Reader Style: Laura in OVERALLS

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Overalls1 (1)


How cute is this?  Laura sent in these pics after I wrote about trying to stay warm in overalls.  I love when we can all swap styling ideas.   And Laura, this is pure awesome.  I love the slimmer cut of your overall, and the tweed + silky shirt is genius.

Overalls2 (1)


Want to recreate?  Laura was kind enough to send outfit deets (and I filled in a few blanks for fun):

Top: Old H&M (this would work)
Blazer: Old Urban Outfitters (maybe this?)
Overalls: Free People
Shoes: Clarks – similar
Necklace: Thrifted (and repaired this morning after my 6mo old broke it! doh)
Scarf: bought on the street in Edinburgh on our honeymoon!
Laura, thank you SO much for sending in pics!  
Want more Laura?  She has a cute craft and design blog….

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  1. Thanks so much for all the recent posts with the cute Clarks booties. I have the same pair as pictured in the photos, and never knew really how to wear them!

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