1 Piece, 3 Easy Ways For Mamas: The Bandage Mini


Now before you start rolling your eyes, I do realize that a short, tight mini skirt doesn't, at first blush, sound like something you'd throw on while kiddo-wrangling.  I get that.  But, if you recall Em's wise words in How to Rock Skirts With a Toddler Underfoot:

Short skirts can work…but watch the flowiness.  The shorter the skirt, the easier the wind flips it up…or the kiddos will want to hide in it.

With a bandage mini, there is no flowiness.  Literally ZERO.  And they are miraculously flattering on multiple body types:  Wear 'em high to show off curves, or low around your hips with a voluminous blouse to hide a pooch.  Also?  They can be had for cheap.  For reals cheap.  I have two.  My big splurge (Target) was $14.  But my Forever 21 number?  $7, Mamas.  Seriously. 

I think the keys to wearing these skirts while playing with the kiddos are:

  • Keep it casual (you only paid, like, $10 for the thing)
  • Wear swimsuit bottoms underneath for major playtime

If you've been following my instagram feed (@shanachristine) you've already seen my pink Target mini at the Bryn Mawr farmers market.  Here are three other ways I've been wearing it:

1. As A Beach Cover-Up….When You Want Something Outfit-y


 (wearing: Target skirt – similar, Gap factory top, J.Crew bikini, Reef flip-flops)

Whether you are running errands before/after beach-going, or headed out to a pool party with a confusing dress code, bandage skirts are pretty awesome as a swimsuit cover-up.  Pair with a top in a similar hue, and it feels almost like a dress.

And if the skirt gets wet at the beach?  It's cheap. Nobody cares.



(Michigan Mamas!  Get your bum over to the Grand Haven Farmer's Market!!  Easily one of my very fav farmer's markets.  It's small, but awesome.  Not to be missed:  homemade cherry doughnuts from Vander Mill Cidery.  OMG wantwantwantwant.)


2. Family Outing


 (wearing: same skirt as above, J.Crew sweatshirt – a cool alternative, Madewell Whistlestop sandals)

My uniform for a cool summer night.  A simple sweatshirt and flat sandals offset the tight, short skirt.  Just as easy as my standard cut-offs, but the skirt makes me feel a little more dressed-up.


3.  Date Night


(wearing: same skirt as above, J.Crew Factory chambray – or a more fabulous one, etsy wood bangles from various sellers, Aldo clutch, Salt sunnies, Betsy johnson heels – similar)

This skirt is a natural for date night.  So sexy, right?  Especially with heels.  Personally, our date nights tend to be somewhat low-key, so I like to offset the sexiness with a slightly more conservative top.  My current fav choice is a chambray button-down, sleeves rolled.  It's a low-cost way to make his eyes pop.  And after almost 13 years of marriage….I like making his eyes pop.


Hope you are having a wonderful summer, Mamas!



ps.  Is there any other piece you'd like us to test out for mom-friendliness?  Let us know!  We're feeling…creative.  And up for a challenge.  :)

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  1. Oooo, love this. I am spending a month in Grand Haven this summer, will check out the market! I think I missed the boat on this, but what do you wear under those knit skirts? I always assumed undies (or bikini bottoms) would create major panty lines.

  2. Sybil – on beach days I don't worry about panty lines.  If I really want to avoid them, I'll wear these smooth boyshort/panty hybrids I picked up at Nordstrom (although I think Victoria's secret has some too.)
    Kate L – Madewell.  They are shockingly comfortable.
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  3. thankyouthankyouthankyou! I had JUST asked my husband if I should get rid of all my miniskirts (I’ve quite the collection) and he *thankfully* said no. Here I was thinking that I was getting to old to wear them, or that they just weren’t practical anymore. Now I read this! Thanks for saving my momiform once again!
    ps – I wear mini’s pretty much from fall to spring with leggings and docs… just sayin, for a $10 “investment” you can get a crazy return!

  4. I think I may just have to pick one of these up on my next trip to Target…and I’m dying to what those adorable flat sandals are (and the sweatshirt you wore them with!)

  5. I would love for you to test out rompers. I love how they look, but how do you go to the bathroom? Can they work for multiple body types? I’d love to know!

  6. Love the longer length. Thanks for this tip. I’ve been doing micro minis with leggings in winter or tiny workout shorts in summer. I buy everything at a college town consignment shop but might have to look elsewhere for a mid-thigh mini. The PINK in your skirt pops! Love pink!

  7. I love this! I’m a younger mother (22) So I always feel like if I dress how I want to dress I will be seen as a teenager. I Want to wear stylish things but I also want to be taken seriously. This makes me feel better to know you approve of this 🙂

  8. LOVE the shirt w/chambray button-down! You look HOT, Momma, but in a cute, preppy, innocently-unknowing-appropriate way. “Oh, what? I’m HOT?” I’m so trying this, thank you!

  9. Oh, if only I could. Such a cool, low-key look. Love this, but I’m with the pp who said she and her thighs would pass. Me, my thighs *and* butt will pass too. 🙁

  10. Thanks, Mamas! And sorry about the outfit deets – just added them in. As others noted..the sandals are Madewell’s and the sweatshirt is J.Crew. They only have a short-sleeve version now, but I suspect they’ll have something close this fall.
    Man, I get lazy in the summer. 🙂
    But YES – ROMPERS. I’m on it…hmmmmmm….if any of you know of a fun, cheap version in particular, let me know!

  11. Whatever happened to the post about summer short alternatives for those of us who don’t really rock shorts? Did I miss it?

  12. I love the way you dressed up the sweatshirt and chambray with a miniskirt! There is no way I could pull it off with my thighs. Could you suggest some alternative ways to dress up a sweatshirt and chambray?

  13. Love the skirt! I am freaking out just a bit because the Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow and you all haven’t given us any clues to what fall looks will work this year! Any quick ideas? H.E.L.P.

  14. before i ask my question, i just have to sing your praises. this is my FAVORITE blog…you have really inspired me to not just rely on my yoga pants.
    which brings me to my question — those yoga pants. while traveling with my family (and wearing my trusty fold over yoga pants from target), i thought that there MUST be a stylish way to rock them. am i off base here? what do you think?

  15. So after reading this post I order a similar skirt,wasn’t sure I could pull it off with the pooch and all. I LOVE it, thanks so much. I plan on wearing the heck out of this skirt now through the winter with tights.

  16. hi. i love this post! fashionable functionality! Can I ask an unrelated question here? I wear my baby in a moby wrap.I really like dressing her up but since she stays inside the wrap her outfit just won’t be seen.Can you recommend a baby carrier that can show what my baby is wearing?

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