 2014

Faux Fur & Philly Love: Holiday Nights At Franklin Square Will Blow Your Mind



Franklin Square is one of our favorite places to take the kids – there’s a decent playground, mini golf, and a gorgeous carousel.  And it’s walking distance to some of our favorite Chinatown restaurants in Philly.  (Or try a burger at the Square – they’re surprisingly good.)

But for the holidays, Franklin Square has created some sort of holiday extravaganza that is simply not to be missed.   There’s a light show, carolers, and food trucks, if you come on Friday night.  But in addition to all of that….



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December 4, 2014

Holiday Style: Faux Fur Makes Everything Glam (Even Plaid Shirts)

How to Wear Faux Fur

 (photo credit: J. Birdie Photography)

Just like sequins, feathers and leather, I’ve always been drawn to (faux) fur.  RAWR.  Lucky for me, this is a perfect time to find some awesome faux fur pieces.  Scarves, coats, gloves, vests, boot covers, earmuffs . . . even purses with faux fur seem to be everywhere right now and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I love incorporating fur into outfits as more than just outerwear.  Since I’m always cold, faux fur adds some chic and warmth to my wardrobe.  I’ve already started dressing Greenlea in faux fur as well and it is absolutely adorable!  Bring on the fur.

December 3, 2014

Holiday Style: Sequin Minis Made Wearable


Last year I bought this sequin miniskirt because I LOVED it.  When I got it home, I tried it on and STILL loved it.  But then it hung in my closet.  All. Year.  Never wore it.  Not once.  Am I the only one this happens to?  You see something you love, you buy it, then . . . never . . . quite know . . . how to wear it.  Enter my sister.  I may be the makeup guru, but when I need fashion advice . . . she’s the one to go to.  I used her “formula” (we’re both math geeks) to come up with this outfit.  And?  I LOVE it.  I can wear my awesome sequin skirt, still be warm enough for the UP winters, AND not feel crazy overdressed.  The best part?  It’s actually comfortable.  In Shana’s words, “OMG that’s effing awesome.  Clearly, I’m a genius.”  Yes, she is. :)

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December 2, 2014

Holiday Style: Plaid Pants, Puffers, and Graphic Tees…Gone FANCY



If there’s one thing you can count on, when it’s time to get all fancy, I’ll wear a puffer.

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December 1, 2014

A Gift Guide for the Mama Who’s All Dolled Up With No Place to Go.

As Shana mentioned in her gift guide for Mama’s who work out, I’m not quite at that place where I want to work out yet.  I’m still in the midst of “diapers and spit-up and stained nursing bras.”  BUT!  That does not mean I don’t want to look good or feel good sitting at home with spit up on my shoulder.  I may not make it to the gym (YET) like I used to, but these gifts are my idea of how to add a little glamour to a not-so-glamorous time in life.  They are the perfect way to make the mama in your life (or yourself!) feel a little more Dolled Up even if she has no place to go.

1. Sephora Collection 24 Karat Gold Mine Brush Set: I love gold right now and these brushes are not only luxuriously soft and high-quality, but they would look gorgeous on top of a dresser or vanity.  The set includes six brushes, including three that are perfect for highlighting and contouring.  (Tutorial coming soon!)

2. Butter LONDON “Her Majesty’s” Nail Lacquer Duo: Butter nail lacquers are top quality.  They go on smoothly, last a long time and have great color payoff even with just one coat.  This particular set is a beautiful color combination . . . both colors look great on their own, but together they’re particularly gorgeous.

3. Michael Kors Dual-Ended Eau de Parfum Rollerball & Lip Luster Set: Lip glosses are so easy to swipe on without worrying about precise application or how long they’ll last.  They won’t dry out your lips like some lipsticks in the winter.  This set is of awesome value because not only do you get three glosses in wearable shades, but you also get three amazing perfumes (Sporty, Sexy & Glam) from Michael Kors.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a perfume junkie and I (almost) NEVER go through an entire bottle.  I like smaller amounts of fragrance and these are perfect to throw into a diaper bag or small clutch when leaving the house.

4. Nume Lustrum Set: Before the $300 price tag turns you off, know that I have NEVER spent more than half the price listed on Nume products.  I can always find a promo code to get the price down.  (For example, with the code “snugglebug” you’ll get 70%, or $209, off of this set.)  This set is the only one you’ll ever need as it comes with FIVE different wand attachments.  I wish I had seen it before I purchased two Nume curling wands myself!  Read the reviews . . . you won’t regret buying this one!

5.  Nate Berkus Antique Mirror Tray: I saw this in Target and thought it was such a cool statement piece.  I love trays and I use them for everything from serving drinks and snacks, to holding my remotes to displaying my perfumes.  I also love this Gold Mirrored Tray from World Market and this Silver Mirrored Tray from Amazon.   They would be perfect for displaying the gold brushes from Sephora!

6. Minted (Real Foil) California Map: I was so excited when I saw this in a magazine I was reading and couldn’t wait to see what Michigan looked like.  Unfortunately, Michigan wasn’t one of the options, but they have tons of really cool gold foil wall art and picture frames. (I sense a gold theme going on.)

7. Sugar Bean Jewelry Boxed Pave Stud Earrings: In gold, silver or rose-gold, these earrings are the perfect diamond studs without the diamond stud price.  I’m loving stud earrings more and more (and not just because Greenlea won’t grab and pull them!) and the sparkle in these are lovely.

8. Leith ‘Cascading Rectangles’ Ring: I usually go with dramatic statement earrings, but with Greenlea grabbing at anything and everything, statement earrings and necklaces are pretty much out of the question right now.  This is such a cool ring and I love the colors . . . I wear black all the time, so this would go with the majority of my closet.

9. Bauble Bar Ice Lateral Ring: I love the way double rings look on fingers.  They make a statement but are delicate so they don’t interfere with taking care of the little ones.  This one is an awesome (and inexpensive!) option that can be worn different ways for different looks.  Also, Bauble Bar is having a Cyber Monday sale where you can play to win up to $100 off your purchase (at the least everyone will get 20% off)!

10. MieraT Pave Diamond Ear Cuffs: These are my dream earrings.  They’re real diamonds, so they aren’t cheap, but they are such an interesting and beautiful update to traditional diamond studs.  I’d wear them ALL the time – with holey jeans or sequin dresses. Apparently others had the same idea because they are currently unavailable, but these Carbon & Hyde Cuffs are beautiful and these Hirotaka Ear Pins give the same type of look with a lower budget.  These Jennifer Meyer White Gold Diamond Long Bar Studs are gorgeous as well and could be worn vertically or horizontally for different looks.

11. Plush Fleece Lined Tights: These are pretty much a necessity where I live.  If I want to wear a short skirt or dress in the winter, I have to wear these underneath.  Fortunately, they are amazingly comfortable (soooo soft), don’t add bulk and are warm.  I actually just wore these on Thanksgiving under this skort from Express (which is currently 50% off!).  They’re opaque so you don’t have to worry about coverage with shorter skirts or shorts.  Or skorts, apparently.  (Which, FYI is something I NEVER thought I’d wear again after elementary school . . . but it’s actually really cute!)

12. Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin Pajamas: I have been pining for these for more years than I care to admit . . . pretty much ever since my sister bought a bright blue pair when she was in high school.  They come in a bunch of patterns and colors but I want the classic black and pink stripe ones . . . I just picture wearing them lounging around the house with a glass of wine in hand and feeling . . . so fancy.

13.  Speak Wines: I saw these in a magazine I was reading and thought they’d make the PERFECT gift for girlfriends of mine.  We love to have wine night (who doesn’t) and the sayings on the bottles like “Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing” or “You’re pretty” caught my eye.  The presentation is great (not to mention they taste good)!

14. Eileen Fisher Merino V-Neck Tunic Sweater (in regular or petite): SO . . . back to lounging . . . my “uniform” since I had Greenlea has been leggings (in faux leather, fleece-lined, patterned, etc.) and some sort of tunic shirt/sweater combination.  This sweater is super comfortable and flattering, long enough to cover the butt, nursing-friendly and comes in a number of different colors . . . what more could you ask for?

15. Camilla Lace Bralette: I love wearing these pretty little bralettes under sweaters and v-neck shirts.  Just because I’m nursing doesn’t mean I have to wear an ugly bra . . . I LOVE the dainty straps on this one (not your typical harness-type bra strap) and the fact that I can just pull it down like a nursing bra when I have to feed Greenlea.  You could let the lace peek out under a sweater (like this one from Free People – one of my favorites) or use the clips on Undercover Mama’s nursing tank with it.

16. Ted Baker London Faux Fur Scarf: I love faux fur.  It’s an easy way to feel glam and it’s warm – which, again, is verrry important where I live.  This cream scarf would look equally great with destroyed denim or a fancy dress.  It’s one of those things that you can throw on last-minute and feel more put-together on your way out the door.

So, during the holidays, I’ll be lounging at home with Greenlea wearing my silk pajamas, diamond ear cuffs, statement ring and faux fur scarf, drinking wine while doing my hair and makeup getting ready to go nowhere.  Sounds perfect.  :)



PS – Our Holiday Shop is updated daily so keep checking out the sales and our top picks!

PPS – Our HUGE MAKEUP GIVEAWAY is happening in a week!!  Make sure you’ve entered! :)

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November 30, 2014

The Ultimate Holiday Style Shopping Guide For 2014 (For Glam, Yet EASY Chic)

Bring on the sparkle, Babes.  This holiday season is all about maximum embellishment, glitz and glam.

I don’t often talk about trends (really, they barely matter at all) but this is the year of “dressing dangerously” (thank you, Vogue) so the trend of Fancy-Fancy is on like King Kong.  So if you are excitedly pulling out your feather mini to pair with your sequin top and metallic bag….yay, you.  Rock it.

But if the very words “feather mini” strike fear in your heart, or if you aren’t quite sure if we’re even still talking about clothes (‘Is ‘feather mini’ a type of warbler or loon?)…keep reading, Bird Nerd.  We’ve got something for you.

Scotti and I pulled together a list of outfit-making pieces that can be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe.  These pieces that will give your outfits some 2014-inspired razzle-dazzle.  We discussed and debated, edited and argued (we’re sisters after all) and managed to come up with a small list that even the most fashion-challenged can do.  But here’s the fun part:  Add one piece, or many.  (And pile ‘em all on.)  You control the volume of your glam.  #turndownforwhat


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November 29, 2014

Easy Wavy Hair Tutorial: How to Make Your Hairstyle Last for Days


I used to take FOREVER to get ready.  I would take my time applying my makeup, curling my hair . . . actually enjoying the process.  I was once voted the girl who took the “Longest to Get Ready” in a house full of sorority girls.  Yeah.  Times have changed.  I’m lucky if I’m able to shower on a daily basis.  My getting ready process has been whittled down to just the necessities and I’m working on perfecting time-saving tricks that help me prolong my style and make it easier to get out of the house with Baby Girl.  One of my favorite “tricks” is using Hot Tools Ceramic Deep Waver to extend my hair style for as long as possible between shampoos.  Not only does this make it easier to do my hair every day, but it also helps my dry, damaged (bleached) hair to regain some of its health.  I first heard of this trick through my sister-in-law, Amber, who works at the Beauty Bar Boutique in Wilmington, N.C. If you’re ever in the area, check it out . . .  she does AMAZING things with hair!  Here’s how I make my style last:



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November 28, 2014

A Seriously Huge Round Up Of All My Favorite Holiday Dresses

Did you guys DIE over my sister’s “nursing-friendly”, sequin mini dress?  So freaking hot, right?  But she comes by the glam honestly  – even at three she would do just. about. anything. for a copy of Bride magazine.  My 8 year old tomboy self thought she was SO WEIRD.   I mean OK – nowadays I love a sequin as much as my sister does, but I’m more likely to stick them on my feet.  Overall, I prefer a, um….how should I say this?….cozier take on glamour.  And by cozy I mean wool.  No need to mince words:  I won’t suffer cold for beauty.