May 9, 2017

Spring Jackets

Spring! Look how springy these photos are! Sunny! Gorgeous! (Crying face emoji here) NO. Gray. Still gray. But this jacket makes me happy. It’s brighter and lighter yet provides that bit of warmth we inevitably need in the PNW this time of year. And it’s not a raincoat. So I’m stoked about that. Light jackets are my jam and I’ve found some gems for spring that are easy to throw on with anything for that transitional weather…

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July 29, 2013

Wearing A Campy T-Shirt (you’ll be seeing a lot of this one….)



And, mind you, this was a real outing.  There were no doctor's appointments, it wasn't a 15 minute errand that anyone drove me to (just to save sanity), it was a real, honest-to-goodness, family outing.

For this momentous occasion, we went to my fav, Sister Cities Park.  This park, this genius of a park, has an awesome coffee shop/patio that are located next to a (heavily chlorinated) wading pool….

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October 8, 2012

Fall Trend: Leather (For Mamas!!)


Have ya heard, Mamas?  Leather is huge this season.  Whether you rock it in small doses, or go hardcore-hot-Mama in leather jackets/pants…without a doubt, leather makes an impact.  Leather can make even the meekest Mama look like a badass.

Think of leather as our version of a superhero cape. DA DAH DAHN!

Scared?  Don’t be.  I’m the world’s biggest wardrobe wimp (if it’s uncomfortable in the slightest, I’m not interested) and have a couple of leather styling tricks up my sleeve.

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