November 16, 2016

Laura’s Go-To Holiday Outfit: Sparkly Sweater


The. Holidays. Are. Upon. Us. Everyone take a deep breath. Whew. But thank goodness they are. I think we all need a little extra cheer right now.

I adore the holidays and yes, am one of those who might start playing Christmas music a bit before Thanksgiving. Get mad if you must. Christmas music is the best. But, this year, we at TME got to get into the holiday spirit even earlier. When we chatted about doing holiday looks we were all excited. And then, some of us were a little stumped.

What actually encompasses a go-to holiday look for me? I rarely have anything very dressy to attend during the holidays (with the exception of last year’s fun cocktail party – I tried out looks for it here in one of my first posts!) So, like Cam, my go-to look had to feel festive and fun but be somewhat casual and comfy and work for a variety of occasions. I also wanted to invest in pieces I could wear again and again. (Don’t we always?)

Fortunately, I found a shimmery sweater and of course you know about these lovely suede boots and it just started to come together. So my go-to holiday outfit formula?

Jeans + Fancy Sweater + Gorgeous Boots

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September 26, 2010

New Style “Rules” For Moms, Part 1

PA110016 This article is the first in a two-part series based on "rules" I've applied again and again when doing style consultations / closet clean-outs with moms….

If ever I had a mom uniform….the outfit pictured at left is it.  I've been wearing it for years:  JBrand skinny jeans, brown tall-ish boots, cute shirt (or sweater layered for cold) and some kind of moto-styled jacket in sweatshirt or sweater material.  And, of course, black/brown & navy all mixed together (I've never been picky about this…and now I don't have time to be).  I think it all works – I honestly wear this outfit (or a version of this outfit) almost daily once the weather turns cold.  And I love it still.

But after several years of wear….it's time to branch out a bit.  And while trends, in recent years have been all over the map….there's a few constants that have started to emerge.  And as I've been doing a few more "closet clean-outs" with friends and other moms…I'm finding that these constants are passing many of us by, unnoticed.  The problem?  Ignoring trends year after year after year is exactly how you wake up one morning, 20 years later, with a permed mullet and legwarmers wondering why everyone else looks so different.

I'm not a huge new trend devotee…but staying somewhat current (and still being true to your own personal sense of style) is the sweet spot to aim for.

So while I normally hate the word "rules" (they just beg to be broken)…here are two of the most essential style "rules" for moms: 

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November 30, 2008

For Men: A Gift Guide For Moms

Moms – do yourself and your man a favor.  Forward this link to him.

Dads/Partners —
All year long, the mother of your children wipes noses, kisses knees, comforts crying, changes diapers, feeds, hugs and loves your children.  She also has sex with you.  This Christmas, thank her for all that she does by getting her a real gift.  A definition of a real gift is one that, at a minimum, meets the following criteria:  it doesn’t plug in, it doesn’t require batteries, isn’t something that YOU actually want, and wasn’t bought at the mall in desperation on Dec 24th surrounded by other terrified looking men.  To make this easy, we at Ain’t No Mom Jeans have pulled together a list of amazing “real gifts” that will make you look like the hero.  And may even get you laid…whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Amazing Everyday Jewelry

As any mom will tell you, that delicate little chain from Tiffany’s (the one she used to wear all of the time), rarely makes an appearance when the little ones are around.  Unless you want to be taking it in for repairs on a weekly basis.  And those amazing chandelier earrings?  All it takes is one tug and those earrings end up in the date-night only pile.  But we moms do like to look cute on a daily basis.  To the rescue:  casual, cool but still gift worthy jewelry that can stand up to curious little fingers, teething gums and the occasional tug.


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