1st Trimester Outfit Formula: This Tunic + Leggings


I have yet to start wearing maternity jeans this pregnancy (still rocking my 1822 stretchy denim) but I have been living in leggings . . . and I imagine I will be for awhile.  They’re just so comfy and with my favorite tunic top I have a foolproof outfit for my 1st (and probably lots of 2nd) trimester.

This tunic top has long been a favorite of mine and I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.  It’s often on sale and the colors change with the seasons.  I wear it all the time when I’m not pregnant (loved it for post partum) and it’s been in my rotation since my belly started growing this pregnancy.  I wear a cami or slip dress underneath it because my boobs are out of control to avoid showing too much cleavage.


Tunic: The length is what makes this the perfect top . . . I wear it all the time when I’m not pregnant but the drape is perfect for 1st trimester and post partum bellies.  (Plus it’s regularly on sale and colors are always changing . . I’m loving the pink and yellow for spring!)

Slip Dress: As my belly grows, this dress comes in more and more handy.  A long tank like this one would also work in the 1st trimester.

Fleece-lined leggings (also in maternity!): It’s cold here.  I know pretty soon I’ll be sweating like crazy, but for now . . . fleece leggings.

Sorel After Hours Bootie (40% off! More sizes here): Sorel’s are kind of a must-have where we live.  These are warm, waterproof, and surprisingly comfy.  (I love the color.)

Jacket: (similar) A light versatile layer for spring and summer . . . I wore this one in navy here.

Top Maternity Leggings to Try

The over-the-bump leggings drove me nuts during my first pregnancy, but now I find I’m preferring it (um . . . muffin top, anyone else?).




  1. I’d like to know size, too! Some reviews say too long (to knees!) but the length looks perfect on you. I’m eyeing the pink one for white jeans.

  2. Currently 36 weeks pregnant and miss wearing my lush tunic! It was amazing in the first and second trimester and now it’s a circus tent on me. :'( It’s ready for me postpartum though!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love the red color on you!

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