18 Unique Stocking Stuffers From Black-Owned Businesses


Stockings needing a little… somethin’ somethin’? We’ve got a couple weeks to go before the holiday and I’m here to report that there’s STILL TIME! So no reason to panic. Seriously. You’ll get those things filled (and filled well).

Stocking Stuffers From Black-Owned Businesses: 18 Unique Picks

We wanted to shout out our fave products from Black Owned Businesses to help with the stuffing (or just check off some gift lists in general) because these pieces are SO GOOD.

We’ve got a bunch of affordable finds like giftable pancake boxes, bubble bath, and pretty lip oils, and some more pricey stocking stuffers like these gorgeous earrings, fancy shaving brushes and the cutest socks ever. Let’s get into it.

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1. Bolé Road Pouch

Bolé Road Pouch Black-Owned Business


A pouch for all the things. Always useful, always appreciated. These ones are handwoven in Ethiopia with deadstock fabric.

2. Brother Vellies Cloud Sock

Brother Vellies Cloud Sock


The Cutest Socks You Ever Did See. Yes, caps were necessary. They come in packs of 3, too.

3. Savant Studios Trucker Hat

Savant Studios Trucker Hat Black-Owned Business

trucker hat

This hat by Savant Studios just has the coolest, model-off-duty vibe. If you’ve got more to spend on your gift recipient, check out their artisanal clothing assortment. SO COOL.

4. Nopalera Dulce de Cuerpo Shower Gel

Nopalera Dulce de Cuerpo Shower Gel Black-Owned

shower gel

Nopalera is a Latina-owned brand, but we had to include it since it makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Their collection of bath and body products are made from the Nopal cactus, an ancient symbol of Mexican heritage & one of the most nourishing plants in the world. A truly gorgeous & luxurious brand for sure.

5. Partake Confetti Pancake & Waffle Mix

Partake Confetti Pancake & Waffle Mix

pancake & waffle mix

This mix is just one of those fun stocking stuffers that’s kiiinda random, but also great. Their products make my mouth water – check ’em all out here. Gluten free, btw!

6. Ami Colé Hydrating Lip Treatment Oil

Ami Colé Hydrating Lip Treatment Oil Black-Owned

lip oil

The rosy-brown color of this hydrating lip oil is simply stunning. Ami Colé makes such gorgeous products that won’t break the bank.

7. This Is Actually Mezcal Mantra Mug

This Is Actually Mezcal Mantra Mug

Mantra Mug

Not me forcing my love for mezcal on others…..haha. This mug is so dang good. All of Mantra Mugs’ pieces are golden, actually. So fun (+ funny) to look through.

8. Hella Awkward Card Game

Hella Awkward Card Game Black-Owned Business

Hella Awkward game

Black & Asian owned.* This game would be so fun to break out any time you want to add some awkward conversations and laughter into the mix. Sounds like the perfect road trip or cozy night in game to me. For adults only.

9. Jungalow Baneet Arch indigo Picture Frame

Jungalow Baneet Arch indigo Picture Frame

picture frame

Isn’t this frame just so stinking pretty? I love gifting frames with a sentimental or funny picture inside. So thoughtful & personal. Jungalow’s site is bananas good, btw. Take 20% off select winter favorites on their site with code WIILD20.

10. The Nicole Earrings By OMA The Label

The Nicole Earrings By OMA The Label


These earrings – actually anything OMA The Label makes – are a total freaking swoon. They’re high up on my want list. They’d totally make any look feel extra special. 20% off right now!!!

11. Alaffia Kids Bubble Bath

Alaffia Kids Bubble Bath Black-Owned Business

bubble bath

I know this bubble bath says it’s for kids & babies, but I’d definitely use it too. Alaffia makes some of the most gentle, delicious-smelling body products ever. Clean & fair trade!

12. Mifland Beanie

Mifland Beanie Black-Owned Business


Ahh I can’t decide on a color of these beanies I just want them all. You’ve gotta just check out Mifland – their brand is like the coolest ever. I’m in constant awe of their pieces and craftsmanship.

13. Ourside Dusk Esu De Parfum

Ourside Dusk Esu De Parfum Black-Owned Business

parfum rollerball

Oooo, a really fancy perfume is such a fabulous gift. Take Ourside’s fragrance quiz to make it easier for yourself (or your gift recipient). I’m dying to smell this ‘dusk’ scent but they all sound unreal.

14. EADEM Bare-Skin Confidence Brightening Trio

EADEM Bare-Skin Confidence Brightening Trio

skincare trio set

I absolutely love the skincare brand EADEM for their hydrating products and their stories about creating their brand & navigating the beauty industry as people of color. This trio set is a great way to try out all their products & perfect for a frequent traveller (mini sizes are so helpful).

15. L’or de Seraphine Pemberly Candle

L'or de Seraphine Pemberly Candle Black-Owned Business


I know I know, candles get old. Burt what if they’re this pretty? L’or de Seraphine makes the most giftable candles I’ve seen in the most interesting & unique scents. I’m drooling over their new holiday collection.

16. Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Hair Mask

Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Hair Mask

hair mask

Uhhh, just one of the best hair masks that I’ve ever used. Instant lusciousness + shine. We’re huge fans of Briogeo here at TME. You can’t go wrong with any of their products.

17. Bevel Men’s Shaving Brush

Bevel Men's Shaving Brush Black-Owned Business

shaving brush

To level-up his shaving and skincare routine – this luxe brush. I’m sure he’d be WOWed.

18. Bevel Men’s Shave Balm

Bevel Men's Shave Balm

shave balm

Pair that shaving brush with this Bevel shave balm for the perfect self-care gift. Bevel makes such high-quality shaving & body care products for men. Take 20% off sitewide until 12/22!

Shop more stocking stuffers & holiday gifts by Black-Owned Businesses:

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  1. Glad you are shouting out Alaffia! Have been using their adult products for years (face wash, hair products, shea butter), and I particularly like them as something the whole family can use – very natural, come in big bottles and you aren’t paying the premium for kids products and they don’t smell like candy or whatnot.

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