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It’s been quite a year.  Data nerd that I am, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look back at 2016 and see what our most popular content was, as determined by pure numbers.  But I was also inspired by Anne from The Modern Mrs. Darcy – she did both the ’10 Most Popular Posts of 2016′  and her 11 Favorite Posts of 2016.

I totally get that.  Many of the articles I’m the most proud of are not necessarily the most popular in terms of sheer numbers, they’re just the most meaningful to me.  For example, The Comfort of Breasts, an article I wrote for Sapien Magazine last year is easily the writing highlight of my year.  It took some tears, some rewrites, and was one of the best emotional releases I’ve had surrounding my cancer to date.

So.  I asked each member of The Mom Edit team to choose their favorite article from the last year – the one that they had the most fun writing, the one they were the most proud of, and highlighted both our favorites…and each author’s top post.

Before we get started, our top post, over and above everything else was my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – What to Buy (#DressingRoomSelfies Edition).  You guys read this one, shared this one, and pinned this one like crazy.  Thank you thank you thank you.  It’s so appreciated (and I’ll be sure to do it again next year dressed in the best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).

But old sale posts makes for a rather booring yearly roundup, so I removed these from the list.

The last note?  My old article, Ten Tips For Flying Alone With Kids is still holding strong, almost five years later.


Shana’s Most Popular Post of 2016

Two Ways to Style Taupe Booties (Now and Into Fall)

Excerpt: “I bought these unassuming little beige (taupe?) booties during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (they’re the Lucky Brand Bashina boots), almost on a whim.  I didn’t realize that these boots would quickly become the cornerstone of my travel capsule wardrobe.  I wore these boots all over France (and a little bit in Spain, too).  The reason this style of bootie – chunky heel, lighter color, cutout detail – is so good is because it’s so darn versatile.  Flippy little summer dress?  Wear the boots.  Denim cutoffs?  Yes, boots.  And then, when temps drop, pair the boots with skinnies and jackets and – this is important – your outfit comes together effortlessly because the taupey-beige is one of those colors that manages to go with everything while matching nothing.” – Shana

Shana’s Favorite Post of 2016

Touring Normandy Beaches With Kids

Bringing the kids to Normandy was such a rewarding, emotional trip for us.  Raines had been obsessed with WWII for years at this point, and watching him pull the pieces together as we went from site to site….it was one of my proudest parenting moments.  And the fact that my husband captured everything so perfectly – he used both a GoPro and our DSLR – made this article truly a gift.

Travel has always been a part of me, wanderlust is rooted deep in my bones.  And now that my little guys are older…we’re doing this.  Expect to see more travel-related articles from me in the coming year.  (Including more from this trip.  I still need to talk about the house exchange, St. Malo, Barcelona….but Mont St. Michel is covered -another one of my favorite articles.)


Cam’s Most Popular Post of 2016

How to Wear Leggings as Pants (YES, I went there)

Cam’s Outfit Formula: Start with Moto leggings, add a long, loose top + an interesting layer + Euro-inspired sneakers. Done. BP. Stretch Cotton Moto Leggings are her fav.

Cam’s Favorite Post of 2016

What to Pack + Wear for that Post-Baby Hospital Stay

Cam says: “I really enjoyed putting this post together, because for once…I felt like I knew what I was talking about in this area. I now know how to put together a mean hospital bag – a realistic one…that doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary add-ons. Of course, it’s all the stuff that I, personally, need and like to have at the hospital. I understand that there are additional things that other mamas appreciate and NEED TO HAVE for their baby hospital stays. I gotcha. This was just my personal round-up.
It was just fun for me to realize how easy it was – how natural it felt to just simply put together a hospital bag, because…been there, done that. 3 x. Yikes. It still boggles my mind that three humans have come out of my vajaaaaj. Like…really? Btw, I never look down there anymore. Never. Never ever.”

Amanda’s Most Popular Post of 2016

Amanda’s Fall Wardrobe Edit (It’s All About the SHOES)

Amanda mixed interesting shoes with classic, cooler-weather pieces for some DREAM fall wardrobe options. Think: jeans + tee that goes from playground to parent- teacher meetings or dinner just by adding a blazer. Her LOEFFLER RANDALL Crosby Haircalf Sneakers (above) give us all. the. feels.

Amanda’s Favorite Post of 2016

Watch, Drink, Wear: An Offbeat Valentine’s Day Guide To Celebrating At Home

Amanda says: “This was such a fun post to write! Shana kind of just threw out the idea of movie-themed Valentine’s dates and let me loose – I loved the creative freedom and that it was so different from any others that I’ve done! Its so refreshing that this blog celebrates real-life and real women, not curated ideals. It’s not about busting our butts to create a Pinterest-perfect date nightwith a million little details (that our significant others may not even notice), but making it easy and fun and a little more romantic than sweatpants and take-out Chinese food. If we can be creative, relatable and possibly entertaining, it’s a good day. :)”

Laura’s Most Popular Post of 2016

Bralettes: The Best for Lounging and Travel (and a Trick to Make Them More Flattering)

Excerpt: “I generally have to stick to underwire when I go out of the house (hello lift) and around the house I tend just to wear them, too, even though they’re not comfy at all. But, going braless is just not an option these days, even at home. The bralette has become a serious godsend to solve this lofty (heh) issue. Not only is a good bralette pretty and good for wearing around the house for comfort, but it’s also perfect for traveling when you’re staying with friends or family and don’t want to subject them to your unruly girls first thing in the morning.” – Laura

Laura’s Favorite Post of 2016

Fav Fall Color Combo: Navy, Black & Camel

Laura says: “The Stripes & Animal Print post almost won favorite post for me because gah…those photos of Sienna in the daisies! Heart eyes. But the post that I thought really came together best, all-around, was this one. I was excited how well the outfit worked and the location was airy and light-filled and lovely. I’m such a color nerd and so naturally I picked a color palette post. I know navy and black isn’t totally rare, but I feel like it’s a bit overlooked sometimes. Pulling the camel color in really warmed up the darker tones and rounded out the look. Posy and I had fun shooting this, as usual, and this Tea Bar has become one of my favorite mommy-time stops while Sienna is in school. I think I’ll focus on more color palette posts in 2017!”

Jess’ Most Popular & Favorite Post of 2016

What to Pack for London: 12 Style Essentials

Capsule Wardrobe: What Jess packed and did not pack (but wished she had) for her trip to London this year.

Jess says: “WITHOUT a doubt this was my favorite TME post of the year, and the project I’m most proud of.  From start to finish It took almost three months, but I so loved being able to combine my two most favorite things in the world: traveling and clothes. It’s difficult to express just how much I love traveling.  I live for those moments where I’m absorbed completely in an unfamiliar place: new sights, new sounds, new smells, new adventures.  This is where I’m finally able to untangle my heart and open it to whatever the universe puts in my path.   London is one of my favorite places to get lost in; every street has its own special magic history to reveal – and it’s also my favorite place to shop for new trends that haven’t quite made their way across the pond.  I spent a lot of my time in corner cafes getting inspired by  street style; Londoners are some of the best dressed in the world – both timeless and edgy. I’m thankful for these moments in 2016. I’m forever grateful for 2016 because it brought me here, and my heart is more full than I ever thought it could be.”

Scotti’s Most Popular Post of 2016

The Summer Outfit We’ve Been Wearing on Repeat

Excerpt: “This is our goal for a late summer evening: sleepy babies and beer.  And looking cute.  Which brings me to this “uniform” of sorts. It’s easy, it’s comfy, it’s cute: denim cut-offs, soft drapey tees and complicated shoes (heels optional).” – Scotti

Scotti’s Favorite Post of 2016

Six Girls, Six Suits: My Friends’ Favorite Swim

Scotti says: “Posts where I have an excuse to get my friends together (like my fall beauty trends article) are always my favorite.  We have so much fun getting together and being silly taking pictures.  We were so nervous for this swimwear shoot, though.  It’s a big deal to put yourself out there, especially in a bathing suit.  I had asked some friends who weren’t willing to be a part of it (totally understandably!) even though they have beautiful bodies.  And that’s the thing . . . we’re so quick to focus on our flaws (and every single one of us did once we saw the photos) that we often lose sight of our own beauty and how others might see us.  I had no idea we’d set off the firestorm of comments we did, but it was a good reminder to all of us that we’re often our own harshest critics. Commenter JAL put it best: “I was inspired by the post. In the first picture, I had the same gut reaction — they all just look great, way better than I could. But then as I read through, I realized yes, I fit in here. I’m in the represented range Scotti indicated between A-DDD and 0-12. That means I probably look better than I think I do! It must be about the right suit and the confidence to be who you are. 🙂”  


Readers, we cannot thank you enough for your readership this year, your support, your invaluable insights and advice.  We couldn’t do this without you.  So thank you for taking time from your busy day, and spending it with us.

Cheers to 2017.


The TME Team


  1. Following the links to your travel tips and the post about the time Karma nailed you with a pool of vomit in your lap and two Kleenex has me crying with laughter and practically snorting coffee out my nose. Thanks for that. It is indeed true that if you travel with children, you have been there. Reminds me of the time I overdid it with the junk food bribes and ended up with orange gummy fruit vomit in my hands.

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