Spring Break Kids! Here’s What We’re Packing

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Getting ready for Spring Break?  We are.  For the first time since…wow, for the first time since Raines was born – more than seven years ago – Mike and I are taking a vacation.  To a real, genuine, vacation destination:  Puerto Rico.  The kids are coming, too, and we are all so very excited.

I don’t quite understand how my boys have managed to either grow out of or destroy virtually every piece of clothing from last summer, but that’s the state of things around here.  So I’m in full-on shopping mode.  Want to see what’s making the cut?

1. Swimshorts, Rashguards, Sunglasses, etc.

I’m obsessed with Nordstrom’s selection of swimwear right now (for both boys and girls!).  Also?  SUNGLASSES.  I mean seriously.  My only complaint is that the girl’s section has a ton of fun accessories that the boy’s section is lacking (case in point:  Raines’ hat).  But I never hesitate to buy from the girl’s section – my boys haven’t caught on that it’s a thing (and I hope they never do).

BTW – the backdrop?  A seriously cool towel, that also happens to be available as a beach bag, too.  LOVE.









RainesCali hat, Quiksilver Rashguard, Volcom Camo boardshorts, sunnies only in-store (see the bottom of article for more options – these are the most similar)

Pax –  Volcom rashguard, Volcom red Lido Board Shortsred retro frames (with hearts) – totally kid-friendly and can be bent strangely without breaking



2. Quirky Tees + Board Shorts + Vans

Last summer, my boys were constantly getting themselves soaked, then insisting on changing their clothing…only to get soaked again within minutes.  Like little wet bombs, there were piles of sopping wet shorts and little boy tightie-whities laying in puddles all over my house, just waiting to be stepped on.  No more!!  I’m anti-shorts now.  Instead?  I’m going to try and replace their shorts with several pairs of quick-drying board shorts.  And it doesn’t hurt that many of the surf brands are making hybrid shorts / swim trunks now.  WE WILL SEE.

I’m always (ALWAYS!!) on the lookout for cool tees for kids.  But I’m rather picky, and I prefer tees with a unisex vibe – a graphic black and white, or something playful.  The new line from Peek made me swoon.  I’m looking at Peek’s tees for boys, but I’d put any of them on a girl in a heartbeat.  Kowabunga, dude.









RainesPeek Kowabunga tee, Rip Curl Vargas Shorts in gray heather, Vans – classic checks, sunnies only in-store (see the bottom of article for more options – these are the most similar)

Pax –  Peek Sun Surf Sand teeRip Curl Vargas Shorts in black heather, Vans – flames,  red retro frames (with hearts) – totally kid-friendly and can be bent strangely without breaking


3. This Hysterical “Nose” Sunscreen

This colorful sunscreen is intended to be worn on the nose, lifeguard style.  #riiiight





I mean seriously.


Let’s Go Shopping!

Yes!!  Yesyesyes!  THIS is where my head has been the last couple of weeks: Spring Break shopping.  Could any type of shopping be more fun???


Below are a collection of board shorts and rashguards – for both boys and girls.  I lumped them all together because I really don’t think it should matter quite so much.  (But you won’t be fooled – it’s pretty obvious which is which.)


Playful Tees For Little Spring Breakers

Unisex tees!  Some are from the girl’s section, some are from the boys….can you guess which is which?


Cool Sunnies and Stuff

My boys insist on sunglasses at the beach, so we’re stocking up now.  The little kid brands (babiators, etc.) all are made so kids can put them on with their whole bend-the-arms-backward-technique.  Love it.  And I included a few fun towels because babies-dressed-as-chickens NEVER get old amiright?





A big, HUGE thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post – we have SO much fun.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, and opinions are my own.  (Or as Pax would say, “MINE OWN”.)  And readers, thank you for supporting the retailers who help support The Mom Edit – seriously.  It’s much appreciated.



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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. All of this is excellent….Your boys are the cutest! ……that chicken hooded baby towel!!!! Love it, love this blog.Thank you!

  2. I get that your posts are sponsored by Nordstrom and hey more power to ya–but $64 for a child’s t-shirt?? My gawd.

    • Wow. That was one t-shirt in a pack of 10. I was pleasantly surprised by the price points on most of this stuff – especially the sunglasses.

      • Wow? Did I offend you? Sorry for not digging a little deeper. That is absolutely a much better price point especially for 10! Thanks for clearing up my confusion!

        • No, Jenny, I hear ya. I’ve never paid $64 for a kid’s shirt either. I HAVE obsessively stalked $64 tshirts until they went on super sale, though. 🙂 But the real reason that shirt is up there? Because I showed my boys a bunch of girl’s tshirts to see which ones they liked (never making the distinction between boys and girls) and BOTH boys (ages 7 and 4) were like YES MOM THAT ONE ROCKS when they saw the rainbow tee. 🙂

          • Never ever meant my comment as a negative against you Shana! I absolutely LOVE your blog! And I love the unisex vibe you have going on when you dress your boys!

  3. So sorry, Shana, for not proof reading the reply above. It should read “do another post” and “desperate for summer clothes”. Love your blog so much!! Thank you!!

  4. So so cute! I second the call for summer clothes – I just gave up and gave away the last of my pre kids summer tee shirts (how short were they!!!) and now I ‘need’ to go shopping. Help!

  5. We love Puerto Rico! You didn’t ask but here are our favorites (check tripadvisor to see if they would work for you and the kids… I think so): Luquillo food kiosks, blue flag public beaches are wonderful, San juan walking food tour, Pomarrosa coffee plantation tour near Ponce (now our favorite coffee beans), and for eating LaEstacion in Fajardo and Pasion also in Fajardo. Of course the national park stuff in San Juan is grand…. Perfect For your boys. Go on a Sunday afternoon. Locals bring their dogs, kites, and families and hangout on the massive green space. We have done two trips and now planning a third… Have a wonderful time!

  6. Hi Shana, So you prefer the long sleeve rashguards over the short? Do the long sleeves bother your kids swimming in the summer months? TY

    • They haven’t complained. 🙂 But yes – I do prefer the long sleeve just because it’s so annoying to have to reapply sunscreen to wet, sandy arms. I mean technically I probably should be doing that anyway, but I kinda just call it good if they are wearing a longsleeve rashguard. It’s worked ok so far.

  7. Agree with the other comments! What are you bringing? I need some new, cute, wear-with-anything sneaks so I’d love to see some of your picks!

    • I’m really feeling espadrilles this year. So am looking at a bunch of those….although I can’t quit my sneaks either. Am contemplating some white converse (basic, I know, but I do love them), or some of the colorful pairs I rounded up in the sneaker shop. I keep going back and dithering…

      Have you checked out the sneaker shop? I keep adding to it as I find cool stuff: http://themomedit.com/footwear/

  8. Love those tees! Of course my fave is the most expensive… Looking for mama “resort” wear also. In the south summer is almost here. I want to up my summer game and was thinking Toms Peeptoe Majorca booties but… a heeled open toe boot? for a mom? gah! I can’t decide…

  9. I liked having some closed toe shoes when downtown San Juan (and playa del Carmen, Mexico). Kept my feet clean. I wore Toms. Not pretty but Keens for zip lining and rain forest hiking. Sandals for dinner and beach.

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