May 20, 2015

The Affordable Outfit-Making Statement Piece You Have to Have


I bought this jacket on a whim a few weeks ago, quite frankly because of the price!  I’m the resident “el cheapo” of the Mom Edit team and I couldn’t resist this adorable jacket for under $50!  I was worried it might be . . . well, cheap . . . but I was pleasantly surprised when it came!  The thing I love about this jacket (aside from the awesome color) is the fact that it’s so lightweight and drapes so well.  It adds just touch of warmth (like when you go to a wedding and end up having to wear your husband’s suit coat because it’s freezing with the air conditioning) so it’s perfect for spring and summer.  I’ve worn it with dresses, jeans and shorts and have loved it with all of them.  (Here’s how I wore it with boyfriend jeans.)

May 19, 2015

Reader Find! The Best Bikini For A Huge….Bust

bikini top for large chest


Are you guys ready to oogle?  Suzanne sent in this pic, writing:

Ok, so I love all of your posts & wish I could wear all the awesome bathing suits you guys feature. Unfortunately, my body won’t let me. I’m 5’10” & wear a 32HH (UK sizing). Fortunately, your site also introduced me to They have been a lifesaver for my ginormous boobs. They are the only place I can get bras & bathing suits. I need an underwire and full coverage. This year’s suit of choice is by Pour Moi, and I love it! The fold over bottom is super comfy & gives me enough coverage. And the top gives enough support while still looking sexy. Excuse the bad bathroom mirror selfie, but it’s the best I’ve got!

Suzanne, you look AMAZING. I mean wow. is an amazing resource for seriously fabulous suits – and the search by bust-size range (A-D, DD+, or GG+) is genius.  But I’m really loving Suzanne’s pick:  the Pour Moi line is filled with sexy-yet-practical pieces.

I also happened to notice that ASOS also carries the Pour Moi line, and almost all pieces are currently on sale.  A number of these tops are still available in extended bust sizes, too.  Nice.  Here are some of my favs from the ASOS sale.


Suzanne, I LOVE this.  Thank you so much for writing in…with a pic, to boot! I can’t tell you how many emails we’ve received about the best swimwear for busty mamas, so this was seriously helpful.  (I’m also dying over your manicure.)

If anyone else finds a seriously flattering suit, we’d love to hear about it!



See the rest of our top swimsuit picks in The Mom Edit’s Swim Guide.


May 18, 2015

Everyday Style (#myeverydayedit)

Pairing Bright Colors with Bright Lips

So Mother’s Day was cold (surprise surprise), but I wanted to channel spring.  I grabbed a bright top from my closet and paired it with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, who just came out with some amazing limited-edition bright summer colors.  I bought three and want to try the others!  Bright lips are an easy way to look put together when you’re short on time, and this particular formula withstood our kiss test!



Top: Vince Camuto Short Sleeve Blouse

Lips: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Amalfi

Shoes: Nine West Lildarlin’s in Purple Nubuck

Earrings: Gold & Turquoise hoops (similar)

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May 18, 2015

That time I tried on a bajillion swimsuits at 9am…for you (#dressingroomselfies)


You may have seen, if you follow me on Instagram (@camilledipaola), that I made a big trip to Everything But Water and tried on a ridiculous amount of bathing suits. The things you’ll do for super cool readers…sheesh.

I even shaved my legs (and other spots) for this, so yeh. This is super legit and you had better keep scrolling. 😉

One-Pieces, but HOT one-pieces


I’m a bikini fan and I plan on rocking them for as long as I possibly can, but I’ve recently been checking out one-pieces. The one piece options out there right now are on-point and I am aware that not everyone appreciates a bikini, soooo…I tried on a slew of them. I started the whole adventure off with this Becca by Rebecca Virtue One Piece Racerback Tank Suit and really wanted to be totally on-board with it (and I kind of am), but since I am on the taller side, the torso was a tad bit too short, which resulted in the bottoms pulling my bum up a bit too much (not shown, sorry). Too close to the wedgie-zone for this gal, me thinks. It is such a cool style though and a shorter gal could totally rock it.

May 17, 2015

Editor Picks From The Mom Edit’s 2015 Swim Guide




Just for fun, we decided to highlight our favorite picks from the 2015 Swim Guide.  These are the suits that we’ve either tried and loved (fit notes included) or the suits that got us clicking “Add to Shopping Cart”.  And, as always, if you’ve found a winner that we haven’t talked about….WE WANT TO KNOW.  (Bonus points for some swimsuit selfies.)


1. LOFT Beach Mixed Paisley Suit, $89  (40% off right now)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  LOFT is winning at SWIM. (And as I type this, all of their suits are 40% off!!)  But this is the suit that literally made my jaw drop.  I ordered both this one and the gorgeous blue cut-out suit AAAAND….on my short little self, the blue cut-out was better.  The Mixed Paisley Suit totally worked, but there isn’t as much…um….distance between my boobs and my waist so the blue was better.  And while I typically take a 0 in JCrew swim, in the LOFT suits I preferred size 2.

Since LOFT SWIM is 40% off right now here are my favs real quick:

May 17, 2015

A Review of J.Crew’s One-Piece Swimsuits (with pictures)

jcrew swimsuit


Guys, I’ve had a long-standing love affair with J.Crew Swim.  It started in high school when I bought a light blue and white seersucker string bikini that my little sister took one look at and pronounced, “DISGUSTING”.

Yeah, it was hot.

Fast forward, uh, several years [snort] and I’m still a huge fan (and Scotti is now too – she quickly got over her Puritanical phase).  Over the years, J.Crew swim has been my go-to for sexy little bikinis, big-pregnant-girl supportive bikinis, and OK-fine-good-enough-it-is-what-it-is-post-partum bikinis.  But this year?

I’m seriously loving their one-piece suits.   Here are my favs, and a review of each:

J.Crew’s Halter Wrap Swimsuit

But first, liquid courage.


Ok.  Let’s do this.

May 16, 2015

The Very Best Swimsuits For Post-Partum (2015 Edition)

Hey there, Mama!  Dreading swim season?  I hope not.  There’s nothing more bonding and connecting and amazing than spending long summer days at the beach (or pool) with your kiddos.  There’s just something about a little water, a little sand….add in kids (and bubbles) and you’ve got a pretty magical combination.  The last thing anyone wants to do is miss out on the fun by stressing over how we look.

One approach is to – unapologetically – let it all hang out.  We’ve earned these bodies, Mamas.  They have done amazing, miraculous things.  There is no doubt that our soft bellies and c-section scars and well-used breasts should be celebrated.  And if you are in this camp, I APPLAUD YOU.  Go, Mama.

But if you’d like a tiny bit of help in this department, if you’re all I Am Mother Hear Me Roar (But Also Yes To Strategically Ruched Swimsuits)….then this article is for you.

Post-partum bodies come in all shapes and sizes and I define “post-partum” verrrrrrry broadly.  Like….years, even.  Or heck – EVER.  I think if you’ve ever had a baby you can claim post-partum.

So.  The best way to disguise a post-partum pooch in a swimsuit (whether 10 weeks out or 10 years) is to try one of these tricks:

1. Ruching (also see it action here)

2. Blouson or Peplum

3. Plunge Neckline

4. Color-blocking

5.  Distract with pattern


You can see all of these strategies at work in our old article, Postpartum Swim:  10 Tips To Hide The Post-Baby Belly.

2015 Favorite One-Piece Swimsuits For Post-Partum Mamas




1.  Sirens Swimwear in French Navy Polka-Dot, $189 AU

This Australian brand makes some of the sexiest vintage-inspired swimwear I’ve ever seen.  Their entire line is fantastic, and their real-sized models are gorgeous and a refreshing change from the norm.  My fav is this navy polka-dot suit, but there are a ton of gorgeous options.  The only issue is that Australia is heading into winter, so stock is a bit low in some suits.

2. Gottex One-Piece Bandeau in Azalea, $118

There’s no reason that a post-partum Mama has to stick to black (and in fact, I think a bright color is a more youthful choice).  This suit has both tummy control panels and ruching, as well as sewn-in cups in the bust.  It’s been endorsed by larger-busted reviewers, and also comes in a slightly longer swimdress version.

3. Albion Fit Antigua Floral Icon Swimsuit, $128

I LOVE the glamourous one-shoulder neckline.  This modern cut, combined with a pretty floral print and strategic ruching make this stunner perfect for post-partum.



4. LOFT Beach Blouson One-Piece Suit, $89

LOFT is KILLING IT in swim this year.  And this seriously cool, sophisticated print conjures up images of Havana nights rather than dowdy old mums – wear with a fedora and big shades.  Seriously OMG.

5. Ondademar One-Piece Printed Plunge, $228

This suit won’t be for everyone, but it’s nothing short of AMAZING how well a deep plunge distracts from a post-partum pooch. Add in the tie-waist belt and pattern?  Solid gold, baby. (Or, uh, grayish/black/white.  Whatever.)

6. Eberjay Midnight Maillot, $159

Yay!  It’s navy!  Here’s why this works:  the plunge distracts, the navy slims just like black (but feels fresher for summer) and the little string under the bust helps to support the girls.  I know it’s crazy, but my dear friend M (longtime readers remember M) wore a suit like this to Mexico when she was VERY post-partum and rocked it.  Try it!  You never know…..



7.  Seafolly Field Trip Maillot, $158

This suit gets RAVE reviews from post-partum Mamas.  I love how this romantic floral suit still manages to exude a tomboyish, playful vibe.  One of my favs.

8. Modcloth Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in gingham, $90

This suit comes in a zillion colors and prints, and has seriously glowing reviews from post-partum mamas and busty gals alike.  My favorites are the gingham (a nod to the vintage style), or the red-and-white stripes.  So pin-up girl good.

9.  Kortni Jeane Bra-Cup Top, $69 and  Peplum Bottoms, $35

A reader gave me a head’s up about this seriously cool boutique brand.  You can pick from a wide range of tops and high-waisted bottoms to create your perfect suit.  I love all of the different models used (you can really see what the suits will look like on), and the combo of a peplum top AND bottom would be seriously great post-partum.


Now these are just my favs.  There’s a TON of other options, picked specifically for post-partum Mamas (or anyone with a softer tum) in The Mom Edit’s Swim Shop.

And let us know if you’ve found a perfect post-partum suit!  We’d LOVE to hear (or see if you want to send a pic).



May 14, 2015

Seriously Cool And Modern Outdoor Furniture That Won’t Break The Bank


Thanks to random days in the high 80s, it’s feeling like a fast-forward to summer around here – just in time for a patio furniture roundup! There are so many tempting choices, especially since our outdoor furniture did not survive this year’s New England winterpalooza (sad pic after the jump). Check out what I found for sprucing up your outdoor space since Memorial Day is right around the corner (seriously, wasn’t it just April??)

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May 13, 2015

The Best Summer Sandals For Kids (TOMS Vs. FlipFlops Vs. KEENS…It’s a SHOWDOWN, People)



This picture cracks me up.  For the record, we did NOT ask them to pose like that.  I think this is the result of being the offspring of a fashion blogger.  God help me.

In any case, SUMMER IS A COMIN’.  Are you ready?

Normally, my answer would be a resounding NO.  But this year, in terms of summer rediness, I’m doing pretty good.  That’s one of the many (many!!) bonuses of a tropical Spring Break: we’re totally ready for SUMMA SUMMA SUMMATIME.

And by “we” I mean the boys.  I am in no way done shopping for myself (don’t get any crazy ideas, Mike Draugelis).

But let’s talk about sandals for kids.  More specifically, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and discuss the following pressing topics:

1. TOMS vs Flip-Flops

2.  Are Keen sandals worth it because they are just so truly practical even if they are also completely awful looking?  AMIRIGHT?!!?

My Feelings on TOMS Can Best Be Expressed by This Photo Montage

Here’s the thing:  I love TOMS for littles in the summer.  They’re lightweight, won’t overheat the feet, can get wet, will dry, and both of my boys have been putting them on by themselves for years.  (This is the main advantage they have over Saltwater sandals.  We’re big, HUGE fans of Saltwater here, but I hate having to buckle them each and every time we go outside.  But for all-day outside exploring, they are hard to beat.)

We went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break, and no matter the activity, the boys romped around in their TOMS.


Also?  That BELLY. 

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May 11, 2015

Spring Cardigan Styling Two Ways: Day and Date Night




I think I over-dosed on cardigans while nursing. Since I stopped, uh, TWO years ago, up until recently I hadn’t been able to even look at another cardigan without breaking out in hives.  I literally wanted to run screaming.

But, you know, time marches on blah blah blah and suddenly I’m all “CARDIGANS?  WHAT ARE THESE WONDROUS PIECES OF CLOTHING” so now they’re suddenly a STAPLE.

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