2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Workout & Loungewear (yup – more #dressingroomselfies)



Bench Primaloft Quilted Jacket | Onzie Low Rise Leggings


Well, shoot.  The workout & loungewear section of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is….pretty epic, actually.  I was hoping – for the sake of my finances – that it would be a little more ‘meh’ but Nordstrom is NOT playing fair.

I mean seriously.


Nike Gym Vintage Zip-Front Hoodie | Nike Gym Vintage Capris


I don’t NEED another Juicy-like tracksuit in my life, but thanks to Nordies, now I want one. Baaaad.  As Pax would say, I WANT DAT!!

Ugh.  It’s so fabulous it hurts my eyes.

But maybe you guys can resist better than I.  Loungewear & workout gear happens to be a major weakness of mine.  No matter how many  pairs of sweatpants I own, there’s always room for one more!  So cozy!  So comfy!  So cute!  I will wear them all day!  In terms of cost-per-wear, it always ends up as pennies!

PENNIES, PEOPLE, PENNIES.  That’s almost like SAVING MONEY.  #fashionmath



Let’s do this.

Because Everyone Should Own Crazy Pants and Puffer Coats

My winter “style rules,” if you will.  But when the puffer coat is this sleek and chic (note the flattering fit and gorg collar), and will fit so darn nicely under a ski shell such that when you take a break from the slopes, you and your flushed cheeks (so beautifully highlighted by the architectural collar) can saunter nonchalantly – all fresh-faced and effortless grace –  over to that apres-ski bar to order spiked hot cocoa, giving your husband a sexy little look from underneath snow-tipped lashes….




….how can one resist?

Also of note?   Crazy pants.  Add over-the-knee flat boots (or heck – even snow boots), and you basically have the cutest-ever winter outfit.


Outfit Details:

Bench Primaloft Quilted Jacket, $92 (runs really small – tight in the arms.  I’m wearing an XS, but would prob go with a small)

Zella Breathless Long-sleeve tee, $38 (size S)

Onzie Low Rise Leggings (the fabric is very smooth, almost slippery, and the waistband is nice and high to high any muffin business).  Wearing an XS.  $44


The Modern-Day Juicy Tracksuit

Sunlight hits the crystal hanging in the window, scattering tiny rainbows across the white duvet.  She stretches – what time is it? Nine? – and realizes that her husband let her sleep in – again.  #blessed  The sound of pattering feet and happy little voices reaches her ears as she swings her legs over the side of the bed.  The smell of coffee beckons, and clad only in tiny cotton boyshorts, she walks over to the chair by the window and slips into something a little warmer.  Her children coming running through the door, “Mummy!  You’re up!!” and take her by the hand, laughing, their eyes bright.  She scoops them up, kisses their cheeks, and continues downstairs, where fresh croissants, coffee, and her husband – hair still adorably rumpled from sleep – are waiting.

(Welcome to the nonsense in my brain when I try on clothes.  It’s like a living Pinterest board on loop.  GAH!)


Outfit Details:

Nike Gym Vintage Zip-Front Hoodie (XS)

Nike Gym Vintage Capris (S)


If Crazy Pants and Sexy Pants Had A Baby…

I had actually ordered the plain black version of these pants, but I’m shocked by how much I like the patterned ones!  Also?  This tank is tissue-thin and breezy, and is JUST the thing for working out on 90 degree days.  (The sports bra is also my current fav – not a ton of support, but insanely soft and comfy, and looks great under tank tops.  You could easily pull it down for nursing.)




One thing to note:  I found these Zella pants run a bit big – I’m wearing the XS, and the bum doesn’t *quite* fit (granted, I don’t have much in the bum dept).  I DO like that these, unlike similar ones from Lululemon, have mesh panels that wrap around to the back.



Outfit Details:

Nike Cool Breeze Running Tank, $23 (size S)

Zella Body Energy Sports Bra, $25 (size M)

Zella Out of Bounds Leggings, $41 (I *thought* I was wearing an XS, but my notes say small, which would explain the sizing issue.  Will update once I know for sure.)


Thumbholes, Shoulders, and More Sexy Mesh

This one fuels allllll my flashdance fantasies.



Also, I wanted to show you a 360 degree look at these leggings:



Outfit Details:

Zella Free and Easy Hooded Sweatshirt, $44 (size S, but I really needed the XS)

Zella Body Energy Sports Bra, $25 (size M)

Zella Out of Bounds Leggings, $41 (size S)


One More Nod To Crazy Pants

I mean. How can you NOT love pants covered in nighttime city scenes?





Outfit Details:

Onzie Low-Rise Capris (size XS) – note how long they are on me compared to the Nordies model.  SIGH.

Zella Body Energy Sports Bra, $25 (size M)

Zella Breathless Long-sleeve tee, $38 (size S)


Fav Sneaks

If you are in the market for a new pair of workout sneaks, Nike Frees are my favorite.  Not only do they come in really cool colors and textures, but they are insanely comfortable WITHOUT SOCKS.  Really.  The shoe part fits like a sock and I’m in LOVE.  They’re also cool enough to wear around with jeans and a blazer, or even with a bodycon dress for a comfy (and sexy) outfit.

These are my fav Nike Frees from the Anniversary sale:



Nike Free Flyknit (in gray or citrus) | Nike Free 5.0


So.  The above are the pieces I’m loving in-store.  There’s more lounge-and-workout fabulousness online, of course.  All of the above pieces, plus my online favs can be found in our newly updated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks page.  (Yup, I added all kiiinds of sweatpants….go crazy, you animals.)