That Harness is BACK

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I thought I’d follow up my ‘tucked underwear dress‘ from yesterday with another crowd pleaser:




I am – now and forever –  loving this harness.  It’s just….interesting, I suppose.  And I’m finding it easier to wear over something a bit flowy, rather than tight (like the original harness post).



Also?  My new fav, end-of-summer color combo?  Bright red and tan.  It just works.



Outfit Details

topKimchee Blue Gauze Babydoll top (size small for reference)

shortsRag and Bone distressed boyfriend shorts (50% off – ignore the price in the shopping widget! Size 24 for reference)

harness: Free People Harness (sold out – but this simple one with less hardware is currently on sale)

bag: Madewell Transport Tote  (also comes in ‘dark cabaret’ which is GORG)

sunglasses: old, but am LOVING this funky red pair, or this red pair from Tory Birch

shoes: old, but I’m intrigued by these vivobarefoot sandals…..


This look isn’t for everyone.  But that’s the fun, isn’t it?  I mean whether a tucked underwear dress floats your boat or a harness (and they both float mine)…style is really more about discovery and self-expression than it is about following some arbitrary set of rules.  And we’re complex individuals, so if one day you look in the mirror and think “Bathroom Break Gone Wrong Meets Paratrouper Landing At Burning Man #NAILEDIT…”




ps.  LauraB – you asked about ankle boots in the comments on yesterday’s post…YES.  Yes to the mid-shaft, tighter ankle boot.  I was actually working on a little round up when your comment came in.  I’m currently obsessed with these, but more are coming.



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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. Ha love it that’s kinda what I thought had happened with that dress at first but was to polite to say anything. I love the harness too if I didn’t look so god damned middle aged i’d get one.

  2. I love the harness, especially unfastened at the bottom. Its how I wear ALL of mine, yes I have more than one!! I started buying the ones without the bottom/across the chest strap because they’re easier to pull off at… Let’s just say, my age, at the very least a little less 50 shades. Team harness baby!!!!! Loving it it on this loose fit top, definitely gonna try this look!!! Try it with a tshirt and that awesome gray James Perse twist skirt !!!

  3. Shauna,
    ” I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it”
    This quote reminds me of you 🙂 I greatly admire your courage to try things and to (seemingly!) live without offence in a world where everyone gets offended so easily.
    You truly stand out in fashion where so many just strive to fit in.

    • But here’s the thing-she does get offended and EASILY. Otherwise she wouldn’t delete comments that were merely constructive critiicism. She doesn’t allow anything but positive comments and I dont think that ‘s fair.

      • I always go back and forth on my “policy” of deleting the nastier comments. But here’s the thing: negativity brings everyone down. One of my readers wrote in chastising me for not following through on my promise to delete all mean-spirited comments. “It brings down the whole tone of your blog” she wrote. Know what? She was RIGHT. OK, I have deleted your comments over and over because you insist on finishing your “constructive criticism” with mean-spirited remarks. “You’re really stretching for ideas, huh?” was one. “Your dress looks like it got stuck in your undies and your bra is hanging out. What a great look!” (said sarcastically). These types of comments are NOT OK here. And frankly, constructive criticism is highly overrated. I’m not going to change my sense of style simply because someone else doesn’t like it. I wouldn’t expect you to, either.

        Betsy – LOVE the quote. Thank you for this.

        • I fully support deleting nasty comments (especially anonymous ones). I simply don’t want to read them. It’s your blog, do what you want. If people don’t think it’s fair they can leave this bright online spot you’ve created, for a darker playground full of fellow bullies.
          The only fashion bully who could pull it off was Joan Rivers, everyone else is just a sad attempt at her greatness.

        • This is awesome Shana. I wish I would have followed this sort of guideline when my blog was in high times. It does totally bring down the blog because it starts arguments. Thanks for this.

          • Modgblog – am excited for your high times again. 🙂

            Christy – are you a writer?? Your comment was so well-put and witty – both Mike and I cracked up. High five, Chick. And thank you.

      • There were easily 5+ “constructive criticism” comments that Shana left on yesterday’s post mentioning that the dress was a bit underwear-tuckish. Which is different than attacking someone’s style and making underhanded insults. I would say she’s quite even-handed with the comments section.

        I recently read on that she too (OF ALL PLACES?!?!) gets comments that she should throw on some eyeliner, wear clothes that fit more tightly, etc. And so has stopped posting herself wearing the clothes she makes. I was as shocked, appalled and disappointed to discover that, as I am to learn that anyone would take the time to logon and do that here.

        This blog is my guilty pleasure in a daily schedule that doesn’t allow for much me-time. I know there is tons on the internet that I don’t agree with, and I could spend all-day arguing against and criticizing, but who’s got time for that? Seriously, who? Come on over & I’ll put you to work. . .

        Shana, 2 years ago when I was done bearing children, facing the end of my materntiy leave, and googled “working mom fashion” thank god Google gave me you. Your style rocks, and so do you.

        • I read this comment last week, and then clicked off in dispair. SOULEMAMA? Are you freaking kidding me?? She’s fabulous, perfect, just – exactly – as she is. A total inspiration. Ugh. But thanks for the love, Chick. (And I do have some working mama fashion in the works – sorry it’s taken me so long.) xo

  4. Btw. Forgot to add- the dress yesterday looks great on you!!! Never thought for a moment looking at any of the pics with u in it (PR pics included) that it looked tucked. Not. Once. HOWEVER when I went to buy one of a similar style yesterday (because I LOVE the look of the one u have) I paused on the buy button because I thought hmmmm this dress is awesome but will it looked tucked in my undies?? Didn’t even read yesterdays comments until after today’s post!!! So please please keep wearing that awesome dress that you love!! Don’t let us kill ur vibe. The dress you chose is perfect and I love you in it!!

  5. Shana, you are a great embodiment of the whole style is self expression, so kudos! I never would have thought of yesterday’s dress looking like it was an accidental tuck, and although I don’t go for the super low cut or the harness look, I don’t understand why readers feel the need to be mean, some people just don’t have class or social graces. Like all your posts, I can always pull some Inspiration even if not everything is my style, in this post that was red and tan – seems great for end of summer/beginning of fall – so thanks for making this blog so read-worthy, love your spunk and honesty!

  6. I’ve been following this blog for quite awhile now (since ANMJ days) and I have just loved watching the evolution of your style and the whole blog! You look great, you are inspiring and I love that harness!

  7. HA, love this post! What a great sense of humor! Funny, after yesterday, I was thinking about that harness and wondered if you ever wore it again! Listen, I wasn’t a fan of the dress (or the harness truth be told – I can only picture one of my 6 year old boys pulling on me), but you’re so darn cute – clearly you can wear anything. And I love your blog!

  8. This post made me laugh out loud!! 🙂 as for the deleted comments…in the words of Cartman “Its my hot body and I’ll do what I want”. Girl, it’s your awesome blog and you do what you want!”. Delete that crap. We have enough negativity in our lives. Your blog is a place of happiness for me. I, for one, don’t want to read anyone being nasty on here. You do so much for us Mom’s. Negativity is not warranted nor deserved. Stay awesome girl!!

  9. I have been waiting for more options in a higher shaft ankle boot as that has always been my jam more than the super short kind- I feel they are more flattering on someone with hips that the short kind, but that may just be in my head. But anyway- my problem is that I want a pair that I can wear for everyday running around….meaning…. no heel or a very very low heel. I can’t seem to find these anywhere! I stumbled on a pic of the Nine West Sabody bootie and this is approaching what I am thinking, but alas, they are from several seasons ago and not available anymore. Ideas please? I know you love a good flat boot too!!

    • The shaft might be a bit higher than what you’re looking for, but me and my big hips have been lusting over the Frye Veronica Shorts. I can see my pregnant self spending lots of time at the playground/school drop off in these boots while still feeling like I’ve gotten dressed.

      • You’ll never go wrong with Veronica Shorts, IMHO. But CS – I’m about to publish (hopefully this week) a round-up of these types of boots. The low or no heel is really hard to find – most have a decent (yet chunky, stable) heel. I’ll keep looking.

  10. I just want to chime in that I totally agree with deleting the meanies. It is not “constructive criticism” it’s mean girl BS. I cannot understand why people waste their time hating on bloggers. If you don’t like it, move on! Why are you here? Don’t you have better things to do with your life? How does ripping people down make you feel like a good human being? Ugh. Delete, delete, delete.

    Anyway, I love your creativity and risk-taking. Don’t change! Keep it positive. Keep on keeping on! You are an inspiration, Shana.

  11. Thanks, Shana! LOVE the harness, so different & fun! I’m still mustering up the courage to wear ~ i thought it’d look cool paired with that super flowy Ann Taylor chiffon skirt… and THANK YOU for that skirt find ~ it’s my FAVORITE!
    I’ve also got 2 requests: would love to see you make different outfits from short pleated wool skirts AND more thigh-high sock outfit ideas (LOVE your post a few years back ~ when you were baby wearing!) i’d love to put both into rotation, esp in the fall, but don’t want to end up looking like a bad porno, LOL. ;P save me!!!

  12. Shana, thanks once again for sharing with your readers how we can be more creative in our lives. We’re all individuals with our own respective opinions and, in a world populated by so many, it would be unreasonable to expect that everyone will like the same things. Will I be purchasing a harness for fall or wearing a bikini any time soon? I doubt it. But I love that you show us that it’s an option. I applaud you for taking risks, fully knowing that not everyone will love what you wear every time. When most bloggers follow the dress + sky high stilettos + sexy pose formula outfits time and time again, it shows individuality and creativity to break the mold as you do.

    To the readers who write less than lovely comments: though you may be miles away, Shana has feelings, too. It takes guts to share this much of your life with the world. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t feel obliged to say anything. That’s not to say that some constructive criticism isn’t bad (I find that honest opinions from good friends about what I’m wearing help me to hone my personal style choices), expect that full out nastiness will be deleted.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Shana.

    • Wow, Claire. I love this. Thank you for such kind words – it sounds like you really ‘get’ what I’m trying to do with this blog, so for me, that feels like a gift. xo

  13. Nooo! It’s back! JK!!! I love you blog and read it daily 🙂 Indeed it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, not mine, and because you are sharing with the world, and ‘they’ can’t/won’t ever say such things to your face, ‘they’ can/will post mean spirited comments. You have amazing style, a beautiful family, you are a fighter, don’t let this shit bother you. You do you boo!

  14. Love your blog. Love you. Love that you brought the harness back. I’ve also really enjoyed your Style Hour podcast and remember when you mentioned the harness in an episode a while back. Remembering your comments there made me love this post even more. xo

  15. I’ve always liked the look of the harness since I first spotted it on display at a Free People shop — fun getting to see some walkabout images of that edgy little accessory. I think the outright ugly comments are, of course, obnoxious… but I hope you’re OK with keeping up dissenting opinions. The comments section of your blog (I’ve been around since ANMJ days) has always been collaborative in that recs/links are given (I was able to track down a “sold out” scarf that way ages ago!) and folks are comfortable chiming in on how things might work on different frames, and environments (i.e. making an idea work or night-out appropriate for example). Some of the comments about the “tucked-in-your-undies dress” (I honestly hope that hasn’t ruined wearing it for you, btw!!!) mirrored my own — which was helpful in deciding that the style really wasn’t for me even though I like the *idea* of a more interesting tank dress. No matter what goes on with the comments — I echo the above gal and say keep on doing you, girl. It’s awesome.

  16. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I dig the harness (and did the first time around, but never got around to commenting). I never would have thought of putting it with a flowy top, though! I like the juxtaposition of soft and tough.

    Oh, and also: red with tan, red with everything!

  17. I found your blog about a year ago when I was in a fashion run and did not know how to dress myself anymore. You gave me courage to be myself and an acquaintance said to me yesterday, “You are rocking the dress and converse look. Not everyone can do that.” I am having the very worst week of my life (my dad passed away recently) and that little compliment made my day. Thanks for always being you.

    • Eliza – I am SO SORRY to hear about your Dad. Glad there’s a little bright spot in this tough time. (And they’re RIGHT, BTW – rocking a dress and converse IS hard to do! Go, you.) Sending love. xoxo

  18. I wish there was a “like” feature for some of these comments because I echo the sentiments of so many. You have changed my life with your blog. From the Levi’s 535 jeggings, to the Free People fly away top and the Stuart Weitzman (!!!) OTK boots (be still my heart). You have helped me feel like myself in a life (as a stay at home mom two littles) that has often felt so removed from the grown up life I had once imagined for myself. Thank you for helping me bridge the gap between messy and beautiful, practical and pleasurable, hiding the pooch, embracing the pooch, all the things that getting dressed should be. I have been able to enjoy my life as a mom more because I have been able to exist in my post-partum body more comfortably. I feel like I have found a soul sister up the coast and across the internets. Thank you!!!

  19. Good for you for deleting that negative crap. Nobody needs it. Fashion and style should be about what makes you feel like the best version of yourself, especially if you’re going through some major body changes. I could not pull off most of what you wear, and I wouldn’t want to, because it’s not my thing. But that’s how it should be: your blog inspires me to reach out and claim my version of the harness, which is what a great style blog should do. Keep on doin’ what you do!

  20. So glad I got to see the harness (which you rock, by the way). I couldn’t really imagine it just listening to the podcast even though you did a great job of describing it. I admire your bravery and uniqueness. If I wore it, my teens would probably pull it. My teenage son just told me that he didn’t understand ponchos. I told him they are just wearable blankets to keep people cozy (& they remind me of my childhood in the 70’s). Keep up the great blog, the podcast, and your style. Looking forward to it!

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