10 Tips To Elevate Your At-Home Style



Hey friends. After all these snow days, we are definitely stir crazy over here. Today is supposed to be just a late start. Fingers crossed!!! This mama is ready to get on with my new year already!

And speaking of the new year again, my friend Posy Quarterman is teaching an online photography class called Forward Momentum where she helps photographers find focus and intention in their work for the upcoming year. She asked if I would make a few style suggestions to help them get out of the work-at-home slump that is somewhat inevitable at times.

I have worked from home as a graphic designer for over 10 years now and a blogger for the past year. It’s really easy to get into the habit of wearing leggings and Uggs all day (ahem…yes, I have been in this exact outfit for the past 3 weeks…) I noticed a few years ago though that when I get myself dressed in the morning, before I sit down at the computer, I feel better about my work and better equipped to tackle the day. Since The Mom Edit pretty much focuses the majority of our efforts here anyway, here are a few tips the TME team and I have put together (that I will also be rereading myself) to freshen up your at-home style.

1. Find a comfy, but structured jacket

We adore jackets in general here, but comfy jackets that still have style and structure are our favorites because they pull an outfit together oh so easily. The blazer above (similar) is knit, but looks like a typical blazer. So comfy!


2. Cue the fancy sweatshirt

Scotti recently found some amazingly non-traditional sweatshirts that are comfy but super fun. Pair one of these with any jeans and you’re done. Here’s Scotti’s sweatshirt pictured above.


3. Start with a cool pair of shoes

Finding a fun shoe can instantly bring a simple outfit together. Even if you don’t wear the shoes around your house all day, planning around them can give you a good sense of the overall look. A simple sweater and jeans is fine, but pull in a great shoe, like the animal print sneaker (similar sneakers) Amanda is sporting here, and you really have an outfit that pops. 


4. Play with layering

Layering just makes outfits more interesting. And layering unexpected pieces together makes them even more so, like this chambray top over a fitted sweatshirt, with a jacket on top. They are all comfy pieces but are more fun worn together. Trench coat, similar denim top, sweatshirt.



5. Try a big, slouchy cardigan

Cam says go for “a big, slouchy cardigan that you can throw on over a tank or tee with jeans – preferably one with pockets, especially for those with lens caps, etc… I always find that it makes me feel cute, even if I do happen to have leggings on.” The one above here or this awesome black, white and gray here.


6. Wear lipstick with flannel

Shana adores this fun combo. It’s comfy but unexpected and dressier with a red lip than without, of course. So fun and wintery for right now, too. Similar flannel top.



7. Try cashmere

Cashmere is an investment, yes, but a smart one. “It drapes beautifully, always looks fancy and is machine washable” Shana says. Not to mention, it’s oh so cozy and comfy! Here’s Shana’s sweater pictured above.

8. Wear a glam necklace with a tee

Even with a t-shirt, a fun necklace can up your outfit game by a mile. The little bit of sparkle here (and the structured jacket, of course) totally polishes out the t-shirt look. Find similar necklaces below!

9. Try mixing patterns

This might take a little practice to get down, but mixing patterns is always more interesting to me than wearing all solids or all pieces that match. Stripes and plaids can work really well together. Animal print is fun with stripes, too. The main key here is to have one pattern that is either significantly smaller than the other or is much more subdued than the other, so they aren’t fighting. The scarf and cardigan above share navy in common and the cardigan’s pattern is less contrasting than the stripes on the scarf, so this pairing works. Have fun with it though and don’t be afraid to practice! You’re at home, after all! Similar scarf, cardigan.


10. Pair a comfy dress with a structured jacket

A dress can be the most comfortable piece of clothing of all, especially for sitting at a desk all day. Make it more pulled-together by pairing it with a blazer, moto jacket or any jacket with some structure to it to contrast the flow of the dress. Amanda suggested this pairing and loves this or this dress, for soft, comfy-all-day options. Cam’s wearing heels here, but this would totally work with comfy ankle boots, sneakers or sandals “or black Uggs” she says. Haha.

How about you? What makes you feel dressed and ready for the day when you could easily stay in pjs if you wanted to? A little lipstick? Fixing your hair? Actually putting on a bra? #winning Winter, and especially holidays and snow days, add a layer of difficulty to this goal, for sure. We are in this together though!

Dear god please let all the snow be melted by next time…


Opening photo and #9 photo credit Posy Quarterman


  1. I feel ya – I’m in Bend and we’ve had 58″ so far this winter, and we’re forecast for another week of snow starting tomorrow!! I know we’re high desert mtn, but dear God enough already!!!
    Thanks as usual for all the great options 🙂

    • OMG mama. We’re finally out of it here in Portland, thank goodness. I have friends in Bend who talked about having to clear their roof from all the snow! Insanity. Hoping for some melt for you soon!!!

  2. Love this post and have filled up my wish lists! In a related/unrelated question, regarding washing cashmere – I finally gave in and bought The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo and Spray, and was going to handwash my cashmere sweaters. But if I were to follow Shana above and put it in the washing machine, how do you all wash your cashmere so it retains its softness? Thanks!

  3. Love all of these outfits, I am a painter and wear my grungy clothes most days but would wear any of these on my free days. Definitely my style! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous post! Very well done and it definitely is providing me some style inspiration. I’m also feeling the winter duldrums style-wise here in Seattle. I’m ready for cropped pants and cute flats. Totally over boots.

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