June 16, 2017

Nursing-Friendly Summer Dresses

Dear nursing mamas…if you search ‘nursing-friendly dresses’ online…wow. Very¬†difficult to find cute and interesting options. I polled the TME team and got some great suggestions as to what style dresses worked for us for nursing and did a little round-up.

Dresses are by far the coolest thing to wear in the heat! These styles should get you through everyday, date nights and summer events.

Above, left to right: colorblock | stripe | dot | floral

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October 20, 2011

Mom Street Style – Kristen’s Shorts ‘n Polka Dotted Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

Kristen and WynnWe try and keep up with our Mom Street Style submissions.  But sometimes we get behind.  And sometimes we get so behind that I've hung onto a pic for almost a year, just to make sure we're not showing Mom Street Style flip-flops in February.  

But I cracked up when Kristen's email hit our inbox a few days ago.  Shorts and flip-flops?  And it's almost November?  Clearly, despite my wanting very badly cold Fall weather (and hotcocoafuzzysweaters andboots) …we're not the only ones feeling the heat.  Goodness, even in NY this past weekend (our fun little family train trip) it was downright hot during the day. 

Kristen wrote: 

Hi ladies! I'm a 30-yr-old full-time working mom of Wynn (15 months) and a huge fan of your blog!

I thought I might have made you proud during our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. I had a few challenges: I wanted my outfit to reflect the Fall season, but it's still 85* here. And of course, it had to be suitable for chasing a toddler around. Enter a flowy, forgiving blouse (Old Navy), crisp cuffed black shorts (bebe), and a toddler-friendly piece of jewelry — a coral and gold cuff (local boutique). Add some stylish flip-flops (Tory Burch) and I was ready to chase Wynn through the petting zoo!

Thanks for always posting such great inspiration. I'm gonna read as long as you write!



Kristen, you look ah-mazing.  We are so, so proud.  Yay, you!!  And MAN – Old Navy (of all places!!) has been killing it with their flowy tops this fall (I wrote about my favorite here). And let's all take a moment to sigh in bliss over shorts and flowy tops mom-i-forms.  Ahhhhh….

I know, I know – I'm a horribly predictable shorts-lover.  I can't help it.  Like Gaga, I was born this way.

And Kirsten, you were obviously born fabulous.  Thanks for writing in!

Kristen and Wynn 2

Ummm…BTW, Kristen is in FL, so I'm not sure if they ever get sweater-weather, but this outfit sure is reflective of the crazy Fall we've all been having.  For those of you who are actually experiencing a cooler Fall (or want to rock an outfit like this into winter), this outfit would look amazing with tights, boots, a chunky scarf and parka.  I'm thinking something like this…





And YES – I love black and navy together.  



June 1, 2011

Mad for Maxi Skirts

Mad for maxi skirts

I'm mad for maxi skirts, mamas, and I'll tell you why.  What can possibly be kinder to varicose veins, lumpy knees, mummy tummies and chubby thighs (mine, not my babes') than a crazy-long skirt?  Is there a better skirt to wear to a playground?  No.  Is there an easier way to make your tired, frazzled person look polished while staying comfortable?  Not likely.  All this, and you'll actually look current and on-trend?  It really would be too much to ask for if it hadn't just fallen in our laps. 

Here I'm wearing the Loveappella Maxi Skirt from Piperlime with an off white tank and a denim vest I've miraculously held onto since high school.  I've had about 4 hours of sleep, haven't washed my hair in days, and I actually believe my mom, who's taking the photo, when she tells me I look awesome.  Because, well, she's my mom and she'd never lie to me, right?  Right.  And, in spite of the aforementioned circumstances, I feel great in this outfit, like I'm wearing pajamas. . . but nobody knows.

I'm loving the maxi skirt trend because separates can be so much easier to deal with considering the limited time moms have for vanity.  And, while I have adopted maxi dresses, I sometimes have a hard time wearing them.  Unless I have the time to really work out my accessories, I end up feeling like I'm wearing a nightgown. 

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May 18, 2011

Round-Up: Mom-Friendly Sliver and Demi Wedge Sandals

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 11.05.08 PM  S. and I have hotly debated the mom-friendliness of flare denim: "So dumpy when they pool at the ankle. . . " fervent nodding, "Only hot with platforms. . . "  But with S., where there's a will there's a way, and–rocket scientist that she quite literally is–she of course found the perfect solution for moms: sliver (or demi) wedge sandals.  In fact, I'm fired up and ready to upgrade my Gap flares to premium denim based on her breakthrough post Wearing Flares with Flats

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April 19, 2011

Not Your Father’s L.L. Bean – Signature Summer Line Has Us Drooling!

I did a double take followed by a triple check when, late last week, I found myself perusing–and drooling over–an L.L. Bean catalog I'd just received in the mail.  I'm on the L.L. Bean mailing list because I've purchased everything from ExOfficio sun and insect shield shirts for my sportsman dad, and a British Slip Lead to keep our unruly dog in check, to monogrammed Adventure Duffels for both boys (they'll have them forever), and I'm pretty sure I'll score the Sea-Washed Canvas Duffel for hubs for Father's Day.  Frankly, L.L. Bean sells great stuff: for guys and dogs and kids and moms who like pleated trousers and polo shirts.  But I have never, not even once, considered purchasing something for myself (okay, maybe duck boots). Until now. 

As it turns out, the outdoor gear and polo shirt purveyor's new collection, L.L. Bean Signature (led by Alex Carleton, a veteran of Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and Rogues Gallery, his own line) has quite a few stunning spring and summer looks.  Here are our picks:

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April 11, 2011

How To Wear Socks With Sandals…Mom-Style

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 3.47.07 PM The socks-n-sandals pairing have been all over the runways and the blog-o-sphere for….well…over a year now.  While there was some backlash initially, socks-n-sandals is now considered de riguer for the avant guard fashion set. And since I've never been one for following traditional fashion rules…I kinda like it.

The easiest way to wear this trend is to pair (thin) socks with wedges or heels in a similar color (as pictured from Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 RTW).  You can mix up the colors a bit (gray with black, etc) but sticking to tone-on-tone is the most fool-proof pairing. Yes?  Heels are best?  No surprise there. 

So now that we agree on how to wear socks-n-sandals on date night (which is just what our guys want to see – a man-repelling trend saved exclusively for our romantic nights)…let's talk about how to incorporate this trend into our everyday, toddler-chasing, outfit rotation.

Here are my takes:


(wearing: current/elliott boyfriend jeans in super destroyed, j.crew v-neck tee, madewell socks, dv by dolce vita regina sandals in blush, tissot watch, chan luu necklace)

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April 7, 2011

Mom Street Style: Yvette’s Perfect Proportions

IMG_2290 Friday mornings at the Cherry Creek mall play area are the best times/place to find great mom style.  The last time I was there, I ran into Yvette.

Yvette's oufit caught my eye for the following reasons:

1.  The Cropped Pant – This is the perfect cropped pant.  It's cropped at the most flattering length, and is nice and slim.  The overall effect is very Audrey Hepburn, not scary mom-jean wearer in her "summer outfit".

2.  I love the long, drapy top with the cropped pant.  This short – long combo always looks spot-on.

3.  This style of top was made for nursing, post-partum moms.  Hi.  That's me.

Yvette is wearing Kenneth Cole legging/pants, her top is Splendid's Fleece Button Cardigan (and currently on sale) and her flats are from Naturalizer (and, says Yvette, crazy-comfortable).

Now remember…get your mom style pics ready!  It's one more week until link-up time and our fabulous giveaway….



March 29, 2011

The Key To Cool Layering (Hint: Think Three)

P3069691 Spring fever has hit pretty hard.  But despite our collective longing, Mother Nature rarely responds.  And if you are in Marquette, MI?  Hello, snow. 

Even if you are dealing with snowdrifts, the easiest way to deal with a bit of Spring fever is to infuse a little dose of Spring into your outfits.  We've talked already about gorgeous trench coats, and bright pops of denim…but one way to feel Spring-y and stay warm is by layering.

Layering, however, is not throwing a cardi on over your t-shirt.  Well, technically, it is…but a cooler way of layering is to follow the rule of three:  Wear three tops*.

*tops – a loose definition.  Tops can be dresses, vests, actual tops or even a big fun scarf.  Two tops and a scarf is kind-of cheating in this layering game.  But will still look great.

The rule of three keeps you a bit warmer, and…even better?  It makes any outfit just. so. cool.  It requires a bit more thought, however.  At least for me.  But the end result is effortless style.  Look at your fav fashion mags or bloggers – some of the coolest looks follow the rule of three. 

Wanna see?  I found some really great inspiration, and came up with a few tips to keep in mind:

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March 24, 2011

Mom Street Style: Viani’s Sophisticated Babywearing Outfits

  Photo-5 For some reason, when babywearing is the order of the day, I tend to reach for my denim.  I almost always go casual (as evidenced by my own mom-style babywearing uniform).

Not so for reader Viani, who was nice enough to send in these pics of her so-very-sophisticated babywearing mom-style. 

Viani is wearing  a maternity dress by Nest (LOVE that she is still getting use out of cute maternity duds), an FCUK long cardigan, puma boots & leggings from nordstrom.  Fab sunnies by Kate Spade.  So. Crazy. Cool.

First of all, why NOT wear maternity clothes??  To be honest, half of my maternity wardrobe doesn't look anything like maternity…we spend so much money on this stuff, let's wear it! 

And secondly, Viani's dress and cardi are both long and sleek, so they would be perfect for layering under her Balboa carrier without worrying about hemlines creeping north.  (A concern voiced by Lane in her article on babywearing style).

Lucky for us, Viani also sent in another outfit, one that she wears in chillier weather.  Voila:

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February 10, 2011

What Moms Wear: Warming Up a T-Shirt Dress

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 10.35.47 PM My favorite – a reader submission!!  Reader Jacci from Ohio sent in an adorable pic of herself in what she described as a classic & comfy mom uniform:  a t-shirt dress and leggings. 

Jacci makes it cold-weather friendly by layering it over a basic long sleeve t-shirt, then adding tall boots and a denim jacket.  She then dresses the whole look up a bit with a gorgeous statement necklace.  I'm LOVING the rolled sleeves – perfection.

If it's as as cold as it looks in the pic, I think the whole outfit (denim jacket included) would also look amazing layered under a parka.

Want a better pic of the dress & t-shirt?  Yes, of course you do:

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