Mom Street Style: Yay for Puffer Vests in Pregnancy and Post-Partum!

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Goodness.  Could Grace get any cuter?



After our recent article on puffer vests, Grace wrote:

I was SO excited to see your post on puffers following your post on maternity coats because vests have been a wardrobe staple/workhorse for me all winter. I had my third baby on December 30th and didn’t want to buy a maternity coat (so I didn’t) but lived in a slew of vests (some puffy and some faux furry) that I found on eBay (all for less than $10!). Hopefully I’m not the only pregnant lady that looks pregnant around the lovely handles (which is why I was so convinced I was having a GIRL …. not the case!) but a vest really helps that situation out so very nicely.

Um.  Wow.  Pregnancy induced love-handles?  Yeah.  I knew them well.  You make a really, really good point, Grace.



It’s also hard to argue with someone looking that cute at 32 weeks pregnant.  Or, uh, 37:


And Grace continues:

There is nothing more friendly and forgiving to the gelatinous mess of the postpartum tummy than a zipped up puffer. I don’t leave the house without one … seriously. 



Sing it, Sister.  You look AMAZING.  Here’s a few more puffer vest styling ideas from my true post-partum days (although, in mine I’m 18 months pp, and above Grace is only 2 weeks pp.  Same diff, right?  Snort.). Check out our other ideas for styling a postpartum body!

Grace, thanks so much for sending in pics!  If you want to see more of Grace, head on over to Camp Patton.  It’s awesome.  I would’ve published this post 20 min sooner, but I got sucked in reading.  She’s so funny.




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  1. Yay! Grace is one of my favourite maman bloggers along with you of course dear Shana. I have 3! young! boys! and life is busy but between the two of you I can keep laughing and looking good. Her ob resident husband is also hilarious- look up the Simon Says posts.

  2. Too Cute! And I only wish I looked that good 2 weeks post-partum (Coordinated clothes? Boots and a skirt no less! Rock it!) I should have posted this comment 20 minutes ago..but..well..someone else got caught up reading Grace’s funny blog 😉

  3. Whoa, two worlds collide! Never expected to see ANMJ link to Grace, but it makes sense – she always looks SUPER cute (even when she’s dressed “frumpy”) and is hilarious.

  4. Accidently posted email with this comment…can it be taken down? Please! 🙂
    I will be rocking my puffer vest post partum this fall and now am tempted to buy that Target one you posted a few weeks ago if it’s still available! Love all these looks!

  5. LOVE! Any clue where the gorgeous green top is from? I always have so much trouble finding tops long enough to wear with leggings, and this cute lady NAILED IT!

  6. Words cannot describe how excited I was to see Grace in this post! She has got mama style down to a T. In fact, one of the first items I sported after having my little girl a month ago was a puffer vest after Grace posted one on her blog.

  7. I LOVE GRACE!! I was so excited to see her face here tonight. Makes me wish I was postpartum (not really) but I’m going out tomorrow to look for some puffers…even though I live in San Diego. It DOES get cold here, you know…

  8. They were given to me but they are from Urban Outfitters and just have a really big elastic waistband. SO much better than maternity jeans. I love them!!

  9. great outfits! I love my black puffer vest because I can throw it over jeans and a plain shirt and feel a little more pulled together. I love your glasses too Grace!

  10. Thanks! Yes, I had a pair like that (no panel, just elastic waist) from the Gap for my 1st pregnancy and they were SO much better!

  11. on

    I totally did this during pregnancy! I now feel validated after seeing your post that it was a great style move! Thank you- jean

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