15 Really Special Striped Tops


Do you also find yourself adding pretty little striped tops to your carts… way too often? I don’t know what it is, but they just speak to me.

Maybe it’s the wannabe French girl in me, maybe it’s the vintage vibes they often provide, maybe it’s the cool boyish feel, or maybe it’s just simply the easiest print to wear. Who knows. Don’t care. Just give ’em to me.

We Love Striped Tops. Here Are 15 (Really) Special Ones

Lots of us here at TME share an admiration for all things striped – but specifically in the tops realm. They just don’t go out of style and always look super fresh, especially if you favor solids on a regular basis. Stripes are pretty much The Most Foolproof Print. You heard it here first! (Nooo chance at that haha.)


Here are 16 really freaking good striped tops that I’m fully in love with. Kbye.

1. Marie Oliver Giselle Top

Marie Oliver Giselle Striped Top


Shana gets the credit for finding this beauty. It’s the type of top that you splurge on because you just know you’ll keep it in your summer wardrobe rotation for ages. Stripes never go out of style and neither do cool necklines and pretty details. Sooo, winner!

2. Pilcro Short-Sleeve Pocket Tee

Anthropologie Pilcro Short-Sleeve Pocket Striped Tee


Just so freaking playful and fun. Makes me want to go on a picnic. Also the model styling is soooo on point. Love the ‘olive’ color combo, too.

3. Reformation Alani Top

Reformation Alani Top


A sexy bodice, girly cut and a litttttle bit of boyish flair (perhaps from the classic boxer stripe vibes, maybe?) is exactly what I love about this Ref top. They nailed it.

4. Pistola Marlow Stripe Johnny Collar

Pistola Marlow Stripe Johnny Collar


I’ve been drooling over this top for weeks. This ‘dandelion stripe’ colorway is summertime perfection. That’s it.

5. Frame Striped Cotton T-Shirt

Frame Striped Cotton T-Shirt


Perhaps the most perfect little striped cotton tee is this one by Frame. (And you guys agree, you’ve been BIG fans of it like we have.) This ocean blue color is our fave.

6. Kule The New Spaghetti Tank


I’ve been loving these Kule tanks since Shana’s try-on last year. Like, how pretty and easy?! Need one for hot, muggy days but I can’t decide on a color haha. Green, bronze or denim??

7. Kule The Lucie

Kule The Lucie Striped Top


Another Kule piece that’s in my cart – this stunning collared short sleeve sweater. And don’t even get me started on it paired with the matching shorts. Swoon.

8. Tuckernuck Navy Stripe Dionne Cotton Shirt

Tuckernuck Navy Stripe Dionne Cotton Shirt


A long sleeved stripe stop is just so French & chic to me. I really like how the sleeves are dropped a lil and the stripes move directions at the shoulder. Juuust interesting enough to set it apart from other striped tops.

9. Free Assembly Women’s Knit Halter Top

Free Assembly Women’s Knit Halter Top


I got this ($12!!!) top in the solid navy color and it’s REALLY nice. Exremely comfy & totally elevated with that halter strap situation. I need the striped one pronto.

10. Lucky Brand Stripe Knit Tank

Lucky Brand Stripe Knit Tank


This reminds me of a top I wore when I was a preteen and for that, I love it. It’s giving nostalgic Old Navy vibes but in the best way possible haha. The draped detailing is super unique and it just looks really easy to throw on and go.

11. Tanya Taylor Zola Striped Twist-Front Top

Tanya Taylor Zola Striped Twist-Front Striped Top


Love a top that I don’t have to tuck in or keep adjusting and this type of twist-front tee is the best type of style for that. Also love a nautical blue for summer.

12. Ramy Brook Azaria Cotton-Blend Striped Knit Top

Ramy Brook Azaria Cotton-Blend Striped Knit Top


The details on this thing. Jeez. You can tell the designers put time into considering every single part of it. And for that reason, it’s on the top of my favorites list. Well, and because of the collar. Love those.

13. Boden Maggie Linen Vest

Boden Maggie Linen Striped Vest


Gah this model pic got me. The top is just so gorgeous and effortlessly undone – and it’s 100% breathable linen!!

14. STAUD Dawn Striped Sleeveless Top

STAUD Dawn Striped Sleeveless Top


Just magnificent. No notes. (Lol the draaama.) But seriously, doesn’t this top take your breath away? Click the pics to see the back. *Mic drop*

15. A.L.C Sydney Striped Knit Polo

A.L.C Sydney Striped Knit Polo


I have a thing for collars & anything blue as you’ve probably gathered, so this top was right up my alley. It’s cute ‘n sweet for summer (with denim cutoffs or a white flowy skirt), but also tailored and serious enough to be worn into the office with some trousers. We ❤️ clothes that can do both.

If you didn’t love stripes before… I take it you do now? Hehe.

Xo, Abby

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