April 26, 2013


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I got a Pap smear yesterday.  Whoa, maybe I should say good morning first.  Hope you already had your coffee!  But I booked my appointment in honor of Megan's recent health scare.  The Happiest Mom says go get it done, Mamas.  I did mine.  Now it's your turn.

In semi-related news, I am a MILF.  (Love the folks at True & Co. for coming up with a funny tilt to that ridiculous acronym.)

Have you heard of Sakroots?  They make really cool products, all covered with…art.  I love this clutch for date night, am dying for this water bottle, and would love any of their iPhone cases.   They are currently holding a contest to find their next print, if any of you are art-inclined….

Are any of you on Chictopia?  I joined recently, just to see what the fuss was about.  I'm not totally convinced it's worth my time….between Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook…there's just so much.  Thoughts?  

Also?  I'm loving my old overalls again and Sarah Jessica Parker demonstrates how cool shoes can make even a hoodie look good.

On Monday, I talked about my resolution to spend more time in nature just…sitting….and then I found this article from a local parent's group.  They call it a "sit spot".  Isn't that clever?

I love when books lead to creative play…and Play at Hom Mom found a good one.

If any of you are interested in Reggio-Emelia…Play Outside has created THE BEST series on the Reggio-Emelia approach.  Their emphasis is primarily for pre-school classrooms, but I find a ton of inspiration to pull into the home.  

I think we're headed out to the Creative Clubhouse today (if any of you are local, it's my hands-down fav place to take the kids)….and this weekend I hope to do a little star gazing.  Gosh, I love a good Science Festival.

Happy Friday!




October 24, 2008

October 2008 Mom

Jamietest Never underestimate the power of a good hoodie.  Our October mom, Jayme, understands this.  A cute hoodie is a great way to infuse a little personal style into the t-shirt-n-jeans combo.  Jayme’s hoodie, in addition to being a great color, has some cool embroidery which gives it an almost handmade, boho vibe.  For breastfeeding moms, hoodies can be thrown on over a nursing cami, and for babywearing moms, hoodies allow you to carry your babe around without worrying about the kid chewing off a button and choking.  And when your hoodie is as embellished as Jayme’s, no jewelry required.  So choose your hoodie wisely and express just how cool you are.

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August 4, 2008

August 2008 Mom

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This is my mom in 1975, in what is now considered vintage.  I actually have those shorts.  It’s August, it’s hot, and summer style should be easy.  Throw on a cute tank, shorts, sandals.  Done.  This summer, style is looking reminiscent of ‘70s fashion, so I thought a real-life ‘70s example would be good.  The daisy dukes are cute (and they are cute again now), the sandals give a very ‘70s vibe, and the oversize zip sweatshirt thrown over a little tank keeps the outfit from being too revealing.  A perfect blend of casual-cool, not trying-too-hard-with-lots-of-skin (and avoid the comparison to Lindsey and Britney).  Just remember to keep the colors simple, and the top not skintight.  You want to go in a chic, vintage-y direction, not like you raided your teenage daughter’s closet. 

ps.  She’s pregnant in this photo.  This look works for pregnant, post-baby belly and otherwise.

Ideas to recreate are below:

  1.  Daisy Dukes — don’t buy these.  Just find some cute fitting jeans at a second hand store, chop them off and wash them. 
  2. American Apparel makes great zip hoodies (pictured below).  If you are small, you can probably get the same vibe as the photo with the women’s version…if not, try the men’s.
  3. The good news is that these types of shoes are very comfortable.  For a real ‘70s vibe, try the Elba Sandal at Nordstroms for $185 (below left).  A cheaper option would be the Birkenstock Madrid, at $70 (below middle).  If you are a real shoe hound, I think the Sam Edelman Gemmas (below right) ($99) at Piperlime.com would be completely amazing.