10 Seriously Gorgeous Nursing Bras For Summer (Let Them Peek Out)


I have been with my sister this last week, basking in her new-baby bliss.  Both Scotti and baby Greenlea are doing great.  Scotti has actually managed to get out of the house with Greenlea a few times, which, if I recall, seems a Herculean feat, right?  Not just for all of the new-baby stuff (diapers? Check.  Wipes? Check.  Stroller and car seat and paci and carrier and nursing cover and nipple cream and extra outfit and sunscreen and baby blanket and hat and baby sunglasses?  Uh…checkcheckcheck?) but dressing yourself, at 10 days post-partum sucks.

A pretty nursing bra, one that can actually peek out underneath a summer tank or maxi dress goes a long way (if for no other reason than to feel pretty).  This was my favorite trick post-partum.  It’s hard to dress for post-partum and nursing in the summer without showing some bra.  So…maybe show bras like this?


bras (1)



1.  Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra, $66 at Nordstrom

2.  Elle MacPherson Beach Babe Nursing Bra, on sale for $35 at ASOS

3.  Cake Lingerie Balconette Nursing Bra, $64 at Nordstrom

4. Anita Wire-Free Nursing Bra in polka-dot, $49 at Bare Necessities



5. You! Lingerie London Maternity Nursing Bra, $38

6.  Amoralia Cupcake Nursing Bra, $54 at Journelle  (also comes in a gorgeous petal pink)



7. Cake Seamless Nursing Bra, $49 at Nordstrom  (This style often looks like a layered tank top.)

8. Elle MacPherson Momamia Nursing Bra in stripe, $70 at ASOS     (A few colors in this style are currently on sale at Gilt)

9. Mamalicious Colorblocked Maternity Nursing Bra, $61 at ASOS

10. Elle MacPherson Cloud Swing Nursing Bra, $68 at Bare Necessities (love the mint green and navy colorway on this one)


Happy nursing!!





  1. This just made me realize that I’ve been pregnant or nursing since 2007 and as of a couple of months ago this just doesn’t apply to me any more….SOB…But a big ol thumbs up on a pretty nursing bra. They made my day. Or years. Whichever.

  2. Wow these are pretty! In hindsight, (almost done nursing my fourth!), I wish I had invested in a couple of nice nursing bras instead of all the cheapies at Target.

  3. I lived in #8 and was really tempted to buy #10 but never did. The Elle MacPherson bras are great quality and really comfy. The cup clips were easier to open and close than other bras I tried. Also, try to avoid anything with an underwire to prevent clogged ducts.

  4. Love the nursing posts! We have a bunch of weddings coming up in the fall — do you think you can work in a post about dresses for nursing mamas sometime soon? I can’t be pulling down the entire top half of my dress to feed the baby in the middle of a wedding ceremony or reception.

  5. I tried #1 and while it was very pretty and sexy, I found the lace itchy and the under wire uncomfortable. It may have been a fit issue, I think runs a bit small in the cup. I live in #4.

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