The Best (and the Worst) Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Family

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Anyone have a party they need an ugly Christmas sweater for?  Me too.  And because I actually love ugly Christmas sweaters (whether or not I have a party to go to), I had a blast rounding up all of my favorites for you guys.  Men, women, boys, girls – I’ve got you covered.


Top Row, Left to Right:

Santa Poncho: Ok, so maybe this doesn’t qualify as an ugly Christmas sweater, but it is ugly and I thought it would be a good choice for maternity or nursing mamas.

Reindeer Sweater Dress: This would be a comfy option to throw on over leggings.

Future Mrs. Claus Sweater: Ok, I thought this would be funny for a couple who’s engaged . . . he could wear this sweater (or a Santa suit!) and she wears this one!  Funny!? (I’m a dork.)

Snowman Sweater: This is the least ugly of the bunch, but still qualifies as a Christmas sweater.  I would wear this throughout the Christmas season . . . I mean, there’s sequins . . . a fluffy white sweater . . . what’s not to love?

Mickey & Minnie Sweater: If any of you guys have a toddler who is as obsessed with Mickey & Minnie as Greenlea is, they will LOVE it if you wear this!

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Party Like it’s My Birthday Sweater: I laughed out loud when I saw this one.  This sweatshirt is similar if you prefer sweatshirts.

Winter is Coming Sweater: Game of Thrones fans??  (Confession, this is actually the one I bought myself . . . and got this one for Zack. OMG)

Reindeer Light Up Sweater: The nose on this reindeer lights up . . . so obviously, Rudolph.

Cat Face Light up Sweater: The only thing better than a cat sweater is a cat sweater that lights up.  You’re welcome.



Top Row, Left to Right:

Game of Thrones Sweater: So I’m a GOT fan if you hadn’t guessed by now . . . Hodor still kills me.

Matching Man & Dog Sweaters: Your man can match your dog (sweater here).  Bonus points if you get him to match your cat.

Plaid Christmas Suit: Maybe your man isn’t into ugly sweaters . . . this suit is for him.  I saw one of my friends wearing this last year and thought “Zack needs this!”

Llama Sweater: I don’t know why I think this is so funny . . . maybe because llamas are funny-looking?  Maybe because it’s wearing a scarf?

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Sloth Sweater: This would go great with the little boys sloth sweater below . . . it could be a Christmas family theme! (I don’t know why, but sloths were all over the Christmas sweaters this year).

Santa Sweater: This one lights up and would look great with the “Future Mrs. Claus” sweater above.

Star Wars Sweater: Darth Vader . . . and Christmas.  Perfect pair, no?

Unicorn Sweater: A unicorn vomiting candy.  O.M.G.


Top Row, Left to Right:

Dollie & Me Matching Outfits: Greenlea would LOVE to have matching outfits for her and her doll.

Sup Santa Sweater: Sequin glasses and a fuzzy white beard.  Awesome.

Nerdy Reindeer Tunic: More sequins and would be perfect over leggings (black or the Christmas ones above).

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

#Elfie Sweater: I’m pretty sure girls would love taking selfies in this one.

Christmas Leggings: If your daughter isn’t into the Christmas sweaters, these leggings are fun.  I’d actually wear these all the time.

Rudolph Sweater: This one also comes in green, red and blue . . . with a big puff for a 3D nose.


Top Row, Left to Right:

T-Rex Christmas Sweater: A Christmas sweater with a T-Rex wearing a Christmas sweater on it (arms too long, of course).  Genius.

Santa Jersey Sweater: Also available in men’s sizes.  Maybe it would be easier to get your boy to wear a sweater that looks like a hockey jersey if he isn’t into the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing.

Tardy Sloth Christmas Sweater: It lights up!  The calendar says Jan 15.  If you haven’t seen the Sloth scene from Zootopia, it’s hilarious!

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Vomiting Polar Bear: I’m sure little boys would love this sweater that lights up . . . that’s right, the puke from the polar bear lights up.  Boys.

Llama sweater: Another llama wearing a scarf . . . you could all wear matching llama sweaters!


Thank you for indulging my dorkiness in this post . . . I love ugly Christmas sweaters!  I laughed out loud more than I should have while putting these together!




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