The Best Linen Dresses Right Now (& A Bonus Jumpsuit)


Linzi’s recent post about her most-worn pieces this summer have got me thinking about mine. And since I was in the midst of packing for Italy, I also happened to be looking back at my packing list from last summer, too.  

They’re not that different. I’ll try to pull together my whole list soon.

But one piece that keeps popping up over and over again is a linen dress. They’re some of the most comfortable things to wear in the heat, and linen is one of those fabrics that gets better over time. I machine wash all of my linen dresses (and then lay most flat to dry….although I’ve been tempted to throw this one in the dryer).

The 1 piece that keeps popping up over & over is a linen dress — 1 of the most comfy summer dresses to wear in the heat & the fabric gets better w/ time.The 1 piece that keeps popping up over & over is a linen dress — 1 of the most comfy summer dresses to wear in the heat & the fabric gets better w/ time.

dress (Reformation, Nordstrom) | jacket | bag | shoes | bracelet

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Since I know this dress is one I’ll easily be wearing into Fall (add a slouchy cardigan or denim jacket – see it in action, here)….as well as rocking it next summer, I rounded up my favorite linen dresses right now.  




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  1. These are all lovely but—and I so often feel this way with regard to your suggestions, Shana—at 47, after having three kids, I just can wear spaghetti strap dresses that require either a strapless bra (just too uncomfortable while running after an insane three-year-old) OR going braless (I’m a 30F!! In my twenties and even thirties, after one kid, braless worked but I just feel self-conscious now). I suspect other readers feel this way and I wonder if you’d take this into consideration for future roundups! My taste and style is so similar to yours (and Laura’s and the wonderful Emily’s, too, somehow) and I love yours posts, but would be so grateful if the spirit of the original Mom Edit—which involved a consideration of the body and lifestyle issues mothers really face (I loved the tutorial posts you used to do!)—maybe came through a little bit at times! xoxo

  2. Joanna, well said and I completely agree. As a 32E I feel ya. From past posts, I think the TME team generally agree that pretty bra straps are totally acceptable with most strap showing choices. Back the “the day” showing bra straps was a no no (anyone remember clear bra straps?!). But I think today it’s pretty acceptable.
    But I do have a question for the team. What color bra/bra strap to you wear with white dresses that show straps. As acceptable as bra straps become I just don’t think any part of a nude bra is sexy.

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