June 16, 2017

Nursing-Friendly Summer Dresses

Dear nursing mamas…if you search ‘nursing-friendly dresses’ online…wow. Very¬†difficult to find cute and interesting options. I polled the TME team and got some great suggestions as to what style dresses worked for us for nursing and did a little round-up.

Dresses are by far the coolest thing to wear in the heat! These styles should get you through everyday, date nights and summer events.

Above, left to right: colorblock | stripe | dot | floral

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November 21, 2011

Nursing-Friendly Holiday Dresses

We've had several requests for nursing-friendly holiday dresses.  Which, as many of you know, is easier said then done.  Most festive holiday fabrics (silk, lace, anything shiny) have very little give and therefore are tough to nurse in – even if the neckline is low.  The best nursing-friendly dresses have a stretchy neckline – something with jersey, perhaps, so they easily pull down to nurse.  However, these dresses can often look too casual.  Finding something dressy (or that can be dressed up) and nursing-friendly is key.


(City of Lights dress, $178 and Miramar Dress, $368 both from Anthropologie)

Another pitfall?  The wrap dress.  These often appear nursing friendly, but in reality, many require partial unwrapping for full nursing access to 'the girls'.  Um.  Awkward.

Lastly….bras.  As in, we need them.  Milk is heavy.

So.  If you are in the market for a nursing-friendly holiday dress, keep the following in mind:

1.  Find dresses in stretchy fabrics.

2.  If you want a wrap dress, be sure that it's drapey enough to allow nursing access without having to re-tie.

3.  Be sure you can wear a bra (BTW – a strapless bra is very easy to nurse in…but be sure you have one that fits properly).

Here are some of my favorites for a bit of inspiration…..


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December 13, 2010

A Perfect Post-Partum Outfit: Pooch Hiding, Nursing and Babywearing Friendly

PC096231 I love this pic.  Despite the fact that Pax was born 3 weeks ago, I hardly look post-partum at all!  Happy day.  Unfortunately, it's only a trick of the eye, due in large part to my husbands mad photography skills, the sweet cape/poncho thing I'm wearing, and the fact that I squeezed into a Belly Bandit (talked about here) per J's instructions:  "put it on so tight you can barely breathe!"

Belly Bandit or no, this will be my default (aka wear everyday) post-partum outfit until I loose the pooch.  Or at least until I lose most of the pooch.  Or summer hits…whichever comes first. 

So here's what's working for me:

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May 26, 2010

Dresses For Nursing Moms – Summer 2010

One of the most frustrating parts of nursing (well, after latch issues, colostrum staining issues, supply issues, pumping and bottle issues), was my complete inability to find cute clothes that allowed for easy nursing.  Never was this issue so apparent then when it came to dresses.  I know, dear readers, that you feel my pain.  We have had many of you asking for advice on this topic.

One would think this was easy.  In this day and age of pro-breastfeeding (almost to a fault, as M points out here) one would think that there would be scores of adorable nursing clothing available to help us legions of breast-feeding mothers continue to nurse. 


Not so much.

While there is certainly more choice now than even two years ago when I first started on this quest, separating the dowdy from the cool takes a bit of work.  Especially when it comes to dresses.  Not only do you need easy access and minimal exposure, but if you are like me, you need something that works with a nursing bra.  Gone are the days I could get by bra-less, and while one can nurse in a strapless bra…strapless bras are neither supportive nor easy when it comes to nursing.

So to narrow the scope somewhat, here are the "rules" I applied to all dresses to be able to qualify as "nursing dresses":

The Rules

  1. Easy Access — You must be able to nurse in this dress without having to untie it from the back, lift it over your head, or go through any other weird contortions.
  2. Minimal exposure – One boob at a time, please.  Just one boob at a time.
  3. Nursing Bra – You must be able to wear a nursing bra with this dress.  While there are a few that would require a decent looking bra, all cami style or strapless dresses are out.
  4. It must be washable.  Spit-up happens. 
  5. Bonus points for pooch-hiding properties

Here are my picks:

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