Ugly(-ish) Holiday Sweaters That I’d Actually Wear Out


If there’s ever a time to err on the side of cheesy, it’s the holiday season. Is it even the holidays if you don’t go all-out with the festive and fun? Besides, I think we all like a good reason to play dress-up…and holiday sweaters really are the perfect way for anyone to let go a little, have some fun and display their personality for all to see, in the form of an Ugly(-ish) jumper.

I say Ugly-ish, because, yeh, they can be quirky and definitely not the norm any other time of year, but I’ll be honest — I’d wear every single one of the sweaters below, and not just to that Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I’d wear them OUT — to the store, kids’ school functions, friends houses, date night, school pick-up…you get the picture. I’d wear them anywhere, any time, people.

15 Cool “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters We’d Actually Wear

So, that brings me to a very important question. Which festive holiday sweater would you wear (and I mean WEAR wear)? Have a look…

Holiday outfits are the perfect way to let go & have some fun in the form of Ugly(-ish) Christmas sweaters. We have 15 we'd really wear (not just to a party).

1/ Festive Fair Isle Sweater – Well, this one is just adorable. Would look nice with a light denim wash and white booties.

2/ Merry & Bright Sweater – Another easy one to wear out, any time…anywhere. I’d pair with darker wash jeans and block-heeled, black booties.

3/ Off Shoulder w/ Sequin Detail Sweater – This one’s for the black denim…and would look sooo good with a cute little pointy-toed flat.

4/ Nutcracker Jumper (PETITE) – I wish this one came in my size. Waahhh. SO GOOD. I’d love to see this one with a pretty, wrap midi skirt or even a fancy maxi skirt.

5/ Snowflake Embellished Sweater – The exact one above is now sold-out, but this one is very similar (and maybe even cuter, actually).

6/ Fleece Navidad Sweatshirt – Just funny and cute. Also, it’s a sweatshirt, so wear with your favorite sneaks and get on with life!

7/ Twinkle Nights Crewneck Sweatshirt – I want this one. Also a sweatshirt, so I’d wear with my favorite jeans and my white GG sneakers.

8/ Christmas Jumper Embroidered Sweatshirt – Understated, but still Christmas Cheeky.

9/ St. Moritz Ski Sweater – A holiday sweater for the person who doesn’t “do” holiday sweaters. I’d wear with chunky, warm winter boots and a cute pom-pom beanie.

10/ Fab-yule-ous Sweater – B/c you’re fab-yule-ous, darling.

11/ Unicorn Santa Sweater – Just can’t not like this one. My daughter is so into unicorns that I would be the coolest mom on the planet if I wore this out.

13/ Fizz The Season Sweatshirt – Shiny and cheeky. Cheers! This one also has a similar vibe.

14/ Elf OMG SANTA Sweater – I mean, of course. Who doesn’t love Elf?!…and yes, yes I would wear this out, not just to a holiday party.

15/ Christmas Tree Sweater – This one is easy and festive with the colorful trees. You could pair it with any jean and I’d probably do a low, block heel with it…like these Everlane heels.

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