The 2017 Swim Shop

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Hey, hey, HEY!!  It’s 2017, and time for a seriously cool suit.  Swimsuit, that is.  There’s been a resurgence of one-piece suits in the last few years, and this new crop is not just for Mama (or Grandmama).  These one-pieces have been completely reinvented, and more of us are making one-pieces our swimwear of choice.

This is good news for us Mamas.  Not because we’re all going to be sporting cheeky bottom suits and monokinis the size of dental floss (although if you dare I vote YES), but because there is just So. Much. To. Choose. From.  Choices, people!  We have lots and lots of choices.

To help wade through the vast amount of swimsuit options, we’ve come up with this handy little guide.  Many of these recommendations are based on the emails and rave reviews of our readers over the years – so thanks to those of you who have written in, left comments, etc.

(All of our past swim guides can be found here.)

(Not-So-Basic) Tank Suits

There’s nothing basic about these amazing suits.  One-pieces have never felt so fresh, so sexy.


Pretty Prints

These stunners made me gasp.


Cut-Out One-Piece Suits

A few years back, I had a reader leave a comment that she swore by monokinis.  She was one of the lucky ones who had managed to get rid of her post-baby belly…but her extra tummy skin hadn’t gotten the memo.  Her solution?  Monokini.  Immediately, several other readers jumped in saying they swore by monokinis for the same reason.  And now the monokini (or more accurately, cut-out suits) are seriously on-trend, so there’s a ton to choose from.


Ruched One-Piece Swimsuits

The King (or Queen as the case may be) of post-partum pooch hiding (and body-flattering in general) is the ruched suit. Very old Hollywood.


Striped Swimmers

Can there be anything more flushed-cheeks, girl-next-door sexy than a striped suit?  I think not.  (And stripes can sometimes help distract from a pooch.  Strange but true.)

Color-Blocked Suits

Color-blocking is a genius trick.  Look for contrasting lines on the side to whittle a good approximation of a waist, or do the dark bottom – light top thing to make your pooch look smaller (the lighter color draws the eye up).  The key here is that the darker color should cover the pooch completely – so highwaisted is best for post-partum.

Plunge Suits

Like color-blocking, suits with a deep plunge can help draw to the eye up, and distract from tummy issues.  Plus, they’re easy to nurse in!  [snort] But in all seriousness, while they might not be for the faint of heart, there’s many a mama who was surprised by how flattering these suits actually are.  (See proof in our Postpartum Swim:  10 Tips To Hide The Post-Baby Belly)

Blouson, Peplum and Tankinis

No promises once these suits get wet, but if you’re looking to really camouflage post-partum flab, a little extra blouson doesn’t hurt. And we had SO many readers raving about Athleta’s tankinis (even the tight-fitting ones) last year, that we’ve mentally entered them into TME’s swim hall of fame.

Extra-Bust Support

These suits have support for the D – DDD without a hint of matronly.


Surf Suits

Surfing, waterskiing, playing in the waves without fear….I find that I’m more inclined to play when I’m dressed for it. Since I’m always cold, my preferred method is to don a Spring Suit (aka a lightweight wetsuit with shorts) over my bikini. You can see the original article here.