April 8, 2009

Chic, Original Clothing for Kids that is Simply Drool-Worthy and Affordable

Chinny Chin Chin Online StoreSome kids have all the luck.  And Esther Croak's kids will, thanks to their very talented mom, always have cool in spades.  Meet Esther Croak, aka Chinny Chin Chin.  Chinny Chin Chin is a clothing line for kids made from re-purposed and vintage fabrics.  Her new Spring 2009 line, Almost Famous, launched at last week's Hopscotch Hustle Benefit (a hip mom and baby fashion show that I had the honor and pleasure to be a part of).  I'll have more coverage on the fashion show in the days to come, but I was so taken with everything Chinny Chin Chin that I simply couldn't wait.  Her line is a little big boho, a little bit rocker, but SO chic and clean.  It's so good, in fact, that it's almost wasted on the kids!  Almost.  What I find so refreshing – besides the use of re-purposed fabric – is the fact that she manages to infuse a children's line with chic, never veering into the realm of cutesy, fussy or trying to hard.  She just offers great design, great lines, and great fabric.  It's a recipe so deceptively simple that you almost miss the genius behind it.  And the fact that this line is also so ridiculously affordable (prices range from $6 – $44) is simply the icing on the cake.  Now if she would just offer these looks in slightly larger sizes….say a kid's size 20? 

All of the items from the Almost Famous line are available in Chinny Chin Chin's recently launched online store!  Lucky, lucky us.  To tempt you even further, I've included more pics from her new line.  Usually, little girls' clothing options far outshine the boys' clothing options, but in this line….hmmmm.  I'm kind of partial to the rockstar vest and pants (below).  I haven't seen anything like it.  It would be SO adorable at a wedding.  And the little girl wearing the dress with the scarf and sunglasses?  I hope to someday look that cool.

Chinny Chin Chin Vest and Pants
Chinny Chin Chin Ingrid Dress
.Chinny Chin Chin Porch Shorts
  Chinny Chin Chin Kaftan for Babies