13 Affordable Spring Finds From Target (For Little Boys and Girls)


I just signed Raines up for T-ball.  A big day, Mamas.  A big day.  And the kid needed a mitt.  So we ventured into Target, after I prepped both boys that we were going to Target only for:

1. a mitt 


2. Chocolate Chips

That's it.  No toys, no nuthin' else.  Got it??  Yes, they said.  We got it.

Too bad that I didn't get it.  We rolled past the kid's clothing aisle, something that rarely tempts me at Target (too many licensed characters and dorky graphics for my taste – at least in the boy's section), and WHAM!  Ended up with a cart-full of stuff.  Talk about missing my teachable moment, Mamas.  Sheesh.


(Raines, in his Target tee, gingham check shirt and flip-flops.  And the mitt, of course.  He was most excited about the mitt.  He wanted to be sure to show the blue baseball that came with it.  Oh, joyous surprise!)

While I tend to be very, very careful with Target purchases for myself, I love cheap clothes for kiddos…or at least for kiddos like mine.  Pax outgrows most things before he wears it twice, and Raines manages to rip, tear or otherwise stain almost everything he touches.  I'll be glad when he's over his zoom-cars-on-knees-on-pavement stage.  His entire closet of denim has been decimated (he's currently wearing one of two pairs without holes in the knees).

But, being the picky girl I am, I don't buy anything – even for the kiddos – unless I love it.  Unless I think it's cool.  So most of the time, my kid's clothes don't come from Target.  

But I'm currently loving Target's Spring offerings.  The colors are bright and spot-on.  The patterns are sophisticated and the graphics are actually cool. I'm shocked.  But happily so.  Even better?  They have rockin' stuff for girls, as well.  (And everything is under $20, with many pieces under $10.)

So, because I'm a geek*, here are my 13 favorite pieces for both little boys and girls from Target:


*13 is a prime number and is awesome.

For the Boys

Layer the tees over the button-down shirts, put the funky vest over the preppy chambray.  Those bright capri pants?  Roll the hem a few times and pair with a cool pair of Tiny TOMS.  (Sadly, all of the cool sunglasses were sold out online but may be available in stores.)




For the Girls

Cool dresses in patterns that look more expensive than they are, boyish t-shirts and hoodies in gorgeously bright colors, and vintage looking tops?  Yes, please.  And I'd wear those overall myself.  Yes, yes I would.




Not too shabby, Target.  Mamas, did I miss any of your favorites??




  1. I missed most of the girl’s things – mine’s only just going to be a year – but I totally bought the jean shorts!

  2. I’m loving the boys’ wear this season at target much more than the girls’ (although I have had my eye on that raincoat). But I agree with Grace — many of your boys’ picks would be so cute on a girl — the two striped Ts, the chambray shirt, the gingham. I started shopping boys’ clothes for my daughter a few months ago (inspired by your post on not-pink outfits for girls!), and found mixing boys pieces with those that are clearly for girls works very well. (e.g. I paired a red&blue boys’ plaid flannel top with leggings and a red skirt, or with jeggings.) That red&white striped T would we so cute with a skort…

  3. I picked up the pink polka dot raincoat for my daughter, and have had more compliments on it than on the jacket my mom got her for Christmas at a much higher price.
    I also love the gingham tops, and she wears them too, along with the Cherokee jeans.

  4. I picked up a pair of tiny knock off Ray Bans in white for my eight month old son- and he actually keeps them on!

  5. I may be the odd one out but I really like Target. It fits my budget and once in a while I can find pieces for me that are quality. Those items for a boy are super cute. All over them for my little guy!
    Do you have a link to the flops?
    Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but the pages on your site open so slow. Just curious.

  6. I’m a Target fan. I love their kids’ stuff, usually. I can always find stuff without the characters or tacky sayings and/or graphics that I loathe. I did score a Thomas shirt once for a dollar something, so for that I was willing to get it for my son, the Thomas freak.
    I find the clothes hold up pretty well, for the most part. But he’s not too rough on his clothes and he’s a slow grower, so clothes can last for a year or more. I rarely find something for myself there, in the other hand. And I’ve been loving the dress selections for baby girls. So for everyday stuff, I don’t mind Target one bit.

  7. LOVE Target clothes for kids. We get a lot of hand-me-downs from my SIL, and there are always Circo brand items that have already gone through 2 kids. We can usually pass the clothes along to a friend when he’s finished with them too. And their girl clothes are adorable too–I’ve been eyeing that raincoat for awhile now.

  8. “I’ll be glad when he’s over his zoom-cars-on-knees-on-pavement stage. His entire closet of denim has been decimated (he’s currently wearing one of two pairs without holes in the knees).”
    …my oldest boy is 13, and he just grew out of the holes-in-the-knees phase about a year ago! After cars, it was Legos and mini-sticks (hockey) on the carpet, and soccer and baseball sliding on the grass, tree-climbing, etc. And now he’s growing so fast, he constantly needs longer pants. It’s a great problem to have 🙂

  9. I just referred back to this post to win an argument with my hubby 🙂
    My super cute, fashion forward son wants to wear a button down plaid Oxford with a retro Dino t-shirt over it tomorrow. I hopped online and found this blog entry to prove he will look oh-so-stylish. Thanks!!!

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