10 Dresses To Wear All Summer Long (and all are 20% off this weekend)

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White Lace DressStriped Dress | Swing Dress

It’s like Anthro read my mind.  I’m sitting here, dripping (literally dripping with water) after a school drop-off in the driving rain.  And if you saw my latest Snapchat (@themomedit), you’ll agree that I am clearly a girl in need of a little retail therapy.

SUMMER specific retail therapy.

Anyway, Anthopologie’s email was well timed:  in honor of Mother’s Day (yay!), they’re offering 20% off of everything.  I immediately started looking at dresses because 1. FUN  and 2. See Above and then I couldn’t decide….so that’s my big project for the weekend:  DRESS DECISIONS.

My most-likely candidates are above, but I managed (ha!  like it was a chore) to find 10 dresses that I’d happily wear all-day-every-day this summer.

(Now if only the damn rain would stop…..)

10 Perfect Dresses To Wear Allllll Summer

These dresses can all be dressed up or down, and *most* of them are available in both regular and petite sizes.  Gotta love that.





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  1. Shana,
    Do you have any thoughts on where I should begin looking for a suit? We have a summer wedding coming up and I’d like to invest in a suit that would make my heart skip a bit for my husband and he said yes to my suggestion!

  2. Ok, am I missing something? I think whenever I click on “continue reading”, there are no new pics. I’d luv 2 c the 10 dresses, but only get to see the 3 at the top and then “more from my site”. Am I missing something? This seems to happen on all the posts! Wah! 🙁
    BTW I just solved my own problem. I was using a chrome browser and then switched to Microsoft Edge browser. But I thought’s I’d let you know.

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