Birkenstocks And Socks. (You Had To Know This Was Coming)

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It seems inconceivable, as I spent the last few hours today sweating around NY in a miniskirt, that only two weeks ago I was wearing thick wool sweaters.  That is the way of Michigan summers, I suppose.  As a teen growing up in Marquette, MI, summers meant new bikinis and a new J.Crew cotton rollneck sweater.  Remember those?  [snort]

But because I’m a 90’s girl, summer also meant Birkenstocks.  So cool with that rollneck sweater!  And fall?  Well.  Fall meant Birkenstocks WITH SOCKS.



I loved it then, I love it now.  Naysayers, say what you nay!  I’m unabashedly, unapologetically, unashamedly going to rock Birks with socks.





I had to work through a few things, though.  Here’s what I learned:

1.  The newer Birkenstocks that say “soft footbed” are MUCH more comfortable than the Birks of yesteryear *cough*90’s*cough*.  No break-in period required.  And that birko-flor stuff is crazy soft, as is the suede.  As much as I wanted to be all die-hard CLASSIC LEATHER BIRKS OR BUST….those were the pairs I returned.

2.  For wearing birks + socks with skinny jeans, the socks matter.  Trying to get the right level of scrunched at the top of the sock was driving me nuts until I found these socks from Free People.  The little crochet hem saves it.  (Of course, one doesn’t need to worry about scrunching socks if wearing Birks old-school: straight-leg jeans with ripped hems, Wigwam socks.  #ohyesIwill #withachoker)




sweater:  Marc Jacobs James Sweater, on sale!! at Nordstrom

jeans: Rag and Bone (old)…but the similar Rag and Bone Stretch Skinny Jean in seaside wash is on sale for $118

shoes: Birkenstocks Arizona Soft Footbed in Golden Brown Birko-Flor

socks: Free People Short Highland Boot Sock  (If you don’t want to pay shipping for just a pair of socks….I strongly suggest this sweater.  It is everything.  Or hey – Nordstrom has similar socks in a longer length.)

lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Coy


All of these pictures were taken not far from my parent’s lake house (“camp”).  Didn’t I grow up in a gorgeous place?  #blessed #justkidding

I have such a love-hate relationship with #hashtags.


Anyway, happy Friday!!  Mike and I are headed up to NY for the Reward Style party on Saturday….anyone else going?  It’s always a good time, and Mike’s bringing the camera, so hopefully we can find some good #nyfw inspo….we will see.





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  1. Nope, nope, nopey nope nope! Can’t. Won’t. Also, I live in AZ so “winter” here is still relatively warm in comparison to the rest of the U.S.

    • I never could get through the break-in period, so no. But…I do have a pair of Steve Madden combat boots that I am L-O-V-I-N-G!

  2. I did this in the late 90s, even in the snow. I got called a lesbian. Wasn’t, but that was how my peers rolled, I guess. Except I had the most comfortable shoes out there. Zing!

    I would wear them with socks again, maybe. Need the right socks.

  3. LOL! This reminds me of the 90s trend of adidas slides/slip ons and socks. I would only sport this look to take out the trash in the morning…maybe to drop mr2 off at daycare…maybe.

  4. I think I’m going to be in the minority but I think this look is adorable. I knew I was holding onto those birks for a reason.

  5. JoulesDellinger on

    Nope. I think this is one of those styles that ONLY look good on you. If I put on that same sweater, skinny jeans, birks and scrunchy socks… well, people would think I had just given up. Switch out the birks for some sassy boots and I’m down with that!

  6. First tried socks with birks after a long day of hiking. Off came the hiking shoes and on came the birks with my hiking socks (with my I don’t care ’cause I just climbed a huge mountain attitude). ahhhhh! Heaven for my feet! Love, love, love my birks and comfy (thick!) cute socks. Say what ya want, but until you walk in them you just don’t understand. It’s a comfy cute sock love thing going on. Long live socks & birks! Thanks for taking a stand xoxo

  7. I’m FOR IT! I think the key is keeping it looking intentional. With the skinnies, cute hair, and bright lipstick, you totally rock it! It’s perfect comfy-chic. And so, I would try it, too.
    (BTW, isn’t it crazy how everything comes back?! But in this case, greatly to the benefit of our feet — I still remember how amazingly comfy those babies were back in ’97…)
    So what’s next, crushed velvet leggings and mock turtlenecks?! Sparkly jellies? FLOWERED VESTS?!

    • Thanks, Chick! But I agree, this is a slippery slope. I swear I just saw both mock turtlenecks and crushed velvet somewhere recently….GROAN

  8. Yes! I’ve been hoping the 90s would come back in style. It was all so comfortable and east. I’m so happy I moved back to Colorado where this look fits right in.

  9. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Grew up in the 90s in Vermont-did it once, never again! Although, if I were forced to do it, I would try to look like this. Because you make it look cute somehow. But still….Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  10. Luckily I still have my Birks from the 90s… all broken in, baby! How psyched am I that they’re back in style?!?!?

  11. So, I am way older, but love your blog! And live in Philly mainline suburbs w/Michigan summers! (Just back from Whitefish Bay) I wore birks 24/7 in 80’s with everything- we all did and they saved my back when I was lugging backpacks, then babies. And I always loved them w/big thick wooly socks cause to me it just means to be comfortable and cozy! Wore them to dinner in Philly the other night with a skirt and felt great and chic to beat! Which is not such an issue at this point for me. Comfort wins most times! It is a great “look” if you feel good in it- but whatever works. And everything comes back- as my husband says “If we stand still long enough we become cool again!”

  12. Thank you for the recent reply section Shana. It is so easy to follow conversations this way@xoxoxoxox
    ps Love birks and socks….

  13. I’ve been waiting for cooler weather so I could rock this look. I’m ready (and ordering those socks). As always, haters gonna hate.

  14. I love that you addressed the sock factor because I feel it is critical to the right look. I love that you love this look and are unapologetic about it. As dorky as it may look to others, IT’S COMFORTABLE. You’re the best. I love this look. And I wish fall would hurry up and get here (fall in california = hahahahha yeah, not happening).

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