June 16, 2017

Nursing-Friendly Summer Dresses

Dear nursing mamas…if you search ‘nursing-friendly dresses’ online…wow. Very difficult to find cute and interesting options. I polled the TME team and got some great suggestions as to what style dresses worked for us for nursing and did a little round-up.

Dresses are by far the coolest thing to wear in the heat! These styles should get you through everyday, date nights and summer events.

Above, left to right: colorblock | stripe | dotfloral

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August 31, 2011

Reader Question: Hiding a Post-Partum Pooch During the Last Hot Days of Summer

Despite the consistently hot temps, I'm mentally transitioning to Fall.  I've been working on articles about Fall trends, some reader questions about the best Fall work wardrobes and shoes, gleefully browsing through the Sept issue of magazines (holy moly – have you picked up the Sept Vogue?  It's almost as heavy as Pax!)…when this reader question came across our email:

HI from hotlanta!

since finding your site (yesterday), i have spent hours reading, looking, absorbing- i. love. it.
i found your blog when i did a google search for "how to hide baby pooch"…that in itself should tell you the state of my union. sadie, my precious third (and LAST) girl arrived a month before my 35th bday. and, much to my dismay, the weight is in no hurry to leave this uncomfortable body. i know i will be back to a version of my old self in the near future-but until then i have to find a way to dress myself that doesn't lead to tears EVERY time i walk out the door. the heat here makes it impossible to "hide" without a heat stroke. please, oh pullleeease, give me one "uniform" idea for this miserably hot weather. i am still about 20-25 lbs OVER where i need to be- think 5ish weeks postpartum. yep, de-pressing. i am desperate to feel somewhat put together as i conquer the last of the poooooooch.
hope you are all settled in from your move!


 I think the "find a way to dress myself that doesn't lead to tears" is what got me.  'Cause I have BEEN THERE.

Sunni, the post-partum pooch sucks.  It just sucks.  Mine is still decently big and hard (I have that diastatis thing going on where the muscles split).  And hiding the pooch in hot weather is almost impossible.  Once the temps cool, you can turn to a poncho (I loved mine) or those huge pooch-hiding sweaters that we covered last winter….but for now?  Ugh.  It's tough.

That said, first and foremost, try a shaper cami.  You can check out our favorites and our pictoral evidence on the value of the shaper cami here.  Shaper camis made the biggest difference to my post-partum self, and the best ones are made of micro-fiber.  Shaper camis may be hot, though, so may not quite be the silver bullet you are looking for.

Next, either find a top that hides (really truly hides) the pooch and pair it with a pair of shorts for maximum summer cool.

I've talked about my favorite pooch-hiding top before, and YUP.  I'm STILL WEARIN' IT.  Boring?  Perhaps.  But this top hides everything.  Even on a full stomach.  I call it my Eatin' top.

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May 23, 2011

The “Skinny” on Post-Partum Swimwear – 10 Tips To Hide the Pooch

Hey there!  Just a quick note to say that this article, originally published in 2011, has been updated for Summer 2015!  Enjoy!

Here on The Mom Edit, there is much talk about ways to cover our poochy stomach while clothed.  We’ve flattened it with shaper camis, distracted the eye with deep v-necks and fun swingy tops…but baring it all in a swimsuit requires actual…baring.  {shudder}

Stomach flab is one thing.  But a post-partum stomach?  It’s something else altogether.  It’s no ordinary flab.  It’s formidable.

Here are ten tips, purely subjective, but based on endless rounds of trial and error…


1.  Tankinis Are Not Necessarily Your Friend

General stomach flabbiness?  Hello, Tankini.  Want to cover stretch marks?  Tankini, I’m talking to you.  But a serious post-partum stomach?  Tankinis aren’t going to help.  These things are cute, but not nearly supportive enough to reign in the belly.  You end up looking pregnant.  Observe:

best tankini post-partum

wearing: J.Crew Seersucker striped tankini (an old one – the link is to the current version) and J.Crew ruched swing tank top


high waisted shaper bikini bottom

Thanks to reader Audrey, I’m totally intrigued by Hapari’s Tummy Tuk Bikini bottoms.  While I wouldn’t wear these alone, wearing one under a tankini might be the way to avoid those awkward “Pregnant?  No.” discussions…

Has anyone tried them?  They may be worth a shot for $39.


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May 22, 2011

Somebody Please Make Me This Top…

P5152580 My obsessive searching for post-partum friendly tops coupled with my complete lack of sewing talents has finally gotten me somewhere. 

I just guest posted at a Jennuine Life, providing "inspiration" for those much more talented than I to come up with some DIY post-partum fashion.

What did I come up with?  Well….nothing that a few well-placed staples and duct tape couldn't take care of.

But for longer-lasting solutions, check out the contest.  Entries for her maternity and nursing portions of the contest blew me away – so much talent!!

I'm crazy-excited to see what those crafty ladies come up with in the post-partum fashion category.