June 16, 2017

Nursing-Friendly Summer Dresses

Dear nursing mamas…if you search ‘nursing-friendly dresses’ online…wow. Very difficult to find cute and interesting options. I polled the TME team and got some great suggestions as to what style dresses worked for us for nursing and did a little round-up.

Dresses are by far the coolest thing to wear in the heat! These styles should get you through everyday, date nights and summer events.

Above, left to right: colorblock | stripe | dotfloral

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February 29, 2012

Dresses For Very Busty Nursing Moms

Mamas, one of my very favorite things about blogging is you.  Our readers.  I love that there is a virtual army of awesome moms at all of our fingertips, always ready to share advice, tips and support.  You guys rock.  And our latest example of your awesomeness is this guest post from reader Crunchy Con Mom.

After our article about finding nursing-friendly day dresses on Zappos, we received an email from Crunchy Con Mom: 

I noticed a comment someone left on your recent post about nursing in dresses. She was baffled at your categorization of cowl necks as nursing friendly and I could totally empathize with her. I'm down to about a G cup now that my son is 2, but was a 34J at first, and even stretchy necklines generally can't hold up to that kind of stretching and still look good! I wondered if you might be interested in another guest post?

Um…YES.  Abso-freakin-lutely.  At the biggest, my nursing rack hangs out around a D (M's is bigger, but only by a bit…and WOW I know an awful lot about my friends' chest sizes since becoming moms, LOL), but clearly there's a whole lot more to think about for the truly busty nursing mama.  So let me turn this topic over to someone who has lived it, Crunchy Con Mom: 

(BTW – this is not a picture of Crunchy Con Mom.  Just thought I'd clarify.  It's the Elomi Beatrice Nursing Bra model.)

Screen Shot 2012-02-29 at 10.45.38 PMThe first time a friend mentioned pulling necklines down to nurse, I was frankly, confused.  Eventually, the geometry of the situation made sense.  To nurse, you have to pull your neckline not just down 6-8 inches but also out the distance your breasts stick out. For a mom with a C cup, that’s just 3 more inches. For a mom with a J cup, like me when my milk first came in, that’s 10 more inches. So a mom with a bigger cup size might be asking their shirt to stretch twice as much as a mom with a smaller cup size. That’s a lot to ask of a neckline, and the smaller you are other than your breasts (i.e. small band size), generally the less fabric you have in your shirt or dress to do that stretching. So when I saw another ANMJ reader similarly baffled at a suggestion S made to buy a cowl neck dress to nurse in, I wanted to help.

So, once we accept the premise that some of us just can't make the geometry work to pull down necklines to nurse, what’s an ultra-busty mom to do? Here are a couple of styles I’ve discovered work really well for me while I’ve been nursing (I included mostly day dresses, but also a few that would be more appropriate for date night or a wedding you’ve been invited to!):

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August 11, 2011

Mom Street Style: New-Mom Lindsay’s Gorgeous White Dress

Lindsay How amazing does Lindsay look?  Pretty. Darn. Amazing.  Especially considering that little baby Freedom (LOVE the name) is only a few weeks old.  Weeks, people!!  Lindsay is wearing a stunning Nicole Miller dress that was a gift from her mother.

[S stands up, applauds loudly]

I am going to remember this.  Forget diaper bags, forget strollers.  When my boys have kids, I'm going to take their wives shopping for one fabulous dress.  One dress that makes you forget all about the post-partum pooch.  One dress that is show-stoppingly gorgeous…yet comfy, nursing-friendly and looks good with flats. 

We should all own one of these dresses.

Lindsay's jelly flats are by Melissa & Compagne, and she's carrying Skip Hop's Bento Bag.



May 18, 2009

Maxi Dresses For Nursing Moms

Nursing moms need support (for heavy, milk-filled boobs) and easy
access (for starving, wailing babes).  I haven't been able to find any on-trend nursing dresses. 
Ugh.  We should invent some.  In the meantime, with a little
creativity…here are a few options for nursing moms:

Strapless layered over a Wide-strap Tank Top

a tank top with wide straps – wide enough to hide the straps of a
nursing bra, and layer it under a strapless maxi dress for a cute,
summery look.  If you've managed to find a nursing bra with cute
straps, letting them peek out is OK too.  (I have a list of these kinds
of nursing bras – will do a post soon).

Below left is Forever 21's Tie Dye Print Maxi Tube Dress, $28. Layer this dress over any white (or brown) tank top for an easy, slightly boho look.  I'm showing Target's Mossimo Scoop Tank in white, $9.

Forever21 Target Mossimo Scoop Tank

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