12 Cute Summer Shoes From Rack Room Shoes


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I could look at shoes all. day. long. And I could probably fill an entire house with the ones I really wanna try, haha. (But, I swear I will not be doing that). Forever a shoe girl over here, though. 

So when I got to lookin’ through all of Rack Room Shoes, I was obviously very intrigued. Not only because SHOES but also because of that price point. There’s a ton of trendy and classic styles that don’t hurt my wallet as much. Praises for that! My main focus: cute summer shoes for every day.

Cute Shoes For Summer From Rack Room

Despite my indecisive nature, I managed to narrow my selection down to a top twelve — and they’re all part of Rack Room’s BOGO 50% off selection. I accidentally ended up with half sneakers and half summery sandals. I mean, makes sense…they’re the only two styles of shoes I want to wear right now. If I had to choose a top sneaker I think it’s these, and as for the top sandal: this guy.

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1. New Balance 997 Sneaker

new balance 997

New Balance sneakers

New Balance is maybe my top sneaker brand at the moment. They’re extremely comfy, and go with virtually everything. I have yet to try out the 997’s, but I’m very tempted.

2. Nike Court Legacy Lift Sneaker

nike court

Nike sneakers

I’ve been all over the cream/white/green color combo. If I see it, there’s a good chance I’m gonna grab it. It always gives me a retro-tennis vibe. YaknowwhatImean?

3. New Balance 237 Sneaker

new balance 237

New Balance sneakers

Because you can never go wrong with classic neutral sneakers (and it’s New Balance).

4. Nike Waffle Debut Sneaker

nike sneakers

Nike sneakers

I loveee the color of this. It’s like a dusty, worn-out red. (Oof that sounds a lot less positive than it is. It’s a good thing, I promise). Bonus points because the style feels retro, too.

5. adidas Vl Court 2.0 Sneaker

adidas court sneakers

adidas sneakers

This color is just pretty. And I love that the laces are the same color, too. The adidas styles in general are classics you’ll probably never get sick of.

6. Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature Running Shoe

cute summer shoes

Nike sneakers

I’m in need of a good running/workout sneaker (okay, really…for walking). I’ve had luck with Nike’s running shoes in the past, so I’m real tempted by this one. The all-black just looks so sleek.

7. Reef Zen Love Ii Flip Flop

cute summer shoes

Reef flip flops

Shana swears by her Reef flip flops. They’re basically the only traditional flip flop she reaches for, so it’s an endorsement I’ve thought a lot about. I tend to find anything in-between my toes very uncomfortable, so these might be my next try.

8. DV By Dolce Vita Geeya Flat Slide Sandal

cute summer shoes

Dolce Vita sandals

I have a tendency to gravitate towards woven bags in the summer, but woven sandals? I haven’t thought much about them until now. It’s just a simple sandal with a little extra something special.

9. Arden Sandal

cute summer shoes


These are the style of sandals you’ll have for years, that go with anything and quickly becomes a closet staple. You really can’t go wrong with ’em.

10. Madden Girl Haileyy Flat Sandal

cute summer shoes


Shana’s worn a pair of sandals super similar to these for years that I’ve always taken notice of. Therefore, I’ve wanted a pair of sandals like these for years. Simple and goes with everything.

11. Limelight Parker Sandal

cute summer shoes


As mentioned above, I think these are my fave sandals of the bunch. They’re just super minimalist and easy, but the rope straps add a little something interesting.

12. Limelight Apple Platform Sandal

cute summer shoes

platform sandals

I love sandal/heels like this. Yes, they are pretty tall…but I find that if it has a platform it’s much easier to walk in. Platforms are usually my go-to kinda shoes for summer (especially if I’m dressing up a bit).

What cute summer shoes are you guys eyeing up for the season?


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